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Ameba (website)

is a popular Japanese blogging and social networking website.

In December 2009, Ameba launched Ameba Now, a micro-blogging platform competing with Twitter.[1] In March 2009 Ameba launched Ameba Pico, a Facebook app for the English market based on the virtual community Ameba Pigg.

Ameba Pico virtual world / Ameba Pigg

Ameba Pico / Pigg is a Facebook and a Japanese blog virtual community in which users can customize their avatar, socialize with people around the world using virtual places included in the game like Shibuya 106 and the Statue of Liberty.

Users can also decorate their own rooms with different types of furniture, bought with virtual currency called "Gummies", "Tokens", and "Ameba Gold", and invite other players to visit them.

For the English Version (Pico), Gummies and Tokens are the game currency which are earned by playing through the game, while "Ameba Gold" is a currency in the game which users can only acquire by paying real money, Facebook Credits, Phone Balance, or by doing tasks from the game's providers like Paymentwall.

It is estimated that each day, more than 15,000 users log in to the game.


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