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Bangla Mirror

Bangla Mirror is an English-language weekly newspaper for British Bangladeshis.



Based in London, the newspaper is published every Friday for 0.50 (or for a yearly subscription of 35). It s aim is to link members of the British Bangladeshi community to the heritage of their ancestors in Bangladesh.

Each week the newspaper combines hometown weekly qualities (such as human interest stories, anniversaries, birthdays) with popular major newspapers or magazines features (such as book, movie, television, restaurant, music, stage, politics, health issues, sports, travel, fashion, art, classifieds, memoriam, obituaries).

It focuses on current events and happenings of interest to the British Bangladeshi community. Including articles on Bangladeshi and British Bangladeshi entertainers, politicians, social organizations, service groups as well as features on Bangladeshi history, articles on Bangladeshi roots, old stories featuring prominent British Bangladeshis, and also community-based celebrations.[1]

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