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     Serpentine - Belly Dance with Rachel Brice :: Bellydance Technique & Yoga for Strong, Relaxed & Sinuous Movement
Publisher: Stratostream - World Dance New York
Format: Color, DVD, NTSC

Serpentine - Belly Dance with Rachel Brice: Belly Dance Technique & Yoga for Strong, Relaxed & Sinuous Movement is a unique blend of yoga conditioning, belly dance technique drills, choreography and mini-classes designed by Rachel Brice, star performer and instructor of contemporary belly dance, whose technique, artistic style, and warm personality contributed to the rise of Tribal Fusion belly dance.

Rachel's instructional method offers you tools to achieve precision of isolations, deep full-range movement, as well as flexibility and strength that will give you the sinuous serpentine grace characteristic of Rachel's own dance style. Her drills, combinations and yoga sessions are designed to help you establish your own regular dance practice, customized to fit your creative goals and lifestyle.

The two main sections of Serpentine are 1. Technique and 2. Choreography & Classes.

The Technique section opens with Yoga for Belly Dance carefully crafted to enhance your strength and flexibility, qualities crucial for relaxed, effortless dance. A veteran yoga instructor with many years of practice, training, and yoga teaching experience, Rachel Brice leads you in a beautiful flow of classic yoga postures and stretches. She teaches yoga in the Viniyoga tradition as transmitted by Gary Kraftsow and the faculty of the American Viniyoga Institute, LLC.

The Yoga is followed by three drills sessions: Leg Strengthening Drills, including a variety of travel and level-change exercises, and mini-combinations;

Isolation Drills (shoulders, torso, and pelvis) where you practice belly dance isolations and then layer each one on 4 footwork patterns; and the Shimmy Drill, a delightful high-energy non-stop shimmy practice with Rachel's signature shimmy layering. The Technique section ends with a Finishing Yoga Practice.

Rachel's Choreography & Classes section features two choreographies; A fast and playful dance set to music of progressively increasing tempo, and a flowing slow dance including backbends and fluid serpentine movement punctuated with elegant accents. Each choreography is performed in costume and then demonstrated from the back with Rachel facing the mirror. Rachel teaches you the combinations for each choreography step-by-step with practice first at a slower pace, and then the faster. A special DVD feature offers practice loops for each combination.

To promote correct and safe backbending technique, Rachel Brice teaches a mini-class on the biomechanics of backward bending, and leads you in the Yoga for Backward Bending practice designed to increase the flexibility and the range of motion in your back and develop a strong habit for proper muscle support when executing backbends.

Additional classes and materials include: Yoga Breathing; arm and footwork patterns to be used during the drills; basics of the 10-point dance posture; and two performances by Rachel Brice.

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     Celine Dion: Live in Las Vegas - A New Day [Blu-ray]
Publisher: Sony

An unprecedented 5 year run! More than 700 sold out shows! 3 million spectators! Everything about the record -breaking show that changed the history of entertainment scene in Las Vegas!
This 2 set Blu-ray Disc includes Celine Dion's show in the colosseum at Caesars Palace and three exclusive documentaries: Travel to Las Vegas with the fans- join Celine at home, in her car, in her dressing room and even backstage - find out all the secrets of "A New Day"
More Than 5 hours of Never Before Seen Footage

Blu-ray Disc Trackslisting:
1.A New Day Has Come
2.The Power Of Love
3.It's All Coming Back To Me Now
4.Because You Loved Me
5.To Love You More
6.I'm Alive
7.I Drove All Night
8.Seduces Me
9.If I Could
10.Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore
11.I Surrender
12.Ammore Annascunnuto
13.All The Way
14.I've Got The World On A String
15.I Wish
16.Love Can Move Mountains
17.River Deep, Mountain High
18.My Heart Will Go On

Disc 1
The Concert (93 minutes)
Because You Loved Me - A Tribute to The Fans (41 minutes)

Disc 2
A New Day: All Access (120 minutes)
A New Day: The Secrets (53 minutes)

Mastered in High Definition
PCM (uncompressed) Stereo (48kHz/24bit)
Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Surround Sound (96 kHz/24bit)
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound (448kbps)

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     Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics [Blu-ray]
Publisher: DVD International

Created by home theater industry legend Joe Kane, HD Basics is the
definitive High Definition home theater calibration tool. It promises to
improve your picture and give you an understanding of the concepts that
are vital to getting the most out of your HDTV.

Easy to use menu system
25 minute 'quick set-up" option including an in depth description and explanation of how to use specific test patterns to calibrate your display
Audio calibration test signals
Descriptive text in the menu to help navigate each option
A 90 minute overview of the basics of HDTV
Introduction to the world of creating HDTV programs
Audio commentary by Cinematographer Allen Daviau and Joe Kane.

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     Getting Started on Drums Featuring Tommy Igoe DVD - Setting Up / Start Playing
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Format: Closed-captioned, Color, Dolby, DVD, NTSC

Tommy Igoe brings his 25 years of teaching and playing experience to bear, creating the first DVD for beginner drummers! He takes you on a journey that starts with taking a brand new drum set out of the box and gets you started making music right away. Setting Up! (Part 1) is dedicated to understanding your new drums. All of your drums and hardware, along with Tommy's unique "Power Square" concept, are covered in detail, starting you off in the right direction. Start Playing! (Part 2) will get you playing and having fun right away. Tommy takes you through the basics of how to hold your sticks and how to use your pedals. He even brings out some young students to help demonstrate some great grooves and fills that you can play right away. Special DVD Features allow you to select Tommy playing each of the grooves super slowly so you can really take your time to work everything out. 3 great songs are included, and played by young students, with play-along versions of each one, so that you can start jamming and making music right away! 140 minutes.Tommy Igoe has recorded with Lauryn Hill, Stanley Jordan, New York Voices, Blood Sweat and Tears, Dave Grusin, The Chieftains, Marc Mancina, Patti Austin, Mary Clayton, Darlene Love, Rita Coolidge and Dave Wilcox. Formerly on tour with Art Garfunkel, and an adjunct professor at Rutgers University, he holds the Lion King drum chair on broadway.

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     Crunch - Cardio Salsa
Publisher: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Format: Color, DVD, NTSC

Burn Fat With Sizzling Latin Dance Moves! Welcome to CRUNCH Fitness! You dont need to travel south of the border for a hot, hot workout! This low impact fiesta is packed with fat blasting choreography, sizzling with a spicy Latin dance flavor that turns up the body heat to ""caliente."" Even if youre not a dancer, Giselle will break down these easy-to-follow dance steps so you can follow along. Put some Latin attitude into your hip sway and get loose. Weve added live drums for extra fun. Youll burn the fat as you burn up the dance floor, feeling the beat of the merengue, mambo, cha cha, samba and more. Say ""Adios"" to boring workouts!! All Fitness Levels. No equipment necessary. The CRUNCH Philosophy: The CRUNCH fitness program welcomes people from all walks of life regardless of shape, size or ability. We created a workout environment that is not competitive or judgmental. Enjoy these favorite classes with imaginative instructors in an atmosphere that makes working out fun. Meet the instructor: Giselle Roque de Escobar, instructor at CRUNCH Miami. Certified fitness professional teaching for over 18 years, as well as personal trainer. Fitness philosophy: Never underestimate what your body can do; strive for new limits. Favorite splurge food: Peanut M & Ms. description

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     Tribal Fusion - Yoga Isolations & Drills for Bellydance
Publisher: Ark 21
Format: Closed-captioned, Color, Dolby, DVD, NTSC

Bellydance Superstar Rachel Brice teaches basic tools that can be incorporated into daily practice that will bring flexibility, strength and, if practiced regularly, effortlessness into whatever Belly Dance style you choose. Instruction includes a short Yoga practice to warm up and strengthen the body as well as a final chapter on Yoga for flexibility."

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     Romeo and Juliet (Royal Ballet)- Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn
Publisher: Kultur Video
Format: Classical, Color, DVD, NTSC

Prokofiev's adaptation of Shakespeare's undying tragedy is performed with consummate grace and skill by the British Royal Ballet. Striking work by Margot Fonteyn, Rudolf Nureyev, and David Blair. 130 min. Standard; Soundtrack: stereo music score.

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     Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer DVD
Publisher: Hudson Music
Format: Color, DVD, NTSC

Jojo Mayers Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer is recommended for drummers of every age, style and skill level. The double-DVD, 3-hour set is available from the Limited division of Hudson Music and covers a wide range of information on drumming technique, from the most fundamental to the most advanced. Filmed in crystal clear digital video and audio and shot at a variety of locations in and around Manhattan, Secret Weapons explains closely guarded and never before published secrets of the great masters as well as Jojos own approaches with special features like animated graphics, practice exercises and troubleshooting tips.

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     Ultimate Factories Car Collection
Format: AC-3, Box set, Color, Dolby, DVD, NTSC, Widescreen

Go behind the scenes as National Geographic explores manufacturing goliaths and brings to life some of the greatest one-of-a-kind car factories in the world.

See firsthand how cutting-edge robot labor and human touch combine to craft a $45,000 BMW Z4. Get an inside look at the making of Corvette's latest high performance, aerodynamically-efficient street machine. Discover what it takes to build Chevrolet's classic muscle car ; test drive the newest, most powerful Ferrari model at 200 mph; and tour the pre-production factory for the revolutionary electric car that can go from 0 to 60 in less than nine seconds.

Programs include: BMW, Corvette, Camaro, Chevy Volt, Ferrari, Dodge Challenger, Maserati, Dodge Viper, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Porsche, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, and Bugatti Super Car.

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     Kubrick's Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the Films
Publisher: Cubed Brick Productions
Format: Color, DVD, NTSC

This provocative and insightful film is the first in a series of documentaries that will reveal the secret knowledge embedded in the work of the greatest filmmaker of all time: Stanley Kubrick. This famed movie director who made films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut, placed symbols and hidden anecdotes into his films that tell a far different story than the films appeared to be saying. In Kubrick's Odyssey, Part I, Kubrick and Apollo, author and filmmaker, Jay Weidner presents compelling evidence of how Stanley Kubrick directed the Apollo moon landings. He reveals that the film, 2001: A Space Odyssey was not only a retelling of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick's novel, but also a research and development project that assisted Kubrick in the creation of the Apollo moon footage. In light of this revelation, Weidner also explores Kubrick's film, The Shining and shows that this film is, in actuality, the story of Kubrick's personal travails as he secretly worked on the Apollo footage for NASA.

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     Robben Ford - The Art of Blues Rhythm DVD
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corp
Format: Color, DVD, NTSC

As one of the most emulated blues players of our time, Robben Ford's impeccable soloing techniques, phrasing and tone have been the subject of several books and videos, but for the first time, Robben brings his smooth and tasty rhythm playing to the forefront in this DVD. He explains and demonstrates dozens of blues rhythm concepts and techniques from 12-bar shuffle blues rhythms to mixing in jazz chords to blues comping. Robben also takes you through several of his tunes showing his chord voicings, rhythms, and right-hand picking/finger techniques. Robben also answers questions about double-stops, his guitars, recording, and road gear. Also includes a 39-page printable PDF with examples and transcriptions. Robben has been offering master class clinics for several years to a very select and limited number of students. This DVD allows guitarists everywhere to be a part of this unique experience.

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     Marc Anthony: Live From Cali Colombia
Publisher: Allegro Corporation DVD
Format: Color, DVD, NTSC

"The biggest-selling salsa artist of all time." -- All Music Guide

* El Cantante, a fi lm based on the life of Hector Lavoe, stars Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. The fi lm recently premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to rave reviews and will open in theaters on August 1, 2007. * A rare 2003 performance by one of the greatest salsa singers of this or any generation! * Marc Anthony delivers a passionate, exciting performance from Cali, Colombia on a Latin American tour that took him from Miami to the capitals of Central & South America. This concert captures the raw expression of his tremendous artistic prowess. * Marc Anthony began his career as a songwriter and backing vocalist for pop acts like Menudo and the Latin Rascals. He subsequently collaborated with house producer Little Louie Vega, who featured the singer on the Latin-fl avored club hits "Ride On the Rhythm" and "When the Night Is Over." * In 1992, Vega and Anthony opened for Latin bandleader Tito Puente at New York's Madison Square Garden. Seeking new inspiration from Puente's music--as well as the music of Rubén Blades and Juan Gabriel--Anthony performed at the Latin music convention Radio y Musica, his first step on the road to salsa stardom.

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     WICKED BEATS: Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady & Reggae Drumming
Publisher: Hudson Music
Format: Color, DVD, NTSC

All products are BRAND NEW and factory sealed. Fast shipping and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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     The Jacques Cousteau Odyssey - The Complete Series
Publisher: Warner Home Video
Format: Box set, Closed-captioned, Color, DVD, NTSC, Full Screen

For decades, world-renowned French oceanographical pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his crew explored the undersea world on board the good ship Calypso and brought the wonders of their aquatic quests to TV audiences. Now all 10 episodes from his Emmy-winning documentary series "The Cousteau Odyssey" are featured in a six-disc set. 10 1/2 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.

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     Paul Gilbert: Intense Rock, Vol. 1 and 2
Publisher: Warner Brothers Pub.

Intense Rock takes you step by step through the techniques that will enable you to play terrifying licks. In this exciting presentation, Paul Gilbert teaches you his personal exercises and sequences for incredibly fast and clean alternate picking, 3-note-per-string scales, sweep picking and string skipping.

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     Ambient Fire: Ultimate Video Fireplace DVD (Shot in HD)
Publisher: Jumby Bay Studios
Format: AC-3, Anamorphic, Color, Digital Sound, Dolby, DVD, Special Edition, Surround Sound, Widescreen, NTSC

Shot in HD! Look, but don?t touch.

Yes, the warmth and beauty of a wood-burning fireplace is mesmerizing. But, all fires and fireplaces are not created equal which is evident from Ambient Fire: The Ultimate Video Fireplace DVD. Visually, the DVD leaves nothing to be desired. It looks spectacular.

There are a variety of different fireplaces on the DVD, obviously a desire to cater to everyone?s taste. There are "just logs", a marble fireplace, a "modern" fireplace, "just flames", a "cuddle-up-next-to-the-fire Holiday scene" which features lots of holiday decorations and a train going around a tree, and even a campfire scene. Features a total of 9 different scenes. Smartly, they?ve made the most "desirable" scenes 35 minutes long and scenes like the campfire only 10 minutes. Of course, you can loop any of the scenes for endless playback.

Includes 5.1 fire sound effects and a variety of music choices including classical, guitar, and holiday. You can even choose to have the sound of fire mixed in with the music ? a nice touch. This DVD, like its aquarium counterpart, Ambient Water, includes built-in playlists as well as the ability to create custom playlists.

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     Acland's DVD Atlas of Human Anatomy, Set of Six DVDs: The Upper Extremity, The Lower Extremity, The Trunk, The Head and Neck, Part 1, The Head and Neck, Part 2, and The Internal Organs
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Format: NTSC

DID YOU KNOW? This product is now available online at Your subscription gives you anytime, anywhere access, while search and navigation tools speed you to those video clips you need most for learning or review. See sample videos or take the free trial today!

The six DVDs in this remarkable and beautifully produced DVD anatomy atlas explore the fundamental structures of the Musculoskeletal System, the Head and Neck, and the Internal Organs.

DVD 1: The Upper Extremity
DVD 2: The Lower Extremity
DVD 3: The Trunk
DVDs 4 and 5: The Head and Neck, Parts 1 and 2
DVD 6: The Internal Organs

These DVDs show you true images of real, exquisitely dissected human anatomical specimens, in three dimensions. As the camera moves from one viewpoint to another, the specimen appears to rotate in space, letting the viewer experience it as a three-dimensional object. Acland's DVD Atlas uses fresh, un-embalmed specimens that retain the color, texture, mobility?and beauty?of the living human body.

A concise synchronized narration runs throughout the program. As each new structure is shown, its name appears on the screen. There is a self-testing feature at the end of each section. Specific content can be accessed through detailed searches of the index and table of contents.

For students, Acland's DVD Atlas is a time-saving aid to first-time learning, an effective way to relearn anatomy for clinical rotations, and a time-efficient tool for review. For clinicians in training and in practice, it assures a swift renewal of anatomic knowledge. For teachers, Acland's DVD Atlas shortens the time needed to provide immediate, satisfying explanations of three-dimensional structure.

Click here to view sample clips of Acland's DVD Atlas of Human Anatomy. Read more about the Acland DVDs and how they were created.

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins gratefully acknowledges the support of Jewish Hospital Foundation, Norton Healthcare, and United States Surgical Corporation in the production of the videos.

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     Benny Greb The Language of Drumming
Publisher: Hudson Music
Format: Color, DVD, NTSC

A revolutionary addition to drum education, this DVD presents the method created and used by internationally-acclaimed drummer Benny Greb to develop his awe-inspiring creativity, musicality and technique. From the overture and opening credits to the movie-within-a-movie menu, viewers of The Language Of Drumming will immediately sense that even though they re watching a drumming DVD they may well be seeing the beginning of a new era in music education. Beyond its amazingly clever concepts, beautiful sets and Academy-award worthy production values, this groundbreaking two-disc set also presents extraordinary European drummer Benny Greb and his advanced approach to making music that raises the art of drumming to an entirely new level. As Greb explains in his initial on-camera comments, learning to play the drums is like learning to speak a language. Greb makes the point that knowing a few basic drum beats and fills is like knowing only a few standard phrases in a language; they won t allow you to communicate clearly or have a full, interactive conversation in practical situations. Greb s carefully thought-through solution and a quantum leap in drum education is to learn the language of drumming by starting with its smallest components: the individual letters of the rhythmic alphabet. Greb then introduces his revolutionary 24-character system and shows how to use the basic binary and ternary rhythms to develop timing, technique, dynamic control and speed... even the traditional drum rudiments. Covering hands and feet, with and without a practice pad, he quickly progresses from simple alphabetical exercises to more intricate examples of words (rhythmic phrases) and syntax (sentences and vocabulary) on the full drumset. The second disc goes on to include a vast amount of additional information, from practical discussions about the importance of listening, building fills and solos using standard improvisational forms, and developing better time and expanding rhythmic comfort zones through creative use of a metronome to somewhat more esoteric examples of finding new and alternative sounds on the drumset. Throughout the entire presentation, Greb flawlessly performs exercises and patterns that illustrate his theories while referring to the comprehensive archive of printable PDF charts and exercises that are included on the discs. The double-DVD also features several drum solos as well as Greb s performances with master percussionist Pete Lockett and the Benny Greb Brass Band plus a wealth of bonus material and is recommended for all drummers (from beginners to professionals) and drum teachers. Also includes a comprehensive archive of printable PDF charts and exercises, additional drum solos, performances with percussionist Pete Lockett and the Benny Greb Brass Band, a full size poster, and more.

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     The Master Drummer
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Format: Color, DVD, NTSC


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     The Art of Playing with Brushes DVD/Play Along CD
Publisher: Hudson Music
Format: Color, DVD, NTSC

This DVD is the most comprehensive volume on the topic ever produced. Living legends Billy Hart, Eddie Locke, Joe Morello, Charli Persip and Ben Riley, along with modern masters Adam Nussbaum and Steve Smith, demonstrate and discuss their distinctive drumming styles then all perform the same set and contrast their unique approaches and interpretations. Included are 2 DVDs over 7 hours of footage, 17-Track Play-Along CD minus drums, bonus lessons from Adam Nussbaum, Ed Thigpen and Louis Bellson, 32-page Bonus Booklet and printable PDFs by Mark Griffith that includes listening/reference guide, bios of all the featured artists, classic video clips and a photo gallery.

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