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     How to Make Your Own Free Website: And Your Free Blog Too
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author(s): Jason Matthews

Want your own free website and a free blog too? Did you think only a professional web-designer could create that? If so then you're in luck, because it's never been easier or less expensive to make your own free website.

Yes, you really can do this; anyone can because it's easy! There's no need to learn HTML coding anymore because venues like Webs, Yola, Wordpress, Blogger and others have made it simple with WYSIWYG editing (what you see is what you get). This book is a comprehensive, straight to the point, simple to follow guide. It's written in terms anyone can understand from the computer beginner to advanced users who will benefit from extra advice and over 150 useful links. Jason Matthews is also the author of How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks All for Free and Get On Google Front Page. He knows from experience a myriad of online tools, programs and software that are freely available for anyone to make the most of an internet career at absolutely no cost.

With this guide you'll learn to:
  • Make Free Websites.
  • Make Free Blogs.
  • Customize Your Widgets.
  • Sell With PayPal buttons and shopping carts.
  • Drive Traffic with Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Maximize SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Rise in Google-Yahoo-Bing rankings.
  • Submit free Online Articles and Press Releases.
  • Grow an Email List of Contacts.
  • And much more.
Plus it's easy, fun and makes the most of entirely free tools. You are guaranteed to save time, money and effort. Today is the day to jump-start your online presence and make your own free website! This book was written in 2010 and has been updated for 2012.

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     Online Marketing - The Secret to Selling Websites For Big Profits: Make Money Online Series (Volume 2)
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author(s): Art Saborio

How does a person go from selling websites for a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars? Is it possible for anyone to make a living buying and selling websites? What you are about to read is a method to buying and selling online websites that you will not find anywhere on the internet. Most of us who use these methods keep them a secret, because they don?t want anyone else using them to gain an advantage.

For the first time ever, I share my secrets within the pages of this rare book. The only thing I ask is you use the methods I teach for good and not for bad. They are extremely powerful and will make you a master in selling and buying some of the most lucrative website properties on the market.

This book covers the last great frontier in making money online. Taught are real world concepts and approaches which are based on a real proven business model. The model is not dependent on Google, Amazon or other methods taught by mainstream marketers.

You will be immediately immersed in the last great frontier in making money online. Internet marketers rejoice, because a proven method to making a large amount of money is found within the pages of this book.

Whether you are a stay home mom or dad, a grandmother, grandfather, single, married, young or old, this information is critical to making your dreams a reality.

This is book two in the "Make Money Online Series"


  • Chapter 1 Secret Niche Selection
  • Chapter 2 Keyword Research
  • Chapter 3 Domain Purchase
  • Chapter 4 Cash and Property Reserves
  • Chapter 5 What Websites Are Selling
  • Chapter 6 Structure Your Website for Top Dollar
  • Chapter 7 Where to Get Traffic
  • Chapter 8 Selling your site on Flippa
  • Chapter 9 What to Do With Low Performing Websites
  • Chapter 10 How to Reinvest Your Money
  • Chapter 11 Steps to Transferring a Website
  • Chapter 12 Handling the Money
  • Chapter 13 Negotiations
  • Chapter 14 Conclusion
  • Appendix A Auction Sale Letters that Convert

Also available through the Make Money Online Series: Book One - Make Money From Home - How to Make Online Money fast in a Down Economy

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     The Practical Freelance Writer's Guide to Author Websites
Author(s): Angela Atkinson

The Practical Freelance Writer's Guide to Author Websites is a complete guide to building, managing and promoting author websites, specifically geared toward offering freelance writers real, workable solutions for the unique challenges they face in this venue. Learn why freelance writers need author sites to succeed in today's market, and find out what types of pages and content can help to catch the attention of their potential clients. You'll find tried and true tips on webhosting options, SEO for author websites and writing author bios. Plus, learn new ways to market and promote author websites, including advice on social networking and social media marketing and much more-all from a freelance writer and website designer who knows what works.

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     Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies
Publisher: For Dummies
Author(s): Joshua Waldman

Harness social media to land your dream job

For anyone looking for a first job, exploring a career change, or just setting up for future success, social media sites are proven platforms for facilitating connections, demonstrating passions and interests, and ultimately landing the job. Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies enables you to harness the power of the Internet to research and identify job opportunities, and then create a strategy for securing a position.

Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies features in-depth coverage of topics such as: creating effective online profiles and resumes to sell your strengths; maintaining your online reputation (and ensuring that employers who Google you like what they find) and understanding electronic etiquette; using the power of personal branding and building your brand online; avoiding common pitfalls, such as jumping into filling out a social media profile without a strategy; getting to know Twitter, the only real-time job board with literally thousands of jobs posted daily; using social media sites to uncover opportunities in the "hidden job market" ahead of the competition; and much more.

  • Shows you how to easily harness social media sites
  • Advice on how to brand yourself online
  • Covers all of the latest and most popular social media sites: Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more

If you're a recent graduate, changing careers, or have been away from the job-search scene for a while, turn to the trusted guidance and expert insight of Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies.

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     The Women's Small Business Start-Up Kit: A Step-by-Step Legal Guide
Publisher: Nolo
Author(s): Peri Pakroo J.D.

The Women?s Small Business Start-Up Kit, written by the author of the bestselling The Small Business Start-Up Kit, gives you the practical and legal information you need to kickstart a successful enterprise. In addition to a breakdown of the common issues and concerns facing women entrepreneurs of every stripe -- from independent consultants to Fortune 500-seekers -- you?ll find information and guidance on:
. choosing and developing the right business to live the life you want
. drafting an effective business plan
. programs that give government contracting preferences to women-owned businesses
. understanding and choosing a legal structure
. clearing the bureaucratic start-up hurdles
. taking your business online and developing an eBusiness
. financial management and tax basics for small businesses
. balancing work and family relationships
. hiring and managing employees
The Women?s Small Business Start-Up Kit retains its focus on women?s business-related issues without devolving into stereotypes and never loses sight of the legal rules and fundamentals of starting and running your business. Plus, you?ll find downloadable forms for�a partnership agreement, an application for your employer identification number, a cash flow projection worksheet, a billable rate calculator, and more.

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     Get Paid For Who You Are
Publisher: Ninja Firewalk Press
Author(s): David Wood

The secret to your success is within your grasp. It's inside you. Whatever you're passionate about, or what you're good at, can turn into money. It's that simple. The key is a simple internet-based business focused on what you care about most what makes you . . . well, you. It is a business you can: - do from home, or anywhere in the world - automate to free up your time and work less - use to make a difference for people all over the world But don't I need advanced business or computer skills? You'll be surprised. You'll learn how thousands of people are every day turning their passion, skill, life experience or hobby into a fun and productive business, to either quit their day jobs, or create an additional revenue stream on the side. And you'll learn how you can do it even if you have no computer skills or business experience, or don't even know where to start. If you already have a small business, this book can double your business: more customers, more revenue, less work. By following five simple steps, you can create a life of freedom. The freedom that comes from having financial security, working where you like, working when you like and....helping others.

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     Startups Open Sourced: Stories to inspire and educate
Publisher: Startups Open Sourced
Author(s): Jared Tame

Get inside the minds of today's leading startup founders with the most honest and candid collection of startup founder interviews. Contains interviews with 33 startups discussing the most difficult topics entrepreneurs face: creating and validating ideas, finding cofounders, obtaining users, growing revenue, staying motivated, acquisition process, and more. Companies interviewed: Grooveshark, reddit, GitHub, foursquare, Airbnb, Weebly, Greplin, AppSumo, Wufoo, Little App Factory, MixPanel, LikeALittle, Djangy, Divvyshot, Justin.TV, Blippy, Bump, WePay, DailyBooth, Gobble, KISSMetrics, Omnisio, Cloudkick, Noteleaf, One Llama, Octopart, Crowdbooster, Listia, Hipmunk, Indinero, OrangeQC, Camino Real, One

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     101 Quick and Easy Secrets for Using Your Digital Photographs
Publisher: Course Technology PTR
Author(s): Matthew Bamberg

If you own a digital camera and actively take pictures with it, you probably have a hard drive, memory card, or laptop filled with images that you keep meaning to do something with but never get around to. "101 Quick and Easy Secrets for Using Your Digital Photographs" will show you how to make the most out of the images you have or plan to take, detailing the best way to manipulate, manage, publish, share, and promote your photographs. You'll learn how to navigate through both free downloadable software programs that help you manage your photos, such as Picasa, and the programs you already have on your computer, such as iPhoto. To help you share your photos with others, the book explores free online sites, such as Flickr and Facebook, and tells you how to best utilize them to suit your needs. The book also walks through the printing process, from finding the right paper for your prints to finding the best printer to make them last. And if you don't want to do the printing yourself, you'll discover how to outsource it. And when it comes to displaying your printed photographs, whether you prefer elaborate scrapbooks or simple frames, this book will show you the best places to purchase all the supplies and tools you need. Whether you are a professional looking to polish your portfolio and promote yourself or a casual photographer just looking to organize and display your family photos, "101 Quick and Easy Secrets for Using Your Digital Photographs" will help you make the most out of your collection of digital photographs.

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     Greatness is in the Comeback: 12 Action Steps in Discovering Ways to Reinvent Yourself
Publisher: Alease\Michelle#Studios, LLC
Author(s): Alease Michelle McClenningham

No matter where you are in your career- beginning, middle, or end, ?Alease Michelle? McClenningham knows personally how easy it is to get stuck doing what is expected of you without the accolades you think you deserve. In Greatness is in the Comeback you?ll discover you actually have more control over who you are and what you can accomplish than you think. Alease will share with you her personal experiences and the action steps she has taken to regain control of her professional and personal life. She?ll coach you through numerous methods for eliminating the negative barriers and pessimistic thoughts preventing you from conceiving much less fulfilling your goals. Additionally, she?ll help you create your very own RAP (Reinventing Action Plan) which will assist you in building and promoting your brand online and offline. Alease is committed to living a life full of purpose and happiness. So, let her help you rediscover your purpose and passion in life with these remarkable 12 steps.

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     Digital Tools for Teaching: 30 E-Tools for Collaborating, Creating, and Publishing Across the Curriculum
Publisher: Maupin House Publishing
Author(s): Steve Johnson

In this Web 2.0 world, your students are communicating, customizing, and creating like never before. It's no surprise, therefore, that standards for the twenty-first century classroom recognize the value of teaching with digital tools. Knowing how to effectively teach with them is another matter altogether.
In Digital Tools for Teaching, educator and self-proclaimed techno-geek Steve Johnson shows you how to transform 30 cutting-edge e-tools into powerful vehicles for teaching and learning. You will find:
- An array of low-to-no-cost digital tools ranging in complexity and all focused on educational merit
- Step-by-step instructions that take the mystery out of using each e-tool
- Lesson connections and lists of classroom-proven ideas for applying each e-tool across the curriculum
- Backdoor links to the special services and discounts available to teachers for many of the digital tools profiled in this book
- Standards-based assessment rubrics and strategies (including how to implement digital portfolios) to help you meet twenty-first century classroom instructional goals
- Links to Steve Johnson's website and blog for news and updates on incorporating technology-based activities into your lessons.
Complete and ready-to-use, Digital Tools for Teaching shows you how to connect your teaching to the e-tools that are relevant to your students lives. Whether you re already an advanced e-tool user or a newbie, Digital Tools for Teaching will increase your confidence using digital tools, broaden your perspective, and give you new teaching strategies that you can use tomorrow.

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     Animal Addict's Guide to Global Volunteer Travel: The Ultimate Reference for Helping Animals Along the Road Best Traveled
Publisher: Dog's Eye View eMedia
Author(s): Nola Lee Kelsey

The Animal Addict?s Guide offers travelers the most diverse look at global volunteer programs for working with animals available in any book. It presents page after page of rock-solid information. Explore detailed listings from multiple organizations - big and small - all in one place. Discover volunteer expeditions you never dreamed existed. Save hundreds of hours in research by comparing your options in an instant. Read inspiring stories by volunteer travels who walk the walk. Find volunteer opportunities by county, category, even favorite species Lose yourself among a wealth of options and inspirations for every style of traveler: budget, families, teens, all-inclusive, self-guided, solo, gap year, seniors, expeditions, grassroots, homestays, and more! Unearth your passion: wildlife, domestics, field studies, conservation, animal shelters, rescue and rehabilitation, paleontology, marine mammals, coral reef preservation, conservation education, skilled or novice. Map the coastal ecosystems of Tobago Prevent elephant-human conflicts in Namibia Work as an eco-volunteer at a Kibbutz in Israel Track snow leopards in the Altai Mountains of Russia Cowboy up to aid wild horses in America?s Wild West Be a friend to felines on the shores of Caye Caulker in Belize Rescue temple dogs among Thailand?s ancient Buddhist wats Offer a helping hand to a sanctuary protecting the donkeys of Corfu Catalog Humpbacks, dolphins, and dugongs of the Comoros Archipelago Have a pouch full of fun while conserving wildlife in the Australian Outback Assist panda keepers in preserving one of the world?s most endangered species The World is Yours for the Saving!

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     Self-Publisher's Book Plan: How to Plan, Prepare, Publish & Promote Your Nonfiction Book
Publisher: Paper Lantern
Author(s): Lindsay Whiting

If your passion is writing, speaking, or teaching because you want to make a contribution and impact the lives of others, self-publishing can be a richly rewarding endeavor. Self-Publisher?s Book Plan guides you in how to publish your nonfiction book using customized, step-by-step Action Plans at your own pace, in a way that reflects your personal style.

Dozens of books on the market today contain overwhelming amounts of information on writing techniques, preparing a manuscript, print on demand services, page layout programs, e-book conversion, and book marketing. Sorting through the mountains of facts, generalized advice, and how-to tips can be daunting to a first-time author/publisher. The Self-Publisher?s Book Plan cuts the confusion and saves you time by guiding you from polishing your manuscript to publishing and selling your book?all at your own pace and in a way that reflects your personal style. You won?t find a one-size-fits-all approach between these covers. Instead you learn how to devise your own customized plan for your particular manuscript, including its genre and market position. Everything you need to plan, publish, and create a great experience for your readers can be found in these pages.

Here?s what you will find in Self-Publisher?s Book Plan:

  • How to choose book models you want to emulate
  • How to develop your manuscript with the help of editors
  • How to research and make a list of competitive titles in your book?s genre
  • How to compare the best publishing options for your book
  • How to prepare a print production budget
  • How to increase book sales by adding e-book formats
  • How to plan for sales and marketing
  • How to assemble your team of professional contractors

"One of the most well-organized and thoughtfully presented guides to self-publishing on the market. Whiting carefully walks the reader through every critical step in what can be an overwhelming process and provides a much-needed resource for those just starting out. A must have for aspiring authors and self-publishers."

?Stacie Vander Pol, author of Top Self Publishing Firms

?The best part of Lindsay Whiting's Self-Publisher's Book Plan is her action steps at the end of each chapter. Very useful.?

?John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

?In Self-Publisher's Book Plan, Lindsay Whiting has compiled one of the most helpful publishing books out there. It is easy down-to-earth reading, not just theory. The section on non-bookstore marketing is right on the mark.?

?Brian Jud, author of How to Make Real Money Selling Books and Beyond the Bookstore

"Everything self-publishers need to plan, publish, and begin promoting their books can be found in these pages. The resource section alone is worth the price."

?Rick Frishman, author of 12 books including The AUTHOR 101 Series

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     Blended Learning in Grades 4-12: Leveraging the Power of Technology to Create Student-Centered Classrooms
Publisher: Corwin Press
Author(s): Catlin R. (Rice) Tucker

This guide helps teachers integrate online with face-to-face instruction to personalize learning, increase engagement, and prepare students for high-stakes exams without sacrificing class time.

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     Educating Educators with Social Media (Cutting-Edge Technologies in Higher Education)
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing
Author(s): Charles Wankel

Social media are increasingly popular platforms for collaboration and quick information sharing. This volume is a collection of reports on how these technologies are being used to educate educators with social media in creative and effective ways. Social networking technologies enable the integration of students and alumni in co-curricular activities in exciting and still evolving ways. The use of wikis, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, Flickr, Delicious, YouTube, Yahoo Pipes, Diigo, Second Life, Moodle, and other Web 2.0 technologies are shown in vivid examples and insightful critiques. The processes, design, delivery and evaluation of instruction using social media are examined in detail and include such topics as: the use of social media in developing countries for new approaches to teaching as support for individual and peer-based learning; new teaching orientations premised on social media such as focused distraction; enhancing in-class participation; how instructors are increasing the technical expertise that is needed by educators to develop their own 21st century curricula projects; and, creating an ecosystem for life-long learning through social media.

1. New Directions in Teaching Technologies: Introduction to Educating Educators with Social Media
2. The Birth of a Social Networking Phenomenon
3. Facebook and Education: A Classroom Connection?
4. Social Media for Higher Education in Developing Countries: An Intercultural Perspective
5. A Social Media Approach to Higher Education
6. Creating an Ecosystem for Life-Long Learning through Social Media: A Graduate Experience
7. The Networked Class in a Master Program: Personalization and Openness through Social Media
8. Future Social Learning Networks at Universities: An Exploratory Seminar Setting
9. Connecting Future Teachers with the Teachers of Today
10. Role of the Tutor in Enabling Student Learning through the Use of a Wiki
11. Technology Integration Can Be Delicious: Social Bookmarking as a Technology Integration Tool
12. Public Issues, Private Concerns: Social Media and Course Management Systems in Higher Education
13. Web 2.0: Information Literacy, Libraries, and Pedagogies
14. Social Annotation to Enhance Learning and Assessment in Higher Education
15. Our Head in the Cloud: Transforming Work on College Completion
16. Enhancing In-Class Participation in a Web 2.0 World
17. (Social) Media Literacy: Challenges and Opportunities for Educators
18. Social Media Killed the LMS: Re-imagining the Traditional Learning Management System in the Age of Blogs and Online Social Networks
19. Twitter in Higher Education

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     Release Your Inner Goddess
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author(s): Goddess Maryann Kudera

A tool kit of sorts to help guide you on your life's journey. A book of learning, growing, sharing and courage. May it help you find your dreams and make them come to life. A journal for notes, love letters to yourself, things I have done to assist me in taking care of myself. Perhaps they can be of assistance to you too. If you feel called to this book, I hope it helps you with whatever it is you need sweet pea!

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     The Approximate Value of Pi: A Coffee Table Madddness Book
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author(s): Ima Snidely

Contains an approximation for the value of the number known at "pi" -- using about 100 pages! It's a goofy novelty book, and it should be noted that your phone number is probably listed somewhere inside! The book contains all of your favorite digits from 0 to 9, including 4, 7 and 8! As a bonus, the fact that it covers only one topic means that no annoying index is needed. This and other books by the same author are available at

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     EasyTerms Terminology Guidebook for Cell Biology
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author(s): Ed Creager

This is an easy-to-use terminology guidebook that is presented in a convenient paperback format. The book contains over 1,200 college-level terms relating to cell biology, along with their definitions. The book also includes a complete index and table of contents. Although this is college-level material, high school students can use EasyTerms guidebooks to prepare for college, getting a "jump start" on learning words that they'll need before they even arrive on campus. Additionally, the guidebooks can help nearly anyone boost their vocabulary. There are eight other EasyTerms editions available for various sciences, including Biology, Botany, Zoology and Human Anatomy & Physiology.

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     In Peril's Way: A Detective Dylan Greene Mystery
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author(s): Jeremy G. Woods

Detective Dylan Greene is on his way home from a case to spend time with his fianc�e when he stumbles onto another case.

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     My Master's Degree is Useless?!?!: How Chelsea Handler, Booze, and Reality TV Teach Better Modern-Day Business Lessons Better Than the Lecture Halls
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author(s): Sonja Landis

A book about Real Life, Real Business, and Real Money. A book about Lifestyle, Careers, and Entrepreneurship in the New Economy. A book to inspire you to greatness, and make you laugh. A LOT! A book about Personal Development with a side of Awesome-sauce... ("I put that sh*t on everything!") Caution: I cuss. In my book. Often. I also encourage drinking and provide several amazing Sangria recipes. How's THAT for a Business Book YOU want to read!?!?

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     Psychic Meatloaf - Journal Of Contemporary Poetry - Iss. 4
Author(s): George Mckim

Psychic Meatloaf Poetry Journal - Issue 4 is an incredible collection of Free Verse and Experimental Poetry by 45 emerging and established poets, most of whom have been published in numerous books and journals. The work ranges from the accessible to the experimental and abstract. I'm certain that you will enjoy the imaginative and thought provoking poetry in this handsome volume, a must for any serious poetry collection.

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