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create url rewrite

Encyclopedia results for create url rewrite

  1. Rewrite

    Selfref For Wikipedia articles needing to be rewritten, see Category Wikipedia articles needing rewrite Wikipedia articles needing rewrite Wiktionary rewrite Rewrite Rewrite may refer to one of the following Rewrite programming , the act or result of writing new source code to replace an existing program Rewrite man , a journalist who works in the office, taking information reported by others and crafting it into stories Rewrite song Rewrite , a song by Asian Kung Fu Generation Rewrite visual novel Rewrite visual novel , a Japanese visual novel by Key See also Rewriting , the act of applying a rewrite formula to a series of suitable expressions, such as Graph rewriting Rewrite engine Rewrite rule Sender Rewriting Scheme String rewriting Tax Law Rewrite Project , a major effort to re write the entire tax legislation of the United Kingdom in a format which is both more consistent and more understandable Blackwhite List of Newspeak words Blackwhite Rewriting the past according to George Orwell s 1984 Rewrite history Disambiguation fr Rewrite ja ...   more details

  1. Create

    pp semi indef Create may refer to wiktionary create Create TV network , an American public television network consisting of lifestyle and human interest programming from the libraries of PBS and American Public Television Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation Efficiency Program , a proposed improvement to the rail lines in the Chicago area Data Definition Language Create SQL , a statement in SQL Create , a free jazz band iRobot Create , a hobbyist robot based on the iRobot Roomba platform Create New Student Orientation , UBC s Okanagan campus new to UBC student orientation program Create video game Create video game , a 2010 video game published by EA See also Creation disambiguation disambig ...   more details

  1. Create (!)

    thumb right 200px Cover of Create s 2006 full length album A Prospect of Freedom album A Prospect of Freedom In 2004 Create collaborated on releases with Castanets band Castanets and Folk music folk blues vocalist Liz Janes . On December 19, 2004 Create also recorded their first album since 2001 ... in March 2001 the group began teaching their Create Workshops at MacArthur Park in Long Beach, California ... video and audio recordings, live performances and interactive teaching methods. Create has continued ... & Create album Liz Janes & Create 2005 A Prospect of Freedom album A Prospect of Freedom 2006 Also ... Sounds Are Active DEFAULTSORT Create Category American experimental musical groups Category American ...   more details

  1. Rewrite engine

    a URL to retrieve new data, the rewrite engine may hinder the construction of custom queries ... to rewrite to, nor even a directory structure but it provides the full flexibility of URL rewriting ... Zeus Web Server Clean URL Notes reflist External links Apache http docs current rewrite ... de Rewrite Engine ko ru vi Rewrite URL zh URL ...Selfref In Wikipedia and other MediaWiki sites, see mw Manual Short URL MediaWiki Manual Short URL . Merge to Clean URL discuss Talk Clean URL Merge Proposal date April 2012 primarysources date January 2011 external links date January 2011 A rewrite engine is software located in a Web application framework running on a Web server that modifies a web Uniform Resource Locator URL s appearance. This modification is called URL rewriting . Rewritten URLs sometimes known as short , fancy URLs , or search ... adds a degree of separation between the files used to generate a web page and the URL that is presented ..., the URL to a wiki page might be nowiki http wiki index.php?title Page title nowiki but can be rewritten as nowiki http wiki Page title nowiki A blog might have a URL ... also allows the user to change the URL to see all postings available in December, simply by removing ... 2006 12 nowiki Benefits and drawbacks There are several benefits to using a rewrite engine for URLs ... Blog Posts.php?Year 2006&Month 04&Day 02 nowiki Web frameworks Many web frameworks include URL rewriting, either directly or through extension modules. Apache HTTP Server has URL rewriting provided by the mod rewrite module ref http docs current mod mod rewrite.html mod rewrite documentation ref URL Rewrite is available as an extension to Internet Information Services Microsoft IIS ref http download URLRewrite URL Rewrite extension for Microsoft IIS ref Ruby on Rails has built in URL rewriting via Routes ref http read chapter 65 Routes ref ...   more details

  1. Rewrite (song)

    Infobox Single See Wikipedia WikiProject Songs Name Rewrite Cover Rewrite.jpg Caption Artist ASIAN KUNG FU GENERATION from Album Sol fa album Sol fa Released August 4, 2004 Format CD single , Maxi single Recorded Genre Alternative Rock Length 3 47 Label Ki oon br small KSCL 925 small Writer Masafumi Got Producer Asian Kung Fu Generation Certification Chart position Last single Loop & Loop br 2004 This single Rewrite br 2004 Next single Kimi no Machi Made br 2004 nihongo Rewrite Riraito is a song by Japan ese rock music rock band Asian Kung Fu Generation . It was released as the third single of their second full length studio album, Sol fa album Sol fa , on August 4, 2004. ref name ASIAN KUNG FU GENERATION Rewrite cite web url http eng Arch ASIANKUNG FU KSCL 925 title ASIAN KUNG FU GENERATION Rewrite accessdate 2008 10 25 work http Music Info AKG eng index.html ASIAN KUNG FU GENERATION Official Website publisher Ki oon Records Ki oon Records Inc date ref Reception The song experienced immense domestic and international popularity after it was chosen ... KUNG FU GENERATION Rewrite Peaking at number four on the Oricon charts, the single sold nearly ... American Anime Awards official website ref ref cite web url http news ... The music video for Rewrite was directed by Kazuyoshi Oku. ref cite web title SPACE SHOWER Music Video Search url http search artist.cgi?ac 010577&ch 0 work SPACE SHOWER TV publisher ... bandmembers temporarily levitate in the air. Track listing nihongo Rewrite Riraito nihongo ... Peak br position 2004 Oricon style text align center 4 External links youtube aUMU5Qv43ns Rewrite Music video References Reflist Asian Kung Fu Generation DEFAULTSORT Rewrite Song Category Asian Kung Fu Generation songs Category 2004 singles Category Songs written by Masafumi Got hr Rewrite ja pl Rewrite zh ...   more details

  1. Rewrite (programming)

    A rewrite in computer programming is the act or result of re implementing a large portion of existing functionality without re use of its source code . When the rewrite is not using existing code at all, it is common to speak of a rewrite from scratch . When instead only parts are re engineered, which have otherwise become complicated to handle or extend, then it is more precise to speak of code refactoring ... to correct historical design mistakes, a rewrite also discards those parts of the design that work as required. A rewrite commits the development team to deliver not just new features, but all ... regressions of previously fixed bugs. ref cite web url http blog ?2005 04 15 neverrewritecode title Never Rewrite Code From Scratch first Joost last Ronkes Agerbeek date April 15, 2005 accessdate 2008 09 11 ref ref name spolsky cite web url http articles fog0000000069.html ... April 6, 2000 accessdate 2008 09 11 ref A rewrite also interferes with the tracking of unfixed bugs in the old version. ref cite web url http doc cadt.html title Cascade of Attention Deficit ... rewrite is an alternative approach, in which developers gradually replace the existing code with calls .... This approach avoids a broad loss of functionality during the rewrite. Cleanroom software engineering ... of the software s functionality, without access to its code. ref cite web url http ... 29, 2001 accessdate 2008 09 11 ref ref name vorlath cite web url http Vorlath blog 2007 09 25 code rewrite yes title Code Rewrite Yes author Vorlath date 25 September 2007 accessdate 2008 ... 4 has been cited as an example of a failed rewrite. The new layout engine Gecko layout engine Gecko ... and did not face the same obstacles. ref name spolsky ref cite web url http gruntle ... March 31, 1999 accessdate 2008 09 11 ref Ironically, Navigator itself was a successful cleanroom rewrite ... as a successful rewrite albeit to very different specifications starting from Minix . ref name vorlath ...   more details

  1. Rewrite man

    unreferenced date August 2008 Journalism The rewrite man is a newspaper reporter who works in the office, not on the street, taking information reported by others and crafting it into stories. It is rarely used as an actual title. The term rewrite man is something of a misnomer. Some are women, of course. Rewrite men do not just rewrite . They take notes gathered by on the scene reporters, information gathered by telephone, or from news agency wire service s or clippings from other newspapers, and write articles. Sometimes an entire front page, with bylines from several different reporters, will have actually been written by a single rewrite man working with an editor. The job has lost much of its importance due to technology that allows reporters to write and transmit articles from the field. In the pre computer days of newspaper work, however, it was vital. At the most extreme example, reporters on time limit deadline would telephone into the newsroom and dictate their notes to an editor hence the movie clich of reporters rushing to telephone booths and shouting Get me rewrite into the phone. Rewrite men are common at large national magazines, where reporters handle the reporting of the story while a writer takes the material and writes the actual article. In this case, the reporter will put all the information and quotes gathered into a multipage file which is then given to the writer. In cases of a story in several areas, several reporters will give their files to the writer. The article which is written has all of the information and observations by the reporter s . People Magazine stories are written in this format with field reporters doing the reporting and New York based writers writing the pieces. Time magazine also used to engage rewrite men almost exclusively, although it has all but abandoned the practice as of its 2008 redesign. Category Journalism occupations ...   more details

  1. Rewrite rule

    about rewriting rule in a formal grammar Production computer science the use of rewrite rules in web servers rewrite engine Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 In linguistics , a rewrite rule for natural language phrase structure rule , analog of production computer science production in formal grammars in generative grammar is a rule of the form A X where A is a syntactic category label, such as noun phrase or sentence, and X is a sequence of such labels and or morpheme s, expressing the fact that A can be replaced by X in generating the constituent structure of a sentence. Example Sentence linguistics S Noun phrase NP Verb phrase VP br Which means span style text decoration overline S span entence consists of span style text decoration overline N span oun span style text decoration overline P span hrase followed by span style text decoration overline V span erb span style text decoration overline P span hrase. Rewrite rules underlie rewriting system s there are many different varieties of rewriting systems that are commonly studied. See also Phonological rule Transformational grammar DEFAULTSORT Rewrite Rule Category Grammar Category Natural language processing Ling stub fr R gles de r criture ...   more details

  1. URL redirection

    Redirect . URL redirection , also called URL forwarding , is a World Wide Web technique for making a web page available under more than one Uniform Resource Locator URL address. When a web browser attempts to open a URL that has been redirected, a page with a different URL is opened. For example ... domains example . Similarly, Domain redirection or domain forwarding is when all pages in a URL ... . URL redirection can be used for URL shortening , to prevent link rot broken links .... Purposes There are several reasons to use URL redirection Similar domain names A user might mis type a URL for example, and . Organizations often register these mis spelled ... move his or her pages to a new domain two web sites might merge. With URL redirects, incoming links to an outdated URL can be sent to the correct location. These links might be from other sites that have ... redirect to the new URL, visitors will still end up at the correct page. Also, in the next search engine pass, the search engine should detect and use the newer URL. Logging outgoing links The access ... link. This information can be captured in several ways. One way involves URL redirection. Instead of sending the visitor straight to the other site, links on the site can direct to a URL on the original ... date 2009 01 29 url http 2009 01 29 509 issn 1797 1993 accessdate 2009 01 30 ref The same ..., displaying the warning causes an additional delay. Short aliases for long URLs Main URL shortening ... in a URL that is aesthetically unpleasant and difficult to remember, and which may not fit within the size limitations of microblogging sites. URL shortening services provide a solution to this problem by redirecting a user to a longer URL from a shorter one.. Meaningful, persistent aliases for long or changing URLs See also Permalink PURL Link rot Sometimes the URL of a page changes even though the content stays the same. Therefore URL redirection can help users who have bookmarks. This is routinely ...   more details

  1. Clean URL

    Merge from Rewrite engine discuss Talk Clean URL Merge Proposal date April 2012 Refimprove date September 2010 Clean URLs , Representational state transfer REST ful URLs or user friendly URLs are purely structural uniform resource locator URL s that do not contain a query string and instead contain only the URI scheme Generic syntax path of the resource after the scheme e.g., http and the authority e.g., . This is often done for aesthetic, usability, or search engine optimization SEO purposes. ref name cws Cite web url http content clean urls for a better ... is rewritten in Python programming language Python , the URL will have to change, or rewrite rule s will need to be used to allow the old URL to redirect to the new one. See also Human readable medium Permalink Persistent Uniform Resource Locator Representational state transfer REST Rewrite engine ... a clean URL structure for a website or web service include ensuring that individual Resource Web resources remain under the same URL for years, which makes the World Wide Web a more stable and useful system, ref cite web last Berners Lee first Tim title Cool URIs don t change url http ... cite web last Neath first Kyle title URL Design url http posts url design accessdate ... hdrs Unclean URL Clean URL row1 tt nowiki http index.php?page foo nowiki tt tt nowiki ... Jacek first Jonas title Clean URL Design Guidelines url http how to url design accessdate ... keywords in the URL and remove irrelevant words from it. So common words like the , and , an , a , etc. are often stripped out to further trim down the URL while descriptive keywords are added to increase ... resources have URL friendly names due to the character set restrictions on HTTP web URLs or length ... and hard to remember percent encoding URL encoded strings e.g., tt Peanut 20M 26Ms tt becomes tt Peanut ... date February 2012 de Clean URL ru ko URL ...   more details

  1. Semantic URL

    links references http docs trunk mod mod rewrite.html mod rewrite Apache URL rewriting module. http alertbox 990321.html URL as UI http inet95 proceedings PAPER 016 html paper.html The User Interface of URLs Category Uniform resource locator es URL sem ntica ...The term semantic URL refers to a Uniform Resource Locator URL which is of a form that is immediately and intuitively meaningful to Layman non experts . Such URL schemes tend to reflect the conceptual structure of a collection of information see Information Architecture and Coupling computer science decouple the user interface from a server s internal representation of information. Semantic URLs have become an issue in recent years with the increasing use of server side scripting to power web sites and web services. Non semantic URLs A non semantic URL is typically composed of a Path computing path , script name, and query string . The query string parameters dictate the content that is to be shown on the page, as in the following example nowiki http showproduct.cgi?prodid 3448 nowiki Problems The key issue with non semantic URL is that while the query string parameters can be manipulated by hand, it is not always obvious what their possible values are. For example, many content management systems use a database record number to specify the page. This has a logical meaning only to the database management system , meaning page URLs cannot be inferred by users. Also, if the site ... external sites and removal of search engine listings. How a semantic URL works A semantic URL replaces long query strings with a simple, traditional path structure. For example, the URL shown above ... of this can vary, but most often involves transparently URL rewriting rewriting the semantic URL into the query string form which is understood by the server side software. Because the rewriting takes place on the server side, the semantic URL is the only form seen by the user. Key points ...   more details

  1. URL (disambiguation)

    wiktionary URL URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator . URL may also refer to URL rapper , an Indian musician Unrestricted Line Officer Upper rostral length of a cephalopod beak URL, a List of recurring characters in Futurama Officer URL recurring robot character from Futurama Underground Racing League, a fictional racing league in Need for Speed Underground 2 Underground Racing League URL Need for Speed Underground 2 disambig de Url es URL desambiguaci n eo URL apartigilo it URL disambigua pl URL ...   more details

  1. URL Template

    A URL Template is a way to specify a URL that includes parameters that must be substituted before the URL is resolved. The syntax is usually to enclose the parameter in Braces punctuation Braces example . The convention is for a parameter to not be Percent encoded unless it follows a Question Mark ? . Examples nowiki http people firstName lastName SSN nowiki nowiki http query?firstName firstName &lastName lastName nowiki If we were building these urls for Bj rk with firstName Bj rk and lastName Gu mundsd ttir they would be nowiki http people Bj rk Gu mundsd ttir SSN nowiki nowiki http query?firstName Bj c3 b6rk&lastName Gu c3 b0mundsd c3 b3ttir nowiki Code In python, if you have the variable code name code that you want to put into the string code url code , you can simply do this source lang python import urllib2 while name in url if ? in url and url.find ? url.find name url url.replace name , urllib2.quote name , 1 else url url.replace name , name, 1 source Note this will go into an infinite loop if code name name code or other such corner cases. External links http p uri templates URI templates project http html draft gregorio uritemplate URI Template Internet Draft Spec DEFAULTSORT Url Template Category Internet standards de URL Template ...   more details

  1. URL Snooper

    Notability date May 2010 URL Snooper is a Microsoft Windows Windows program to find Uniform Resource Locator URL s of streaming media and data stream data . This allows streamed files download through every download manager . Its scope is the same as that of a stream recorder . It uses pcap Winpcap for packet capturing. See also Comparison of download managers List of download managers External links http Software Mouser urlsnooper URL Snooper http all streaming All streaming media recording software http projects pyurlsnooper PyURLSnooper is OS independent and open source uses pcap Wrappers for use of libpcap WinPcap in languages other than C and C pcapy for packet capturing Category Network analyzers Category Uniform resource locator Category Web software es URL Snooper ...   more details

  1. Vanity URL

    Unreferenced date November 2008 Merge Vanity domain date April 2011 A vanity URL is a Uniform Resource Locator URL or domain name , created to point to something to which it is related and indicated in the name of the URL, very similar to a Personalized URL . In many cases this is done by a company to point to a specific product or advertising campaign microsite . In theory, vanity URLs are creatively linked to something making them easier to remember than a more random link. In social media Social networking sites like Facebook , MySpace , and Twitter offer vanity URLs to their users where their username is in the URL. For example, code wikipedia code would bring you to the Wikipedia fan page on Facebook. Use of top level domains in vanity URLs A top level domain can become part of a vanity URL. Taking advantage of countries that do not ask for proof of residence to register their country code top level domain country specific TLDs can allow a user to incorporate the two or three letters following the dot, using them to help spell out the desired name, word or phrase. For example, someone named Jane Smith might register a site on the .th domain to spell code code References Category Domain name system Category Uniform resource locator www stub de Vanity URL ...   more details

  1. URL shortening

    URL . Refimprove date January 2011 URL shortening is a technique on the World Wide Web in which a Uniform Resource Locator URL may be made substantially shorter in length and still direct to the required page. This is achieved by using an URL Redirection HTTP Redirect on a domain name that is short, which links to the web page that has a long URL. For example, the URL tt nowiki http wiki URL shortening nowiki tt has been shortened to tt nowiki http urlwiki nowiki tt and tt ... to in a tweet. In November 2009, the shortened links on one URL shortening service were accessed ..., a URL shortening service will use the top level domain of a country that allows foreign sites to use ... URL. Another use of URL shortening is to disguise the underlying address. Although this may ... URL shortening service providers have found themselves on spam blacklists, because of the use of their redirect ... reasons to use URL shortening. The free hosting space provided by access Internet Service Provider s for its ... sites tend to pass descriptive attributes in the URL to represent data hierarchies, command structures, transaction paths or session information and this often results in a URL that contains a large number of characters, is awkward to reproduce and impossible to remember. Copying a URL that is hundreds ... by hand will be time consuming and may result in errors. Thus a short URL is more useful to write in a hard ..., there is a limit on the total number of characters that can be used in a message. Using a URL shortener can make it easier to include a URL within a short message. Some shortening services, such as tt ... strings are longer than those generated by a length optimized service. Finally, the URL ... such as QR code are often shortened by a URL shortener in order to reduce the printed area of the code or allow printing at lower density to improve scanning reliability. Registering a short URL ... and SMS easier. This can normally be done online, at the web pages of a URL shortening service. Short ...   more details

  1. URL (rapper)

    Wikify date October 2010 URL born as Earl Edgar D souza is an Indian Bahrain born rapper. He takes his name from Urban Rustic Lingo, or Hinglish . He is best known for his session work on over 500 Bollywood films and over 1000 remix albums over the years. ref Cite news url http music music details.asp?code 103&source 1 title Hindish singer Earl Edgar D Souza spells it out for Amit Gurbaxani. work Timeout Mumbai accessdate 20 April 2010 ref ref Cite web url http news iadddifferenttexturestosongs 496036 title I add different textures to songs last Vijayakar first Rajiv date July 31, 2009 work Screen India accessdate 20 April 2010 ref References Reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Earl Edgar D souza ALTERNATIVE NAMES URL SHORT DESCRIPTION Rapper DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Url Category Living people Category Year of birth missing living people Rapper stub ...   more details

  1. Spoofed URL

    A Spoofed URL describes one website that poses as another. It sometimes applies a mechanism that exploits bugs in web browser technology, allowing a malicious computer attack. Such attacks are most effective against computers that lack recent security patches. Others are designed for the purpose of a parody . During such an attack, a computer user innocently visits a web site and sees a familiar Uniform Resource Locator URL in the address bar such as nowiki http nowiki but is, in reality, sending information to an entirely different location that would typically be monitored by an information thief. When sensitive information is requested by a fraudulent website, it is called phishing . The user is typically enticed to the false website from an email or a hyperlink from another website. In another variation, a website may look like the original, but is in fact a parody of it. These are mostly harmless, and are more noticeably different from the original, as they usually do not exploit bugs in web browser technology. This can also take place in a hosts file . It can redirect a site s to another IP, which could be a spoofed website. See also Computer insecurity Hosts file Hosts File IDN homograph attack Spoofing attack Social engineering computer security External links Secunia security describes http advisories 10395 Microsoft Internet Explorer URL spoofing vulnerability 2003 Microsoft Knowledge Base Article http ?id 833786 833786 Steps that you can take to help identify and to help protect yourself from deceptive spoofed Web sites and malicious hyperlinks. Category Computer network security Category Internet fraud Category Uniform resource locator Internet stub de URL Spoofing nl URL spoofing ...   more details

  1. URL normalization

    URL normalization or URL canonicalization is the process by which Uniform Resource Locator URLs are modified ... a URL into a normalized or canonical form canonical URL so it is possible to determine if two syntactically different URLs may be equivalent. Search engine s employ URL normalization in order to assign importance to web pages and to reduce indexing of duplicate pages. Web crawler s perform URL normalization ... case. The scheme and host components of the URL are case insensitive. Most normalizers will convert ... scheme may be removed from or added to a URL. Example code nowiki http 80 bar.html ... .. and . are usually removed from a URL according to the algorithm described in RFC 3986 or a similar ... result in a semantically different URL although it may refer to the same resource Removing directory ... code Removing the fragment. The Fragment identifier fragment component of a URL is usually removed .... Some active web pages have more than one variable in the URL. A normalizer can remove all the variables with their data, sort them into alphabetical order by variable name , and reassemble the URL. Example ... Standardizing character encoding. When the URL contains special characters such as a slash, dot ... display?category foo 2Fbar 2Bbaz nowiki code Normalization based on URL lists Some normalization rules may be developed for specific websites by examining URL lists obtained from previous crawls or web server logs. For example, if the URL code nowiki http story?id xyz nowiki ... we may assume that the two URLs are equivalent and can be normalized to one of the URL forms. Schonfeld ... text rules that can be applied to URL lists. They showed that once the correct DUST rules were found ... in a URL list. References references RFC 3986 Uniform Resource Identifier URI Generic Syntax cite conference author Sang Ho Lee, Sung Jin Kim, and Seok Hoo Hong year 2005 title On URL normalization ... ICCSA 2005 pages 1076 1085 url http publication LeKi05a.pdf cite conference author ...   more details

  1. URL With Phred

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Infobox television show name URL With Phred image caption format Animated series , Educational runtime One hour. creator starring Doug Preis country United States USA network Noggin TV channel Noggin first aired September 21, 2000 last aired March 31, 2002 num episodes 20 URL With Phred is the Spin off media spin off series of The Phred on Your Head Show that aired on Noggin TV channel Noggin now Nick Jr from September 21, 2000 until March 31, 2002. One of the notable differences in detail is that The Phred on Your Head Show Head s dot in was cut out pictures and the outside of the dot was colorful. In URL , Phred s dot looks hand drawn and the outside of the dot is mostly blue. Vignettes Introduction to Doug Phred would lead Doug with a certain introduction i.e. Phred reading his cue cards and stopping between certain points because a fly was on the card. Doug A complete 30 minute episode of Doug would play. During Commercial Breaks s high scores for certain games would air. As well as Dress Phred , another game from in which the user picks the clothing of their choice and puts it on the image of Phred. Others included Skengle and Skengle Two creatures, a blue one with a big head, one eye, and a small body, and a small green one with a pink bow on her head, both named Skengle They would occainsionally put icus next to some words in their sentences. They would answer polls the user put up at Noggimation An online animated patch would play. It was created by the user who went to Others There were other shorts between shows. One example is when the female director had to get Phred moving, but realized that it was a cardboard cut out of Phred. Introduction to Cro Phred would host another ... voice says It is now safe to sign off the URL with Phred Show. as a window appears on the screen. See also Phred Big Voice The Phred on Your Head Show DEFAULTSORT Url With Phred Category American ...   more details

  1. LJ Create

    BBC Television News LJ Create 30 years On , BBC1 September 24th 2009. ref ref cite web url http 2009 09 bbc visit lj create 30 years on.html title BBC Visit LJ Create 30 Years On. work LJ Create Blog accessdate 19 March 2010 ref . LJ Create specialises in blended learning solutions for teaching Science, Engineering and Technology ref cite web url http page.aspx?o 262032 title Jisc Report Swale Skills Centre, Engineering apprentices use LJ Create ... of LJ Create in 2006 ref cite web url http News article.asp?id 307 title LJ Group Appoint Charles Clarke, M.P. work LJ Create News accessdate 19 March 2010 ref ref cite news url http ...Notability 1 Org date March 2010 Infobox company company name LJ Create Ltd. company logo type Privately ... LJ Create Ltd is a UK based company that produces interactive educational technology for the global market. Currently the company operates in over 60 countries. About LJ Create LJ Create Ltd was established 6 June 1979 ref cite web url http News article.asp?id 203 title Celebrating 30 Years of Success in Education 1979 2009 work LJ Create News accessdate 19 March ... accessdate 19 March 2010 ref . LJ Create produce hardware, software , E learning , learning management systems , Interactive whiteboard resources ref cite news url http thehindu edu ... 2009 ref and curriculum development tools. In addition to hardware and software, LJ Create provides professional development and training services to educators. LJ Create s range of products and services has won multiple awards ref cite web url http besa news view.jsp?item 883 title ... 19 March 2010 ref ref cite web url http besa news view.jsp?item 75 title BESA News ... Mail Newspaper accessdate 19 March 2010 location London date 10 April 2008 ref ref cite web url ... work Labout Party Website accessdate 19 March 2010 ref . LJ Create was sold to Infinitas Learning ...   more details

  1. Create Project

    The Create Project is a web based community focused on communication and sharing between Free and Open Source Creative applications ref cite web title Sharing ideas and resources at url http feature 48874 ref . Initially the project was created by as a space for collaboration between free software creative projects, since then the project has become a full sub project. Create now aims to develop and consolidate shared resources for creative applications ref http wiki FAQ What is the Create Project.27s goal.3F Create Project Goals ref . Several community developed specifications have begun to be developed under the project such as OpenRaster and the Swatches colour file format. ref cite web title Article Explaining the Project url http node 24 ref . Some of the many groups that come together under this project include Blender software Blender , GIMP , Inkscape , Scribus , Audacity , Open Clip Art Library , Open Font Library and the Aiki Framework which produce creative content, one of the major ways these groups come together is through the Libre Graphics Meeting which is hosted by the Create Project. ref cite web title Libre Graphics Meetin 2007 Report url http weblog entry 7450 ref Specifications class wikitable Specification Status Purpose OpenRaster In Development OpenRaster is a raster graphics file format for non final images, the aim is to provide a file format for working images that can be used in many raster graphics applications. http wiki Swatches colour file format Swatches colour file format In Development Aims to provide cross application support for color files. http wiki Unified plug in API ... the create project that would allow users to more easily switch between said applications. http ... free software stub nl Create Project ...   more details

  1. IRobot Create

    lowercase Image IRobotCreate.jpg thumb This is an unmodified iRobot Create with Command Module the small green attachment . iRobot Create is a hobbyist robot manufactured by iRobot that is based on the Roomba platform and was introduced in 2007. However, iRobot Create is explicitly designed for robotics ... hardware of the Roomba, the Create includes a cargo bay which houses a 25 pin port that can be used for digital and analog input and output. The Create also possesses a serial port through which sensor ... to utilize an external computer in controlling the Create robot. Since the built in serial port supports ... interface server simulators support the iRobot Create. Most notably, the Player Project have long included a device interface for the Roomba , and has recently developed a Create interface in Player 2.1. The Universal Real time Behavior Interface URBI environment also contains a Create interface. The Microsoft Robotics Studio and the Webots simulation environment contain IRobot Create models. Community Image IRobot Create team.jpg thumb A team of iRobot Create robots at the Human Automation Systems ... File Simulation of an iRobot Create in Webots.png thumb Simulation of an iRobot Create in Webots Due to its small size and low cost, the iRobot Create is popular in the robotic research community. In particular, research projects in the area of multi robot networks favors the Create robot. Examples .... http movies create Website Human Automation Systems Laboratory ... Create was given out in parts kits for the International Botball Competition between 2007 and 2009 The iRobot Create is used as the main platform for the Autonomous Robotics course at Brown University . The iRobot Create and a simulator developed in MATLAB are used in the Autonomous Mobile Robots course ... 2591511&cp 2174940 iRobot s Create home page https projects createoi C CreateOI Framework , Open Source C Programming Framework for iRobot Create http emss iRobot ...   more details

  1. Media Create

    refimprove date April 2008 nihongo Media Create Kabushiki Gaisha Media Kurieito is a Japanese company that gathers and analyzes data from the digital entertainment industry, specifically focusing on the Japanese console gaming market. Business operations include publishing, market research and consulting. ref http www.m shouhin shoukai english menu.htm working link date January 2012 ref It is a popular website for people interested in learning the latest video game software and hardware sales figures from Japan. Citation needed date January 2008 Weekly sales figures Every Friday Japan Standard Time , the official Japanese website is updated with the top fifty selling video game s of the previous week, as well as hardware sales figures for the Nintendo DS , Nintendo DS Lite , Wii , PlayStation 3 , Sony PSP , PlayStation 2 , Nintendo GameCube , Game Boy Advance , Game Boy Advance SP , Game Boy Micro , Xbox , and Xbox 360 . Sales numbers are only provided for the top ten games on the list, but figures exist for the rest of the games on the list and beyond they must be paid for and subscribed to. The English website only posts the placement rankings of games and the percentage ranking of hardware. However, their English data has not been updated since the beginning of 2006, indicating that their English language services have probably been discontinued or are no longer public. Competition Media Create competes with Enterbrain s Famitsu and MediaWorks publisher MediaWorks Dengeki PlayStation in the market for providing Japanese game sales data. Because there are three different tracking firms, there will always be three different sales numbers for any software .... Nintendo cites Media Create sales data during its conferences and presentations. ref cite web url http n10 conference2008fall presen e index.html title Nintendo Conference ... Create ja ...   more details

  1. Create Synchronicity

    COI date February 2010 Infobox software name Create Synchronicity logo File Create synchronicity logo 128x128.png Create synchronicity logo 128x128 developer Create Software Cl ment Pit Claudel latest ... http Create Synchronicity is a portable, multilingual ... in VB.Net, and released under the GNU General Public License , version 3.0. Development Create Synchronicity was created with the aim of delivering a lightweight ref http create synchronicity ... synchronicity trunk Create 20Synchronicity Release 20notes.txt Release Notes on Create Synchronicity SVN server ref , and has been active since then ref http p create synchronicity ... 2011 ref http current build.html Create Synchronicity latest builds . The port ... . ref . Features Create Synchronicity has both a graphical and a command line interface. The following features are available Customizable backup ref Demo video on http Create Synchronicity ... naming Support for Network NAS Backup Create Synchronicity can be downloaded as a zip file ...&ugn synchronicity Project ranking on Sourceforge ref Performance Create Synchronicity uses its ... viewvc synchronicity trunk Create 20Synchronicity SynchronizeForm.vb?view markup Syncing code on Create Synchronicity SVN server ref , and has been said to be Easy to use, lightweight and fast. ref http 2009 07 create synchronicity free open source files backup software An article by Johnny Karp, editor of the Freeware Mission website, about Create Synchronicity ref . However, since it uses the .Net Framework , Create Synchronicity may be slower ... written in VB.Net , Create Synchronicity does take advantage of the file caching functions of the underlying ... open source create synchronicity synching files harmoniously Software Critics wrote about Create ... two external hard drives, and or if the caching process has not run yet. Create Synchronicity has ...   more details

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