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Encyclopedia results for dm500 backup

dm500 backup

Encyclopedia results for dm500 backup

  1. Backup

    Other uses of In information technology , a backup or the process of backing up is making copies of data ... words, whereas the noun is backup . ref http reference dictionary entry backup American Heritage Dictionary entry for backup , http reference dictionary entry ... had lost files on their home PC. ref http globalsurvey.html Global Backup Survey ... time, according to a user defined data retention policy, typically configured within a backup application ... not alone be considered disaster recovery. ref http new2dr w2 002.htm ref Not all backup systems or backup applications are able to reconstitute a computer system, or in turn other complex ... only data from a backup. Since a backup system contains at least one copy of all data worth ... space and managing the backup process is a complicated undertaking. A data repository model can ... different techniques have been developed to optimize the backup procedure. These include optimizations ... to recognize the limitations and human factors involved in any backup scheme. Storage, the base of a backup system Data repository models Any backup strategy starts with a concept of a data repository. The backup data needs to be stored somehow and probably should be organized to a degree. It can be as simple as a sheet of paper with a list of all backup tapes and the dates they were written or a more ... models have different advantages. This is closely related to choosing a backup rotation scheme ... than as a tool for making ongoing backups of diverse systems. Incremental backup Incremental Differential ... the need to store duplicate copies of unchanged data. Typically to start out, a full backup of all files ... system to a certain point in time would require locating the last full backup taken previous ... backup and the particular point in time to which the system is supposed to be restored. ref http incremental backup.shtml Incremental Backup . Retrieved on 10 March 2006 ref Additionally ...   more details

  1. No Backup

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name No Backup Type studio Artist Farmers Manual Cover No Backup cover.jpg Released Start date 1996 5 Recorded Genre Electronica , Glitch music Glitch Length 51 58 Label Mego label Mego Producer Last album This album No Backup 1996 Next album Fsck album Fsck 1997 Album ratings rev1 Allmusic rev1Score Rating 4 5 ref Allmusic class album id r287360 pure url yes ref No Backup , released in May 1996, is the first album by Farmers Manual . A remastered 2nd edition was reprinted in August 1999. Track listing Macro Woeb 5 54 Biomagic I 6 45 Biomagic II 7 19 Perimeter 87 9 38 Nomad 137 7 51 Farmers Manual 5 59 Flight III 6 14 Take 2 18 Notes The album contains a CD ROM part, consisting in 120 Megabyte MB of interactive graphics playable on Mac OS only . References reflist External links http releases index.html Farmers Manual discography up to 1998 Category Farmers Manual albums Category 1996 albums 1990s electronic album stub ...   more details

  1. Binary backup

    Binary backup may refer to A Backup consisting of exact, byte level copies of the original data. A Byte Level Incremental backup , which examines file differences at the byte level in contrast with a Block Level Incremental Backup . disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Backup (disambiguation)

    wiktionary backup The term backup has several meanings. In reference to information technology Backup The concepts behind backing up data to enable recovery from data loss Backup software , Apple Mac software Backup software The software that performs this function List of backup software Specific software packages, loosely categorized Backup site Part of a disaster recovery plan In reference to electrical power facilities Battery backup The use of batteries to continue operation of electrical devices in the absence of utility electric power Backup battery Similar to above Backup generator The use of a generator to achieve a similar purpose In reference to music Backup band A band who plays music in support of a lead musician Backing vocalist One who sings in harmony with a lead vocalist Back Up song Back Up song A song by girl group Danity Kane from their debut album Danity Kane In reference to motor vehicle s Backup camera A camera on the rear of a vehicle, used while moving backwards Backup accident A type of car accident Traffic backup A traffic jam Backing up Driving a vehicle in reverse gear In reference to television Backup TV series Backup TV series A BBC series about a police Operational Support Unit In reference to tactic method tactic s Backup tactical A military or police contingent dispatched to be ready to provide additional support to the primary force in an engagement Backup Gun also referred as BUG or B.U.G. standing for Back Up Gun, an additional gun other than the primary duty gun In reference to videogames Gregory Weir Backup Backup A 2009 work of interactive fiction by Gregory Weir disambig da Backup fr Backup ko ...   more details

  1. Backup (software)

    Infobox Software name MobileMe Backup logo screenshot Image Backup screenshot.jpg 220px Backup screenshot caption MobileMe Backup Screenshot author developer Apple Inc. released latest release version ... OS X platform language genre Backup software license Proprietary website http kb DL1025 MobileMe Backup v.3.2 Backup is a backup utility made by Apple Inc. Apple for Mac OS X . It is available through Apple s MobileMe formerly .Mac collection of Internet services. Backup can be used ... to make safe, archival copies of critical files and folders. Versions Backup 2 The initial versions of Backup were regarded as feature sparse and frequently unstable. However, on November 5, 2003 Apple released Backup 2.0, which added new features and offered greater reliability than its predecessors. While Backup 2 allowed for the creation of archive copies of important data, overall it only had a basic feature set for backup software . Backup 3 Apple introduced Backup 3 at the Paris Expo on September 20, 2005 along with other upgrades to .Mac. This version offered more backup settings, such as the ability ... , Apple announced the development of Time Machine Apple software Time Machine , a new backup application which is included in Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard . Time Machine is a complete backup solution, thus it has the ability to completely replace Backup as a general backup solution for most Mac users. MobileMe When MobileMe was released on July 11, 2008, .Mac was discontinued. Backup continued to be available to MobileMe users. The software was re branded MobileMe Backup with the version 3.2 release. External links Commons category Backup software http kb DL1025 MobileMe Backup ... with Backup at Apple http pub a mac 2005 09 23 backup3.html?page 1 How to Set Up Backup 3 at O Reilly Media O Reilly MacDevCenter http www.delicious blog 2005 09 backup has never been easier.html .quickpick format at Delicious Monster http Worldone ...   more details

  1. Fuzzy backup

    A fuzzy backup is a secondary or backup copy of data file s or directories that were in one state when the backup started, but in a different state by the time the backup completed. This may result in the backup copy being unusable because of the data consistency data inconsistencies . Although the backup process might have seemed successful, the resultant copies of the files or directories could be useless because a restore would yield inconsistent and unusable data. References http dc03.html Fuzzy Backups http publib Redbooks.nsf RedbookAbstracts tips0107.html?Open IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and Open Files Backup Category Computer data compu storage stub ...   more details

  1. Incremental backup

    An incremental backup preserves data by not creating multiple copies that are based on the differences ... basic form of incremental backup consists of identifying, recording and, thus, preserving only those files that have changed since the last backup. Since changes are typically low, incremental backups are much smaller and quicker than full backups. For instance, following a full backup on Friday, a Monday backup will contain only those files that changed since Friday. A Tuesday backup contains ... of incremental backup. Multilevel incremental A more sophisticated incremental backup scheme involves multiple numbered backup levels . A full backup is level 0. A level n backup will back up everything that has changed since the most recent level n 1 backup. Suppose for instance that a level 0 backup was taken on a Sunday. A level 1 backup taken on Monday would include only changes made since Sunday. A level 2 backup taken on Tuesday would include only changes made since Monday. A level 3 backup taken on Wednesday would include only changes made since Tuesday. If a level 2 backup was taken ... n 1 backup. Differential Another name for a level 1 Reverse incremental An incremental backup of the changes .... Synthetic full backup A Synthetic backup is an alternative method of creating full backups. Instead ... full backup either a regular full backup for the first backup, or the previous synthetic full backup ... backup concept. After an initial full backup, only the incremental backups are sent to a centralized backup server. This server keeps track of all the incrementals and sends the proper data back ... or differential These backup technologies are similar to the block level incremental backup method however, the byte or binary incremental or differential backup method is based on a binary variation of the files compared to the previous backup while the block based technologies work with heavy changing ... the Internet. Usage inconsistency While the terms above are in very wide use, some backup vendors reverse ...   more details

  1. Areca Backup

    Infobox software name Areca Backup developer Olivier PETRUCCI br Internationalization Stephane BRUNEL ... nowrap http www.areca http www.areca Areca Backup is a personal file backup ... License GPL 2. Features Areca Backup includes a backup engine, as well as a graphical user interface and a command line interface . A big drawback of Areca Backup is that you have to keep the zipped backups on your hard drive. You cannot remove them after you save them to backup media, because if you do, the next time you try to perform a backup Areca Backup will back up all the files again, instead ... Backup filters by extension, subdirectory, regular expression, size, date, status, usage Incremental backup , Incremental backup Differential differential and full backup support Delta encoding Delta backup only the modified parts of the files will be stored, not the whole files Archives merges ... integrity Unix file permissions backup recovery E Mail reports Backup simulation FTP and FTPS support ... file transfer protocol SFTP support Areca also provides all tools needed to handle your archives Backup ... this storage mode, a new archive will be created for each backup. All new or modified files since the last backup will be stored in this archive. Delta encoding Delta This mode is recommended for advanced users only If you choose this storage mode, a new archive will be created for each backup. All modified parts of files since the last backup will be stored in this archive. This mode is particularly ... will be created and updated at each backup. Backup types Areca can handle the following types of backups Full Backup When a full backup is performed, ALL files are stored in your archive whether they have been modified or not . Incremental backup When an incremental backup is performed, only the files which have been modified since the last backup are stored in your archive. Incremental backup Differential Differential backup When a differential backup is performed, only the files which have ...   more details

  1. Backup software

    Unreferenced date April 2011 Backup software are computer programs used to perform backup they create supplementary exact copies of files, databases or entire computers. These programs may later use the supplementary copies to restore the original contents in the event of data loss . Key features There are several features of backup software that make it more effective in backing up data. Volumes main Volume compression Volume compression Voluming allows the ability to compress and split backup data into separate parts for storage on smaller, removable media such as CD s. It was often used because ... backup data off site. Data compression main Data compression Since hard drive space has cost ... to save money. Remote backup main Remote backup Several factors have contributed to a surge in the use of remote or offsite backup of data to geographically distant sites. The rapid growth of data and its ... opportunities for young startups, which are serving this growing market with next generation backup ... integrity. Access to open files main File locking Many backup solutions offer a plug in for access to exclusive, in use, and locked files. Incremental backups main Backup rotation scheme Backup solutions ... the speed of the backup process. Schedules main Job scheduler Backup schedules are usually supported to reduce maintenance of the backup tool and increase the reliability of the backups. Encryption main Encryption To prevent data theft , some backup software offers cryptography features to protect the backup. Transaction mechanism main Database management system Transaction mechanism To prevent loss of previously backed up data during a backup, some backup software e.g. Areca Backup offer Database ... might be useful, instead of placing it here put it on the List of backup software page or on the discussion page. Extraneous links on this page will be deleted. Backup List of backup software References reflist Category Backup software ...   more details

  1. Cobian Backup

    Infobox Software name Cobian Backup logo screenshot File Cobian backup.jpg 240px caption developer Luis Cobian latest release version latest release date latest preview version latest preview date operating system Microsoft Windows genre Backup software license Version 8 Modified Mozilla Public License 1.1, Version 9 and later Freeware website http cobian cobianbackup.htm Cobian Backup is free, donation supported backup software for Microsoft Windows . It is written in Delphi programming language Delphi by Luis Cobian of Umea University . ref http cobian about.htm ref History Cobian Backup was originally released in 2000. The program was later rewritten and released under version 7. The next version version 8 was released in 2006. Its source code was later released under the Mozilla Public License in late January 2007. However, with version 9 the author of Cobian Backup decided to switch back to a completely closed source model. ref cite web title Version 9 Amanita will NOT be published as Open Source publisher Luis Cobian, author of Cobian Backup ... be revoked. Features Cobian Backup supports Unicode , FTP , compression ZIP file format Zip , SQX ... May 2009 , incremental backup incremental and differential backup . It supports long file names 32,000 characters for all backup types except ZIP which supports only 256 characters . The software may ... backup routines, for example a differential backup every night which backs up user files that have changed since the last full backup and a full backup every 7th night backing up a full set of user ... List of backup software References reflist External links http Cobian s site The home of Cobian Backup Category Backup software Category Windows software Category Free backup software storage software stub cs Cobian Backup de Cobian Backup es Cobian Backup it Cobian Backup pl Cobian Backup ...   more details

  1. Backup withholding

    This is a United States tax related article. Please refer to rules set forth by the Internal Revenue Service for correct and up to date information. Orphan date February 2009 According to the Internal Revenue Service , in the US, backup withholding is a specified percentage currently 28 withheld by the payers to be paid to the IRS on most kinds of transactions reported on variants of Form 1099 . Backup withholding may be required for several reasons, including but not limited to an improper TIN ITIN ATIN on the W 9 an IRS backup withholding order certain types of payment are always subject State backup withholding Some states may also require backup withholding if it is already required by the IRS. California 7 External links http govt fslg article 0,,id 110339,00.html IRS Backup Withholding Category Internal Revenue Service Category Taxation tax stub ...   more details

  1. Comodo Backup

    Infobox software name Comodo Backup screenshot Image comodo backup free data backup.jpg 250px caption Comodo Backup screenshot developer Comodo Group Comodo Group, Inc. latest release version v3 latest release date release date and age 2010 12 04 operating system Microsoft Windows genre Backup software license Proprietary Freeware website http http Comodo Backup is a free data Backup software backup program that backs up Microsoft Windows Windows data file s to local, Network drive network , Storage virtualization virtual or online storage . Overview Comodo Backup ... which can be restored at a later date. User interface Comodo Backup provides an User interface interface that allows configuration and customization of backup routines with a range of filters and macros ... drive space See also Portal Free software List of backup software List of online backup services References Reflist Reflist Refbegin http Comodo Backup 3000 2242 4 10510410.html http Comodo Backup 3000 2242 4 10510410.html http comodo backup software review http comodo backup software review http ... BackUp.shtml http Comodo BackUp d6233.html http Comodo BackUp d6233.html http 2010 11 comodo backup download online data backup software http 2010 11 comodo backup download online data backup software http 2010 12 comodo backup 3 introduces many new features and improvements comment page 1 http 2010 12 comodo backup 3 introduces many new features and improvements comment page 1 Refend External links Official website http DEFAULTSORT Comodo Backup Online Backup Category Cloud storage Category Business continuity and disaster recovery Category Online backup services Storage software stub it Comodo Backup ru Comodo BackUp uk Comodo BackUp ...   more details

  1. Uranium Backup

    Infobox software name Uranium Backup logo File Uranium Backup logo.png alt Uranium Backup logo screenshot ... Active genre Backup license Freeware and Commercial website http Uranium Backup is a backup program for Microsoft Windows Windows environments developed by Nanosystems S.r.l., an Italian ... features Uranium includes tape backup, drive image backup disaster recovery with bare metal restore , SQL Server database backup, virtual machines backup Hyper V and ESXi vSphere , online backup through ... devices. Features Uranium main supported features are Tape backup Disaster recovery CD DVD HD DVD Blu Ray Burning SQL Server Backup and Restore Support to ESXi vSphere VM Backup FTP, FTPS SSL and SFTP SSH FTP Upload and Download Backup to disk, network, zip compression, synchronization Scheduled backups Shadow copy of files, folders and hot backup of virtual machine files .VHD for Hyper V Virtual ... There are 7 editions of Uranium Backup currently available. One is freeware while the others are commercial. Uranium Backup Freeware File by file direct copy and or zip compression on local network ..., ISO files creation. Limitations compared to the Base version no disk imaging backup disaster recovery no FTP backup no synchronization can t be run as a Service can t create zip files bigger than 4 GB Zip64 no technical support Uranium Backup Base Compared to the Freeware version it allows to make drive image backup disaster recovery and bare metal restore , FTP backup upload and download and e mail backup, it can create zip files bigger than 4 GB, it can be run as Service, it can delete old files ... DVD and Blu Ray discs and backup to any type of optical media CD R RW, DVD R RW, DVD R RW, BD R RE ... layer DVD R, Blu Ray and HD DVD. It can also burn multisession discs and ISO files. Uranium Backup Pro Tape It has all the features of the Base version plus the Tape Backup functions. It supports any ..., AIT, VXA, LTO , etc... Uranium Backup Pro SQL It has all the features of the Base version plus ...   more details

  1. Backup Exec

    Infobox software name Backup Exec logo File screenshot File caption collapsible author Maynard Electronics ... website http backupexec Backup Exec is proprietary backup software currently developed by Symantec . Backup Exec has a long history of being sold from one company to another. Its ... history.pdf History of Backup Exec ref Today, Backup Exec is a data protection solution that provides Continuous data protection continuous disk to disk to tape backup and recovery. Continuous protection ... Corporation is independently formed to develop backup software under contract for Symantec. 1993 Conner Peripherals acquires Archive Corp. and renames the software Backup Exec . 1993 Quest acquired ... from Rexon , including their OS 2 backup software. 1996 Conner is acquired by Seagate Technology and Arcada ... s Network and Storage Management Group , which included Backup Exec. 2005 Symantec acquires VERITAS, including both Backup Exec and NetBackup a completely different backup software package . Major Releases Seagate Backup Exec 7.2, October 1998 VERITAS Backup Exec 7.3, March 1999 VERITAS Backup Exec 8.0, January 2000 VERITAS Backup Exec 8.6, November 2001 VERITAS Backup Exec 9.0, June 2003 VERITAS Backup Exec 9.1, December 2003 VERITAS Backup Exec 10.0, January 2005 Symantec Backup Exec 10d ... Flag work Enterprise Storage Forum accessdate January 2011 ref Symantec Backup Exec 11d, November 2006 ref name 11d http enterprise support release details.jsp?pid 15047 Backup Exec for Windows Servers ref Symantec Backup Exec 12, February 2008 ref name v12 release http pub support products Backup Exec for WindowsNT 295530.pdf Backup Exec 11 End of life notification ref Symantec Backup Exec 12.5, October 2008 Symantec Backup Exec 2010, February 2010 Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R2, August 2010 a minor update that supports Exchange 2010 SP1 among other things Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R3, May 2011 Symantec Backup Exec 2012, March 5, 2012 Architecture Backup ...   more details

  1. Hybrid backup

    unreferenced date February 2012 Hybrid backup is a phrase typically described as the backup and storage of computer file s to both a local location and also a remote or cloud location. Hybrid backup providers are companies that provide this type of product or service to end users. Hybrid backup systems are typically built around a client software program that runs on a schedule, typically once a day, and usually at night while computers aren t in use. This program typically collects, compresses, encrypts, and transfers the data to a Network Attached Storage NAS location, and the NAS subsequently transfers data to a remote backup service provider s servers or off site hardware. There also are hybrid backup solutions that can store data to a local dive, NAS device and remotely to the cloud, depending on where your computer is located. History In the early 2000s, the Internet data transfer speeds accommodated data transfer rates that supported the backup, or replication, of data from one computer or site to another site. Typically only cost effective for enterprise level deployment, recent advances and popularity of online services have made hybrid backup affordable for Small to Medium Enterprises and now small businesses. Category Computer backup ...   more details

  1. Handy Backup

    Infobox Software name Handy Backup logo screenshot caption collapsible author developer released latest release version Handy Backup 7.0.16 build 9825 latest release date release date and age 2012 02 03 ... title Handy Backup Datasheet format PDF ref platform size language English, Spanish, French ... genre Backup software license Commercial software Commercial proprietary software proprietary website http Handy Backup Handy Backup is a disk image disk imaging and backup software developed by Novosoft LLC. Handy Backup creates backup copies of data stored on computers working ..., FTP and SFTP servers and other storage media. Users of Handy Backup can also take advantage of the Novosoft Remote Backup Service which incorporates the program with a secured remote hosting. Overview Introduced in 2002 by Novosoft, Handy Backup is a backup software targeted for use in home and small ... LLC, Handy Backup quickly acquired multiple advanced features, such as support for backing up Microsoft Exchange Server data, disk imaging, and other. Operation Handy Backup has a Wizard software Wizard ... of operations backup, restore and synchronization. Key options include task scheduler, ZIP file format ... is achieved through the use of disk imaging module which allows performing sector based backup which ... disk cloning , it can also be used for this purpose. Handy Backup .HBI format Handy Backup stores information about each backup task in index files of its own .HBI format. Each index file contains the list ..., which enables doing incremental backup incremental and differential backup and save only changes. In Handy Backup, incremental backup is made on file level and differential backup is made on byte level. Available Editions Handy Backup comes in three editions designed for individual PCs Standard, Professional and Full. Also, there is an enterprise backup edition called Handy Backup Server which includes all features of Handy Backup Full and allows backing up data of networked workstations ...   more details

  1. Backup and Restore

    Infobox Windows component name Backup and Restore logo Backup center icon.png logo size 64px screenshot Backup and Restore in Windows 7.png screenshot size 300px caption Backup and Restore in Windows 7 other names Windows Backup and Restore Center br Windows Backup type Backup software service name Windows Backup SDRSVC service description Provides Windows Backup and Restore capabilities. included ... br tt wbadmin tt br Windows Recovery Environment Backup and Restore ref Cite web url http en US windows7 products features backup and restore title Backup and Restore work Windows 7 Features publisher Microsoft Corporation accessdate 19 May 2011 ref formerly Windows Backup and Restore ... in later versions that allows users to create backup . It is a replacement of NTBackup , which was included in previous Windows versions. Features There are two different types of backup supported File backup and system image. File backups are saved to ZIP file format ZIP files. Two types of file backup are supported The first type, normal backup, stores everything selected for backup. The second type, incremental backup Incremental incremental backup stores only files that are changed after a previous backup. However, unlike the file backup and NTBackup, in which data are backed up file by file ... file format VHD file. Block based backup is more efficient at performing subsequent incremental backup Differential differential backups , as only the blocks that have changed need to be backed up. ref Cite news url http filecab pages file backup in windows vista faq.aspx title File Backup in Windows Vista FAQ work The Storage Team at Microsoft File Cabinet Blog agency TechNet ... May 2011 ref During a backup, Windows uses Shadow Copy Volume Shadow Copy Service to ensure that files are not changed while they are being backed up. Newer backup media such as CD, DVD and Blu ray discs are supported in Backup and Restore. ref Cite web url http download 5 b 9 ...   more details

  1. Cloud backup

    Afd merge to Remote backup service Cloud backup 30 July 2011 date July 2011 Merge Cloud storage Remote backup service date June 2011 Multiple issues orphan April 2010 prose April 2010 advert April 2010 orphan May 2010 wikify January 2011 Cloud Backup and Recovery is a subset of Cloud Computing and a form of Online Backup . Cloud Backup and Recovery has the following characteristics Service based The assurance .... Cloud backup needs to be an active process where data is collected from systems that store the original copy. This means that cloud backup will not require data to be copied into a specific appliance ... de allocated as customers delete backup sets as they age. Cloud BUR enables a Service Provider to allocate ... customer in an automated fashion. Metered by Use Cloud Backup allows customers to align the value ... to vary based on the age of data, type of data email, databases, files etc. , volume, number of backup copies and RTOs. Shared and Secure The underlying enabling technology for Cloud Backup is a full ... Backup An enterprise class cloud backup solution must include an on premise cache, to mitigate any issues due to inconsistent Internet connectivity. ref Vendor Landscape Storyboard Cloud Backup. InfoTech Research Group Research, July 2011. p. 4 ref Hybrid cloud backup is a backup approach combining Local backup for fast backup and restore, along with Off site backup for protection against local ... often is stored in the cloud. ref name hybrid cite news title Ctera Drives Hybrid Approach to Backup url http backup recovery barracuda boosts capacity of premisescloud backup appliance.php accessdate 8 June 2010 newspaper CTOEdge date April 13, 2010 ref Hybrid cloud Backup works by storing data to local disk so that the backup can be captured at high speed, and then either the backup software or a Cloud Storage Gateway D2D2C Disk to Disk to Cloud appliance encrypts and transmits .... There are a number of cloud storage appliances on the market that can be used as a backup ...   more details

  1. AMT Backup

    infobox weapon name AMT Backup image caption origin type Law Enforcement Pistol Type selection is ranged yes is bladed is explosive is artillery is vehicle is missile is UK Service history service used by wars Production history designer design date manufacturer AMT br Galena Industries br High Standard Manufacturing unit cost production date number variants General specifications spec label weight convert 18 oz lbs length convert 5 in cm part length width height diameter crew passengers Ranged weapon specifications cartridge .22LR , .380 ACP, .38 Super , 9x19mm , .357 Sig , .40 S&W , .400 Corbon and .45 ACP cartridge weight caliber barrels action rate velocity range max range feed sights The AMT Backup was first known as the OMC Backup. This early variant was produced in .380 ACP caliber in El Monte, California. OMC produced a short run of these pistols before the molds were purchased by Arcadia Machine & Tool , who took over production. The original AMT Backup was produced with a single action trigger mechanism, while the later Backup II used a double action only mechanism. These pistols were manufactured by AMT and later Galena Industries until November 2001 . The AMT Backup is a small semiautomatic pistol available in a wide range of calibers .22LR , .380 ACP, .38 Super , 9x19mm , .357 Sig , .40 S&W , .400 Corbon and .45 ACP have all been offered. This pistol was designed to be carried as a backup gun by law enforcement and security professionals or anyone desiring a small concealable weapon. Its marketing slogan was the smallest, most powerful backup weapon available. The AMT Backup line of handguns is now being marketed by High Standard Manufacturing Company High Standard Manufacturing . ref http ref Sources References External links http Documents AMT index.html Owner s Manuals for AMT Backup Models various calibers Category .380 ACP firearms Category Semi automatic pistols firearms stub it AMT Backup .380 ...   more details

  1. Backup Direct

    has been a Beacon South West member since December 2008. Recognition Backup Direct s online backup ... to US home backup services, the service received a 5 out of 6 star rating. In 2009, PC Pro recognised ... html how to secure a business notebook backupdirect.html Backup Direct Review ref blockquote In 2008, Backup Direct was awarded http Beacon Southwest status blockquote in recognition ... to share knowledge and experience with other companies... blockquote In 2009, Backup ...?ccs 1062&cs 5328 National Business Awards . In 2010, Backup Direct was a finalist in the National ... Awards . Backup Direct s Data Defence encryption service was covered in the Financial Times. Catlin Arctic Survey In 2010, Backup Direct was chosen by the Catlin Arctic Survey to protect their mission ... Backup Direct supplies technologies from organisations such as Iron Mountain Incorporated Iron ... Businesses as a SaaS Service , including Online backup Online Backup br Disaster recovery Business ... in 2001, by current Managing Director Brett Raynes, Backup Direct acquired online backup provider ... Backup Direct Official Site http Back2Go Official Site http ...   more details

  1. Dmailer Backup

    Infobox Software name Dmailer Backup logo screenshot caption collapsible author developer Dmailer released latest release version 3.2.17592 latest release date July 15, 2010 latest preview version latest preview date frequently updated programming language operating system Microsoft Windows , OSX platform size language English, Czech, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Spanish, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Deutsch, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Portuguesh, Polish status genre Backup license Commercial website http Dmailer Backup , developed by Dmailer , is a backup software for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems that can back up and restore all of the data of the computer. There are two modes in the application an Automatic mode which launch a backup for all the user s data Documents, Video, Music and a Custom mode to choose what data will be backed up. This software includes an Online service, called Dmailer Online, with 2GB for free lifetime , which allows the user to send online all the existing backup from the app. From version 3.0, the application is free to use, without license. Reviews http article 195877 dmailer backup backs up your data to the cloudor your own external drives.html PC World, May 26, 2010 http Dmailer Backup 3000 2242 4 10869699.html See also List of backup software External links http dmailer backup.html Dmailer Backup official presentation Category Backup software Category Windows software Category Mac OS software storage software stub ...   more details

  1. Box Backup

    Multiple issues notability March 2011 primarysources March 2011 Box Backup is an open source , completely automatic online backup system. The client software sends the backup data computing data to the server computing server . The data computing data is encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer SSL protocol, and is also protected by a further layer of on disk encryption. ref Kenneth Geisshirt http www.linux w3 issue 88 062 064 boxbackup.pdf Backing up for portables with Box Backup , March 2008. Retrieved 28 Mar. 2011. ref Box Backup supports Linux , UNIX , Microsoft Windows Windows , and Mac OS X backup client computing clients and servers although Windows servers are not recommended by the authors . Box Backup is licensed under the GNU GPL and BSD licenses. ref http browser box trunk LICENSE.txt ref Introduction Box Backup is a Client server model client server Software application application in which a client computing client sends data computing data to the server computing server for storage. The server computing server provides management of client computing client via certificates, storage quotas, and data retention . Together, a unique and robust solution is created that scales allowing client computing clients with low bandwidth connections to effectively perform reliable backups . Box Backup is ideal for backing up laptops and computers with intermittent or low bandwidth connections, because it is capable of continuous data protection in the background ... 145803 Automatic backup for sporadically connected clients with Box Backup , August 2008. Retrieved 12 Apr. 2011 ref Box Backup uses a modified version of the Rsync algorithm, that works with encrypted ... events fast09 tech full papers vrable vrable.pdf Cumulus Filesystem Backup to the Cloud , 2009. Retrieved 23 Apr. 2011 ref References Reflist External links http Box Backup official site Category Free software programmed in C Category Free backup software ...   more details

  1. NetVault Backup

    Infobox Software name Quest Netvault Backup screenshot caption latest release version 8.6.1 latest release date November 2011 operating system Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X genre Backup license Proprietary ..., NetVault Backup is a cross platform, enterprise level backup and recovery software solution. It can ... components that complement NetVault Backup. These offer near instant recovery of applications, continuous ... bakbone.htm accessdate 28 July 2011 newspaper CRN date 10 Nov 2010 ref Product details NetVault Backup is based on a client server architecture. A central NetVault Backup Server provides the job management ... functions. The NetVault Backup Server maintains a history of backups in the NetVault Backup database ... with the NetVault Backup Server to back up and recovery the respective servers, applications and data ... centralized administration of a NetVault Backup Server from any workstation within the network. NetVault supports tape drives, tape libraries and other backup devices attached to the central server itself ..., devices can be controlled through NDMP if they are attached to a supported filer. NetVault Backup Server 8.5.3 the master backup server can be deployed on Microsoft Windows , Linux , Mac OS X , Solaris operating system Solaris , IBM AIX , and HP UX . Platform and application support NetVault Backup ... Site Assets PDF NetVault Backup Compatibility Guide.pdf title NetVault Backup Compatibility Guide .... Components There are five options within the Quest NetVault suite, enabling backup and recovery ... based replication, and data deduplication NetVault Backup is a cross platform backup and recovery software ... Platform Gains Backup Muscle url http c a Data Storage NetVault Platform Gains Backup Muscle 1 accessdate 28 July 2011 newspaper eWEEK ref NetVault SmartDisk offers disk based backup, data ... with NetVault Backup to provide a single point of enterprise wide control of NetApp s SnapVault .... Disk targets Originally NetVault Backup was intended to back up to physical tapes in tape drives ...   more details

  1. Backup validation

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Orphan date December 2009 Backup validation is the process whereby owners of computer data may examine how their data was backed up in order to understand what their risk of data loss might be. It also speaks to optimization of such processes, charging for them as well as estimating future requirements, sometimes called capacity planning. History Over the past several decades leading up to 2005 , organizations bank s, governments , schools , manufacturers and others have increased their reliance more on Open Systems and less on Closed Systems . For example, 25 years ago, a large bank might have most if not all of its critical data housed in an IBM mainframe computer a Closed System , but today, that same bank might store a substantially greater portion of its critical data in spreadsheets , databases , or even word processing documents i.e., Open Systems . The problem with Open Systems is, primarily, their unpredictable nature. The very nature of an Open System is that it is exposed to potentially thousands if not millions of variables ranging from computer network network overloads to computer virus attacks to simple software incompatibility. Any one ... data backup attempts. These types of problems do not generally occur on Closed Systems, or at least ... Validation is the process of finding out whether a backup attempt succeeded or not, or, whether ... of log files, the smoking gun often left behind after a backup attempts takes place, as well ... patterns in the process of backup to determine where improvements can be made and often, where certain less important backup jobs may be eliminated entirely. Chargeback Very often, the service of backing ... fee per backup might be agreed upon, or, as is more often the case, a complex charge based on success ... some form of service level agreement SLA is in place between the backup service provider and the data ... Backup Backup software DEFAULTSORT Backup Validation Category Data security ...   more details

  1. Langmeier Backup

    unreferenced date November 2009 Langmeier Software is privately held, software developer based in Z rich , Switzerland . The company was founded 2004 by Urs Langmeier and develops applications and software utilities for home and business use. Its main product is Langmeier Backup . 2006 the company released a second product, called Testingpoint , which was usueful for monitoring websites and servers. In the year 2007 the company started to sell a couple of other software products for various topics, Anti Spam software, a game and a software to help submitting information to web archives. All of the software Urs Langmeier produced personally in Switzerland, except Testingpoint , which was developed mainly in Ukraine by developers of the Guriansoft Ukraine Ltd company. Though the main focus of the company was always on the backup program, for which Langmeier Software used most of its marketing and programming budget. The focussing was also visible on the quality of the products. People said, that other products were looking a bit half baked. In consideration of the Pareto principle , which says that a company may have 80 of return for products which need 20 of the effort, and products, where this proportion is vice versa, the company decided to specialise in backup tools, and sold off at 2 June 2008 his part of the rights from the Testingpoint software, from which the company held before 50 of the rights together with an individual. In the spring of 2008, the company released a USB stick with data backup functionality, called the Langmeier Backup USB Stick . The pressrelease about the release of this USB stick was published in summer 2008, and got a huge amount of attention in public media. Many newspapers mentioned the gadget directly beside the Apple Inc. iPhone . Two radio transmitters spoke about the gadget. External links http www.backup Langmeier Backup official website http www.langmeier Software publishers website In German language Cat ...   more details

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