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     Tally O'Malley (MathStart 2)
Publisher: HarperCollins
Author(s): Stuart J. Murphy

The O'Malleys are off to the beach! But it's a long, hot, boring drive. What can Eric, Bridget, and Nell do to keep busy? Play tally games, of course -- counting up all the gray cars or green T-shirts they see. Whoever has the most marks at the end wins the game.

Eric wins the first game. Bridget wins the second. It seems like poor Nell will never win a game! But Nell has the luck of the Irish on her side, and a surprise in store for her big brother and sister.

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     The Tally
Author(s): E.G. Wolverson


Welcome to the Student Bubble.

Welcome to a world where the DJs play the same songs in the same order every single night, and the one (and only) hit wonder reigns supreme. Welcome to a world of crude cartoon and misplaced melodrama; a world free of all but the most trifling of consequences, where exaggerated sensitivity is rife and a semester's success or suicide hangs on the whim of a woman.

Young Tommo wiles away his evenings in a purple drunken stupor, lost to the tender mercies of what he desperately wishes was a hopeless love affair, but in reality isn't even that. Gristle, meanwhile, is enraged when his weak-bladdered housemate Spadge moves out, only to be replaced by a neurotic freak named Jamal, who dares not only to bring books into his house, but to read them too.

And for poor Will, matters are even worse. Women are staying in of a night! How's he supposed to rack up his 'tally' of conquests if women daren't leave their digs? They're all terrified that they'll be the next to fall prey to the invisible menace that has started stealing students away from the streets of Hull. Will has nothing to fear though - after all, he has his recently arrived destitute father to watch his back. And the fearsome Gristle. And the zealously neurotic Jamal. And the dangerously depressed Tom...

The Student Bubble is about to burst, and when it does, the degenerate residents of 146 Worthington Street will find themselves drowning in a reality that they're not equipped to comprehend, let alone survive in.

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     Paris versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities
Publisher: Penguin Books
Author(s): Vahram Muratyan

A chic and humorous visual homage to two of the world's most iconic cities.

When Vahram Muratyan began his online travel journal, Paris versus New York, he had no idea how quickly it would become one of the most buzzed-about sites on the Internet-it garnered more than a million and a half page views in just a few months, and the attention of savvy online critics. Now Muratyan presents his unique observations in this delightful book, featuring visually striking graphics paired with witty, thought-provoking taglines that celebrate the special details of each city. Paris versus New York is a heartfelt gift to denizens of both cities and to those who dream of big-city romance.

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     Toni Morrison's Beloved: Origins (Routledge Transnational Perspectives on American Literature)
Publisher: Routledge
Author(s): Justine Tally

This work expands the scope of Morrison's project to examine the ways and means of memory in the preservation of belief systems passed down from the earliest civilizations (both the Classical Greek and the Ancient Egyptian) as a challenge to the sterility of modernity. Moreover, this research explores the author's specific use of Foucauldian theory as a vehicle for her narrative, which reclaims the very origins of civilization's primal concerns with life, procreation and regeneration, springing from the very Heart of Africa. Despite the weight of "white" authority and the disparaging of "blackness," Beloved's multiple "ghosts" conjure up a legacy so potent that no authoritarian discourse has been able to entirely erase it, a legacy that still speaks to us from a heritage we no longer acknowledge yet that nevertheless remains, and sustains us.

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     Tally's Corner: A Study of Negro Streetcorner Men (Legacies of Social Thought Series)
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Author(s): Elliott Liebow

The first edition of Tally's Corner, a sociological classic selling more than one million copies, was the first compelling response to the culture of poverty thesis-- that the poor are different and, according to conservatives, morally inferior--and alternative explanations that many African Americans are caught in a tangle of pathology owing to the absence of black men in families. The debate has raged up to the present day. Yet Liebow's shadow theory of values?especially the values of poor, urban, black men-?remains the single most parsimonious account of the reasons why the behavior of the poor appears to be at odds with the values of the American mainstream.

While Elliot Liebow's vivid narrative of "street-corner" black men remains unchanged, the new introductions to this long-awaited revised edition bring the book up to date. Wilson and Lemert describe the debates since 1965 and situate Liebow's classic text in respect to current theories of urban poverty and race. They account for what Liebow might have seen had he studied the street corner today after welfare has been virtually ended and the drug economy had taken its toll. They also take stock of how the new global economy is a source of added strain on the urban poor. Discussion of field methods since the 1960s rounds out the book's new coverage.

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     Little Footsteps.
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
Author(s): Ted Tally, Ted Tally

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Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
Author(s): Ted Tally, Ted Tally

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     Paris versus New York Postcard Box: A Tally of Two Cities in 100 Postcards
Publisher: Potter Style
Author(s): Vahram Muratyan

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     Terra Nova.
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
Author(s): Ted Tally, Ted Tally

Drawn from the journals and letters found on the frozen body of Captain Scott, the action of the play blends scenes of the explorer and his men at various stages of their ordeal, with flashbacks of Scott and his young wife and with fateful glimpses of his Norwegian rival, Roald Amundsen, whose party beat him to the South Pole. Refusing the use of sled dogs as unsporting, Scott and his team struggle to drag their heavy gear across a frozen wasteland, only to find that Amundsen has preceded them to their goal. The play is also a study of British pride and upper-class resolve-Scott's aristocratic sense of destiny and command and his young bride's ability to understand her husband's compulsive drive while failing to accept his motivations. But it is in the tragic trip back, as the members of the expedition die one by one, that the play reaches its dramatic apogee, capturing with chilling intensity the awesome bravery of men who must accept the bitter knowledge that suffering and death will be the only reward for their heroism.

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     Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage Pb
Publisher: Bounty Books
Author(s): Enid Blyton

In this Enid Blyton adventure for the "Five Find-Outers and Dog" - Fatty, Larry, Daisy, Pip, Bets and Buster - the children turn detectives.

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     SilverFast: The Official Guide
Publisher: Sybex
Author(s): Taz Tally

Your Key to Better Scans, Beautiful Images, and Improved Efficiency

Whether you're new to scanning or a seasoned pro, SilverFast: The Official Guide gives you the practical knowledge you need to achieve the best possible scans and images using any of the SilverFast products: SilverFast Ai, SE, DC, HDR, or PhotoCD. You get a thorough introduction to scanning basics, in-depth instruction in correction techniques, and tips for using SilverFast's advanced features. Written by a widely acclaimed graphics expert, with the full support of Lasersoft Imaging, this is the authoritative SilverFast resource.

Coverage includes:

  • Understanding resolution
  • Understanding color modes, spaces, and theory
  • Understanding scanner operation
  • Setting up scanner defaults and workspace
  • Calibrating your scanner
  • Making a quick scan
  • Setting advanced options
  • Identifying problems using the densitometer and histogram
  • Correcting images selectively using masks
  • Removing color casts
  • Sharpening and descreening images
  • Scanning line art, slides, and negatives
  • Using color management profiles
  • Adjusting existing images in SilverFast HDR, SilverFast DC, and SilverFast PhotoCD
  • Using batch scanning and Job Manager

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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     Callie's Tally: An Accounting of Baby's First Year (Or, What My Daughter Owes Me)
Publisher: Tarcher
Author(s): Betsy Howie

When Betsy Howie became pregnant, she realized a frightening truth: She was about to lose control. So, she itemized her concerns: Can I physically handle it? Do I have the patience for the job? Can I have my career and take care of a baby? Will I be able to sidestep my own neuroses and negativity enough to raise an at least slightly healthy human being? And, of course: Do I have enough money?

Only the last question seemed answerable. "How much does a baby really cost?" she wondered-and began saving receipts. The result was Callie's Tally, the real-life, day-by-day diary of her daughter's first year of debt.

In this deliciously engaging and irreverent memoir, Callie's expenses-Pampers, formula, York peppermint patties for Mom's postpartum blues-mount as Howie searches for a tiny corner of order in a world otherwise lost to sleepless, timeless mayhem. Part Bridget Jones's Diary (after Bridget snags the boy) and part Operating Instructions (for the fiscally obsessed), this is a wickedly funny and fresh story of shifting relationships within a modern American family.

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     Tally Cat Keeps Track (Math Is Fun!)
Publisher: Lerner Pub Group (L)
Author(s): Trudy Harris

"Tally McNally is an alley cat who loves to tally! He keeps track of all sorts of contests--who wins the most races, who is the tallest, who can climb the most trees, and more. When the results are counted up, Tally is always the winner.

One rainy day, Tally competes to become the "wettest cat." But he goes too far and gets into a jam. Will his friends--who lose to him tally after tally--find a way to save him?"

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     Tally Charts (Making Graphs)
Publisher: Capstone Press
Author(s): Bodach, Vijaya K

Keep score, count votes, and add it up with tally charts. Have fun making and using tally charts to keep count.

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     Tally-Ho Green
Publisher: Llumina Press
Author(s): Warren P. Weitzel

Them?s bullets! I thought to myself. And I kept running. When I reached a clump of trees I took cover immediately and started shaking all over. Those bastards are shooting at me and trying to kill me! What seemed like a minute of fear was probably only a few seconds, and then it kicked in. I instinctively raised my M-16 and fired away, emptying the twenty-round clip. Bullets were zinging through the air all over the place. This?was combat! In 1966, the son of a mild-mannered ex-Marine sharpshooter was a manager at an amusement park in San Jose, CA. Warren Weitzel received his invitation from the government to participate in the ongoing conflict in Vietnam. The Army wasn?t what he was expecting, but Weitzel manages to combine his life training with the Army?s training, and survived for a year ?in country?. And so here are his observations, good and bad, as a sergeant in a combat platoon.

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     Ghosts of the South Carolina Upcountry
Publisher: The History Press
Author(s): Tally Johnson

With a history that stretches back to the earliest years of America, it comes as little surprise that the Upstate region of South Carolina is home to many ghosts and to hundreds of intriguing legends. In Ghosts of the South Carolina Upcountry, librarian and folklorist Tally Johnson introduces us to some of the area?s most colorful specters, from Major Ferguson, a British officer in the Revolutionary War who still haunts the grounds of his last battle at Kings Mountain, to the "Hound of Goshen," a demon dog who has been chasing passersby in Union and Newberry Counties since the mid-nineteenth century.

Among these stories Johnson weaves the local lore and history of thirteen upstate counties, drawing upon sources as varied as historic records, newspapers and personal interviews. Following Tally?s footsteps as he tours the Upcountry, the willing participant on this spooky journey can visit places like Foster?s Tavern in Spartanburg, where the sounds of ghostly piano music and horses trotting on the roof can be heard, and a bridge in Gaffney where the victim of a nearly forgotten serial killer continues to make her presence known today.

While there are numerous books re-telling the same ghost stories of the Carolinas and even more focusing on the Lowcountry, very few tales from the Upcountry have ever been published. Even longtime residents familiar with the legends of this history-rich region will be thrilled?and certainly chilled?to discover that they have far stranger and spookier neighbors than they had ever imagined.

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     Ghosts of the South Carolina Midlands
Publisher: The History Press
Author(s): Tally Johnson

From the sandy hills of Orangeburg County to wooded Greenwood County, the South Carolina Midlands are home to ghostly specters amid memories of days and deeds long gone. Behind the traditional symbols of South Carolina s genteel past flowering magnolias, gentlemen s duels and sweet tea on the veranda lies a history of violent death and a present filled with wandering souls. Drifting through the rolling hills of the South Carolina Midlands, numerous spirits still haunt this historic region. With ghoulish delight and an eye for historical detail, author and storyteller Tally Johnson traces the gory past of one of South Carolina's most historic regions and relates his own experiences with the other side.

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     Princess Tally
Author(s): Mary Carmen

Princess Tally is the oldest daughter of Potter Ontrombe, an Earthling who spent many years working all over the universe as a plumber, and Princess Yapla, the crown princess of the planet of Drintde. Tally has two younger sisters, the twins Whitta and Barda. King Ureywwwo of Drintde is her mother?s brother.

In late 2204 Potter put his little family aboard the king?s luxurious spacecraft and sent them to Earth to visit his parents in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Tally promised her father she would keep a diary for him to read upon their return, and she faithfully records for him the happenings on the craft and, later, on Earth.

This novel is the third part of the Mary Carmen?s Ontrombe trilogy. The first part, The X2906 Issues? List, describes the troubles the Ontrombe clan worked through while refurbishing craft for the rich and the filthy rich all over the universe. The second part, How Potter Ontrombe Got Hisself Thru College, describes Potter?s adventures while he tries to earn enough to pay his tuition at Swarthmore College. As Potter?s story came to a close, the forty-year-old new college graduate discovered that Princess Yapla had stolen his genetic materials and had, unbeknownst to him, been delivered of three half-Earthling daughters.

Potter?s worst fears are realized in January of 2205. King Edsella, the nasty ruler of the planet of Lillitzen, has sent a craft to Drintde. Edsella is angry with Potter for the Earthling?s refusal to break his contract with Drintde to return to Lillitzen to complete a project for Edsella.

Tally describes her Earthling relatives, including the warm Billi, her grandmother who never learned proper English; the honorable Baden, her grandfather who tries to keep the family business running in spite of his brother?s certain theft of many of the assets; the devious Uncle Conway; the selfish Aunt Geneva; and the humorous cousin Ricky. She also describes a long trip around the United States in 2205, one that takes the family to most of the seventy states.

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     Tally-Ho! (The Highwaymen)
Author(s): Kevin Grote

The chase continues.
Henry Fielding has the ?Bow Street Runners? prowling the brothels, dives, and back-alleys of London, following the slender threads of the robber gang. They are seeking Smiley, Bumble, and the mysterious ?Mouse.?
They are not alone.
Sir Nicodemus and ?The Shadows? impatiently wait for their own news from London. It depends on Jack Broughton?s connections to the underworld.
Ned Callahan heads toward Canterbury.
A ship from Pennsylvania docks in Southwark; a five person delegation of distinguished colonials is here to seek an audience with investors, financiers and bureaucrats.
Comte Del Moro is thinking about moving to the north, in hopes of purchasing a large estate near Leicester; while Sally brazenly reprises a former role in Covent Garden.
The Quorn Hunt was founded in the late seventeenth century and remains intact to this day, surviving the end of the real hunting phase of the sport.

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     Almost America: From the Colonists to Clinton: a "What If" History of the U.S.
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Author(s): Steve Tally

American history is full of difficult choices that could have gone the other way. Now Steve Tally sends you back to the most important moments in our nation's history -- and takes the other fork in the road.
  • What if the President Nixon had refused to resign and instead faced impeachment.
  • What if George Bush had dropped Dan Quayle from the 1992 Republican ticket?
  • What if Teddy Roosevelt had outlawed the new American sport of football as he threatened to do in 1906.
  • What if IBM hadn't asked Bill Gates and Microsoft to write computer code for its first personal computer?

Decisions were made. The rules were set. The battles were won. But there was always the possibility of another outcome. Almost America unravels the threads of our nations history -- from the Puritan preachers of the 1970's to the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton -- and takes you to America ( or Americas) that might have been.

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