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Atromitos F.C.

Atromitos Football Club is a football club based in Peristeri, Athens that plays in the Super League Greece.



Atromitos FC was officially founded in May 1923 when Kalomvounis, Petos, Glykofridis, Stathopoulos, Synodinos, Rigopoulos, Stamatopoulos, and other students living in Victoria Square (which was then called Kyriakou Square) decided to form a football team. That same year, Vaggelis Stamatis, a mathematics teacher and member of the Panhellenic football league, joined the administrative board of Atromitos. Because of his prominence in pre-war Greek football history, Stamatis' involvement increased the new team's stature in Athenian football. In 1924, Atromitos was accepted into the Greek football league.

At the time, Atromitos played at the Panellinios football grounds, Panathinaikos, and in Aris park. During their first season in the league's first division, they ended in third place (behind Panathinaikos and AEK). In 1928, they defeated Goudi 4 3 in the final game at Rouf stadium to become champions of Athens.

That same year, they took part (in the champions condition) in the first Panhellenic Championship, which was organised by EPO. On May 24, 1928, they were beaten 3 1 by Aris (who later became champions) in an away game, and were defeated again on June 3 by Ethnicos Pireaus 5 0. On June 10, they managed a draw at home against Ethnicos 1 1, before losing again to Aris 3 1 seven days later.

During the following two years, Atromitos stayed in the upper part of the first division of Athens, and in 1929, they finished third behind Panathinaikos and AEK Athens. They repeated the feat in 1930. They relegated from the championship in 1931. In 1932, Iosiph Chouroukchoglou and Nikolaos Epioglou decided to move Atromitos to Peristeri. Earlier, it was located in the same area as Panathinaikos, and they had found it hard to establish a large fan base or develop a unique identity. They played again it in seasons of 1933 34, 1938 39, 1939 40 before ocuupation of Greece. They played again in Panhellenic championship between 1945 1951, 1952 1953, 1956 1959.

Atromitos played in Alpha Ethniki in 1960 61 season and played in the second division until May 1972 when, under the coaching of Savva Papazoulou, they were re-promoted to the first level. It proved a change too hard to handle, and they were demoted the following year. In 1975, a better-prepared Atromitos returned to the first division with a large fanbase, and ended the year in 13th place, securing their spot in the top flight. In 1976 they improved to end the season in 9th place, the best in the club's history. But, they relegated in 1977.

By 1981, Atromitos had succeeded in attracting renowned players such as Stylianopoulos, lvarez, Toskas and Athanasopoulos. However, despite high expectations, the club played for the last time in the top flight, and once more returned to the lower divisions. After years of playing in the third division, Atromitos won promotion back to the second division in May 2002 by beating Levadiakos FC at Patra stadium. The team played again in the top flight between 2005 2008 by merging with Halkidona and returned to the top flight after playing one season in the second division in 2008 2009.

In the 2010-2011 season Atromitos Fc made a historic run to the Greek Cup Final. However, they lost 3-0 to AEK.


Atromitos are based in western Athens and their main supporters club is called Fentagin. They are dedicated to support the local football team.

Previous chairmen

Former chairmen of the club include Iosiph Chouroukchoglou, Nikolaos Epioglou, Nikolaos Chakiris, Adonis Galaios, Stefanos Kaloumenos, Evaggelos Stais, Takis Anevlavis, Adonis Ksipnitos, Pavlos Panoutsopoulos, Stamatis Glykos, Andreas Koulopoulos, Giorgos Douros, Vasilis Petrou, Yiannis Kurtis, Kostas Stathakis, Vasilis Chigos and Tasos Papanikolas. Giorgos Spanos is the present chairman.


The home ground of Atromitos was once well-maintained but has been recently neglected. In its early days, Peristeri had grown to become the fourth largest municipality in Greece. The first club home ground was the grounds of "Bravery", which was located beyond the last shanty town of Evaggelistria.

In 1953, Atromitos moved to their present location, which contained only central stands for the spectators; the changing rooms consisted of a small room at the end of the stands. Much later, a larger stand was built with a capacity of 6,000 spectators. It was also used for non-football purposes, such as musical performances.

During the chairmanship of Victor Mitropoulos in EPAE, blue and white plastic seats were installed in the central stand. Before the Athens Olympics, Atromitos installed floodlights and renovated the running track so the ground could be used as a coaching facility during the Olympic Games. Under the football ground there are spaces and facilities for activities such as wrestling, chess and boxing. The organised fan club, "The Fedayeen", also have a space underneath the stands.

Repairs to fragile parts of the stadium due to humidity and earthquake damage are expected to be carried out.

Rivalries against Egaleo, Panionios and AEK

The team had a sworn rivalry against the neighbor team, Egaleo, when in 1958 Egaleo beat Atromitos 2 0, and remained in the first division. Next year Atromitos won the second division championship, however, the Alpha Ethniki was formed, and Atromitos could not participate. Throughout the years, Atromitos and Egaleo were sworn rivals throughout Beta Ethniki and sometimes Alpha Ethniki, with their battles making a lot of people crowded. It was a derby.

In 2007, Egaleo were relegated, making Atromitos fans delighted. Next year Atromitos were relegated too, but Egaleo were further relegated to Gamma Ethniki. Atromitos managed to get immediately promoted, but that year, Egaleo drowned in Delta Ethniki, where they still remain.

The next rival of Atromitos, in 2009, became Panionios, a team that were formerly considered "the best of the suburbs of Athens". Atromitos denied Panionios being given such a title, but apart from this, Panionios were the team that beat Atromitos in 2008 final matchday, sending them to Beta Ethniki. Atromitos and Panionios are now considered the derby of the suburbs of Athens.

In April 2011, Atromitos were struggling to stay in the Super League. Four matches before the end, there was the AEK - Atromitos match. AEK had secured their position in the playoffs, but despite that, they beat Atromitos 1 0, putting Atromitos in a very hard position. However, Atromitos achieved some crucial wins later on (such as Atromitos - Olympiacos 3 1), and got saved.

Atromitos fans, were angry against AEK and the cup final, AEK - Atromitos approached. The match ended 3 0 to AEK, however AEK fans entered the stadium nine minutes before the end, forcing the referee to whistle the final whistle. It was one of the "black pages" of Greek football, as Atromitos players, such as Marcin Baszczy ski and Vangelis Nastos having to struggle on their own for their physical integrity.

Atromitos beat AEK 1 0 next year, when AEK were chasing the first place. It was some sort of revenge for Atromitos fans and players, who listed this win as "one of their best in their career".

Current squad


For recent transfers, see List of Greek football transfers summer 2012.


  • Head Coach: Du an Bajevi
  • Assistant Coach: Lysandros Georgamlis
  • Conditions Coach: Dimitris Bouroutzikas
  • Advisor: Eletherios Kyparissis
  • Youth Coach: Nikos Kotsovos
  • Goalkeeper Coach: Slobodan Sujica

Players out on loan

Notable players

  • 20px Georgios Anatolakis
  • 20px Antonis Antoniadis
  • 20px Kostas Dimopulos
  • 20px Kostas Fragolias
  • 20px Georgios Georgiou
  • 20px Antonis Karalis most appearances, (330)
  • 20px Giorgos Karalis
  • 20px Vassilis Karilakis
  • 20px Aggelos Kondinos
  • 20px Georgios Korakakis former captain (2007)
  • 20px Vagelis Kotsalos
  • 20px Babis Koukis second club scorer (58)
  • 20px Yiannis Livathinos second most appearances (328)
  • 20px Vassilis Manioudakis
  • 20px Stergos Marinos
  • 20px Vaggelis Michailidis
  • 20px Kostas Misailidis
  • 20px Stavros Misailidis
  • 20px Panagiotis Misouras
  • 20px Tolis Mitrakos club top scorer (64 goals)
  • 20px Lakis Nikolaou
  • 20px Nikolaos Nikolopoulos
  • 20px Panagiotis Piskopis
  • 20px Angelos Ramfos
  • 20px Vasilios Rovas
  • 20px Ioannis Skondras
  • 20px Giannis Skopelitis
  • 20px Alexis Souflas
  • 20px Giannis Tezas
  • 20px Nikos Tsiantakis
  • 20px Athanasios Tsigas
  • 20px Giorgos Vasilopoulos
  • 20px Makis Yfantis

  • 20px Efstrat Billa
  • 20px Andrea Drenova
  • 20px Rafik Djebbour
  • 20px Oscar Alvarez
  • 20px ngel Hoyos
  • 20px Lucas Trejo
  • 20px Anderson Lima
  • 20px Araquem de Melo
  • 20px Cristiano
  • 20px Leandro
  • 20px Luciano
  • 20px Milen Petkov
  • 20px Jean-Hugues Ateba
  • 20px Pierre Ebede
  • 20px Filippos Filippou
  • 20px Ahmed Magdy
  • 20px Alain Raguel
  • 20px Amadou Sanokho
  • 20px Pascal Vahirua
  • 20px Gr gory Vignal

  • 20px Francis Doe
  • 20px Roberto Doldan
  • 20px Roberto Merino
  • 20px Piotr Bajera
  • 20px Marcin Baszczy ski
  • 20px Fabian Pawela
  • 20px Jos Luis Reyes
  • 20px Miguel ngel
  • 20px Sergio Cirio
  • 20px Khaled Al Zaher
  • 20px C sar Castro
  • 20px Zenzo Moyo

Former coaches

  • Alekos Sofianidis (1999)
  • Vladimir Petrovic (1999 00)
  • Georgios Paraschos (July 2002 Jan 07)
  • Dragan Kokotovic (2006 07)
  • Guillermo Angel Hoyos (July 2007 March 08)
  • Paulo Campos (2008)
  • Dragan Kokotovic (2008 April 09)
  • Vasilis Vouzas (2009)
  • Giorgos Donis (July 2009 May 12)
  • Du an Bajevi (June 2012 )

European matches

Season Competition Round Club Home Away
2006 07 UEFA Cup 1st Round Sevilla 1 2 0 4


Beta Ethniki

  • Champions (2): 1979 80[2], 2008 09[3]

Greek Cup

  • Runners-up (2): 2010 11[4], 2011 12


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