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     Foundations & Concrete Work (For Pros by Pros)
Publisher: Taunton Press

The For Pros By Pros titles are compilations of articles from Fine Homebuilding magazine, selected by the editors of the magazine and organized by subject. New articles from recent issues of the magazine have been added to this edition of Foundations and Concrete Work. Updated and redesigned throughout, this book gives builders the very best and current information.

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     Miller's Guide to Foundations and Sitework (Miller's Guides)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Author(s): Mark Miller, Rex Miller

Essential information taking the user beyond the three titles already available with IN THE HOUSE Information (Wiring the Home, Plumbing The Home, and Home Remodeling). For those who want to work ON THE HOUSE, starts from scratch like selecting the site or lot, choosing the footings, and the type of foundation to fit the type of house preferred or being plan. For people who want to build from the ground up, or at the same time, includes those who are still mentally planning to build. For those who want to figure how to repair certain things about the foundation, footing, and why the site is or is not suitable. From starting the job to completion, including real examples offered for nearly every application. Provides essential information needed to plan, manage and complete the job. Tip boxes included throughout.

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     Make It Right: Expert Advice on Home Renovations
Publisher: Time Home Entertainment
Author(s): Mike Holmes

Star of the popular HGTV program Holmes on Homes, Mike Holmes has written a book every home owner considering or actually doing a renovation needs to have.

His book, Make It Right, walks readers through a renovation from start to fi nish, from the process of fi nding a reliable contractor to explaining the inner workings of a house. Holmes covers the most popular renovation projects and describes the most common pitfalls. Packed with informative sidebars, checklists, diagrams and photographs, all showing what to expect from contractors and trades people and how to keep every renovation running on time and on budget, Make It Right is the book you need to read before you plan a renovation. Be smart. Take charge. Get it right the fi rst time.

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     Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 Days.: Bridal Beauty, Health & Staying Stress Free in the Last Month Before Your Wedding Day
Publisher: 30 Day Books
Author(s): Laura Pepper

"A lot of fun to read!"�
Brandy, Reader.

"The perfect guide for the bride who wants to take care of herself. A fun read!"�
Kim Gruenenfelder, Author of A Total Waste of Make Up

If you are getting married this year and want to look and feel FANTASTIC on your big day, this book is for you. It lays out easy tips and advice so that no matter how busy you are with wedding planning, you can buff your way to beautiful for the wedding day.

A note from the Author...

"A year before my wedding I was telling myself that I needed to get into shape. Needed to whiten my teeth, work out, tone up, get my skin nice and clear... & so much more.�

I had noooooo idea that wedding planning was going to mean less sleep, more stress and almost no free time. So draining and time consuming. Sound familiar?�

Friends tying the knot have told me over and over again that they feel this way too. And SO.... This book was written for you, the busy bride-to-be who wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day, but has a real life - and a busy one at that - too!

After preparing for my own wedding (actually three of them - all to the same man! We have friends and family EVERYWHERE), I had the idea to write this guide - to put together all of the information brides would ever want to know in order to�look and feel wonderful.

There are a whole host of emotional issues connected with getting married. That's why I included the 'Staying Stress Free' section which covers all of the emotional issues that brides to be face - out of character Mom's, changing relationships with friends, bridesmaids, fiance's... the whole shebang - as well as stress, sleep and anxiety problems. I think you might need this section alone... ;)

This is a no-nonsense, easy to follow collection of advice for brides like you and I - those who want to look and feel fantastic for the wedding, but not let it take over their life because, well, life still goes on. Enjoy!"

You too can join the GLOWING brides that have read and loved this book.�

"It is so refreshing to read something that is truly informative and written in such a way that speaks to me! I LOVED reading it! I learned so much!!!!"Allison, Reader.

Get your hands on a copy now!

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     The Manual of Below-Grade Waterproofing Systems
Publisher: Wiley
Author(s): Justin Henshell

As the arsenal of weapons against leakage has grown, so has confusion among architects and engineers attempting to select the best below-grade waterproofing systems and materials. Manufacturers literature offers little assistance during the selection process, as well as being biased in favor of a particular product. The first guide devoted exclusively to the subject, The Manual of Below-Grade Waterproofing Systems picks up where manufacturers manuals leave off.

Written by an architect with more than twenty years of experience designing habitable underground spaces, it provides frank, unbiased appraisals of various waterproofing materials and systems. This manual presents architects and engineers with expert guidance on selecting, designing with, and specifying waterproofing materials and systems. Justin Henshell walks you step by step through the entire waterproofing process from determining waterproofing needs to selecting and specifying waterproofing systems to preparing detailed drawings for construction documents. And throughout, he offers architectural details which illustrate general design principles, as well as high-quality photographs of waterproofing failures that help you to more clearly comprehend common design errors and problems associated with various waterproofing materials.

The Manual of Below-Grade Waterproofing Systems is an indispensable working resource for architects, civil engineers, contractors, specifiers, materials manufacturers, landscape architects, and all other professionals involved with the design and construction of habitable underground spaces.

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     Foundations and Concrete Work
Publisher: Taunton Press

-- Features mixing and curing concrete, insulating foundations, and building retaining walls

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     Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods
Publisher: Wiley
Author(s): Edward Allen

This Third Edition of the classic Fundamentals of Building Construction offers a panoramic view of today's construction systems-from foundation to roof, exterior cladding to interior finishes. Every common system of construction is covered, including wood light frame construction, heavy timber, masonry, steel, sitecast concrete, and precast concrete. New chapters offer coverage of light gauge steel frame construction and detailed information on selecting windows and doors.

Architect and author Edward Allen addresses the history, theory, and practice of each type of construction, including typical details of assembly. The lucid text is supported by more than 600 photographs and 400 line drawings, many of them arranged in sequences that illustrate construction operations step-by-step. More than 200 of the illustrations were prepared especially for this new edition. These include photographs of recent work by Horst Berger, Helmut Jahn, Cesar Pelli, Frank Gehry, Eric Owen Moss, Steven Holl, and Suzane Reatig.

This book is an essential reference for students of architecture, civil engineering, and construction technology. It finds everyday use in virtually every architecture firm in North America.

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     Earthbag Building: The Tools, Tricks and Techniques (Natural Building Series)
Publisher: New Society Publishers
Author(s): Kaki Hunter, Donald Kiffmeyer

Over 70 percent of Americans cannot afford to own a code-enforced, contractor-built home. This has led to widespread interest in using natural materials?straw, cob, and earth?for building homes and other buildings that are inexpensive, and that rely largely on labor rather than expensive and often environmentally-damaging outsourced materials.

Earthbag Building is the first comprehensive guide to all the tools, tricks, and techniques for building with bags filled with earth?or earthbags. Having been introduced to sandbag construction by the renowned Nader Khalili in 1993, the authors developed this "Flexible Form Rammed Earth Technique" over the last decade. A reliable method for constructing homes, outbuildings, garden walls and much more, this enduring, tree-free architecture can also be used to create arched and domed structures of great beauty?in any region, and at home, in developing countries, or in emergency relief work.

This profusely illustrated guide first discusses the many merits of earthbag construction, and then leads the reader through the key elements of an earthbag building:
Special design considerations
Foundations, walls and floors
Electrical, plumbing and shelving
Lintels, windows and door installations
Roofs, arches and domes
Exterior and interior plasters.

With dedicated sections on costs, making your own specialized tools, and building code considerations, as well as a complete resources guide, Earthbag Building is the long-awaited, definitive guide to this uniquely pleasing construction style.

Kaki Hunter and Donald Kiffmeyer have been involved in the construction industry for the last 20 years, specializing in affordable, low-tech, low-impact building methods that are as natural as possible. They developed the "Flexible Form Rammed Earth Technique" of building affordably with earthbags and have taught the subject and contributed their expertise to several books and journals on natural building.

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     Builder's Guide to Foundations and Floor Framing
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Author(s): Dan Ramsey

This professional's guide blends information on emerging techniques and technology with how-to sections on installing and repairing foundations and floor framing for residential and light commercial construction.

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     Jemma Kidd Make-up Masterclass: Beauty Bible of Professional Techniques and Wearable Looks
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Author(s): Jemma Kidd

?Millions of women throughout the world wear make-up, but few of them have been taught how to apply it.? This is what inspired leading international make-up artist Jemma Kidd?s vision for her make-up school, product line, and now book, which aims to teach a new generation of women how to use the latest and best techniques.
Jemma Kidd Make-Up Masterclass is a glamorous, contemporary yet timeless book that demystifies the art of make-up and shows women how to enhance their best features and feel confident in their appearance, whatever your age or lifestyle. Beautifully photographed and designed, it offers expert advice in an accessible format: informative text is broken down into bite-size chunks, with tips, insider secrets, and practical stepby- step instructions for fail-safe techniques to maximize natural beauty.
While sharing insights into her life in the beauty industry and a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the preparation that goes on before a show or a photo shoot, Jemma explains how she works with the latest trends to create new looks and color schemes, and shows how extreme looks can be adapted and toned down for everyday wear.

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     The Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling
Publisher: Chelsea Green
Author(s): Daniel D. Chiras

Passive solar heating and passive cooling?approaches known as natural conditioning?provide comfort throughout the year by reducing, or eliminating, the need for fossil fuel. Yet while heat from sunlight and ventilation from breezes is free for the taking, few modern architects or builders really understand the principles involved. Now Dan Chiras, author of the popular book ?The Natural House,? brings those principles up to date for a new generation of solar enthusiasts. The techniques required to heat and cool a building passively have been used for thousands of years. Early societies such as the Native American Anasazis and the ancient Greeks perfected designs that effectively exploited these natural processes. The Greeks considered anyone who didn't use passive solar to heat a home to be a barbarian! In the United States, passive solar architecture experienced a major resurgence of interest in the 1970s in response to crippling oil embargoes. With grand enthusiasm but with scant knowledge (and sometimes little common sense), architects and builders created a wide variety of solar homes. Some worked pretty well, but looked more like laboratories than houses. Others performed poorly, overheating in the summer because of excessive or misplaced windows and skylights, and growing chilly in the colder months because of insufficient thermal mass and insulation and poor siting. In ?The Solar House,? Dan Chiras sets the record straight on the vast potential for passive heating and cooling. Acknowledging the good intentions of misguided solar designers in the past, he highlights certain egregious?and entirely avoidable?errors. More importantly, Chiras explains in methodical detail how today's home builders can succeed with solar designs. Now that energy efficiency measures including higher levels of insulation and multi-layered glazing have become standard, it is easier than ever before to create a comfortable and affordable passive solar house that will provide year-round comfort in any climate. Moreover, since modern building materials and airtight construction methods sometimes result in air-quality and even toxicity problems, Chiras explains state-of-the-art ventilation and filtering techniques that complement the ancient solar strategies of thermal mass and daylighting. Chiras also explains the new diagnostic aids available in printed worksheet or software formats, allowing readers to generate their own design schemes.

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     How to Build Small Barns & Outbuildings
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC
Author(s): Monte Burch

By building your own barn or�outbuilding, you can save about half the cost of hiring professionals--or you can put up a larger building on the same budget. In How to Build Small Barns & Outbuildings, Monte Burch takes you step-by-step through the building process, from planning and laying out a site to framing, roofing, wiring, plumbing, and much more.

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     Roofing Construction & Estimating
Publisher: Craftsman Book Co
Author(s): Daniel Atcheson

Installation, repair and estimating for nearly every type of roof covering available today in residential and commercial structures: asphalt shingles, roll roofing, wood shingles and shakes, clay tile, slate, metal, built-up, and elastomeric.

Covers sheathing and underlayment techniques, as well as secrets for installing leakproof valleys. Many estimating tips help you minimize waste, as well as insure a profit on every job. Troubleshooting techniques help you identify the true source of most leaks.

Over 300 large, clear illustrations help you find the answer to just about all your roofing questions.

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     Insulate & Weatherize (Taunton's Build Like a Pro)
Publisher: Taunton Press
Author(s): Bruce Harley

From the most basic solutions to advanced, energy-saving projects, no book covers home insulation and weatherization like this one. Homeowners will learn how best to keep their homes warm in winter, cool in summer and weather-tight all year long.

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     The Natural House: A Complete Guide to Healthy, Energy-Efficient, Environmental Homes
Publisher: Chelsea Green
Author(s): Daniel D. Chiras

The Natural House is a tour of the construction, costs, and pros and cons of fourteen natural building methods. Straw Bale, Rammed Earth, Cob, Cordwood, Adobe, Earthbags, Papercrete, Earthships?whatever the method, the common goal is to create a house that is economical, energy efficient, nontoxic, soothing to the soul, kind to the environment, and pleasing to behold. This comprehensive sourcebook offers in-depth information that will guide your search for the perfect sustainable dream home. It is a must for home builders, contractors, and architects.
Author Dan Chiras shows how you can gain energy independence and reduce your environmental impact through passive solar heating and cooling techniques, solar electricity, wind power, and micro-hydropower. He also explains safe, economical ways to obtain clean drinking water and treat wastewater, and discusses affordable green products.
While he's an unabashed advocate of natural building techniques, Chiras takes care not to romanticize and to alert readers to avoidable pitfalls. His detailed, practical, and ecologically sound advice can save tens of thousands of dollars, whether you are buying, building, or renovating a natural home.

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     Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods
Publisher: Wiley
Author(s): Edward Allen, Joseph Iano

Now in its Fourth Edition, Fundamentals of Building Construction is an essential textbook that has been used by thou-sands of students annually in schools of architecture, engineering, and construction technology. The best-selling reference focuses on the basic materials and methods used in building construction. Emphasizing common construction systems such as light wood frames, masonry bearing walls, steel frames, and reinforced concrete, the new edition includes new coverage of green design and energy-efficient construction energies, and is based on the International Building Code(r).

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     Adobe Houses for Today: Flexible Plans for Your Adobe Home
Publisher: Sunstone Press
Author(s): Laura Sanchez, Alex Sanchez

Since Adobe Houses for Today first appeared, interest in energy efficiency has exploded. Showing the pathway to smaller, solar tempered, easy-to-heat homes using adobe, one of the world's most energy efficient building materials, makes this book about adobe houses not only for today, but also for tomorrow. Adobe Houses for Today features 12 plans for compact, beautifully proportioned adobe homes in modern and traditional styles. The richly illustrated text shows how the basic houses, designed for today's smaller families, can be expanded and adapted to fit readers' own budgets, family sizes, style preferences, and building sites. After a brief look at adobe's rich history, Adobe Houses for Today surveys adobe's advantages as a building material, illustrates adobe construction, and gives an eye-opening tour through the facts and fantasies of energy conservation. The heart of the book details the plans, using them as examples of design techniques that increase livability and control costs in any house. The book and its minimal-cost construction drawings are valuable, enjoyable tools for those buying, building, or remodeling a house. With this new edition, which includes an additional chapter with stories from people who have built the houses, construction drawings are now available for some of the expanded versions.

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     My House Is Killing Me!: The Home Guide for Families with Allergies and Asthma
Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Author(s): Jeffrey C. May

It's a world we barely see, but it is teeming with life. In the dust of a typical house, carpet beetles, mites, silverfish, and other creatures live and die, producing new generations every few months. Mold, bacteria, and yeast lurk undetected in heating and cooling systems. Debris dispersed into the air from these organisms can cause runny noses, itchy eyes, coughing, headaches, and breathing difficulties. Some people, especially those made highly sensitive by allergies, suffer from devastating health problems and the worry that, as one such sufferer lamented, "My house is killing me!"

Scrutinizing house dust and air samples with a microscope, indoor air quality expert Jeffrey C. May has spent his career helping people identify what's causing their chronic health problems. In My House Is Killing Me! he draws on the dramatic personal stories of his clients' suffering and relief to help readers understand the links between environmental factors and problems like allergies and asthma. Explaining how air conditioning, finished basements, and other home features affect air quality, he offers a step-by-step approach to identifying, controlling, and often eliminating the sources of indoor pollutants and allergens. If we could see this contamination, May observes, the air would look as murky as stagnant water, and we would know not to breathe it.

Reading My House Is Killing Me! lets you see your house the way an expert would. Just as he looks at spaces and systems during an indoor air quality investigation, May focuses first on the areas of daily life (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen), then looks into attics and basements (including heating and air conditioning), and finally moves outside to the garage and the exterior of a home. Along with offering a wealth of practical advice and proven solutions for various problems, he includes a glossary of terms and a list of valuable resources.

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     The Ultimate Guide to Homesteading: An Encyclopedia of Independent Living (The Ultimate Guides)
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Author(s): Nicole Faires

Everything you ever wanted to know about self-reliance, preparedness, survival, and sustainable homesteading in one simple guide.

Can you make your own bread (sans bread machine)? Grow a garden all winter? What can you use instead of toilet paper? What if the power went out for a month? What if the grocery store closed? Can you make a solar oven? Store food without electricity? Raise a water buffalo? Make fine linen from stinging nettle? Make your own shampoo? Deliver a baby? Is it possible to be totally self-sufficient? This massive, full-color book answers all these questions and thousands more and includes checklists, diagrams, and instructions on how to buy a sheep.

All of the information included meets these criteria: It is something that anyone can do, without special training. It can be done with relatively few supplies or with stuff you can make yourself. It has been tried and tested?either by the author, the military, doctors, or other homesteaders.

The Ultimate Guide to Homesteading
is not a storybook or a cookbook. It is a practical guide with nitty-gritty details on everything a homesteader can do, step-by-step with hundreds of color illustrations and pen and ink sketches. You can do it! This book can help. 200 color and 200 black-and-white illustrations

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     Ultimate Guide to Home Repair & Improvement (Ultimate Guide To... (Creative Homeowner))
Publisher: Creative Homeowner
Author(s): Editors of Creative Homeowner

Creative Homeowner's Ultimate Guide to Home Repair & Improvement is the largest, most comprehensive home-improvement book on the market-608 pages packed with over 3,300 photos and illustrations. This clearly written, sensible how-to book covers the home top to bottom, inside and out. The reader will find out about common repairs step-by-step, including wiring and electricity, plumbing, floors and stairs, walls and ceilings, basements and attics, improvements top to bottom, yards and gardens, decks and porches, exterior structures, masonry, framing and carpentry, roofing and siding, and much more. There is information about tools, materials, and basic skills, and over 300 step-by-step projects with full-color how-to photo sequences. The book also includes full-color illustrations that peel away the mysteries of remodeling and repair work, as well as informative charts and maps. In addition, there is a comprehensive index, a glossary of terms, and a 12-page, chapter-by-chapter resource guide, offering consumer information on products and services shown in the books.

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