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     PCs: The Missing Manual
Publisher: Pogue Press
Author(s): Andy Rathbone

Your vacuum comes with one. Even your blender comes with one. But your PC--something that costs a whole lot more and is likely to be used daily and for tasks of far greater importance and complexity--doesn't come with a printed manual. Thankfully, that's not a problem any longer: PCs: The Missing Manual explains everything you need to know about PCs, both inside and out, and how to keep them running smoothly and working the way you want them to work.

A complete PC manual for both beginners and power users, PCs: The Missing Manual has something for everyone. PC novices will appreciate the unassuming, straightforward tutorials on PC basics, such as hooking up a monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, and scanner. Families will enjoy sections on networking several computers to share an Internet connection, sharing one monitor between two PCs, connecting portable media players, and creating a home theater system. Adventurous PC users will like the clear photos explaining how to take your PC apart and replace or upgrade any failing parts; IT professionals will be grateful to have something to hand to their coworkers who need solid, trusted information about using their PC.

In PCs: The Missing Manual, bestselling computer author Andy Rathbone delivers simple, reliable advice on the kinds of things PC users confront every day. He shows you how to connect and configure today's must-have devices (including digital cameras, portable music players, digital camcorders, and keychain drives); burn CDs and DVDs; scan and fax documents, and more. His section on the Internet explains how to choose the best Internet Service Provider and web browser for your needs; send email; find information quickly on the Web; share photos online; set up a blog; set up a webcam; access TV and radio through the Internet; and shop safely online. And Rathbone delivers plenty of guidance on keep your privacy and your PC safe by installing firewalls, creating safe passwords, running antivirus software, removing spyware and adware, and backing up important files.

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     The Book of Overclocking: Tweak Your PC to Unleash Its Power
Publisher: No Starch Press
Author(s): Scott Wainner, Robert Richmond

Winner of the Books24x7 Referenceware Excellence Award, Hardware category, April 2004

The definitive guide to overclocking-- the art of running a PC's processor faster than the manufacturer intended. If you don't mind voiding the manufacturer's warranty on your CPU, overclocking is for you. Learn how not to fry your system while souping up everything from the Pentium II to the latest Athlon XP and Pentium 4. Sections on cooling, troubleshooting, and benchmarking make sure you get the most out of your machine.

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     Tablet PCs for Dummies
Publisher: For Dummies
Author(s): Nancy Stevenson

* Tablet PCs, similar in size and thickness to a yellow paper notepad, are essentially modified notebooks that allow a user to take notes using natural handwriting with a digital pen on a touch-sensitive screen instead of typing on a keyboard
* All models of Tablet PCs can be attached to standard keyboards, monitors, and mouse devices for easy computing
* Geared toward the general user of the Tablet PC, with information about configuration, working with pen computing, Ink, voice recognition, and using the onscreen interface
* Covers computing topics such as file management, browsing the Internet, and using Office applications
* Includes case study examples of how the Tablet PC can be used in vertical applications such as healthcare and for enhanced productivity throughout an organization

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     CompTIA Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, 5th Edition (Exam N10-005)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
Author(s): Michael Meyers

Prepare for CompTIA Network+ Exam N10-005 with McGraw-Hill?a Gold-Level CompTIA Authorized Partner offering Authorized CompTIA Approved Quality Content to give you the competitive edge on exam day.

Get complete coverage of all the material included on CompTIA Network+ exam N10-005 inside this comprehensive, up-to-date resource. Written by CompTIA certification and training expert Mike Meyers, this authoritative exam guide features learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, exam tips, practice questions, and in-depth explanations. Designed to help you pass the CompTIA Network+ exam with ease, this definitive volume also serves as an essential on-the-job reference.


  • Build a network with the OSI and TCP/IP models
  • Configure network hardware, topologies, and cabling
  • Connect multiple Ethernet components
  • Install and configure routers and switches
  • Work with TCP/IP applications and network protocols
  • Configure IPv6 routing protocols
  • Implement virtualization
  • Set up clients and servers for remote access
  • Configure wireless networks
  • Secure networks with firewalls, NAT, port filtering, packet filtering, and other methods
  • Build a SOHO network
  • Manage and troubleshoot networks


  • Two full practice exams
  • Video presentation from Mike Meyers
  • A new collection of Mike's favorite shareware and freeware networking tools and utilities
  • One hour of video training
  • PDF copy of the book--free download

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     Learning to See: Value Stream Mapping to Add Value and Eliminate MUDA
Publisher: Lean Enterprise Institute
Author(s): Mike Rother, John Shook

Much more important, these simple maps - often drawn on scrap paper - showed where steps could be eliminated, flows smoothed, and pull systems introduced in order to create a truly lean value stream for each product family.

In 1998 John teamed with Mike Rother of the University of Michigan to write down Toyota's mapping methodology for the first time in Learning to See. This simple tool makes it possible for you to see through the clutter of a complex plant. You'll soon be able to identify all of the processing steps along the path from raw materials to finished goods for each product and all of the information flows going back from the customer through the plant and upstream to suppliers. With this knowledge in hand it is much easier to envision a "future state" for each product family in which wasteful actions are eliminated and production can be pulled smoothly ahead by the customer.

In plain language and with detailed drawings, this workbook explains everything you will need to know to create accurate current-state and future- state maps for each of your product families and then to turn the current state into the future state rapidly and sustainably.

In Learning to See you will find:

  • A foreword by Jim Womack and Dan Jones explaining the need for this tool.
  • An introduction by Mike Rother and John Shook describing how they discovered the mapping tool in their study of Toyota.
  • Guidance on identifying your product families.
  • A detailed explanation of how to draw a current-state map.
  • A practice case permitting you to draw a current-state map on your own, with feedback from Mike and John in the appendix on how you did.
  • A detailed explanation of how to draw a future-state map.
  • A second practice case permitting you to draw a future-state map, with "the answer" provided in the appendix.
  • Guidance on how to designate a manager for each value stream.
  • Advice on breaking implementation into easy steps.
  • An explanation of how to use the yearly value stream plan to guide each product family through successive future states.

More than 50,000 copies of Learning to See have been sold in the past two years. Readers from across the world report that value stream mapping has been an invaluable tool to start their lean transformation and to make the best use of kaizen events.

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     Succeeding with Technology (Sam 2010 Compatible Products)
Publisher: Course Technology
Author(s): Kenneth Baldauf, Ralph Stair

SUCCEEDING WITH TECHNOLOGY - FOURTH EDITION teaches you how to apply technology to practical situations that you'll encounter in your academic and professional lives. Focusing on current trends that impact the way we live, Succeeding with Technology provides just the right amount of foundational concepts to provide a thorough understanding.

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     Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2012 Price Guide (Antique Trader's Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide)
Publisher: Krause Publications

America's No. 1 Selling Price Guide

For nearly 30 years, Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles has been the leading source for information on antiques and collectibles. Filled with expert advice, vetted values and 4,500 color photographs, Antique Trader provides the clearest and most dependable picture of this amazingly diverse and magnificent market.

Inside you will enjoy a variety of new collecting areas, as well as old favorites. Including: Asian art, bottles, ceramics, Civil War collectibles, clocks, comic books, cookie jars, figurines, furniture, glass, Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, illustration art, kitchenware, perfume bottles, petroliana, toys, vintage clothing and Zippo lighters. Also new this year is Top Lots, a feature highlighting the bestselling results from some of the finest auction houses nationwide.

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     Pocket PC Handbook
Publisher: Wiley
Author(s): Dan Hanttula

Pocket PCs are the hottest tool for people on the go, and Pocket PC Handbook will help you get up and running faster with its many illustrated tips and tricks. This book will guides you through the many functions and features of the most popular brands of pocket PC's (Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Casio, and Microsoft's Pocket PC). Palm is not the only manufacturer of handheld devices!

Pocket PCs are not just for keeping track of your contacts anymore. Pocket PC Handbook shows you how to track meetings and e-mail, create and edit standard Word documents, listen to MP3 files, download electronic books, expand the PC's capabilities with add-ons, and explore the other productive and entertaining features.

Pocket PCs are also on the cutting edge of wireless technology, and this book keep you current and in touch with this fast-paced industry.

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     CompTIA A+ Certification Study Guide, Seventh Edition (Exam 220-701 & 220-702) (Certification Press)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
Author(s): Jane Holcombe, Charles Holcombe

The Best Fully Integrated Study System Available

EXAMS 220-701 & 220-702

With hundreds of practice questions and hands-on exercises, CompTIA A+ Certification Study Guide, Seventh Edition covers what you need to know--and shows you how to prepare--for these challenging exams.

  • 100% complete coverage of all official objectives for CompTIA A+ Exams 220-701 & 220-702
  • Exam Readiness Checklist at the front of the book--you're ready for the exams when all objectives on the list are checked off
  • Exam Watch notes call attention to information about, and potential pitfalls in, the exams
  • Two-Minute Drills for quick review at the end of every chapter
  • Simulated exam questions match the format, tone, topics, and difficulty of the real exams

Covers all the exam topics, including:

  • Motherboards and Processers
  • Memory, Storage, and Adapters
  • Power Supplies, Cooling Systems, Display Devices, Cables and Connectors, and Input/Output
  • Installing and Upgrading PC Components
  • Troubleshooting, Repair, and Maintenance of PCs
  • Installing, Configuring, and Optimizing Laptops
  • Troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance for Laptops;
  • Operating System Fundamentals
  • Installing, Configuring, and Upgrading Operating Systems
  • Disk and File Management
  • Troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance for Windows
  • Using and Supporting Printers
  • Network Basics
  • Installing a Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) Network
  • Troubleshooting Networks
  • Computer Security Fundamentals
  • Implementing and Troubleshooting Security
  • Operational Procedure

CD-ROM includes:

  • Complete Master Exam practice testing engine, featuring: Two full practice exams; Detailed answers with explanations; and Score Report performance assessment tool
  • CertCam video training
  • Electronic book for studying on the go

With free online registration:

  • Two Bonus downloadable MasterExam practice tests

Jane Holcombe, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, MCSE, CompTIA CTT+, has been an independent trainer, consultant, and course content author since 1984.

Charles Holcombe has been an independent trainer and consultant for 30 years and has developed and delivered many training courses. He is the coauthor, with Jane Holcombe, of Survey of Operating Systems, Second Edition and several other books.

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     The Complete Book of Food Counts, 8th Edition
Publisher: Dell
Author(s): Corinne T. Netzer

Are you counting your calories, carbs, or fat grams? Watching your cholesterol? Boosting protein or fiber? Whatever your nutritional needs, this completely revised and updated eighth edition of The Complete Book of Food Counts provides the latest, most accurate information on the largest possible variety of foods. Featuring thousands of new listings?and thousands of more choices?than ever before, this classic reference from Corinne T. Netzer, America?s most trusted authority on the nutritional content of food, provides all the essential counts for generic and brand-name foods PLUS the latest gourmet and health foods and hundreds of ethnic foods. From A to Z, from fast-food wraps to Thai, Indian, and Japanese cuisines, The Complete Book of Food Counts is the most authoritative, up-to-date reference you can buy!

* Calorie counts * Carbohydrate grams * Cholesterol milligrams * Sodium milligrams * Protein grams * Fat grams * Fiber grams PLUS * A conversion table for weight and capacity measures * Alphabetized listing for easy reference * And much, much more The Complete Book of Food Counts

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     The Sound Blaster Live! Book: A Complete Guide to the World's Most Popular Sound Card
Publisher: No Starch Press
Author(s): Lars Ahlzen, Clarence Song

Learn how to configure hardware (including speakers, digital accessories, and peripherals); watch DVDs in surround sound; play games in 3D; record and organize digital audio and MP3s; and use sequencers, MIDI, and SoundFonts to compose music. Plentiful illustrations walk you through general and PC audio concepts and the CD-ROM gets you started with the book's music and audio examples, sample sound clips, SoundFonts, and audio software.

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     Warman's Carnival Glass: Identification and Price Guide (Warman's Carnival Glass: Identification & Price Guide)
Publisher: Krause Publications
Author(s): Ellen Schroy

Once considered the stepchild of the collectable glass community, today carnival glass, "poor man's Tiffany," is synonymous with class and exquisite artistry. This new edition of "Warman's[registered] Carnival Glass" includes a new price guide format, revamped from simple line listings to listings with dimensions, title, colour and price range. Plus, histories of major glass manufacturers, a guide to carnival glass colours, current collector pricing and detailed patterns of carnival glass from Acanthus to Zig Zag.

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     The Business of Software: What Every Manager, Programmer, and Entrepreneur Must Know to Thrive and Survive in Good Times and Bad
Publisher: Free Press
Author(s): Michael A. Cusumano

The world's leading expert on the global software industry and coauthor of the bestseller Microsoft Secrets reveals the inner workings of software giants like IBM, Microsoft, and Netscape and shows what it takes to create, develop, and manage a successful company -- in good times and bad -- in the most fiercely competitive business in the world.

In the $600 billion software industry it is the business, not the technology, that determines success or failure. This fact -- one that thousands of once glamorous start-ups have unhappily discovered for themselves -- is the well-documented conclusion of this enormously readable and revealing new book by Michael Cusumano, based on nearly twenty years of research and consulting with software producers around the world.

Cusumano builds on dozens of personal experiences and case studies to show how issues of strategy and organization are irrevocably linked with those of managing the technology and demonstrates that a thorough understanding of these issues is vital to success. At the heart of the book Cusumano poses seven questions that underpin a three-pronged management framework. He argues that companies must adopt one of three basic business models: become a products company at one end of the strategic spectrum, a services company at the other end, or a hybrid solutions company in between. The author describes the characteristics of the different models, evaluates their strengths and weaknesses, and shows how each is more or less appropriate for different stages in the evolution of a business as well as in good versus bad economic times. Readers will also find invaluable Cusumano's treatment of software development issues ranging from architecture and teams to project management and testing, as well as two chapters devoted to what it takes to create a successful software start-up. Highlights include eight fundamental guidelines for evaluating potential software winners and Cusumano's probing analysis, based on firsthand knowledge, of ten start-ups that have met with varying degrees of success.

The Business of Software is timely essential reading for managers, programmers, entrepreneurs, and others who follow the global software industry.

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     How to Be Your Own Contractor and Save Thousands on Your New House or Renovation While Keeping Your Day Job: With Companion CD-ROM
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company (FL)
Author(s): Tanya Davis

If you're thinking about building or remodeling your house, you should consider hiring yourself as the contractor. You can save 10% to 35% of the project's cost and perhaps more important, you'll be able to monitor the quality of materials and workmanship, fine-tune the design, and make sure the result meets your needs. The best part is you can do this part-time without picking up a hammer. This all sounds great, what is the catch? There really is none, except you must know what you are doing! This groundbreaking and exhaustively researched new book will provide everything you need to know to get your house or renovation completed the way you want it while saving thousands. Since your success depends on thorough preparation as well as an ability to hire and schedule subcontractors, control costs, keep work moving, and stay calm we have charted the course for you to avoid costly even illegal mistakes. In this easy to read, comprehensive new book you will learn step-by-step procedures for subcontracting and building your home or renovating while still working full time. You will learn how to choose a site, draw up construction time line and flow charts, apply for construction loans and financing, obtain essential insurance information, buy inexpensive plans, find and negotiate with sub contractors, and comply with building code, inspection, and permit requirements. Now you can be armed with the right information and save money and time. The ins and outs of self contracting are explained, combined with the experiences of others, and with dozens of forms and checklists at hand, you will learn all about: building materials and foundations, floors, walls, paint, windows, decks, garage doors, roofing, flashings, chimneys, plumbing: piping, fixtures, faucets, water heating and fuel storage systems, pools and equipment, wiring: main service panels, conductors, switches, receptacles, heating, air conditioning and heat pumps, ceilings, floors, railings, doors and windows, attics, walls, kitchens, and bathrooms. In addition you will gain valuable information about: septic systems, wells, water quality testing, mold, radon testing, asbestos, termites, carbon monoxide testing, and lead testing. Included in this book are hundreds of easy-to-implement tools, contracts, forms, and checklists to help you get your project organized, and easier to manage while saving thousands! Expertly organized, this unique book takes you step-by-step through the many valuable forms contained in this work which may be easily printed out and customized from the companion CD-ROM.

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     Computers and the Environment: Understanding and Managing their Impacts (Eco-Efficiency in Industry and Science)
Publisher: Springer

Personal computers have made life convenient in many ways, but what about their impacts on the environment due to production, use and disposal? Manufacturing computers requires prodigious quantities of fossil fuels, toxic chemicals and water. Rapid improvements in performance mean we often buy a new machine every 1-3 years, which adds up to mountains of waste computers. How should societies respond to manage these environmental impacts? This volume addresses the environmental impacts and management of computers through a set of analyses on issues ranging from environmental assessment, technologies for recycling, consumer behaviour, strategies of computer manufacturing firms, and government policies. One conclusion is that extending the lifespan of computers (e.g. through reselling) is an environmentally and economically effective strategy that deserves more attention from governments, firms and the general public.

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     1421: The Year China Discovered America (P.S.)
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Author(s): Gavin Menzies

On March 8, 1421, the largest fleet the world had ever seen set sail from China to "proceed all the way to the ends of the earth to collect tribute from the barbarians beyond the seas." When the fleet returned home in October 1423, the emperor had fallen, leaving China in political and economic chaos. The great ships were left to rot at their moorings and the records of their journeys were destroyed. Lost in the long, self-imposed isolation that followed was the knowledge that Chinese ships had reached America seventy years before Columbus and had circumnavigated the globe a century before Magellan. And they colonized America before the Europeans, transplanting the principal economic crops that have since fed and clothed the world.

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     Faster Smarter PCs (Bpg-Other)
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Author(s): Scott H. A. Clark

"Faster Smarter PC Basics" helps you do what you do with your computer -- manage files, tweak settings, plug in peripherals, get on line -- faster, smarter, and easier! It's your everyday guide for learning just the practicalities of how PCs work and making them run the way you want, with accurate, how-to information that's easy to absorb and apply. The language is friendly and down-to-earth, with no jargon or silly chatter. Use the concise explanations, easy numbered steps, and visual examples to understand exactly what you need to get the job done -- whether you're choosing the right PC for your family or business, troubleshooting hardware and software, or taking advantage of your operating system for better PC performance.

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     The Complete Idiot's Guide to Computer Basics, 5th Edition
Publisher: Alpha
Author(s): Joe Kraynak

Time for an upgrade!

The fifth edition of The Complete Idiot's Guide(r) to Computer Basics places the reader in charge of the computer, rather than the other way around, and places the focus on software troubleshooting rather than hardware techno-babble. The reader wants to do something practical with his or her computer-this book shows them how.

*Covers basic office programs and how to manage photo, video, and music files
*Advice on safe web-surfing, including coverage of newsgroups, message boards, and mailing lists
*New green computing initiatives that help protect the environment
*Maintenance and upgrading information

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     Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2011
Publisher: Krause Publications
Author(s): Dan Brownell

America's #1 Selling Price Guide

For more than 25 years, Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide has been the most trusted source for antiques and collectibles identification and values. Whether you're a collector, dealer, auctioneer, appraiser, estate sale liquidator, or insurance adjuster, you'll find this the handiest guide on your shelf.

More than 4,500 Color Photos for Easy Identification

Plus marks, detailed descriptions, and current prices for hundreds of categories and thousands of listings!

  • Bonus insider information
  • Expert advice on buying and selling
  • Definitions of key antiques terms
  • Tips about auctions, shows, and estate sales
Features 15 category market reports:
  • Asian
  • Baseball
  • Ceramics
  • Coca-Cola
  • Comics
  • Furniture
  • Glass
  • Jewelry
  • Modernism
  • Native
  • American
  • Petroliana
  • Records
  • Silverware
  • U.S. Coins
  • World War II

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     The Technology Fix: The Promise and Reality of Computers in Our Schools
Publisher: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Author(s): William D. Pflaum

During the technology boom of the 1980s and 1990s, computers seemed set to revolutionize education. Do any of these promises sound familiar?

-Technology would help all students learn better, thanks to multimedia programs capable of adapting to individual needs, learning styles, and skill levels.
-Technology would transform the teacher?s role from a purveyor of a one-size-fits-all curriculum to a facilitator of student exploration.
-Technology would replace static textbooks with dynamic, interactive learning resources that were always up-to-date.
-Technology would boost test scores, as engaged and motivated students acquired advanced skills, problem-solving abilities, and a growing thirst for knowledge.

By 2001, educational materials developer William D. Pflaum had begun to suspect that technology was not the all-purpose solution it had seemed. He decided to see how computers were really being used in U.S. classrooms and embarked on a yearlong road trip to a cross-section of elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the nation. In this book, he recounts his journey. Although he did find technology application to admire, too often he found broken promises: millions spent for little measurable gain, problems instead of solutions, a fix instead of a fix.

This inside look at computer use in our schools shares the voices, experiences, triumphs, and frustrations of educators and students in urban, rural, and suburban settings. The author provides insight into the key roles that computers currently play in the classroom and clarifies what we must do ensure that the promise of technology is fulfilled . . . and that students truly benefit.

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