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Angiulo Brothers

The Angiulo Brothers (Donato, 03/21/1923 - 05/03/2009, Francesco, Gennaro, b. 1919 d. 08/29/09, and James), were the leading Italian-American crime group from Boston's North End, during the 1950s and early 1960s. As made guys in the Patriarca crime family, they were placed in control of the racketeering throughout Massachusetts,[1] until Irish Mob groups such as the Winter Hill Gang and the Charlestown Mob decided to run the rackets in their own neighborhoods. During this time Winter Hill Gang members James J. Bulger and Stephen Flemmi were informing on their Italian mob colleagues by allowing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to bug their headquarters during the early 1980s. Thereby, the Italians lost power in the area altogether.

Gennaro "Jerry" Angiulo was born in Boston s North End on March 20, 1919, to the late Cesare and Giovannina (Femiani) Angiulo. He grew up with his brother Francesco Frank J., and his late siblings Stella Orlandella, Nicolo V., Donato F., Antonio R., and Michele Angiulo.

Gennaro Angiulo enlisted in the U.S. Navy at the beginning of World War II and served 4 years in the Pacific Theatre. He achieved the rank of Chief Boatswain Mate. Upon completion of his service to the United States, he moved back to the North End of Boston.[1]

The FBI had been after him since the early 1960s. With the help of the FBI's own criminal informants James "Whitey" Bulger and Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi, they were able to gain a great deal of incriminating information regarding Angiulo's racketeering operations. The FBI was able to successfully plant listening devices in a bar he owned on Tremont Street. He was arrested September 19, 1983 at his North End hangout, then convicted three years later on racketeering charges.[1]

Gennaro Angiulo was granted parole and was released from federal prison on September 10, 2007. He died from kidney disease at Massachusetts General Hospital on August 29, 2009.[1]


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