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Banner (disambiguation)

Banner may refer to:

  • Banner, a symbol-bearing flag
  • Banner (Australian rules football), supporters' banner
  • Banner (publishing), a newspaper's logo
  • Banner (administrative division), a type of administrative country subdivision found in Asia
  • Banner (Inner Mongolia), administrative division
  • Banner page, a page inserted between documents by computerized printing in order to separate them
  • Web banner, a form of online advertising
  • Khorugv, a banner used by the Eastern Orthodox Church
  • Banner (botany), the enlarged upper petal of a flower of the pea family (Fabaceae)
  • Bannered route, a route for a numbered road with a prefix and/or a suffix
    • List of bannered U.S. Routes, a list of such routes for U.S. numbered highways


  • Bandum, a military unit of 200-400 men in the late Roman army
  • Bandon (Byzantine Empire), successor to the bandum, the basic territorial and military unit
  • Chor giew of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth


United States
  • Banner, California, in San Diego County
  • Banner, Kings County, California
  • Banner, Illinois
  • Banner, Wisconsin
  • Banner, Wyoming
  • Banner County, Nebraska
  • Banner Elk, North Carolina
  • Banner Hill, Tennessee
  • Banner Peak, in California


  • Bob Banner, an American producer, writer and director
  • David Banner, an American rapper
  • Fiona Banner, a British artist
  • Harmood Banner, a British accountant
  • J r me Le Banner, a French kickboxer
  • John Banner, an Austrian actor
  • Lois Banner, an American feminist academic
  • Penny Banner, an American wrestler

In fiction

  • Dr. Bruce Banner/Dr. David Bruce Banner, the alter ego of the The Incredible Hulk
  • Betty Ross Banner, a fictional character in the Marvel Universe
  • Lyman Banner, a fictional character from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX


See also

  • Ban (disambiguation)

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