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data recovery

Encyclopedia results for data recovery

  1. Data recovery

    refimprove date February 2012 Data recovery is the process of salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted ... common data recovery scenario involves an operating system OS failure typically on a single ... , or hard disk recovery techniques ranging from software based recovery of corrupted data to hardware ..., the original file may be restored. Although there is some confusion over the term, data recovery ... the hardware or technical expertise required to make these repairs. Consequently, costly data recovery companies are often employed to salvage important data. Recovery techniques Recovering data ... failure requires data recovery in order to salvage its contents. Examples of physical recovery ... them into a healthy drive, and oftentimes a combination of all of these procedures. Some data recovery ... logical non hardware damage Image Data loss of image file.JPG thumb Result of a failed data recovery ... by repairing the damaged partition table or filesystem using specialized data recovery software ... raw data when there is partition table or filesystem damage. This type of data recovery can be performed ... how does data recovery work title How Does Data Recovery Work? last Zeno first Keneth date 27 September 2011 publisher Data Recovery Box accessdate 29 February 2012 ref Overwritten data ... of data recovery, Gutmann and Colin Plumb designed the Gutmann method , which is used by several ... and recoverable by data recovery software. ref cite web title Data Recovery Possible on Securely Erased SSDs url http data recovery possible on securely erased ssds accessdate 22 November 2011 ref Online data recovery Online or remote data recovery is yet another method ... or send the media anywhere physically. Although online data recovery is convenient and useful in many cases, it still carries some points making it less popular than the classic data recovery methods ... discovery List of data recovery software List of default file systems SystemRescueCD Windows To Go ...   more details

  1. List of data recovery software

    The following is a list of notable data recovery software. Bootable Seealso List of live CDs Data recovery cannot always be done on a running system. As a result, a boot disk , Live CD , Live USB , or any other type of Live Distro containing a minimal operating system and a set of repair tools is needed. Knoppix The original Linux Live CD. It contains many useful utilities for data recovery SpinRite A FreeDOS based data recovery tool for hard disks and magnetic storage devices SystemRescueCD A Gentoo Linux Gentoo based Live CD , useful for repairing unbootable computer systems and retrieving data after a system crash Ultimate Boot CD for Windows A Windows XP live CD with diagnostic and repair utilities built in, useful for removing malware and recovering data Trinity Rescue Kit Consistency checkers CHKDSK A consistency checker for DOS and Windows systems. Disk First Aid A consistency checker for Mac OS 9. Disk Utility A consistency checker for Mac OS X. fsck A consistency checker for UNIX file systems. File recovery dvdisaster Generates error correction data for optical disc CDRoller Recovers data from optical disc s IsoBuster Recovers data from optical discs TestDisk Multi platform ... a backup software, it is capable of creating images of damaged media Services DriveSavers DTI Data SalvageData DEFAULTSORT Data Recovery Category Data recovery Category Computer data Category Transaction ... 40 TuneUp Utilities Windows XPsp2 & later. A suite of utilities that has a file recovery component Proprietary, approx 50 Norton Utilities A suite of utilities that has a file recovery component Proprietary, approx 50 DataLifeSaver Data recovery for FAT and NTFS file systems Proprietary, approx 60 for time limited use GetDataBack A Windows recovery program Proprietary, approx 80 FileSalvage A Mac OS X recovery program Mac Data Recovery Guru A Mac OS X program that recovers data from most device types Foremost software Foremost A CLI file recovery program for Linux. Forensics The Coroner ...   more details

  1. Burst mode clock and data recovery

    Burst Mode Clock And Data Recovery Category Clock signal Category Electrical circuits ...   more details

  1. Recovery

    wiktionary recovery Recovery or Recover can refer to TOC right Health Healing Cure The Recovery model of mental distress disorder Recovery International , a self help mental health program based on the work of the late Abraham A. Low, M.D. Hair of the dog or Recovery drinking , the practice of drinking off a hangover, mainly amongst students Addiction recovery groups Ownership Repossession , recovering ownership of property The finding and reporting of a bird ringing ringed bird Civil recovery , legal return of property obtained through unlawful means Common Recovery , a fictitious legal proceeding in England Science Extraction of petroleum , in the extraction of petroleum, the primary, secondary or tertiary recovery Recovery metallurgy , the change of the microstructure in polycrystalline materials Endangered Species Recovery Plan , an American English term for a species Biodiversity Action Plan Materials recovery facility , a plant which processes recyclable materials Technology Data recovery Photo recovery Recovery, a piece of software in Android operating system smartphones that enables the owner to recover from software damage Recovery time , the period of time taken for a heat store to return to its operating temperature after all the heat has been removed Publications Recovery ... Ministry Recovery novel Recovery novel , the Star Wars e book Television Recovery TV series Recovery TV series , a TV series from ABC TV Recovery TV drama Recovery TV drama , a BBC TV drama Music Recovery ... Loveletter Recovery Runrig album Recovery Runrig album , a 1981 concept album by Scottish band Runrig Recovery Loudon Wainwright album Recovery Loudon Wainwright album , a 2008 album Recovery ApologetiX album Recovery ApologetiX album , a 2009 album by ApologetiX Recovery Eminem album Recovery Eminem ... Shipping Recovery ship Recovery ship disambig de Recovery fr Recovery homonymie ja pt Recovery uk Recovery ...   more details

  1. In Recovery

    Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name In Recovery Type Album Artist Inspection 12 Cover inspection 12 in recovery.jpg Released May 29, 2001 Recorded December 2000 at Hole of the Pigeon, Jacksonville, Florida Genre Punk rock Length 35 23 Label Producer Paul Lapinski, Jay Peele and Inspection 12 Reviews Allmusic Rating 4.5 5 http album in recovery r532768 review link Rating 4 5 http review 404 link http Static Domain Rating 5 5 http web 20041226062735 ezine view reviews.php?upload id 279 link Last album Home br 2000 This album In Recovery br 2001 Next album Get Rad br 2003 In Recovery is Inspection 12 s fifth full length album and record label debut. It would become the final recording featuring drummer Scott Shad before his death in March 2001, only months before its release. Track listing Secure 2 35 Sweet Sixteen 1 35 Red Letter Day 3 38 Doppelganger 1 30 Secret Identity 3 05 Great Scott 2 27 Leave It To Me 3 44 Hear Anything? 2 49 Photograph 3 20 Immortal Beloved 2 08 To The Victor Go The Spoils 2 14 Elegy 6 18 Performance Credits Inspection 12 Dan McLintock Vocals, bass, guitar, moog Pete Mosely Guitar, vocals, organ, piano James Trimble Guitar, vocals Scott Shad Drums, vocals, percussion Additional Musicians Sean Mackin Violin The Ataris Angus Cooke Cello Tina Rodas Cello Bobby Davis Trumpet Tad Hilton Trombone Anthony Norton Saxophone Will Blumberg Tribal Drumming Additional Vocals Anastasia Specker Photograph Todd Sweet Sixteen Tracy Densford Sweet Sixteen Joey Cape Red Letter Day Rob Reid Leave It To Me Jordan McDowell Leave It To Me Mark O Quinn Hear Anything? Jason Lewis Hear Anything? Technical Credits Angust Cooke Mixed December 2000 at Orange Whip Studios in Santa Barbara, CA Mark Casselman Mastered February 2001 at New American Sound External links http Inspection 12 official website DEFAULTSORT In Recovery Category ...   more details

  1. Clock recovery

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Some digital data streams, especially high speed serial data streams such as the raw stream of data from the magnetic head of a disk drive are sent without an accompanying clock signal . The receiver generates a clock from an approximate frequency reference, and then phase aligns to the transitions in the data stream with a phase locked loop PLL . This process is commonly known as clock and data recovery CDR . In order for this scheme to work, a data stream must transition frequently enough to correct for any drift in the PLL s oscillator. The limit for how long a clock recovery unit can operate without a transition is known as its maximum consecutive identical digits CID specification. To ensure frequent transitions, some sort of encoding is used 8B 10B encoding is very common, while Manchester encoding serves the same purpose in old revisions of IEEE 802.3 802.3 local area network s. See also Wikibooks Clock and Data Recovery Phase locked loop 8B 10B encoding Eight to Fourteen Modulation Manchester code 64B 66B encoding B8ZS encoding HDB3 encoding Burst mode clock and data recovery Jitter DEFAULTSORT Clock Recovery Category Clock signal Category Electrical circuits Category Line codes Electronics stub fr Synchronisation Symbole it Clock recovery ja pt Recupera o de rel gio ...   more details

  1. Recovery disc

    to accidentally overwrite the recovery image data. An example of this software was Dell s ZZ TOP ... recovery CDs or DVDs is sometimes offered in order to allow a backup of the recovery data. ref ... drive failed, is replaced, or if the recovery partition is deleted, the recovery data will be lost ...More footnotes date June 2010 Refimprove date June 2010 File Recovery Disk.JPG thumb A typical recovery disk for a new Acer Inc. Acer PC. A recovery disc is a general term for media containing a backup ... equipment manufacturer or an end user. OEM supplied recovery media is commonly shipped with most computers ... software as it was when it was shipped. OEM system recovery Most OEM recovery systems for Microsoft ..., which in turn launches the recovery environment. After accepting the license agreement s for the software and operating system in some cases, the recovery program will usually reformat the hard drive and then begin copying operating system and software files although some recovery systems, such as the ones utilized by Hewlett Packard and Gateway, Inc Gateway , do offer a non destructive recovery option which backs up data before reinstalling the OS . ref cite web url http ... Recovery in Windows XP accessdate 2008 01 16 ref After the recovery process is completed, configuration ... the computer may perform , as it was on the initial startup of the computer. Most recovery systems use specialized software, though Toshiba and Dell licensed Norton Ghost technology for their recovery ... Imaging Format based image on a partition along with a tool launched from the Windows Recovery Environment ... customized Windows installation Disks with the computer in lieu of a dedicated recovery system sometimes ... one. Recovery partitions In recent years, bundled recovery CD ROMs have become less common, as some OEM s are now utilizing hard drive Disk partitioning partitions to store the recovery data. Accessing hard drive based system recovery is usually performed by pressing a specific key combination ...   more details

  1. Recovery testing

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 In software testing , recovery testing is the activity of testing how well an Application software application is able to recover from Crash computing crashes , hardware failures and other similar problems. Recovery testing is the forced failure of the software in a variety of ways to verify that recovery is properly performed. Recovery testing should not be confused with reliability testing , which tries to discover the specific point at which failure occurs.Recovery testing is basically done in order to check how fast and better the application can recover against any type of crash or hardware failure etc. Type or extent of recovery is specified in the requirement specifications. It is basically testing how well a system recovers from crashes, hardware failures, or other catastrophic problems Examples of recovery testing While an application is running, suddenly restart the computer, and afterwards check the validness of the application s data integrity. While an application is receiving data from a computer network network , unplug the connecting cable. After some time, plug the cable back in and analyze the application s ability to continue receiving data from the point at which the network connection disappeared. Restart the system while a web browser browser has a definite number of sessions. Afterwards, check that the web browser browser is able to recover all of them. Portal Software Testing See also Fault injection Failsafe DEFAULTSORT Recovery Testing Category Software testing Software stub pt Teste de recupera o ...   more details

  1. Recovery procedure

    orphan date November 2007 In telecommunication , the term recovery procedure has the following meanings The actions necessary to restore an automated information system s data files and computational capability after a system failure . In data Telecommunication communications , a process whereby a data station attempts to resolve conflicting or erroneous conditions arising during the data transfer . References FS1037C Category Telecommunications terms telecomm term stub ...   more details

  1. Photo recovery

    Advert date August 2010 Photo recovery is the process of salvaging digital photographs from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible Computer data storage Secondary storage secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Photo Recovery can be considered a subset of the overall Data Recovery ... data after hardware failure An excellent explanation of hardware failures is provided in the section for Data Recovery data recovery . Typically, if your drive or card is so badly damaged that your computer can not recognize that a drive card has been connected, you will need to consult a data recovery service provider. Recovering data after logical failure Logical Damage or the inability to view ... data is added. File Structure Based Carving A more advanced form of carving, a recovery program attempts ... Storage Data Recovery Data recovery http pages Photo Data Recovery 113898255359308 Photo Data Recovery UK http Recover Photo Data http Digital Photo Recovery Category Data recovery Category Computer data Category Data management ... Recovery Using File Carving The majority of photo recovery programs work by using a technique called file carving file carving data carving . There are many different file carving techniques that are used ... adroit photo recovery Adroit Photo Recovery and http CnW Recovery that claim to recover fragmented photos are listed in the Photo Recovery Photo Recovery Software photo recovery software list . Header Footer Carving In Header Footer Carving, a recovery program attempts to recover ... to be partially recovered or corrupt if incorrect data is added. Header Footer Carving along with Header Size Carving are by far the most common techniques for photo recovery. One of the first ... Carving, a recovery program attempts to recover photos based on the standard starting byte signature ... a recovery program to identify when a photo is not complete or fragmented, but more needs ...   more details

  1. Disaster recovery

    data protection Data recovery Disaster prevention FEMA IT Service Continuity Remote backup service ... continuity and disaster recovery Category Data management Category Computer backup Category Information ...About 1 business continuity planning 2 societal disaster recovery 3 emergency management Other uses DRP disambiguation refimprove date March 2011 Howto date September 2009 Disaster recovery is the process, policies and procedures related to preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure ... disaster . Disaster recovery is a subset of business continuity . While business continuity involves ... recovery focuses on the IT or technology systems that support business functions. History Disaster recovery as a concept developed in the mid to late 1970s as computer center managers began to recognize ... significant damage would be done to the organization. ref A Brief History of Disaster Recovery, http resources history.pdf ref As awareness of Disaster Recovery ... later became Sungard Availability Systems becoming the first major US commercial Disaster recovery ..., established in 1978 in Philadelphia. ref SunGard Data Systems Company history, http company histories SunGard Data Systems Inc Company History.html ref During the 1980s and 1990s, IT disaster recovery awareness and the disaster recovery industry grew rapidly ... was increasing government regulations mandating business continuity and disaster recovery ... , contributed to the further growth of various disaster recovery related industries, from high availability solutions to hot site facilities. Importance of disaster recovery planning As IT systems have ..., the importance of ensuring the continued operation of those systems, or the rapid recovery of the systems ... on disaster recovery planning, with the aim of avoiding larger losses in the event that the business cannot continue to function due to loss of IT infrastructure and data. Of companies that had ...   more details

  1. Reading Recovery

    2007 2005 06 national data preview Measuring the impact of Reading Recovery . The Journal of Reading ...Reading Recovery is a school based, short term intervention designed for children aged five or six, who ... for whom Reading Recovery was designed. The intervention goal is to bring children up to the level ... to determine its validity and reliability. Reading Recovery is a registered trademark ... of Education in the UK. Reading Recovery lesson Daily 30 minute lessons are individually designed and delivered by specially trained teachers. Drawing from their training, Reading Recovery teachers ... Recovery teachers who have completed a year long inservice education program that focuses on moment ... of the Reading Recovery program is the training of the teachers who provide the tutorial instruction. Reading Recovery teachers learn to observe, analyze, and interpret the reading and writing behaviors ... s needs. Just as the Reading Recovery children engage in social interaction with the teacher, Reading Recovery teachers engage in social interaction with their colleagues and mentors to construct a view of learning and teaching that supports literacy learning. Reading Recovery has one of the best professional ... patterns of oral language with visible symbols Clay, 2005 . Reading Recovery internationally Reading Recovery New Zealand The National Reading Recovery Centre is located at The University of Auckland Faculty of Education, Epsom Campus. Website http Reading Recovery Council of North America The Reading Recovery Council of North America, Inc. is a not for profit association of Reading Recovery professionals, advocates, and partners. It is an advocate for Reading Recovery ... of London The European Centre for Reading Recovery http is located at the Institute of Education, part of the University of London. There are over 75 Reading Recovery centres ... of Reading Recovery CIRR The Reading Recovery network in Canada operates under the Canadian Institute ...   more details

  1. Recovery approach

    Data Collection With Recovery In Mind Involve service users as much as possible Behavioral ...A recovery approach to mental disorder or substance dependence and or from being labeling theory labeled in those terms emphasizes and supports a person s potential for recovery. Recovery is generally ... names for the concept are recovery model or recovery oriented practice. Originating from the 12 Step ... support social inclusion , and by studies demonstrating that many can recover. A recovery approach ... services on a recovery model, although a range of obstacles, concerns and criticisms have been ... been developed to assess aspects of recovery, although there is some variation between professionalized ... medicine and psychiatry , recovery has long been used to refer to the end of a particular experience or episode of illness . The broader concept of recovery as a general philosophy and model was first popularized in regard to recovery from substance abuse drug addiction , for example within twelve step program s. Application of recovery models to psychiatric disorders is comparatively recent ... of Recovery ref The professional literature, starting with the psychiatric rehabilitation movement ... RecoveryEmergent cite journal author Ramon S, Healy B, Renouf N title Recovery from mental illness ..., without necessarily using the term recovery, in Italy, the Netherlands and the UK. Developments ... Organization from the 1970s and 1990s, showing unexpectedly high rates of complete or partial recovery ... stories or testimony of recovery has also been a powerful force behind the development of recovery ... of recovery concepts while also supporting them in professional policy and practice. ref name Deegan88 Deegan, PE 1988 http cpr repository articles pdf deegan1998.pdf Recovery The lived experience of rehabilitation Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal 11 4 ref Increasingly, recovery ... of the Consumer Survivor Ex Patient Movement. The concept of recovery was often defined and applied ...   more details

  1. Vehicle recovery

    with a Mobile Data Terminal , allowing job details to be sent direct to the driver. Most recovery operators ...refimprove date November 2010 globalize UK date November 2010 Vehicle recovery is the recovery of any vehicle to another place, generally speaking with a commercial vehicle known as a recovery vehicle , tow truck or spectacle lift . Recovery can take the form of general recovery, normally of broken down vehicles, or a Statutory Recovery at the request of the police using police powers conferred by Parliament using an Act. General recovery There are many types of organisations that carry out the recovery of disabled vehicles however, they can be divided into two distinct areas Recovery Operators who undertake the recovery and Motor club Motoring Organisations . Motoring organisations or as they are often ... does not have a club membership, the police or Highways Agency can arrange recovery of the vehicle at what is called an Owner s Request and they will arrange for help to attend. Recovery operators are the people who undertake the recovery. They are known by different names around the world, including .... Most recovery operators, however, work for privately owned companies or are individuals. They can ... really in the last fifty years that vehicle recovery has become an industry distinct from the auto ... large organisations operating hundreds of recovery vehicles, most are family businesses operating ... government bodies, operators of local recovery schemes contra flows, etc. and large fleet operators ... invented and if a repair was not possible, then a recovery or tow was usually required. In early days ... their customers disabled vehicles. To do this specialised recovery vehicles were often built ... vehicle recovery industry has been created to serve and support them. Motoring organisations or clubs ... of these motoring organisations do not operate recovery vehicles of their own, but instead use independent recovery operators as agents. Those clubs that have their own vehicles often also use independent ...   more details

  1. Data

    two other uses data in computer science Data computing pp move indef Editors please keep the count mass discussion and etymology in the body, not the intro. Data IPAc en icon d e t respell DAY t ... data qualitative or Quantitative data quantitative variable mathematics variable s, belonging to a set of items. Data in computing or data processing are often represented by a combination of items organized in rows and multivariate analysis multiple variables organized in columns. Data are typically the results of measurements and can be data visualisation visualised using graph data structure graph s or image s. Data as abstract concept can be viewed as the lowest level of abstraction from which information and then knowledge are derived. Raw data , i.e., unprocessed data, refers to a collection of number s, character computing characters and is a relative term data processing commonly occurs by stages, and the processed data from one stage may be considered the raw data of the next. Field work Field data refers to raw data collected in an uncontrolled in situ environment. Experimental data refers to data generated within the context of a scientific investigation by observation and recording. The word data is the plural of datum , Grammatical gender neuter past participle of the Latin ... , and so on, the terms givens and data are used interchangeably. Such usage is the origin of data as a concept in computer science or data processing data are numbers, words, images, etc ... which distances to all other data are measured. Any measurement or result is a datum , but data ... Latin plural data are used as the plural of datum in English, but data is commonly treated ... usage. For example, This is all the data from the experiment . This usage is inconsistent with the rules of Latin grammar and traditional English These are all the data from the experiment . Even when a very small quantity of data is referenced one number, for example the phrase piece of data is often ...   more details

  1. Carrier recovery

    to recover the carrier in these conditions. Non Data Aided Non data aided blind carrier recovery methods ...A carrier recovery system is a Electronic circuit circuit used to estimate and compensate for frequency and phase differences between a received signal s carrier wave and the receiver s local oscillator ... recovery phase error causing a fixed rotational offset of the received symbol Constellation diagram ... Example of QPSK carrier recovery frequency error causing rotation of the received symbol Constellation ... or a signal containing a dominant carrier spectral line , carrier recovery can be accomplished with a simple ... recovery schemes or as the initial method of coarse carrier frequency recovery ref name Gibson 2002 Gibson 2002 ref . Closed loop non data aided systems are frequently maximum likelihood frequency error detectors ref name Gibson 2002 . Multiply filter divide In this method of non data aided carrier recovery a non linear operation is applied to the modulated signal to create harmonics of the carrier ... is an example of open loop controller open loop carrier recovery, which is favored in burst transactions ... this frequency. Costas Loop Carrier frequency and phase recovery as well as demodulation can be accomplished ... aligned recovered, also successfully demodulate the signal. Costas loop carrier recovery may be used ... of the carrier recovery process it is possible to achieve symbol synchronization prior to full carrier recovery because symbol timing can be determined without knowledge of the carrier phase ... recovery the output of a symbol decoder is fed to a comparison circuit and the phase difference error ... rate because comparisons are performed on symbols at, or near, the symbol rate. Other frequency recovery ... directed carrier recovery begins with quadrature phase correlators producing in phase and quadrature ... 2008 05 01 cite web last Nicoloso first Steven P. title An Investigation of Carrier Recovery ... DEFAULTSORT Carrier Recovery Category Oscillators Category Communication circuits Category Multiplexing ...   more details

  1. Recovery Is Possible

    Category Slackware linux distro stub es Linux RIP ro Recovery Is Possible Linux ru Recovery Is Possible ...   more details

  1. Recovery plan

    Recovery plan may refer to Endangered Species Recovery Plan , in the United States, a document describing protocols for protecting and enhancing rare and endangered species populations Disaster recovery plan Economic recovery plans European Economic Recovery Plan , 2008 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 , U.S. legislation also known as the Troubled Assets Recovery Plan American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 See also European Recovery Program informally known as the Marshall Plan , post World War II recovery plan for Europe disambiguation ...   more details

  1. DATA

    otheruses Data disambiguation Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa or DATA was a multinational Non governmental organization non government organization founded in January 2002 in London by U2 s Bono along with Robert Sargent Shriver III Bobby Shriver and activist s from the Jubilee 2000 Drop the Debt campaign. DATA was created for the purposes of obtaining social equality equality and justice for Africa through debt relief adjusting trade rules which burden Africa eliminating the AIDS in Africa African AIDS epidemic strengthening democracy furthering accountability by the wealthiest nations and African leaders and Transparency humanities transparency towards the people. In 2007, DATA and Bono were jointly awarded the National Constitution Center s 2007 Liberty Medal for their groundbreaking efforts to address the AIDS crisis and extreme poverty in Africa. Start up funds came from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation , financier George Soros , and technology entrepreneur Edward W. Scott . ref cite news url http time printout 0,8816,1142270,00.html title The Constant Charmer author Josh Tyrangiel date 2005 12 19 work Time Magazine ref In 2007, DATA and the ONE Campaign decided to join forces, and in January 2008, they formally merged under the name ONE. ref cite news url http article idUSN2953856520071029 title Bono s U.S. based anti poverty groups to merge author Lesley Wroughton date 2007 10 29 work Reuters ref DATA received support from the Christian rock Alternative rock bands Switchfoot and Third Day . References references External links http ONE official site Category International nongovernmental organizations Category HIV AIDS in Africa Category Organizations founded by Bono int org stub de Debt, AIDS, Trade in Africa it DATA sv DATA f rening vi DATA ...   more details

  1. Recovery Glacier

    The Recovery Glacier coord 81 10 S 28 00 W type glacier region AQ display inline,title is a glacier flowing west along the southern side of the Shackleton Range in Antarctica . First seen from the air and examined from the ground by the Commonwealth Trans Antarctic Expedition in 1957, it was so named because of the recovery of the expedition s vehicles which repeatedly broke into bridged crevasse s on this glacier during the early stages of the crossing of Antarctica. It is at least 100  km 60  mi long and 64  km 40  mi wide at its mouth. Dana Floricioiu and Irena Hajnsek of the German Aerospace Centre spoke on the radar data showing the interior of the Recovery Glacier at the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium in Cape Town, South Africa, in July 2009. The data comes from the German public private satellite Terrasar X and when combined with Radarsat 1 shows the changes in the glacier over 11 years. The Recovery Ice Stream that drains part of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet into the glacier is nearly convert 800 km mi abbr on long and feeds the Filchner Ice Shelf over the Weddell Sea . The area contains four subglacial lake s, causing the ice flow rate to vary dramatically, ranging between 2 and 50 meters per year. The ice stream drains about 35 billion ton s of water and ice into the ocean each year ref cite web last Scott first Michon title The Role of Subglacial Lakes url http Features IceMoving icemoving sidebar.php work National Aeronautics and Space Administration publisher Earth Observatory accessdate 17 April 2011 ref , while the entire East Antarctic ice sheet releases about convert 57 tonne ton abbr on a year. ref cite news last Sample first Ian title World s largest ice sheet melting faster than expected url http environment 2009 nov 22 east antarctic ice sheet nasa accessdate 17 April 2011 newspaper The Guardian date 22 November 2009 ref See also Ice stream List of glaciers in the Antarctic ...   more details

  1. Recovery Coaching

    Orphan date September 2010 Refimprove date July 2011 Recovery Coaching is a form of strengths based support for persons with addictions or in recovery from alcohol, other drugs, codependency, or other addictive behaviors. Recovery Coaches work with persons with active addictions as well as persons already in recovery. Recovery Coaches are helpful for making decisions about what to do with your life and the part your addiction or recovery plays. Recovery Coaches help clients find ways to stop addiction abstinence , or reduce harm associated with addictive behaviors. Recovery Coaches can help a client ... support groups or help a client create a change plan to recover on their own. Recovery Coaches ... method or means of recovery. Recovery Coaches support any positive change, helping persons coming home from treatment to avoid relapse, build community support for recovery, or work on life goals not related to addiction such as relationships, work, education etc. Recovery Coaching is action oriented with an emphasis on improving present life and reaching goals for the future. Recovery Coaching ... emphasis on feelings. Recovery Coaches are unlike licensed addiction counselors in that coaches ... to life coaching Similar to life and business coaching, Recovery Coaching use a partnership ... is worth doing, and the coach provides expertise in supporting successful change. Recovery Coaching focuses on achieving any goals important to the client not just recovery related goals. The coach .... Recovery Coaching emphasizes honoring values and making principle based decisions, creating a clear ... to help the client stay on track. Other similar terms The moniker recovery coach is used for a variety specific addiction support roles. The main distinction is between the professional life Recovery Coach and the nonprofessional Peer Recovery Support Specialist. Recovery support roles include the following ... is by the client s side 24 hours a day. Peer support specialist RSS a Peer Recovery Support Specialist ...   more details

  1. Recovery swap

    Orphan date October 2008 In finance , recovery swaps, recovery locks, or recovery default swaps RDS are derivative contracts related to credit default swap s, and reference a bond issuance as its underlying. They are designed to provide a hedge against the uncertainty of recovery in default. The International Swaps and Derivatives Association does not keep records on the size of the recovery swap market because there has not yet been sufficient member demand. ref Cite web url http apps news?pid 20601084&sid a L5pzskD4rU title Citigroup Peddles Default Recovery Swaps as Bankruptcies Soar publisher Bloomberg author John Detrixhe accessdate 2009 11 15 ref Terms A recovery swap is an agreement between two parties to swap a real recovery rate whenever it is ascertained with a fixed recovery rate that can be locked in today. The parties are speculating on whether a company that is no longer liquid will pay out more or less than a certain percentage for each bond. The reference price is set to the fixed recovery rate rather than 100, chosen such that the RDS prices at zero on issue. Since the swap is issued at a price of zero, if the reference entity does not default in the term of the swap, then the swap expires with no cashflows having taken place. Because the swap only has value to either counterparty during a default, the main market in RDS involves bonds that pose a high risk of default, when the reference entity company is in financial difficulty. Connection to fixed recovery CDS A related instrument is a fixed recovery CDS. In theory an RDS protection receive fixed recovery can be approximated by buying protection with fixed CDS binary CDS and selling the ordinary ..., particularly relating to settlement. It is usually the case that fixed recovery CDS are settled immediately, since there is no need to wait for recovery to be determined, whereas a recovery swap ... DEFAULTSORT Recovery Swap Category Bonds ja ...   more details

  1. Recuperation (recovery)

    Unreferenced stub date December 2009 Recuperation , in common usage, refers to a period of recovery. This has many uses, from medicine , in which sense it refers to the process by which medicine medical patients recover from disease , injury , or mental illness , or finance, where it refers to the financial recovery of an individual or company. See also Physical therapy DEFAULTSORT Recuperation Recovery Category Rehabilitation medicine Med stub de Rekuperation Technik kn ...   more details

  1. Personnel recovery

    The United States Army defines personnel recovery as The sum of military, United States Department of Defense DOD civilian, DOD contractor personnel, or other personnel designated by the President of the United States President or United States Secretary of Defense Secretary of Defense , who are isolated, missing, detained, or captured IMDC in an operational environment. Also called PR. The five PR execution tasks Report Begins with the recognition of an isolating event. It must be both timely and accurate. Locate Involves the effort to find and authenticate isolated personnel. Accurate position and positive ID are generally required prior to committing forces. Support Involves support for isolated personnel and their families. It can include establishing two way communications, dropping supplies, or suppressing enemy threats. Recover Involves coordinated actions of commanders and staffs, recovery forces and the isolated individual. Reintegrate The primary consideration is the physical and mental health of the recovered personnel. See also https suite page 373835 Official Army Personnel Recovery Home Manhunt military DEFAULTSORT Personnel Recovery Category Military science de Personnel Recovery sv Personnel Recovery ...   more details

  1. Recovery point

    Refimprove date October 2009 A recovery point is a part of a car which can be used to recover the vehicle if it becomes stuck bogged. Recovering a vehicle using a recovery point involves attaching a winch or a snatch strap to the recovery point. Recovery points should be rated that is, should say what load they are designed to take. Using non rated parts of a vehicle to recover it can be extremely dangerous. Recovery points may be fitted by the manufacturer, or as an after market modification. Of note, snatch straps should never be attached to tow hitch s, as they are not designed to take the massive load that snatching places upon them. A broken towball attached to a snatch strap can be lethal. ref cite news url http breaking news freak accident with tow ball kills mum story e6frfku0 1226119088452 agency AAP title Breaking news date 21 August 2011 ref Off roading Off roaders should be aware of where the recovery points are located on their vehicles before they require their use. Having recovery points on both the front and back of the vehicle is preferable. Reflist DEFAULTSORT Recovery Point Category Automotive accessories Category Emergency road services Automotive part stub ...   more details

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