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     Shelf Life: Stories by the Book
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers

Newbery Honor author Gary Paulsen has long been an ardent supporter of books, reading, and literacy programs. To further the cause of ProLiteracy Worldwide, he asked prominent authors to write an original story; the only restriction was that each story was to include mention of a book. The result is this collection, Shelf Life: Stories by the Book. From Jennifer L. Holm's story of a girl on Mars trying desperately to return to Earth to Gregory Maguire's domestic intrigue; from Kathleen Karr's story of a thief in turn-of-the-century Chicago to M. T. Anderson's mysterious shipboard adventure; from A. LaFaye's tale of magical wonderment to Marion Dane Bauer's story of doing good, this volume provides a full range of reading for every taste. Other authors featured here are Joan Bauer, Ellen Conford, Margaret Peterson Haddix, and Ellen Wittlinger.

Sales of this book benefit ProLiteracy Worldwide, an international network with more than 1,400 programs in the United States and 79 partner programs abroad, whose mission is to change lives through literacy.

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     Shelf Life
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author(s): Brian Bowyer

Nina has issues. She wants to be a writer when she grows up because she needs to get some things off her mind. Her mother abandoned her at birth, then went on to become the world's most popular porn star. Nina lives with her father, an alcoholic, drug-addicted screenwriter in Los Angeles. Her father's best friend (a deranged schizophrenic) also lives with them. The madness of her life is driving her crazy. Then she gets brain cancer. Determined to beat it, she meets another child genius in the hospital and they form an immediate friendship. Just as things are looking up, she discovers that her mother is not only the world's most popular porn star, but also one of the sickest serial killers imaginable. Nina has always wanted to meet her mother. Now she fears her mother wants to meet her.

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     Shelf Life: Romance, Mystery, Drama, and Other Page-Turning Adventures from a Year in a Book store
Publisher: Beacon Press
Author(s): Suzanne Strempek Shea

Suzanne Shea has always loved a good book-and she's written five of them, all acclaimed. In the course of her ten-year career, she's done a good bit of touring, including readings and drop-ins at literally hundreds of bookstores. She never visited one that wasn't memorable.

Two years ago, while recovering from radiation therapy, Shea heard from a friend who was looking for help at her bookstore. Shea volunteered, seeing it as nothing more than a way to get out of her pajamas and back into the world. But over next twelve months, from St. Patrick's Day through Poetry Month, graduation/Father's Day/summer reading/Christmas and back again to those shamrock displays, Shea lived and breathed books in a place she says sells'ideas, stories, encouragement, answers, solace, validation, the basic ammunition for daily life.' Her work was briefly interrupted by an author tour that took her to other great bookstores. Descriptions of these and her memories of book-lined rooms reaching all the way back to childhood visits to the Bookmobile are scattered throughout this charming, humorous, and engrossing account of reading and rejuvenation.

For anyone who loves books, and especially for anyone who has fallen under the spell of a special bookstore, Shelf Life will be required reading.

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     Shelf Life: How Books Have Changed the Destinies and Desires of Men and Nations
Publisher: Cumberland House Publishing
Author(s): George Grant, Karen Grant

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     Shelf Life Assessment of Food (Food Preservation Technology)
Publisher: CRC Press

Determining accurate shelf life data for foods is essential for assuring food quality and protecting consumers from the effects of degradation. With a proper balance of theory and practical examples, Shelf Life Assessment of Food presents the essential criteria and current methodologies for obtaining accurate and reliable shelf life dating. Defining the process through a series of sequential steps, the book assists and supports researchers and food industry operators in planning a shelf life study that best suits their needs.

Offering an integrated view of the present status of shelf life assessment, the book covers:

  • Definitions, basic concepts, and regulatory aspects of food shelf life
  • The shelf life assessment process, including preliminary steps, testing, modeling, and monitoring
  • Methods for determining acceptability limits
  • Critical indicators in shelf life assessment
  • Real-time and accelerated shelf life testing
  • Microbial indicators for shelf life prediction and determination
  • Survival analysis methodologies and their role in modeling shelf life
  • The effect of packaging materials properties in food shelf life assessment

The book concludes with a series of case studies involving fresh-cut apple slices, fruit juices, frozen pasta, cheese breadsticks, coffee, frozen shrimp, and fruit-based noncarbonated soft drinks. Each case study begins with a brief presentation of the product and the problem most relevant to the product?s shelf life. The studies first define acceptability limits and identify the indicators of quality loss. Next, the book examines expiration time assessment by instrumental or sensory tools.

Providing researchers and food industry operators with up-to-date data and procedures, this volume surveys the most critical factors and methods for obtaining accurate and reliable shelf life dating.

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     Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength
Publisher: William Morrow
Author(s): Bill Phillips, Michael D'Orso

Mention the name Bill Phillips to any of the people he's helped transform and you will see their faces light up with appreciation and respect. These people include:

  • Hundreds of thousands of men and women who read his magazine for guidance and straightforward information about exercise, nutrition, and living with strength.

  • Elite professional athletes, among them John Elway, Karl Malone, Mike Piazza, and Terrell Davis ?ho have turned to Phillips for clear?cut information to enhance their energy and performance.

  • People once plagued by obesity, alcoholism, and life?threatening ailments who accepted a personal challenge from Bill Phillips and, with his help, have regained control of their bodies and their lives.

    When you begin to apply the information in this book, you will be proving to yourself that astounding changes are within your grasp too. And, you will discover Body?for?LIFE is much more than a book about physical fitness ?t's a gateway to a new and better life, a life of rewarding and fulfilling moments, perhaps more spectacular than you've ever dared to dream before.

    Within 12 weeks, you too are going to know ?ot believe, but know : that the transformation you've created with your body is merely an example of the power you have to transform everything else in your world.

    In language that is vivid and down?to?earth, Bill Phillips guides you, step by step, through the integrated Body?for?LIFE Program, which reveals:

  • How to lose fat and increase your strength by exercising less, not more;

  • How to tap into an endless source of energy by living with the Power MindsetTM;

  • How to create more time for everything meaningful in your life;

  • How to trade hours of aerobics for minutes of weight training ?ith dramatic results;

  • How to make continual progress by using the High?Point TechniqueTM;

  • How to feed your muscles while starving fat with the Nutrition?for?LIFE MethodTM;

  • How thousands of ordinary people have now become extraordinary and how you can, too;

  • How to gain control of your body and life, once and for all.

    The principles of the Body?for?LIFE Program are surprisingly simple but remarkably powerful. So allow yourself to experience the force of the information in this book, allow yourself to take your mind, your body, your life to a higher point than you may have ever dreamed you could. All in as little as 12 weeks.

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     SHELF LIFE: EveryBody Has One.
Author(s): Helen M Ducal

In 2053, research scientist Stevie Pinks discovers a barcode in a human forehead which gives an expiry date and it's no fluke. Everybody has one.
If you could choose to know your expiry date...would you?

As time moves forward one more fictitious line in Shelf Life becomes fact.
Today?s science fiction is tomorrow?s documentary.

Shelf Life is about two scientists, Stevie and Max, their relationship and their opposing views on revealing a discovery that will affect each and every one of us, even more than DNA and just as deadly as the atom.
And how often scientists find one thing when they are looking for another. e.g. X-rays, penicillin. The principle of limited sloppiness.

It?s about the human ability to repair itself. No cloning, no embryos, and for years we have been throwing it away!
It?s about the first babies to leave hospital with their own Stem Cell Repair Kits. Soon to be known simply as SCRK.

A gay couple, soul mates since nursery school, who have everything but want matching eyes.

And how, although the government?s actions can be stopped they cannot always be reversed.

It?s about one man who fiddles with his barcode and does the impossible...changes his expiry date?

Fear of the unknown

Fear of certainty.

You choose.

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     Shelf Life Evaluation of Foods
Publisher: Springer
Author(s): C.M.D. Man, Adrian A. Jones

The best-selling first edition of this contributed book established itself as a highly practical and authoritative source of information on shelf-life evaluation. Every food manufacturer is concerned about shelf life, as are the major retailers and ingredient suppliers. Increasing consumer interest in food safety, quality and date marking, competitive pressures from retailers and extensive legislative changes have combined to give this subject new significance. A proper evaluation of shelf life must be grounded on sound scientific prinicles, supported by up-to-date techniques. This book begins with six chapters reviewing the principles of shelf-life evaluation, followed by ten chapters on a number of selected food products such as chilled yogurt and other dairy desserts, seafood, and meat. The latest edition has been expanded to include new chapters on HACCP, preservation technology and shelf life, and minimally processed, ready-to-eat ambient-stable meat products. Sufficient information on the principles and practice of shelf life evaluation has been included for the beginner as well as for those who are more experienced in this area.

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     The shelf life of leaders.(On Leadership): An article from: MedSurg Nursing
Publisher: Jannetti Publications, Inc.
Author(s): Karlene Kerfoot

This digital document is an article from MedSurg Nursing, published by Jannetti Publications, Inc. on October 1, 2004. The length of the article is 1716 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Digital Locker immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

Citation Details
Title: The shelf life of leaders.(On Leadership)
Author: Karlene Kerfoot
Publication: MedSurg Nursing (Refereed)
Date: October 1, 2004
Publisher: Jannetti Publications, Inc.
Volume: 13 Issue: 5 Page: 348(3)

Distributed by Thomson Gale

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     The library music CD shelf.(My Life )(My Lifelong Love )( Brazilian Beat )(12.25 )(Sound recording review): An article from: Internet Bookwatch
Publisher: Midwest Book Review
Author(s): Unavailable

This digital document is an article from Internet Bookwatch, published by Midwest Book Review on January 1, 2012. The length of the article is 645 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

Citation Details
Title: The library music CD shelf.(My Life )(My Lifelong Love )( Brazilian Beat )(12.25 )(Sound recording review)
Author: Unavailable
Publication: Internet Bookwatch (Newsletter)
Date: January 1, 2012
Publisher: Midwest Book Review
Page: NA

Article Type: Sound recording review

Distributed by Gale, a part of Cengage Learning

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     The Money/Finance Shelf.(Better for Life: Turning Financial Hardship into Your Finest Hour)(How to Live Homeless In Style: Plus, 50 Ways to Survive on ... review): An article from: Internet Bookwatch
Publisher: Midwest Book Review
Author(s): Unavailable

This digital document is an article from Internet Bookwatch, published by Midwest Book Review on October 1, 2010. The length of the article is 566 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

Citation Details
Title: The Money/Finance Shelf.(Better for Life: Turning Financial Hardship into Your Finest Hour)(How to Live Homeless In Style: Plus, 50 Ways to Survive on Plastic Bottles in These Economic Times)(The Better World Shopping Guide: Every Dollar Makes a Difference)(Book review)
Author: Unavailable
Publication: Internet Bookwatch (Newsletter)
Date: October 1, 2010
Publisher: Midwest Book Review
Page: NA

Article Type: Book review

Distributed by Gale, a part of Cengage Learning

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     Shelf Life: How I Found The Meaning of Life Stacking Supermarket Shelves
Publisher: Random House UK
Author(s): Simon Parke

The day I was appointed Chair of the shop union was the same day the Pope was elected. There the similarities end, however. For while his elevation took place beneath the fine art of the Sistine Chapel, with the mysterious white smoke rising, mine took place in the cold store, with nothing more mysterious than the bacon delivery and yesterday's waste. A vicar for twenty years, Simon Parke trades in his dog collar for a job on the tills in his local supermarket. Among the vegetable aisles and dairy produce he unpacks the meaning of life with his fellow workers, a colorful bunch. Sonny the security guard hates conflict; shelf-filler Winston knows he is destined for something better; and voluptuous Faith is generous with her wares?but sadly not with Simon. You don't have to be off your trolley to work there, but it helps. From checkout charlies to banana rage, from short-changed lows to cold store highs, Shelf Life is a pick-n-mix of wit and wisdom for anyone who loves life and hopes for more?no matter where they find themselves.

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     Shelf Life: Essays, Memoirs, and an Interview (Poets on Poetry)
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
Author(s): Thom Gunn

The first collection of Anglo-American poet Thom Gunn's prose reflections on the poet's craft.

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     The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
Publisher: Atria Books
Author(s): Jeffry S Life

This guy is for real? And he knows that it?s never too late to transform your body.

It?s very likely that you have seen Dr. Jeffry Life before. And if you have, you might have thought, How can this seventy-two-year-old doctor have the body of a thirty-year-old? But his photos are very real, and you can look just as good as he does when you take control of your health.

Back in 1998, Dr. Life was sixty years old and a stereotype of the aging man: he was overweight with a noticeable gut and little muscle tone. Even though his own medical practice was thriving, and he thought he knew everything about men?s health, the facts proved differently. His libido was low, which was ruining his self-esteem. He felt tired all the time, yet no amount of sleep made him feel well rested. It wasn?t until a cardiologist read him the riot act that he even considered that change was possible. He then decided to make critical adjustments to his diet and lifestyle, and the results have been nothing short of astounding.

More than a decade later, Dr. Life continues to look and feel younger than ever. He knows that if he can make these changes to his body, his sex life, and his health, any man can. In this revolutionary book, he?ll show how you can turn around yourhealth by using the very same program he success-fully created and follows to this day.

The Life Plan introduces a healthy aging lifestyle that any man can master, no matter what shape he may be in. It offers:

? An action-packed exercise program designed to make working out entertaining as well as improve heart health and increase muscle mass. His program taps into various disciplines?cardio workouts, resistance training, balance and core conditioning, martial arts, and Pilates.
? An easy diet, featuring delicious choices, that any man can follow, along with rules for eating out and sample recipes for the single or married guy.
? A simple nutrient supplement regimen highlighting the top supplements men may need to halt, and even reverse, the aging process.
? A prudent guide to male hormone replacement therapies based on the most up-to-date research.
? Lessons on how to get your doctor to provide the care you deserve.
? How to sidestep America?s disease-based approach to medicine and fuel optimal health.
? And much more.

By following this program you can once again enjoy an active, clear-headed, sexually satisfying, vigorous, and health-filled life, while avoiding late-onset diabetes, heart disease, and other common illnesses and complaints of aging. For men seeking to make over their bodies and turn back the clock, The Life Plan delivers the keys to a fitter body, a stronger immune system, and a richer, fuller life.

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     Freshness and Shelf Life of Foods (ACS Symposium)
Publisher: American Chemical Society

eshness and Shelf Life of Foods includes a number of disciplines which are relevant for the subject of the book: chemistry, physicis, food technology, and sensory and consumer science. Subjects include flavor, texture, characterization methods and methods to improve the freshness or shelf-life of a product.
The book is both an up-to-date and comprehensive treatise of the subject, and includes a number of breakthroughs in our understanding of freshness and shelf-life of foods. This volume focuses on shelf life of foods, flavor aspects of freshness, rheological methods to determine freshness, processing of citrus in relation to retaining its fresh character, lipid oxidation in muscle foods and the food polymer science approach to studies on freshness and shelf-life. Freshness and Shelf Life of Foods focuses on the science and technology of preserving food freshness. This book discusses flavor, texture, and characterization methods to improve the freshness or shelf-life of a product.

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     Food Shelf Life Stability: Chemical, Biochemical, and Microbiological Changes (Contemporary Food Science)
Publisher: CRC Press

Food Shelf Life Stability provides a unique approach to understanding this critical subject by examining physical, chemical, and biochemical factors affecting food quality.
The first section emphasizes the effects that water activity, glass transition, and plasticization have on temperature, water content, and time-dependant phenomena affecting the shelf life of low and intermediate moisture foods.
The remaining chapters discuss how mechanical handling and temperature, irradiation, and packaging all influence shelf life. Section two, on chemical factors, examines the benefits of controlled atmosphere storage and modified atmosphere packaging on vegetables, fruits, grains, and oilseeds. The remaining chapters compare the effectiveness of antioxidants, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and sulfur dioxide to enhance food quality. The remaining chapter in this section deals with the application of biotechnology for improving shelf life. Intended for food science professionals as well as students, Food Shelf Life Stability presents the fundamental principles that are applied to maintaining a high food quality for an extended period of time.

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     Fine Chocolates Great Experience 3: Extending Shelf Life
Publisher: Lannoo Publishers (Acc)
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Wybauw

A new edition of the best-selling 'Fine Chocolates'.

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     Success @ Life: How to Catch and Live Your Dream, A Zentrepeneur's Guide (Success at Life)
Publisher: Newmarket Press
Author(s): Ron Rubin, Stuart Avery Gold, Republic of Tea

Success @ Life is timely and inspiring. It is a guide for twenty-first century Zentrepreneurs on how to achieve goals, catch and live their dreams, liberate their natural energies, and?most importantly?to live lives of passion and purpose. Quite simply, it is a book that changes attitudes. And sometimes, that is all it takes. Without changing anything else, if you change your attitude, you can change everything else. Indeed, you can change the world.?From the "Ministers" of The Republic of Tea, one of the fastest growing and successful beverage brands in America today.

As the leading purveyor of only the finest teas and herbs in the world, The Republic of Tea is a progressive, socially conscious California company that was founded in 1992 by the co-creators of The Banana Republic. In 1994, an entrepreneur named Ron Rubin bought and took charge of the company, and shortly thereafter marketing veteran Stuart Avery Gold joined him in the company's mission to create a Tea Revolution. Applying ancient and contemporary wisdom, the two self-described Zentrepreneurs have guided The Republic of Tea into an enormous success, capturing the imagination and loyalty of its customers by maintaining its high ideals despite the aggressive nature of today's business.

Rubin and Gold's unusual?and highly successful?approach to business and life has brought them numerous speaking invitations from colleges and organizations nationwide. The most often asked question: What is their secret? Their answer in a nutshell: If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Is it possible for anyone to live the life they imagine? Yes, say Rubin and Gold, if they prepare their mind to do so. In these pages, Rubin and Gold share their personal experiences and their philosophy of "enlightenment and discovery" for living a happy, fulfilled life-in the hope that others will learn to journey down a path that will allow them to catch and live their dream.

While an entrepreneur creates a business, a Zentrepreneur creates a business and a life.

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     Sensory Shelf Life Estimation of Food Products
Publisher: CRC Press
Author(s): Guillermo Hough

Complying with food regulations and, more importantly, quality standards, requires practical and reliable methods to estimate a product?s shelf life. Emphasizing the importance of the consumer?s perception of when food has reached the end of its shelf life, Sensory Shelf Life Estimation of Food Products provides a tool for adequately predicting sensory shelf life (SSL).

The book delineates the basics of sensory analysis and how it applies to shelf-life studies and includes discussions of experimental design aspects, survival analysis methodology, and its extensions. It provides detailed instructions and software functions for performing SSL estimations, accompanied by data sets and the R Statistical Package functions that are available for download. The author presents the cut-off point methodology used to estimate SSL when the survival analysis methods get complicated. He includes a chapter on accelerated storage covering kinetics, calculations of prediction confidence intervals and potential pitfalls. He also examines extensions of survival analysis statistics to other areas of food quality such as optimum concentration of ingredients and optimum cooking temperatures.

Microbiologically stable foods, such as biscuits or mayonnaise, will have their shelf-life defined by the changes in their sensory properties. Many fresh foods, such as yogurt or pasta, after relatively prolonged storage may be microbiologically safe to eat but rejected due to changes in their sensory properties. Shelf life in most food products is determined by sensory issues instead of microbiological or chemical concerns. This book offers key techniques for experimental design, storage, consumer testing procedures, and calculations. It includes methods for accelerated storage experiments, thoroughly explains statistical data treatment, and includes practical examples.

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     Cabinets and Shelves (Your Home)
Publisher: Time Life Education

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