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145th Airlift Wing
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145th Airlift Wing

The United States Air Force's 145th Airlift Wing (145 AW) is a tactical airlift unit of the North Carolina Air National Guard flying the C-130 Hercules. Operationally-gained by the Air Mobility Command, the 145 AW is located at Charlotte Air National Guard Base at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport, North Carolina.




File:C-130H North Carolina ANG at Panama 1999.JPEG|A C-130H taking off from Howard AFB, Panama, 1999 File:071025-F-7564C-134.jpg|A C-130 taxiing at Point Mugu Naval Air Station on October 15th 100 to support fire fighting operations File:060612-F-9032T-007.jpg|A C-130 Hercules taxis at Balad Air Base, Iraq, File:MAFFS loading into a C-130 080623-F-7564C-071.JPG|A C-130 loading fire fighting equipment


Major Command

Previous designations[1]

  • 145th Airlift Wing (1992 Present)
  • 145th Tactical Airlift Group (1971 1992)
  • 145th Military Airlift Group(1966 1971)
  • 145th Air Transport Group (Heavy) (1964 1966)
  • 145th Aeromedical Transport Group (1960 1964)
  • 145th Fighter Group (1957 1960)

Squadrons assigned

  • 156th Airlift Squadron (1960 Present)
  • 263d Combat Communications Squadron
  • 145th Mission Support Group
  • 145th Aircraft Generation Squadron
  • 145th Civil Engineer Squadron
  • 145th Operations Support Flight
  • 145th Logistics Readiness Squadron
  • 145th Logistics Support Flight
  • 145th Maintenance Operation Flight
  • 145th Aerial Port Squadron
  • 145th Security Forces Squadron
  • 145th Communications Flight
  • 145th Medical Squadron
  • 145th Services Flight
  • 156th Weather Flight
  • 118th Air Support Operations Squadron
  • 156th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
  • 235th Air Traffic Control Squadron
  • 150th Fighter Squadron (1946 1960)
  • 360th Fighter Squadron (1942 1946)

Bases stationed

  • Charlotte/Douglas International Airport, North Carolina (1952 Present)
  • Manston Royal Air Force Station (1951 1952)
  • Godman Air Force Base (1950 1951)
  • Charlotte/Douglas International Airport, North Carolina (1946 1950)

Aircraft Operated[2]

  • C-130 Hercules (1971 Present)
  • C-124 Globemaster (1966 1971)
  • C-121 Super Constellation (1962 1967)
  • C-119C Flying Boxcar (1961 1962)
  • F-86E/J Sabrejet (1957 1960)
  • F-86A Sabrejet (1954 1957)
  • T-33 Shooting Star (1953 1954)
  • F-84 Thunderjet (1950 1953)
  • P-51 Mustang (1949 1950)
  • P-47 Thunderbolt (1948 1949)


  • File:Outstanding Unit ribbon.svg Air Force Outstanding Unit Award[3]


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