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BSA Ultra

The BSA Ultra air rifle is a popular, precharged pneumatic Air Gun manufactured by a subsidiary of Spanish manufacturer Gamo, BSA Guns (UK) Limited and sold worldwide. Widely used for both sport and hunting it has proven itself to be both accurate and reliable. It is an unregulated, pneumatic powered air gun available in both .177 and .22 calibres and with a choice of either single shot or multi-shot. It is one of the cheapest PCP air rifles available in the market. It was designed by the legendary BSA designer John Bowkett.



The gun provides spring-assisted loading bolts, silenced moderators, match-accurate barrel and a fully chequered stock. It comes equipped with scope mounts and silencer. Stocks in Beech and Walnut available as is a new black synthetic stock. It is designed to be a lightweight stalking gun used for hunting vermin like rats and pigeons in cramped areas. It provides a two-stage, adjustable, match grade trigger which can be calibrated to a very soft touch. It is provided with a manual safety catch to avoid accidental discharge.

Unlike most other pneumatic air rifles that use the traditional bolt action system, the Ultra features a unique Micro-Movement Cocking (MMC) System for loading. This is very useful in the multi-shot version. The MMC is operated by means of a plunger at the fore end of the stock. In the UK, it is also available in FAC versions requiring a firearms licence.

Shot Count

The Ultra has an unregulated power supply. Therefore pellet speeds vary according to the pressure of the cylinder. The Ultra is equipped with a small cylinder, thereby providing very low shot count compared to other pneumatic rifles. It provides about 40 shots/fill in .22 when cylinder is set to 200 bar. The count is 35 shots/fill in .177 when cylinder is set to 232 bar. The low shot count in 177 is because 177 pellets travel at higher speeds than 22 and hence more 'charge' is required to power them. It is now possible to get after-market pressure regulators fitted to Ultra's which give up to 100 full power (12 ft pound) on one charge.

Multi-shot version

The Ultra is also available in multi-shot version. This uses the BSA standard 10-shot rotary magazine. The MMC system allows the shooter to reload the rifle without taking the eyes or the rifle of the quarry, thereby allowing the hunter a second shot.


It is a standard practice to replace the BSA moderators with Weihrauch or Logun silencers to reduce the rifle's report. Separate after market fitments for regulators and bigger cylinders are available. Other drawbacks include the fact that it is difficult to attach a bipod so it is not a very good hide gun, due to the floating barrel. The shot count is also limited.

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