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Astra Mining

Astra Resources PTY, LTD (FWB:9AR) is an Australian[1] mining company, the parent of Astra Mining, whose primary focus is to satisfy the expanding resource demands of the world s largest urbanizing nations,[2] China and India. Astra secures the supply chain of the raw materials related to the steel industry, including iron ore, coal, gold and other raw materials.



Astra Resources currently operates mines in several countries besides Australia - current operations include gold mines in Hoa Binh, Vietnam and Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia, Coal mines in Kogi, Nigeria, Iron Ore mines in Orissa, India,[3] a housing project in Rockhampton, Queensland, and a joint venture partnership in a steel operation in Hungary[4]


Astra Resources's largest asset is its 45%[5]


Astra Resources is the parent company of Astra Mining, Astra Steelworks, and Astra Capricorn Investments, as well as the parent of an additional 20 Australian subsidiary companies, 2 Hong Kong subsidiary companies, 3 Indian subsidiary companies, 2 Singapore subsidiary companies and 1 Nigerian subsidiary company that manage the projects.

Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

On 17 June 2011 Astra Resources Shareholders agreed to list the company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.[6] On 30 September 2011, the company was listed, with shares opening at 1.50.[7] Astra Mining's symbol is FWB:9AR


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