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Blog software

Blog software, also known as weblog software, blogging software, or blogware, is software designed to simplify creating and maintaining weblogs. As specialized content management systems, weblog applications support the authoring, editing, and publishing of blog posts and comments, with special functions for image management, web syndication, and post and comment moderation.

Software used for top 20 blogs

The top blogs as ranked by Technorati use a mixture between third party software such as WordPress and those developed and maintained mostly by internal engineers, such as the system used by Gizmodo.

Rank Blog Software
1 The Huffington Post Movable Type
2 Gizmodo Gawker bespoke software
3 TechCrunch WordPress
4 WordPress
5 Engadget Blogsmith
6 Mashable WordPress
7 The Corner Drupal
8 Boing Boing WordPress
9 Hot Air WordPress
10 Gawker Gawker bespoke software
11 Think Progress WordPress
12 The Daily Dish TypePad
13 The Daily Beast ?
14 Newsbusters Drupal
15 CNN Political Ticker WordPress
16 Ezra Klein at Washington Post WordPress
17 WordPress
18 Big Government WordPress
19 ReadWriteWeb Movable Type
20 Matthew Yglesias WordPress

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