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Astra can refer to:



  • Astra (comics), name of two otherwise unrelated Marvel Comics characters, from 1977 and 1999
  • Astra (manga), series coauthored by Jerry Robinson in 1999
  • Astra, a member of the First Family (comics), a group of recurring superhero characters
  • Astra, Ultraman Leo's twin brother
  • ASTRA, Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association
  • ASTRA Awards, annual awards presented by the Australian subscription television industry
  • Astra Film Festival, Romanian international documentary and visual anthropology film festival


  • Astra Chamber Music Society, a Melbourne, Australia concert organization, formed in 1951
  • Astra (band), an American psychedelic and progressive rock band
  • Astra (album), a 1985 release by Asia
  • Astra, a 1990 composition by Charles Wuorinen


  • FC Astra Ploie ti, a Romanian football club currently playing in Liga I
  • Astra (mma event), a mixed martial arts event

Science and technology

Computers and telecommunications

  • Astra (satellite), a family of satellites operated by SES S.A.
  • Trillian Astra, codename for a version of Trillian instant messaging (IM) client
  • ASTRA which stands for Access to Systems, Tools, Resources and Applications, authorization system of the University of Washington


  • Astra, one suggested name for a fifth planet (hypothetical) that became the asteroid belt
  • Association in Scotland to Research into Astronautics, a Scottish space advocacy group


  • ASTRA (reactor), Adaptierter Schwimmbecken-Typ-Reaktor Austria, a type of nuclear reactor



  • Astra (1920 automobile), built by American company Dorris Motors
  • Astra (1922 automobile), French cyclecar made by E Pasquet
  • Astra (1930 automobile), shown by Belgian company Automobiles Astra, but never produced
  • Astra (1954 automobile), built by British Anzani until 1959
  • Vauxhall Astra, British GM brand since 1979, originally a version of the Opel Kadett
  • Holden Astra, Australian version of the Nissan Pulsar, 1984 1989; version of the Opel Astra since 1995
  • Opel Astra, produced since 1991; also known as the Chevrolet Astra and Saturn Astra


  • IAI Astra, Israel Aircraft Industries-manufactured twin-engine business jet
  • A Handley Page Hinaidi prototype, later used for barnstorming in England under the name Astra
  • Ultralight Engineering Astra, ultralight aircraft


  • Astra AB, former international pharmaceutical company based in Sweden
  • Astra International, Indonesian conglomerate
  • Astra (company), Italian truck manufacturer, a subsidiary of IVECO
  • Soci t Astra, a major French manufacturer of balloons, airships, and aeroplanes in the early 20th century
  • American Specialty Toy Retailing Association
  • Astra-Unceta y Cia SA Spanish weapons manufacturer active in the 20th century
  • Astra Arms S.A., a Swiss weapons manufacturer

Other uses

  • ASTRA, a branch of Altrusa International, Inc for students between the ages of 12 and 25
  • Asocia ia Transilvan pentru Literatura Rom n i Cultura Poporului Rom n, a Transylvanian cultural group
  • Astra missile, developed by India
  • Astra (weapon), a supernatural weapon in Hindu mythology
  • Astra, brands of beer produced by the Bavaria - St. Pauli Brewery

See also

  • Astra-Unceta y Cia SA, former handgun manufacturer based in Spain
  • Ad astra (disambiguation)
  • Astro (disambiguation)

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