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Billy Chinook
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Billy Chinook

Billy Chinook was a member of the Wasco Indian tribe. He acted as a guide for John C. Fr mont in the region of Central Oregon. In the summer 1866 Bill Chinook and over twenty other Indian scouts mostly made up of Wascos spotted a Paiute camp near Dry Creek, 13 miles south of Ochoco Creek. Although Chinook had orders not to engage the Paiutes, because of an incident earlier where Chief Paulina ordered his braves to murder the Wasco Chief Queapama under the guise of parley on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Chinook and his other outraged scouts could not resist avenging the death of their Chief. Waiting till dawn the next day Chinook led the raid and killed or captured all 32 Paiutes.

The Scout Party continued to track down Paulina near Lake Harney on Steens Mountain. Paulina was able to retreat to a cave protected by boulders but Paulina's brother Wahveveh and two other braves were killed.[1]

Lake Billy Chinook

The Confederated Tribes named a lake in honor of Billy Chinook because he guided Fr mont in the area around the lake. The lake extends beyond the boundaries of The Cove Palisades State Park.


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