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Beinn Ghlas

Beinn Ghlas is a mountain in the Southern Highlands of Scotland. It lies on the north shore of Loch Tay and is part of the Ben Lawers Range. It lies on the popular path to Ben Lawers from the National Trust for Scotland visitor centre, with the result that many walkers traverse the summit of Beinn Ghlas without realising it. The popularity of the path means that it suffers from severe erosion.

The Gaelic name is translated as 'grey-green mountain', which refers to the colour of the mica-schist that makes up the bulk of the mountain and that falls as a scree on its south-western side. The path up the mountain leads past outcrops of this rock that also reveal large garnets.

As mentioned above, the usual route to the summit leaves from the NTS car park, following a boardwalk over the bog, and ascends the south-western ridge of the mountain. The deep corrie of Coire Odhar (the dun-coloured corrie) lies to the north. Walkers who continue on to Ben Lawers can avoid the 100 metre re-ascent of Beinn Ghlas on their return by taking the path that runs north of the summit, down into Coire Odhar.

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