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Bestumkilen is a bay in Lysakerfjorden in the inner Oslofjord.

Located west of the Bygd y peninsula and east of V ker , it is bordered by the islet Killingen in the southwest and the mouth of the river Hoffselva at Sj lyst in the northeast. It was formerly known, together with Frognerkilen, under the name Ladegaardsfjordene.[1] This stems from older times, when Bygd y was an island, named Ladegaards en. Bygd y later became a peninsula due to post-glacial rebound, separating Bestumkilen from Frognerkilen.[2] Propositions to reconnect Bestumkilen and Frognerkilen through a canal were made in 1928 and 1937, but not carried out.[3]

The rowing club Bestumkilen RK and the canoeing club Oslo KK are based in Bestumkilen. There is also a harbor for leisure boats.



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