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Ban Mae

Ban Mae () is a tambon (subdistrict) of San Pa Tong District, in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand.[1] In 2010 it had a total population of 6,635 people, 3,197 male and 3,438 female. The tambon contains 13 administrative villages and 2,321 households.[2]



The subdistrict is located 6 km west of San Pa Tong district office. It covers an area of 16.65 km (10,406 rai), most of it flatlands.


The whole area of the subdistrict is administrated by the Ban Mae Tambon administrative organization (TAO). The subdistrict is divided into 13 administrative villages (muban).[3]

No. Name Thai
1. Ban Mueang Fu
2. Ban Ten
3. Ban Tha Pong
4. Ban Chim Phli
5. Ban Rong Than
6. Ban San
7. Ban Rong Khum
8. Ban Mae
9. Man Chedi Noeng
10. Ban Kio Lae Noi
11. Ban Tong
12. Ban Tha Duea
13. Ban Pliang


In 1997 the subdistrict administrative organization Ban Mae was established.[4]


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