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Baba Thakur
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Baba Thakur

The temple is dedicated to lord Krishana. "Thakur" is another name of lord Krishana. It is to be believed that the temple is established by the people ("kaksh" gotra) about before 150 years on the time of the establishment of the village.But there is exact proof of the establishment of the temple.

Main entrance to the Baba Thakur Ji temple (view from outside the temple).


There was an old building of the temple but in 1997 villagers renewal the temple.It took two years of work and a total expenditure of Rs 50 lack for the magnificent Baba Thakur Ji temple to take its present form.


File:Baba Thakur Mandir Burz.jpg|Baba Thakur Mandir Burz File:MAin Gate & Burz.jpg|Baba Thakur Main gate & burz File:Baba Thakur Mandir Court Yard.jpg|Baba Thakur Mandir Court Yard File:Main Gate View In Night.jpg|Main Gate view in the night of Holi File:The Main Worship Place 1.jpg|The Main Worship Place 1 File:The Main Worship Place 2.jpg|The Main Worship Place 2

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