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Afikpo () is the second largest city in Ebonyi State of Nigeria. Until recently it was the home Local Government Area of the late Eze (DR) Akanu Ibiam, who hailed from the village of Unwana. Dr. Ibiam was one of the first Igbo medical doctors of Western training and the former Governor of Eastern region.

The town had an estimated population of 672,000 in 2005.


Igbo Traditional Centre

Afikpo is a centre of ancient Igbo tradition. Ceremonial (now antique) masks which have been carefully preserved by the state tourism board. Afikpo is an ancient city-state. Several archeological findings support the claim that Afikpo civilisation existed as far back as the Neolithic age.

Educational and Medicinal Establishments

Afikpo hosts the Prestigious Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic Uwana and the legendary Mater Misericordia Specialist Hospital, Afikpo. The Mater Misericordia Hospital School of Nursing and Midwifery was one of the first and probably remains the finest nursing school established in Nigeria by the Irish missionaries and Dr. Akanu Ibiam.

Prominent Residents

Afikpo has produced numerous academicians, Governors, and world class businessmen. Life is a little bit less rancorous and more peaceful in Afikpo than similar cities elsewhere in Nigeria. The city however has recently been experiencing an acute shortage of residential accommodation, especially for the civil servants. That problem is thus being adequately addressed by the state Government. Afikpo is a major food basket of Nigeria.

Urban Communities

Afikpo comprises the following urban communities: Ozizza, Ohaisu, Nkpoghoro, Ugwuegu and Itim.

Afikpo city is the Headquarters of Afikpo North Local Government. It is the second most popular and second most important city in Ebonyi state.

It has many prominent sons and daughters.

From Ozizza you have Chief Ajuka Ugwu, Chief Eleje, Okpani Egwu, Dr. Inya Agha, Esther Eleje, and a host of others.

From Ohaisu you have Engr.Ewa Elechi, Ginger Eke, Azu Ewa, Uche Azikiwe, Eze o. Eze, Otuu Oyim, etc.

From Nkpoghoro you have Engr. Oko Isu, Zentus, Chief Otunta, Nwachi Ibe etc.

From Ugwuegu you have Prof. Buchi Chukwu who is the current Minister of Health, M.S.C Abani, Greg Azubuike, Chief Mbey, Mike Chukwu, Mark Abani, Chris Abani, Chief Anthony Ekoh, Ezeogo M.O. Chukwu, P.U. Alu etc.

From Itim you have Chief Sunday Enwo, Idu Igariwey, Okpani Agu etc.

New Political Dispensation

Afikpo presently has a new political dispensation consisting of youths and well to do personalities enhancing development. The present L. G. A Chairman Mr. Obinna, has been working hand in hand with the people of afikpo(YOUTHS) towards a strategical development. He also wants to reunite the two PDP rival groups (The Agboti's and Idu's) into one PDP group, despite the political problems that the two groups had, which took a life (Ikechukwu Eze a.k.a. Skipper) during the local government election. Afikpo has also developed from grassroot level,(the development centers are good case in point), which is being used to disseminate the dividends of democracy to the poor people. "My wish is that peace and unity should be inculcated into our spines so as to fulfil our citizenship obligations to our mother NIGERIA." Otuu obinna(ozontus)

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