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     852 Classic Jack Benny Old Time Radio Broadcasts on DVD (over 421 hours 2 minutes running time)
Publisher: Quality Information Publishers, Inc.

This unique old time radio DVD collectible features 852 digitized reels of classic Jack Benny radio broadcasts and over 421 hours 2 minutes of total running time on 1 DVD. Take a journey back through radio broadcasting history with this large audio library of OTR memorabilia. The golden age of old time radio has been rescued, digitized, and packaged into a gift set that any classic radio lover can appreciate. The DVD opens and plays in a computer DVD drive and the collector can listen to the audio on a MP3 player, DVD/MP3-compatible car stereo, computer, MP3-compatible DVD player, or just compile favorites onto CD for greater user flexibility.

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     Young Catherine
Format: Color, NTSC, DVD, Original recording

DISCLAIMER: This is the only licensed DVD of Young Catherine and the longest version available on the market today. It is not a bootleg copy. Please note it is grainy in quality and was NOT created from a digitally remastered print. Rather it was produced from an original 16mm film print of a seventeen year old made for television mini series. SYNOPSIS: This US$8 million, four-hour drama was filmed completely in the USSR. A Lavish pageant, full of grandiloquent actors, fabulous costumes and magnificent architecture are all put in service to create intrigue, power and romance with hints of the ever popular kinky royal sex. Catherine (Julia Ormond) is born to a minor German prince. She is 16 when she and her mother (Marthe Keller) are brought to St. Petersburg by the empress Elizabeth (Vanessa Redgrave). Catherine marries the feebleminded Peter (Reece Dinsdale), heir to the Russian throne. The mini-series follows Catherine until she deposes Peter and is crowned Czarina in 1762.

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     Military History: The Ship That Wouldn't Die
Publisher: Tell ME Why Sales Co.
Format: Color, NTSC

The Military History collection is the most extensive collection of hundreds of hard-to-find military history programs - past, present and future. This is the powerful story of the U.S.S. Franklin, "Big Ben" and the men who brought her home. Fighting her way to Iwo, The Philippines, Guam, Okinawa, Formosa and the Japanese mainland the U.S.S. Franklin took the kimikaze onslaught and in turn she bloodied the enemy. Against all odds she limped her way across the Pacific, the Panama Canal and made the port of New York as the most heavily damaged ship ever to make home port under her own power.

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