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DVD search results for XE2

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     Standard Deviants School: Pasta-Riffic World 2 [VHS]
Publisher: Cerebellum Corp
Format: Color, NTSC

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     Fight for Freedom-Major Battles of Wwii
Publisher: Digital1stop
Format: Color, Full Screen, NTSC

The Fight for Freedom The Major Battles of WWII

History As You ve Never Seen It Before!

The Fight For Freedom The Major Battles of WWII takes viewers to the front lines of the European, the Pacific and the African theatres of the deadliest conflict in human history. . Entire hours are devoted to the great battles that would define the era and the devastating final conclusion that would introduce the world to the terrible possibilities that exist with atomic weaponry. Masterfully scripted and full of authentic footage, this is a collection that must not be missed.

This comprehensive 10-part series chronicles the second half of this global military conflict in a masterfully scripted presentation filled with rare and authentic archive footage produced by internationally acclaimed documentarians, Pacific Media.

Featuring rare and never-before-seen footage from the most poignant battles throughout the rest of WWII including:

  • Invasion of Sicily
  • Battles in the South Pacific
  • Invasion of Normandy
  • The Battle of the Bulge
  • Battle of Iwo Jima ..... and much, much more!


  • Over 8 Hours of In-depth Documentary Features
  • First time ever on home video!
  • The second installment of a 2-part series

Program 1: The Decline of Fascism Invasion of Sicily. Mussolini's downfall. Ploesti. Invasion of the Italian Peninsula.

Program 2: The Slow Italian Campaign Cassino. Anzio. Liberation of Rome. The Gothic Line. Liberation of Italy.

Program 3: The Road to Tokyo The battles for Guadalcanal, Munda, Bouganville and the South-Pacific area launch the thrust to the Japanese Empire's capital city.

Program 4: The Pacific in Flames The Central Pacific areas, with its huge distance ranges, rekindle the war between the Japanese and the Americans.

Program 5: D-Day Allied invasion of Normandy. Liberation of Paris.

Program 6: The Battle of Kursk The greatest armored cars' battle in history eased the way for the Soviet troops on the road to Berlin.

Program 7: The Battle for Germany Eastern and Western offensives of the Allied and Soviet armies in their way to Berlin. Operation Market Garden.

Program 8: The Agony of the Third Reich The Battle of the Ardennes (the Battle of the Bulge). Conquest of Berlin. Hitler's death. Surrender and end of the war in Europe.

Program 9: Leyte, Imperial Destiny Several naval clashes in the Gulf of Leyte led to the liberation of the Philippines. Along with the British victory in Burma, they opened the way to Tokyo.

Program 10: The Peace of the Atomic Bomb Iwojima. Okinawa. Atomic bombs and the surrender of the Japanese army bring to a close the greatest disaster so far known to mankind World War II.

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     Baby Einstein - Baby Monet - Discovering the Seasons
Publisher: Buena Vista Home Entertainment / Disney
Format: Closed-captioned, Color, Dubbed, NTSC

ASIN: B0006L0L5W DESCRIPTION: A playful introduction to the four seasons through art and music!
-- Introduces babies to the sights and sounds of the four seasons
-- Exposes little ones to famous Monet masterpieces

As babies grow and change, so does the landscape around them. From fiery red leaves to falling snowflakes; from flowers in bloom to fireworks in July, every season of the year has its own special magic just waiting to be discovered. BABY MONET�?� takes little ones on a sight-and-sound-filled journey through spring, summer, fall and winter using playful puppet shows, real images of nature, children, toys, and masterpieces by Claude Monet set to excerpts from composer Antonio Vivaldi's timeless "The Four Seasons." This virtual breath of fresh air lets you and your baby share the beauty of each season as you explore its wonders together! END

DVD Features
-- Repeat play
-- Language tracks (Spanish, French and English)
-- Discovery cards
-- A look at the seasons
-- Puppet shows
-- Toy chest

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     Potty Training in One Day - A DVD for Today's Parent
Publisher: Mom Innovations
Format: NTSC

Here's what you have been looking for - an instructional video featuring real parents and children demonstrating the most comprehensive and proven potty training method. Potty Training In One Day ~ A DVD For Today s Parents is the first instructional video of it s kind. For decades, parents, teachers, doctors, and clinical psychologists have used the one-day potty training method. Now you can learn the method, step-by-step, through this visual journey. You will discover: Why Potty Training In One Day really works How to know if your child is ready for potty training What pre-training exercises to use to increase your child s understanding Which supplies you ll need and where to purchase them How to set up for the big day Step by step instructions for the big day How to handle accidents What to do during the follow-up week And so much more!

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     Classic Drive In Theatre Commercials DVD: Vintage Drive-In Movie History Footage Of Old Intermission Commercials, Advertisement, Ads & Promos
Publisher: Quality Information Publishers Inc.

Fifty-Four (54) Vintage Drive-In Advertisements From The 1950 to 1960s. Products Advertised Include: Popcorn, hot dogs, coffee, pizza, sandwiches, pickles, milk, cigarettes, potatoes chips, pop cycles, ice cream, snow cones, and candies.

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     Crosby, Stills & Nash - Long Time Comin'
Publisher: Rhino
Format: Color, NTSC

Long Time Comin' is the never-before-released DVD documentary of CSN's unforgettable 30-plus years together with a nostalgic musical and visual retrospective. Features include rare TV appearances, recording sessions, revealing interviews and exciting concert footage that span their entire career.

Track Listing:
Long Time Gone
Marrakesh Express
Mr. Tambourine Man
Carrie Anne
For What It's Worth
Helplessly Hoping
Teach Your Children
You Don't Have To Cry
Down By The River
Wooden Ships
Black Queen
Find the Cost of Freedom
To the Last Whale...
Just A Song Before I Go
Dark Star
Wasted on the Way
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
Carry On

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     The Crocodile Hunter - Collision Course
Publisher: MGM (Video & DVD)
Format: Anamorphic, Closed-captioned, Color, Dolby, Dubbed, Special Edition, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC

Steve Irwin makes his big-screen debut with his most perilous adventure yet! To save a very large crocodile from poachers, Steve and his wife Terri set out on a death-defying journey through the Outback to nab the big fella and relocate him to a safe river. But what they don't know is that the angry reptile has swallowed a top-secret US satellite beacon making them all targets of American special agents! Crikey!

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