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All American Direct

All American Direct is a brand-name consumer-electronics retailer and a distant-network satellite TV service provider based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Currently, the company has an agreement with satellite TV company DISH Network to market and sell DISH Network products, as well as to provide DISH Network customers in remote locations with access to broadcast network programming from distant markets.[1]

Notably, All American Direct is not a DISH Network subsidiary. Subscribers to the company's My Distant Network Package must pay subscription fees separately and in addition to their monthly DISH Network subscription fees.[2]



All American Direct was originally founded in 1983 as nationwide C-Band satellite service provider and retailer National Programming Service, LLC. According to a company Web site, NPS continues to provide C-Band products and services and claims to be the largest C-Band programming provider in the U.S.[1]

NPS first began offering C-Band programming in 1987 and first switched from selling large 7 12 foot-diameter C-Band dish antennae to providing small-dish services and equipment as DISH Network affiliate All American Dish in 2003.[3] In 2006, All American Dish launched, which "offer[s] a wide variety of consumer electronic products, such as High Definition televisions, Sirius Satellite Radio, Verizon Wireless, High-Speed Internet, and other related products."[1]

EchoStar Agreement

In late 2006 NPS entered into a multi-year contract with DISH Network parent company EchoStar Corporation that saw EchoStar provide NPS with domestic satellite capacity on EchoStar VII at 119 West longitude[4] and on EchoStar X at 100 West longitude.[2] The partnership came after a Florida court ordered EchoStar to cease providing distant-network programming in October 2006 after a 10 year legal battle over whether the satellite TV provider had violated the Copyright Act; in December 2006 DISH Network ceased all transmission of distant-network programming.[5]

Initially, many satellite-TV industry commentators predicted that DISH Network would lose as much as $50 million per year in revenue as a result of the Florida decision; they also assumed that many DISH Network customers would abandon the satellite TV provider for competitor DirecTV. However, following its deal with EchoStar, began offering distant network channels in connection with EchoStar, allowing DISH Network to defy these forecasts.[6]

Since December 2006, has offered ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX as part of its Distant Network Package subscription service.[1] Distant Network Package channels through All American Direct are accessible to DISH Network subscribers on channel ranges 241 to 248 for standard-definition broadcast networks.[2] Distant Network Package subscription fees range between $3.00 and $15.00 per month, or between $40 and $170 per year, on a channel-by-channel basis.[7] These fees are paid directly to All American Direct and are separate and in additional to the subscriber's monthly DISH Network bill.[2]

In December 2010, National Programming Service announced it would cease providing C-Band programming as of midnight, Dec. 26, 2010.[8]


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