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Berzo Demo

Berzo Demo (B rs e D m in camunian dialect) is an Italian comune of 1.772 inhabitants [1] in Val Camonica, province of Brescia, in Lombardy.



The town of Berzo Demo is nestled on the southern slopes of the Pian della Regina. It is formed by three villages: the more downstream is Demo, the focus is Berzo and on top is Monte. It is bounded by other communes of Cedegolo, Cevo, Malonno, Paisco Loveno, Sellero, Sonico.

Tower-bell in Demo St Eusebio in Berzo


Monday, April 6, 1299 the consuls of the vicinia of Berzo and Demo go to Cemmo where is Cazoino Capriolo, Chamberlain of the Bishop of Brescia Berardo Maggi. Here swear according to the usual formula loyalty to the bishop, and pay the tithe due.

On May 15, 1365 the Bishop of Brescia Enrico Sessa invests iure feuds for a tenth of the rights in the territories of Breno, Vione, Vezza, Sonico, Malonno, Berzo Demo, Astrio, Ossimo and Losine Giovanni and Gerardo sons of Pasino Federici of Mu.

The peace of Breno of December 31, 1397 the representatives of the community of Demo, Albertino di Martino di Demo and the notary Giovannino Boldrini of Saviore, stands on the Ghibelline bank of Oglio.

On September 17, 1423 the Bishop of Brescia Francesco Marerio invests iure feuds for a tenth of the rights in the territories of Monno, Cevo, Andrist, Grumello, Saviore, Cemmo, Ono, Sonico, Astri, Malegno, Cortenedolo, Vione, Incudine and Berzo Demo at Bertolino della Torre of Cemmo.

In 1760 Berzo Demo and Monte were 790 inhabitants.

Between 1927 and 1948 (Royal Decree 28 September 1927) Berzo Demo was joint to Cedegolo.

Monuments and places of interest

Religious architectures

The churches of Berzo Demo are:

  • Berzo
    • Parish Church of St. Eusebius, fifteenth of origin, extended in the seventeenth century. The ancon of the mayor altar is made by Pietro Ramus.
  • Demo
    • Parish of San Lorenzo, the portal has the date 1757
    • Church of St. Augustine, near the bell tower, now desecrated. Within a tombstone dated 1640.
    • Church of San Zeno, on a hillock at the foot of the country, is of the sixteenth century. It has a triangular tower-bell.
    • Church dedicated to Saint Valentine (or "of the Deads"): Until a few years ago was literally covered with votive ex voto, especially those anatomical (legs, feet, hands wood).

Military architectures

  • The bell tower of 1865 stands on the ruins of a medieval tower-house


Demographic trends

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Traditions and folklore

The sc t m are in camunian dialect nicknames, sometimes personal, elsewhere showing the characteristic features of a community. The one which characterize the people of

  • Berzo is Bers goi
  • Demo is G s
  • Monte is G cc



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