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1707th Air Transport Wing
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1707th Air Transport Wing

The 1707th Air Transport Wing is an inactive United States Air Force unit. Its last was assigned to the Western Transport Air Force, Military Air Transport Service, stationed at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. It was inactivated on 8 January 1966.

With the disestablishment of MATS, the assets of the Wing were reassigned to the 443d Military Airlift Wing, Military Airlift Command.



Established in 1951 at Palm Beach AFB, Florida when Military Air Transport Service assumed jurisdiction of the facility. Was operated as a joint Civil-Military facility with Palm Beach International Airport.

Mission of 1707th ATW was training USAF personnel on operation and maintenance of MATS heavy-lift transports. Known as the "University of MATS", training included C-124 Globemaster II, C-118 Liftmaster, C-97 Stratofreighter, and C-54 Skymaster maintenance training along with aircrew and transition pilot training. Nearly 23,000 airmen were trained at Palm Beach Air Force Base. The MATS Air Weather Service used Palm Beach AFB as a headquarters for hurricane research, flying the first WB-50D Superfortress "Hurricane Hunter" aircraft from the base in 1956.

Was moved to Tinker AFB, Oklahoma due to urban encroachment and local opposition to military presence at the airport. Continued training mission, receiving the first USAF C-141 Starlifter aircraft in 1964 and expanding training mission to include Starlifter operation and maintenance. In addition to the training mission, the 1707th ATW maintained a high state of combat readiness to airlift armed forces personnel and equipment, including evacuations in the event of national emergencies.

Discontinued on 8 January 1966 along with MATS, equipment and personnel reassigned to MAC 443d MAW same date.


  • Established as 1707th Air Transport Wing, Heavy (Training) on 1 Sep 1951
Activated on 16 Sep 1951
Discontinued on 8 Jan 1966, personnel and equipment reassigned to: 443d Airlift Wing


  • 1707th Flying Training Squadron, 16 Sep 1951-8 Jan 1966
  • 1707th Air Transport Squadron, 16 Sep 1951- 8 Jan 1966
  • 1740th Air Transport Squadron, 16 Sep 1951-30 Jun 1959
  • 1741st Air Transport Squadron, 1 Jul 1958-8 Jan 1966
  • 1742d Air Transport Squadron, 1 Mar 1956-8 Jan 1966



  • C-118 Liftmaster, 1951-1966
  • C-124 Globemaster II, 1951-1966
  • C-97 Stratofreighter, 1951-1959
  • C-54 Skymaster, 1951-1959
  • C-141 Starlifter, 1964-1966



  • Mueller, Robert. (1989). Air Force Bases Volume I, Active Air Force Bases Within the United States of America on 17 September 1982, Office of Air Force History.

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