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     Sustainability in the Process Industry: Integration and Optimization (Green Manufacturing & Systems Engineering)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Author(s): Jiri Klemes, Ferenc Friedler, Igor Bulatov, Petar Varbanov

Improve the energy efficiency of process industry practices

Sustainability in the Process Industry explains process integration and optimization and discusses applications for improving the energy and water efficiency of industrial as well as nonindustrial energy users. Approaches for adapting these methodologies to include the integration of waste and renewable energy sources are covered. This authoritative text contains eight industrial-based case studies and nine testing examples with developed solutions. Details on software tools are also included in this practical guide.

  • Optimization goals and application areas within sustainable industrial process design and integration
  • Formulating sustainable tasks as optimization problems
  • Improving energy efficiency through process integration
  • Heat exchange and heat recovery
  • Water/mass integration
  • Minimizing water use and efficient generation
  • New, relevant process integration research results
  • Process optimization frameworks, including mathematical programming and P-graph and S-graph frameworks
  • Applications of process integration, modeling, and optimization software tools

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     Yordan Varbanov
Publisher: Loc Publishing

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Yordan Varbanov (born 15 February 1980) is a Bulgarian footballer who plays for Lokomotiv Sofia as a defender. Varbanov previously played for CSKA Sofia and Lokomotiv Sofia in the Bulgarian A PFG. PFC Nesebar is a Bulgarian football club from the town of Nesebar, currently playing in the East B PFG, the second division of Bulgarian football. PFC Spartak Varna is a Bulgarian professional football club based in Varna, which currently competes in the East B PFG, the second division of the Bulgarian football league system.

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     Greek Imperial Coins and Their Value Vol. 1 - Dacia, Moesia Superior, Moesia Inferior (Greek Imperial Coins, Volume 1)
Publisher: ADICOM
Author(s): Ivan Varbanov

Vol. 1 Dacia, Moesia Superior, Moesia Inferior - in English, 1st Edition, Bourgas 2005, Leather-hardbound with dust jacket, 472 pages. Volume 1 contains short descriptions of the obverse and reverse types of Greek Imperial coins struck in the Balkan mints, followed by a detailed description of the Greek Imperial coins struck in Dacia, Moesia Superior Viminacium) and Moesia Inferior (Callatis, Dionysopolis, Istrus, Marcianopolis, Nicopolis ad Istrum, Odessus and Tomi). Over 5,820 Greek Imperial coins are described and 1,720 black-and-white photographs presented. In the Appendix there is a detailed map of the cities on the Balkan Peninsula which issued Greek Imperial coins, as well as an index of the emperors, their relatives, and the people depicted on the coins. The valuations given in this catalogue are with degree of rarity from R1 to R10. Each original book goes with a replica of a rare species from Marcianopolis.

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     Greek Imperial Coins Vol.ii Thrace (From Abdera to Pautalia)
Publisher: Adicom
Author(s): Ivan Varbanov

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