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Encyclopedia results for decubitus


Encyclopedia results for decubitus

  1. Decubitus

    Commonly used in medicine, the word decubitus is used to mean lying down . It is derived from the Latin verb decumbere meaning to lie down . When medical professionals use this term to describe the position of a patient, they first state the part of the body on which the patient is resting followed by the word decubitus . For example, the right Human Anatomical Terms Anatomical directions lateral decubitus would mean that the patient is lying on his or her right side. Another example is angina decubitus, chest pain while lying down , ref http jg 65975list.html Quia Directional Terms and Body Positions ref In radiology , this term implies that the patient is lying down with the X ray being taken parallel to the horizon. ref Indiana University http RadWeb Portals 0 ContentFiles RadSci Training R103 2003 20R103 20Unit 20III 20Positioning 20Terms.ppt powerpoint presentation on positioning terms ref See also Decubitus ulcers References references med stub Category Latin medical phrases Category Article Feedback 5 es Dec bito fr D cubitus it Decubito ...   more details

  1. LLDP

    LLDP may refer to Link Layer Discovery Protocol In medicine, Left Lateral Decubitus Position , lying on the left side of the body disambig ...   more details

  1. Tissue gas

    Unreferenced date March 2009 Tissue gas is the name given to the action of the bacteria Clostridium perfringens formerly known as C. welchii in dead bodies. Its effect on the deceased is that of an extremely accelerated decomposition . It is only halted by embalming the body and special additive chemicals must be employed. It most commonly occurs in the bodies of people who have died of gangrene , large decubitus ulcers , necrotising fasciitis or who have had soil, faeces or water forced into wounds. Category Bacteria Category Death Med stub ...   more details

  1. Subpulmonic effusion

    Orphan date February 2009 Subpulmonic effusion is excess fluid that collects at the base of the lung , in the space between the pleura and diaphragm. It is a type of pleural effusion in which the fluid collects in this particular space, but can be layered out with decubitus chest radiographs. An interesting aspect of this finding is the generally minimal nature of costophrenic angle blunting usually found with larger pleural effusions. References http cswaweb rad teach subpuleff.html Category Anatomy ...   more details

  1. My Flame Burns Blue

    indicated. Hora Decubitus Charles Mingus , Costello 5 46 Favourite Hour 3 58 That s How You Got Killed ... solo on Hora Decubitus, That s How You Got Killed Before, Clubland, Almost Blue, Almost Ideal Eyes, Episode of Blonde, Watching the Detectives small Bart van Lier trombone small solo on Hora Decubitus ... solo on Hora Decubitus small Jos Bereen tenor saxophone small solo on That s How You Got Killed Before ... Peter Tiehuis guitar small solo on Hora Decubitus and Episode of Blonde small Olof Groesz cello small ...   more details

  1. Crilanomer

    Drugbox verifiedrevid 425033974 IUPAC name image Clinical data tradename pregnancy AU A B1 B2 B3 C D X pregnancy US A B C D X pregnancy category legal AU Unscheduled S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 legal CA Schedule I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII legal UK GSL P POM CD Class A, B, C legal US OTC Rx only Schedule I, II, III, IV, V legal status routes of administration Pharmacokinetic data bioavailability protein bound metabolism elimination half life excretion Identifiers CAS number ATC prefix D03 ATC suffix AX09 PubChem DrugBank Ref drugbankcite correct drugbank DrugBank ChemSpiderID NA Chemical data chemical formula molecular weight Crilanomer is a cicatrizant . External links MeshName crilanomer cite journal author Esch B, Raptis G title Treatment of decubitus ulcer with Crilanomer and dextranomer language German journal Z. Hautkr. volume 64 issue 12 pages 1135 8 year 1989 pmid 2483786 doi Preparations for treatment of wounds and ulcers dermatologic drug stub Category Dermatologic drugs ...   more details

  1. Transdermal continuous oxygen therapy

    concerns diabetic foot ulcers, venous stasis, and decubitus ulcers. Skin ulcers due to diabetes br Skin ulcers due to venous stasis br Decubitus ulcers bed sores, Bedsore pressure sores br Skin ulcers ... foot ulcers, venous stasis and decubitus ulcers ref name transdermal cite journal author Hirsh F, Berlin ...   more details

  1. Defekt

    Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Defekt Type Album Artist Oomph Cover defekt album.jpg Released 9 June 1995 Recorded 1995 Genre Industrial metal Length 59 04 br 73 46 Re release Label Language German, English Last album Sperm album Sperm br 1994 This album Defekt br 1995 Next album Wunschkind br 1996 Album ratings rev1 Allmusic rev1score Rating 3 5 ref cite web url Allmusic class album id r228753 pure url yes title Defekt Oomph publisher Allmusic ref Defekt German language German for Defect is the third studio album by the Germany German band Oomph . Track listing tracklist title1 Hate Sweet Hate length1 5 35 title2 Ice Coffin length2 4 55 title3 Willst Du Hoffnung? length3 5 03 note3 Do You Want Hope? title4 Hello My Name Is Cancer length4 3 51 title5 Zeitweilig Incontinent length5 2 01 note5 Temporarily Incontinent title6 Hast Du Geglaubt? length6 4 33 note6 Did You Believe? title7 Come and Kick Me length7 6 24 title8 Turn the Knife length8 4 57 title9 Decubitus Vulgaris length9 2 08 title10 Mitten ins Herz length10 5 05 note10 In the Middle of the Heart title11 Your Love is Killing Me length11 4 03 title12 Defekt length12 10 21 note12 Defect New edition tracklist Hate Sweet Hate Ice Coffin Willst Du Hoffnung? small Do You Want Hope? small Hello My Name Is Cancer Zeitweilig Incontinent small Temporarily Incontinent small Hast Du Geglaubt? small Did You Believe? small Come and Kick Me Turn the Knife Decubitus Vulgaris Mitten ins Herz small In the Middle of the Heart small Your Love is Killing Me Defekt small Defect small Fleisch small Flesh small Asshole A.L.I.V.E Ice Coffin Haujobb mix Singles Infobox Single Name Ice Coffin Cover Artist Oomph from Album Defekt Released June 16, 1995 Format Compact disc CD Recorded 1995 Genre Industrial metal Length 13 49 Reviews Last single 3 1 br 1994 This single Ice Coffin br 1995 Next single Gekreuzigt br 1998 Ice Coffin was the only single from their album Defekt . tracklist title1 Ice Coffin note1 also labe ...   more details

  1. Queckenstedt's maneuver

    Queckenstedt s maneuver is an outdated clinical test, formerly used for diagnosing spinal stenosis . The test is performed by placing the patient in the lateral decubitus position, thereafter the clinician performs a lumbar puncture . The opening pressure is measured. Then, the clinician s assistant compresses both jugular veins if increased intracranial pressure is not suspected then one may exert pressure on both external jugular veins but usually pressure is first exerted on the abdomen, this pressure causes an engorgement of spinal veins and in turn rapidly increases CSF pressure , which leads to a rise in the intracranial pressure . Given normal anatomy, the intracranial pressure will be reflected as a rapidly rising pressure measured from the lumbar needle, within 10 12 seconds. If there is a stenosis in the spine, there will be a damped, delayed response in the lumbar pressure, thus a positive Queckenstedt s maneuver. Nowadays this test has been made mostly superfluous by superior imaging modalities like MRI and Computed tomography CAT . ref cite journal last Pearce first JMS author authorlink coauthors date year 2006 month June day title Queckenstedt s manoeuvre journal J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry volume 77 series issue 6 page 728 pages 728 publisher location issn pmid 16705195 pmc 2077443 doi 10.1136 jnnp.2005.083618 bibcode oclc id url language format accessdate laysummary laysource laydate quote ref The test is named after Hans Heinrich Georg Queckenstedt who described it in 1916. ref Queckenstedt HHG. Zur Diagnose der R ckenmarkskompression. Deutsche Zeitschrift f r Nervenheilkunde, 1916 55 325 333. ref References reflist Category Physical examination med sign stub de Queckenstedt Zeichen pl Pr ba Queckenstedta ...   more details

  1. Abdominal x-ray

    Interventions infobox Name PAGENAME Image Medical X Ray imaging ALP02 nevit.jpg Caption ICD10 ICD9 ICD9proc 87.5 , ICD9proc 87.9 , ICD9proc 88.0 ICD9proc 88.1 MeshID OtherCodes An abdominal x ray is an Projectional radiography x ray of the abdomen . It is sometimes abbreviated to AXR, or kidneys, ureters, and bladder KUB for kidneys , ureters , and urinary bladder . Diagnostic Tool The abdominal x ray is a test that can be carried out quickly and easily in an emergency department. The test can help diagnose some abdominal conditions. It is not a useful investigation for most abdominal conditions. Small and large bowel obstructions, volvulus and malrotations can be diagnosed by AXR. Renal, urethral and bladder stones can sometimes be identified on plain x ray, although it is usual now to use CT as a first line investigation to confirm clinical suspicion. Gallstones are sometimes noted on x ray, although ultrasound is the more usual imaging modality used when clinically suspected. Plain abdominal radiography is not usually helpful in diagnosis of appendicitis. Technical Parameters An abdominal x ray is usually taken with the patient lying in a supine position . Other views include upright, decubitus, lateral, and prone. Coverage on the x ray should include from the top of the Liver or Thoracic diaphragm diaphragm to the pubic symphysis . The abdominal organs included on the xray are the liver , spleen , stomach , intestines , pancreas , kidneys , and urinary bladder bladder . Pathology In an acute setting the abdominal x ray is used to diagnose Bowel obstruction Bowel perforation although this is more commonly diagnosed by a Chest x ray Pancreatitis Does not diagnose pancreatitis and is usually normal in pancreatitis Kidney stones or Gall stones Further tests are used to confirm these diagnoses and abdominal x ray is not the investigation of choice Faecal impaction although this should be diagnosed by history taking and clinical examination commons Category X rays of ...   more details

  1. One in a Million: A Memoir

    One in a Million A Memoir ref George, Helen. A life well lived, a story well told One in a Million, Pocono Record, December 13, 2001 ref is the autobiography of Mary G. Clark of Old Forge, Pennsylvania, a medical pioneer who turned the dream of healing into a multimillion dollar firm. The book was ghostwritten by Jeff Widmer The Spirit of Swiftwater and published in 2001 by the University of Scranton Press . One in a Million chronicles Clark s life as she struggled through poverty and abuse. The daughter of a miner, she faced sickness, fire, divorce, and venture capitalists to take her company from a garage in coal country to the Nasdaq. A registered nurse and licensed physicians assistant, Clark pioneered techniques of wound healing and nutritional counseling during a time when smoking and diet pills were the norm. She served the famous and the infamous, including Joe Kopechne, father of Mary Jo Kopechne. Dermasciences, the company she founded and took public, marketed a product she invented called Dermagran, a skin salve used to treat decubitus ulcers, or bedsores. In the book Clark attributes part of her success to the blessing of the caudal veil, a talisman thought to convey mysterious powers. References See Wikipedia Footnotes on how to create references using ref ref tags which will then appear here automatically Reflist External links http dp B000TJHD2U One in a Million on http Jeff Widmer website Categories DEFAULTSORT One In A Million A Memoir Category 2001 books Category American autobiographies ...   more details

  1. Gabriel Andral

    s decubitus decubitus on the sound side a position assumed in the early stages of pleurisy . Dorland ...   more details

  1. Projectional radiography

    as planking Supine Patient lies on the back Decubitus Patient laying down. Further described by the downside ... Abdomen Supine AP Only. Decubitus on special request Kidney, Ureter, Bladder KUB AP Only. Cervical .... Lateral Decubitus may be used for visualization of air fluid levels if an upright image cannot ... a PA prone, Lateral Decubitus, upright AP, and Lateral Cross Table with the patient supine A minimal ... , although a lateral decubitus could be substituted for the upright. Cervical Spine Five or six ...   more details

  1. Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus

    Decubitus 4 41 Freedom 5 10 small Bonus track on CD reissue small Some editions of this album such as AS 54 ...   more details

  1. Nasal cycle

    File Concha nasalis.gif thumb A X ray computed tomography CT scan showing evidence of the nasal cycle. The more patent airway is on the right the swollen turbinates congesting the left. The nasal cycle is the alternating congestion and decongestion of the nasal cavity nasal cavities in humans. It is a physiological congestion of the nasal concha due to selective activation of one half of the autonomic nervous system by the hypothalamus . It should not be confused with Pathology pathological nasal congestion . The nasal cycle was first described by the German physician Richard Kayser in 1895. ref Richard Kayser Die exakte Messung der Luftdurchg ngigkeit der Nase. Arch. Laryng. Rhinol. Berl. 8, 101 1895 ref Description In 1927 Heetderks ref Cummings Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, 4th ed ref spoke about the alternating turgescence of the inferior turbinates in 80 of a normal population. The turbinates in one Fossa anatomy fossa filled up while the opposite turbinates decongested. This cycle, which is controlled by the autonomic nervous system as described above, had a mean duration of two and a half hours. He further observed and documented that the turbinates in the dependent nasal fossa filled when the patient was in the Decubitus lateral decubitus lying down position. Some postulate that this alternating positional obstruction has the purpose of causing a person to turn from one side to the other while sleeping. The nasal cycle is an alternating one, with the total resistance in the nose remaining constant. In patients with a fixed deviated septum septal deviation and intermittent nasal obstruction, the interplay of the nasal cycle becomes evident the sensation of obstruction frequently mirrors the congestion phase. The nasal cycle s value becomes evident when one considers that the function of the nose is to warm, humidify, and filter nasally inspired air. These humidifying and filtering functions are dependent on the presence of moist respiratory epithelium, ...   more details

  1. Indium-111 WBC scan

    Diagnostic infobox Name Indium 111 WBC scan Image Caption ICD10 C?1?DZZ planar BR C?2?DZZ tomographic ICD9 ICD9proc 92.18 MeshID OPS301 OPS301 3 70c OtherCodes The indium white blood cell scan , also called indium leukocyte imaging, indium 111 scan, or simply indium scan, is a nuclear medicine procedure in which white blood cells mostly neutrophil s are removed from the patient, tagged with the radioisotope Indium 111, and then injected intravenously into the patient. The tagged leukocytes subsequently localize to areas of relatively new infection. The study is particularly helpful in differentiating conditions such as osteomyelitis from decubitus ulcer s for assessment of route and duration of antibiotic therapy. ref cite web url http title American Board Of Radiology author American Board of Radiology date work American Board of Radiology publisher American Board of Radiology accessdate July 16, 2009 ref ref cite journal last1 Van Nostrand first1 D. last2 Abreu first2 S. H. last3 Callaghan first3 J. J. last4 Atkins first4 F. B. last5 Stoops first5 H. C. last6 Savory first6 C. G. year May 1988 title In 111 labeled white blood cell uptake in noninfected closed fracture in humans prospective study. journal Radiology volume 167 issue pages 495 498 publisher Radiological Society of North America, Inc. doi url http content 167 2 495.short accessdate July 20, 2011 ref In imaging of infections, the gallium scan has a sensitivity advantage over the indium white blood cell scan in imaging osteomyelitis bone infection of the spine, lung infections and inflammation, and in detecting chronic infections. In part, this is because gallium binds to neutrophil membranes, even after neutrophil death, whereas localization of neutrophils labeled with indium requires them to be in relatively good functional order. However, indium leukocyte imaging is better at localizing acute i.e., new infections, where live neutrophils are still rapidly and actively ...   more details

  1. Bedsore

    in a single decubitus position for a lengthy period. After an extended amount of time with decreased ... lwwgateway media landingpage.htm?an 00129334 200601001 00001 ref Image Decubitus ulcer stage 4.jpg thumb 230px Stage 4 decubitus displaying the tuberosity of the ischium protruding through the tissue ... References Reflist External links http bdrl files bdrl manorama.pdf Decubitus Ulcers ... hr Dekubitus it Lesione da pressione he la Decubitus lt Pragula nl Decubitus ja no Trykks r ...   more details

  1. Ulcer (dermatology)

    Infobox Disease Name Skin ulcer Image Crohnie sores 4.JPG Caption Erythema nodosum Skin ulcers that occur in some patients suffering from Inflammatory bowel disease DiseasesDB ICD10 ICD10 L 88 l 80 ICD10 L 89 l 80 ICD9 ICD9 707.00 ICDO OMIM MedlinePlus eMedicineSubj eMedicineTopic MeshID D012883 An ulcer is a sore on the skin or a mucous membrane, accompanied by the disintegration of tissue. Ulcers can result in complete loss of the Epidermis skin epidermis and often portions of the dermis and even subcutaneous fat . Ulcers are most common on the skin of the lower extremities and in the gastrointestinal tract. An ulcer that appears on the skin is often visible as an inflamed tissue with an area of reddened skin. A skin ulcer is often visible in the event of exposure to heat or cold, irritation, or a problem with blood circulation. They can also be caused due to a lack of mobility, which causes prolonged pressure on the tissues. This stress in the blood circulation is transformed to a skin ulcer, commonly known as Decubitus ulcer bedsores or decubitus ulcers . ref name Kumar Kumar, Vinay Fausto, Nelso Abbas, Abul 2004 Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease 7th ed. . Saunders. Page 1230. ISBN 0 7216 0187 1. ref Ulcers often become infection infected , and pus forms. Symptoms Skin ulcers appear as open craters, often round, with layers of skin that have eroded. The skin around the ulcer may be red, swollen, and tender. Patients may feel pain on the skin around the ulcer, and fluid may ooze from the ulcer. In some cases, ulcers can Bleeding bleed and, rarely, patients experience fever . Ulcers sometimes seem not to heal healing, if it does occur, tends to be slow. Ulcers that heal within 12 weeks are usually classified as Acute medicine acute , and longer lasting ones as chronic . Ulcers develop in stages. In stage 1 the skin is red with soft underlying Tissue biology tissue . In the second stage the redness of the skin becomes more pronounced, swelling appears, a ...   more details

  1. F. R. Carrick Institute

    coord 53 48 15 N 1 32 58 W region GB type edu display title Orphan date February 2009 The F. R. Carrick Institute for Clinical Ergonomics, Rehabilitation, and Applied Neuroscience C.E.R.A.N. of Leeds Metropolitan University , England consists of a faculty of world class scientists and clinical researchers in Biomedical Engineering and Physical medicine and rehabilitation Rehabilitation , Experimental Psychology and Adult and Developmental Neuropsychology , Ergonomics and Human Factors, Cognitive Neuroscience , Linguistics , Developmental Neuroscience and research in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy . The participants have produced numerous patents and developments as well as translational research in fundamental biomedical technologies including applications of high temperature superconductivity , imaging science , brain pacemaker s, apnea monitoring, laparoscopy , pain management systems, neural nets , treatments for decubitus ulcer , drug delivery systems, non invasive anesthesia , Biomedical acoustics acoustic body parts identification, acoustic correlation transform, miniaturized MRI , and neurochemical modulation by weak magnetic fields . The Institute is affiliated with Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, N.Y., USA. A doctoral program in Rehabilitation Sciences and in Clinical Rehabilitation Neuropsychology is offered by C.E.R.A.N. through the Faculty of Health of Leeds Metropolitan University http ph.dprogrammeinrehabilitationneuropsycho http health psychology features crossboundaries.htm http home Research Groups Biomedical Engineering Group This group has addressed applications areas such as Positron Emission Tomography PET and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging fMRI as well as developments in the treatment of decubitus ulcer by sitting, orthotics and prosthetics , wheelchairs , and assistive aids all towards providing less restrictive environments for those in need of rehab ...   more details

  1. AAS

    X ray series including PA view of the chest as well as supine and left lateral decubitus views ...   more details

  1. Paraplegia

    Distinguish Spastic paraplegia Infobox Disease Name Paraplegia Image Caption ICD10 ICD10 G 82 1 g 80 ICD9 ICD9 334.1 , ICD9 344.1 ICDO OMIM MedlinePlus eMedicineSubj eMedicineTopic MeshID D010264 Paraplegia is an impairment in motor or sensory function of the lower extremities. The word comes from Ionic Greek half striking . It is usually the result of spinal cord injury or a congenital condition such as spina bifida that affects the neural elements of the spinal canal. The area of the spinal canal that is affected in paraplegia is either the thoracic, lumbar, or sacral regions. If both arms are also affected by paralysis, quadriplegia is the proper terminology. If only one limb is affected, the correct term is monoplegia . Spastic paraplegia is a form of paraplegia defined by spasticity of the affected muscles, rather than flaccid paralysis . Disability While some people with paraplegia can walking walk to a degree, many are dependent on wheelchair s or other supportive measures. Depending on the level and extent of spinal damage, people with paraplegia may experience some, or complete loss of sensation in the affected limbs. Impotence and various degrees of urinary incontinence urinary and fecal incontinence may also occur. Many who? date August 2011 use catheters or a bowel management program often involving suppository suppositories , enemas , or digital stimulation of the bowels to address these problems. citation needed date August 2011 With successful bladder and bowel management, paraplegics can prevent virtually all accidental urinary or bowel discharges.. citation needed date August 2011 Some who? date August 2011 paraplegics prefer the use of incontinence products, such as Depend , as an alternative. citation needed date August 2011 Complications Due to the decrease or loss of feeling or function in the lower extremities, paraplegia can contribute to a number of medical complications including pressure sore s decubitus , thrombosis , and pneumo ...   more details

  1. Gastric outlet obstruction

    Infobox Disease Name Gastric outlet obstruction Image GOO AXR.jpg Caption Decubitus x ray of abdomen of patient with gastric outlet obstruction. There is a prominent gastric air bubble, gastric air fluid level, and a dilated stomach with particulate matter within it. DiseasesDB ICD10 ICD9 ICD9 537.0 ICDO OMIM MedlinePlus eMedicineSubj article eMedicineTopic 190621 MeshID Gastric outlet obstruction often abbreviated as GOO is a medical condition where there is an obstruction at the level of the pylorus , which is the outlet of the stomach . Individuals with gastric outlet obstruction will often have recurrent vomiting of food that has accumulated in the stomach, but which cannot pass into the duodenum small intestine due to the obstruction. The stomach often dilates to accommodate food intake and secretions. Causes of gastric outlet obstruction include both benign causes such as peptic ulcer disease affecting the area around the pylorus , as well as malignant causes, such as gastric cancer. Treatment of the condition depends upon the underlying cause it can involve endoscopy endoscopic therapies such as dilation of the obstruction with balloons or the placement of self expandable metallic stent s , other medical therapies, or surgery to resolve the obstruction. Symptoms Projectile vomiting, which may also occur with an Epidural Hematoma or meningitis, constipation, loss of weight,sometimes epigastric pain. Causes The causes are divided into benign or malignant. Projectile vomiting may also occur with an Epidural Hematoma. Benign Peptic ulcer disease. Infections, such as tuberculosis and infiltrative diseases, such as amyloidosis . A rare cause of gastric outlet obstruction is obstruction with a gallstone, also termed Bouveret s syndrome . Malignant Tumours of the stomach, including adenocarcinoma and its linitis plastica variant , lymphoma , and gastrointestinal stromal tumour s Pathophysiology In a peptic ulcer it is believed to be a result of oedema and scarring of ulcer ...   more details

  1. Mingus Awareness Project

    s Flat, Ah s Flat Too AKA Hora Decubitus Fables of Faubus Goodbye Porkpie Hat Haitian Fight Song Jelly ...   more details

  1. C. Andrew Salzberg

    pressure sore journal Decubitus volume 3 issue 2 pages 17 20 year 1990 pmid 2357274 cite journal ... The perioperative antimicrobial management of pressure ulcers journal Decubitus volume 3 issue 2 pages ... base to evaluate pressure ulcers journal Decubitus volume 3 issue 3 pages 29 36 year 1990 pmid 2400566 ...   more details

  1. Laryngeal mask airway

    , decubitus , sitting , Trendelenburg position Trendelenburg , Lithotomy position lithotomy , or Prone ...   more details

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