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     Pro Data Backup and Recovery
Publisher: Apress
Author(s): Steven Nelson

Good backup and recovery strategies are key to the health of any organization. Medium- to very-large-scale systems administrators have to protect large amounts of critical data as well as design backup solutions that are scalable and optimized to meet changing conditions. Pro Data Backup and Recovery will cover some of the more common backup applications, such as Symantec NetBackup/BackupExec, EMC NetWorker, and CommVault, but the main discussion will focus on the implementation of 21st century architectures that allow the backup software to be a ?commodity? item. The underlying architecture provides the framework for meeting the requirements of data protection for the organization.

This book covers new developments in data protection as well as the impact of single-instance storage upon backup infrastructures. It discusses the impact of backup and data replication, the often misapplied B2D and D2D strategies, and ?tapeless? backup environments. Continuous data protection and remote replication strategies are also addressed as they are integrated within backup strategies?a very important topic today.

  • Learn backup solution design regardless of specific backup software
  • Design realistic recovery solutions
  • Take into account new data protection standards and the impact of data replication �
Whether you are using NetBackup, CommVault, or some other backup software, Pro Data Backup and Recovery will give you the information you need to keep your data safe and available.

What you?ll learn

  • Elements of a backup environment and applications of those elements
  • New technologies within the backup technology area and their impact on design
  • Configurations using both Symantec NetBackup and CommVault Simpana, with combinations of backup serves, media servers, and clients, and the impacts of each combination
  • Combinations of both hardware and software configurations that are scalable from small to large environments
  • Designs that address perennial problem areas such as remote offices, very short (less-than-15-minute) recovery point objectives (RPOs), and tape management
  • Reporting requirements that will assist in maintaining and growing an implementation once executed

Who this book is for

The general audience for this book includes systems engineers, systems administrators, and specialist backup administrators.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Backup and Recovery
  2. Backup Software
  3. Physical Backup Media
  4. Virtual Backup Media
  5. New Media Technologies
  6. Software Architectures: CommVault
  7. Software Architectures: NetBackup
  8. Application Backup Strategies
  9. Putting It All Together: Sample Backup Environments
  10. Monitoring and Reporting
  11. Summary

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     PC Disaster and Recovery
Publisher: Sybex
Author(s): Kate J. Chase

Has Disaster Struck?

If you're reading this, Something Very Bad may have already happened to your PC. Or maybe you're wisely looking ahead to any of several what-if scenarios. Either way, PC Disaster and Recovery is the book you nee recover from today's disaster and not lose sleep over the ones that lie around the corner. No matter how dire the situation, expert, step-by-step instructions will keep you cool and focused and get you back on your feet. Coverage includes:
* Understanding how hardware, OS, and applications work together
* Limiting your risks
* Assembling a PC recovery resource kit
* Drafting a disaster recovery plan
* Detecting, analyzing, and diagnosing problems
* Restarting a problem PC
* Fixing upgrading problems
* Stabilizing your operating system
* Understanding and troubleshooting hardware failures
* Avoiding power and overheating problems
* Diagnosing, monitoring, and troubleshooting performance problems
* Recovering lost and damaged files and applications
* Recovering from small-network disasters
* Finding help online
* Knowing when and how to start from scratch
* Resurrecting a dead hard drive
* Knowing when to call professionals

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     File System Forensic Analysis
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Author(s): Brian Carrier

This is an advanced cookbook and reference guide for digital forensic practitioners. File System Forensic Analysis focuses on the file system and disk. The file system of a computer is where most files are stored and where most evidence is found; it also the most technically challenging part of forensic analysis. This book offers an overview and detailed knowledge of the file system and disc layout. The overview will allow an investigator to more easily find evidence, recover deleted data, and validate his tools. The cookbook section will show how to use the many open source tools for analysis, many of which Brian Carrier has developed himself.

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     IT Disaster Recovery Planning For Dummies
Publisher: For Dummies
Author(s): Peter H. Gregory CISA CISSP

If you have a business or a nonprofit organization, or if you?re the one responsible for information systems at such an operation, you know that disaster recovery planning is pretty vital. But it?s easy to put it off. After all, where do you start?

IT Disaster Recovery Planning For Dummies shows you how to get started by creating a safety net while you work out the details of your major plan. The right plan will get your business back on track quickly, whether you're hit by a tornado or a disgruntled employee with super hacking powers. Here's how to assess the situation, develop both short-term and long-term plans, and keep your plans updated.

This easy-to-understand guide will help you

  • Prepare your systems, processes, and people for an organized response to disaster when it strikes
  • Identify critical IT systems and develop a long-range strategy
  • Select and train your disaster recovery team
  • Conduct a Business Impact Analysis
  • Determine risks to your business from natural or human-made causes
  • Get management support
  • Create appropriate plan documents
  • Test your plan

Some disasters get coverage on CNN, and some just create headaches for the affected organization. With IT Disaster Recovery Planning For Dummies, you?ll be prepared for anything from hackers to hurricanes!

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     Computer Data Recovery: Crucial Tips For Data Recovery And Maximizing The life Of Your Hard Drive
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author(s): K M S

Computer data can be very important to us, especially to those who make a living on the computer. No matter who you are, where you work, or what type of computer you use - your valuable computer data is always at risk. The threats are constantly real: viruses, power surges, thunderstorms, natural disasters, human mistakes, hackers, and the principally devastating hard drive failures. Losing data can be overwhelming to say the least. Even though the computer has become a great deal reliable over the years, it is not at all impossible for computers to lose data. In the event of hard drive failure, the only option for help is data recovery. This is your top to bottom self-help book on computer hard drive data recovery. Everything you need to know about data protection is in here. Learn the simplest way to prevent data loss without spending a fortune, how to set up the most effective data loss prevention systems, how to recover images and repair files, how to back up files, avoid power surge, and maximize online protection, plus lots more helpful information.

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     Backup & Recovery: Inexpensive Backup Solutions for Open Systems
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Author(s): W. Curtis Preston

Packed with practical, freely available backup and recovery solutions for Unix, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X systems -- as well as various databases -- this new guide is a complete overhaul of Unix Backup & Recovery by the same author, now revised and expanded with over 75% new material.

Backup & Recovery starts with a complete overview of backup philosophy and design, including the basic backup utilities of tar, dump, cpio, ntbackup, ditto, and rsync. It then explains several open source backup products that automate backups using those utilities, including AMANDA, Bacula, BackupPC, rdiff-backup, and rsnapshot. Backup & Recovery then explains how to perform bare metal recovery of AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, VMWare, & Windows systems using freely-available utilities. The book also provides overviews of the current state of the commercial backup software and hardware market, including overviews of CDP, Data De-duplication, D2D2T, and VTL technology. Finally, it covers how to automate the backups of DB2, Exchange, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL-Server, and Sybase databases - without purchasing a commercial backup product to do so.

For environments of all sizes and budgets, this unique book shows you how to ensure data protection without resorting to expensive commercial solutions. You will soon learn to:

  • Automate the backup of popular databases without a commercial utility
  • Perform bare metal recovery of any popular open systems platform, including your PC or laptop
  • Utilize valuable but often unknown open source backup products
  • Understand the state of commercial backup software, including explanations of CDP and data de-duplication software
  • Access the current state of backup hardware, including Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs)

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     Implementing Backup and Recovery: The Readiness Guide for the Enterprise
Publisher: Wiley
Author(s): David B Little, David A. Chapa

  • Offers the first comprehensive reference on the topic of backup systems for both UNIX and Windows NT
  • Provides a complete tutorial on the general topic of data backup systems along with a detailed, step-by-step guide for planning and full implementation of backup systems
  • Authors include personal tips and strategic and tactical advice gained from many company implementations
  • Uses VERITAS NetBackup product to illustrate backup system functions

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     Disaster Recovery and Your Data: The 5 Survival Questions You Must Answer
Publisher: Leadership Quantified
Author(s): Ken Romans

You know that your business is thoroughly dependent on the reliable operation of systems and networks, but do you know how well you are protected from what can go wrong? Especially from a disaster? Most critical of all is to protect your business data ? without which all the systems in the world are useless.

Whether you are an opportunistic startup exploiting the capital-free services of the Cloud, a self-reliant business running on its own assets, or wherever you are on the spectrum between owned and externally-managed services, the survival questions are the same. The accountabilities are also the same.

The good news is that it doesn?t have to be difficult, expensive or overwhelming to address. Nor do you need to be a technology specialist to address the issue and proactively protect your business data.

Ken Romans is known across the industry for increasing IT quality and output with fewer resources, creating leverage with suppliers, driving productivity and building strong organizations.

His broad experience creating strategies and executing across IT spans software development, telecommunications, infrastructure and operations for the financial services, information services and health care industries.

His straightforward, no-nonsense approach takes the mystery out of IT strategy and execution - whether you have a vast background in technology or are overseeing a bunch of techies with no expert knowledge of your own.

In this guide, Ken gives you the the right questions to ask and the ability to extract the hidden meanings from how people answer them, so you can unlock the keys to preventing or surviving a disaster.

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     Guide to Disaster Recovery
Publisher: Course Technology
Author(s): Michael Erbschloe

Guide to Disaster Recovery presents methods to identify vulnerabilities and take appropriate countermeasures to prevent and mitigate failure risks for an organization. This book provides the networking professional with a foundation in disaster recovery principles, including preparation of a disaster recovery plan, assessment of risks in the enterprise, development of policies and procedures, an understanding of the roles and relationships of various members of an organization, implementation of the plan, testing and rehearsal of the plan, and actually recovering from a disaster. The book takes an enterprise-wide approach to developing a disaster recovery plan. Students will learn how to create a secure network by putting policies and procedures in place, and how to restore a network in the event of a disaster.

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     Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0 (VMware Press Technology)
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Author(s): Michael Gordon Laverick

The Complete, Hands-On Guide to Installing and Configuring VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0

Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0 is the complete, technical, hands-on guide to VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 5.0 installation and configuration for experienced VMware professionals.

VMware forum moderator and vExpert Mike Laverick fully explains SRM 5.0?s failover/failback procedures, walks readers through configuring storage replication with hardware from several leading suppliers, and shows how to efficiently implement fast, automated, centralized disaster recovery. Drawing on his extensive experience with SRM and vSphere, Laverick identifies common pitfalls and errors, explains why they occur, and shows exactly how to fix them.

Fully up to date for SRM 5.0, this book delivers ?in-the-trenches? technical knowledge you won?t find anywhere else, including expert guidance for utilizing SRM 5.0?s advanced new vSphere Replication (VR).

Coverage includes

  • Going ?under the hood? with SRM 5.0 to thoroughly understand its operation
  • Configuring SRM 5.0 with Dell EqualLogic Replication, EMC Celerra Replicator, EMC CLARiiON MirrorView, HP StorageWorks P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance with Remote Copy, and NetApp SnapMirror
  • Configuring multiple LUN/volumes with virtual machines and virtual disks
  • Installing VMware SRM and configuring vSphere Replication (VR)
  • Using VR to replicate VMs across locations without third-party storage array-based replication
  • Using VR to replicate a single VM or groups of VMs to the Recovery Site
  • Efficiently configuring protected and recovery sites
  • Using Reprotect Mode to accelerate failback and enhance VM portability
  • Using dependencies and priority orders to configure SRM based on your existing categories of applications and services
  • Leveraging SRM 5.0?s scalability improvements to serve large-scale and/or cloud environments
  • Defining custom recovery plans
  • Working with alarms, export histories, and access control
  • Implementing bidirectional relationships and shared site configurations
  • Scripting automated site recovery
  • Upgrading from SRM 4.1 to SRM 5.0

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     Oracle Data Guard 11g Handbook (Oracle Press)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
Author(s): Larry Carpenter, Joseph Meeks, Charles Kim, Bill Burke, Sonya Carothers, Joydip Kundu, Mike Smith, Nitin Vengurlekar

Master Oracle Data Guard 11g

Provide superior data protection, availability, and disaster recovery using the tested techniques in this Oracle Press guide. Cowritten by a team of Oracle experts, Oracle Data Guard 11g Handbook provides a sound architectural foundation along with best practices for configuration, monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting. You will get full details on implementing deployment architectures to address requirements that extend beyond disaster recovery. This invaluable resource also includes a complete set of monitoring scripts available for download.

  • Develop a disaster recovery plan for your Oracle database to meet your organization's requirements
  • Configure and deploy Oracle Data Guard for your environment
  • Tune and troubleshoot your physical and logical standby databases
  • Implement the Oracle Data Guard Broker management framework
  • Integrate with Oracle Grid Control
  • Monitor your Oracle Data Guard environment
  • Enable read-only services and disaster recovery with Oracle Active Data Guard
  • Configure seamless database and application failover
  • Minimize planned downtime using Oracle Data Guard switchover
  • Handle backup and recovery with Oracle Recovery Manager

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     Analog Circuit Design: High-speed Clock and Data Recovery, High-performance Amplifiers, Power Management
Publisher: Springer

Analog Circuit Design contains the contribution of 18 tutorials of the 17th workshop on Advances in Analog Circuit Design. Each part discusses a specific to-date topic on new and valuable design ideas in the area of analog circuit design. Each part is presented by six experts in that field and state of the art information is shared and overviewed. This book is number 17 in this successful series of Analog Circuit Design.

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     Disaster Recovery Planning: Preparing for the Unthinkable (3rd Edition)
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Author(s): Jon William Toigo

Disaster Recovery Planning, Third Edition is a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute, IT professional's guide to planning for disaster recovery without hiring expensive consultants or implementing proprietary methodologies. It has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect new strategies and technologies -- and the lessons of 9/11, as witnessed first-hand by the author, who wrote the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's disaster recovery plan. Jon William Toigo presents step-by-step coverage of disaster recovery techniques that reflect the latest technologies in data storage, networks, server systems, and the Internet. Toigo presents focused, hands-on coverage of the disaster recovery issues that matter most to your organization, including Web, e-commerce, and ERP/supply chain disaster recovery; low-cost steps you can take right now to dramatically reduce your risks; and much more. This edition's extensive new coverage includes new data storage topologies, data re-hosting issues, protecting against ongoing power outages such as those recently faced in California; new mailroom procedures; new physical access controls; and much more.

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     Critical Safety Measures For Your Computer: The Ultimate Collection Of Computer Protection Tips For Data Recovery And Virus Protection For Your Laptop ... Of Mind From Other Internet Security Threats
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author(s): Todd M. Wright

The internet is a haven for many forms of risks and hazards. There is the never-ending danger of identity fraud. There is the threat of viruses and other deliberately harmful malwares that can cause data loss. How can you feel safe while using your computer? This book will give the most important tips to keep your digital information safe, here are some: 1. Use an antivirus program. Choose a package that includes the following capabilities: o scanning for viruses o Protection from keyloggers and other spyware o Can detect unauthorized attempts to access in real-time 2. Use a firewall. A firewall acts as your shield between your computer and the internet world. Configure your firewall so that it sends out and accepts only the information that you allow it to do so. 3. Backup your files. A backup keeps a copy of all your digital files and is the best way to prevent data loss and makes it possible to perform a data recovery in the event of a breakdown. The recommendation is to do a backup daily if you can and weekly at the very least. 4. Scan all of your email attachments before you send or open them to be certain that they do not carry any virus.

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     Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery
Publisher: Apress
Author(s): James Luetkehoelter

Many would argue that the single most important job of a SQL Server database administrator is to be able to recover your database in the event of loss or damage. Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery helps you meet that goal by showing you how to think about and plan for potential problems. You?ll learn to anticipate and reduce the likelihood of a disaster, and to mitigate the effects of a disaster when one does occur. Perhaps most importantly, you?ll learn how to prepare so that you can return a system to its normal state quickly, ensuring system availability and the continued success and operation of your business.

Many SQL Server features and technologies are, or can be put to good use in disaster recovery planning. In this book, you?ll learn about powerful tools and features?such as Database Snapshots and Mirroring?for data backup and disaster recovery that are present in SQL Server 2005, and that are enhanced in SQL Server 2008. Also covered are common issues to expect when using these features. This book explores your options by examining the technical details of disaster recovery features and then applying that knowledge to practical scenarios.

There?s a human side to disaster recovery planning as well. Like few other activities, disaster recovery planning requires that you work closely with a wide variety of people from all across your organization. People skills are as critical to disaster recovery planning as technical skills, and perhaps more so. This book does not leave you in the dark, but provides sound advice on how to keep disaster recovery planning projects on track, how to avoid dangerous scope creep, and how to work effectively with the variety of personality types that you will encounter.

Disaster recovery planning is really about sleep. When you get the call at 3:00 am that your database is lost, don?t wake up with that icy feeling in your veins. Instead, wake up with confidence that you have a plan in place, a plan that you?ve practiced, that management has bought into, a plan that you can execute even while half?asleep to get your database, your company, and your job back on track.

What you?ll learn

This book shows you how to implement an effective disaster recovery strategy for SQL Server 2005 databases. It covers:

  • Real?world examples of data loss and what might have been done to prevent it
  • A systematic, problem?based approach to designing a disaster recovery plan
  • Pitfalls one might encounter, and how to deal with them
  • Team dynamics, and the soft?side of disaster planning
  • New technology in SQL Server 2005 and 2008 that takes disaster recovery beyond the simple backup/recovery plan
  • When and why to use disaster recovery features, as opposed to just describing how they work

Who this book is for

SQL Server database administrators.

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     Oracle RMAN 11g Backup and Recovery (Oracle Press)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
Author(s): Robert Freeman, Matthew Hart

Master Oracle Recovery Master

Protect your databases from hardware, software, and operator failures using the detailed information in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle RMAN 11g Backup and Recovery explains how to configure databases, generate accurate archives, and carry out system restores. Work from the command line or Oracle Enterprise Manager, automate the backup process, perform Oracle Flashback recoveries, and integrate cloud computing technology. This authoritative resource also shows you how to create reports, optimize performance, and implement third-party administration utilities.

  • Set up, configure, and maintain Oracle Recovery Manager (Oracle RMAN)
  • Manage physical and virtual media with Oracle Secure Backup
  • Work with Oracle RMAN catalogs, packages, and control files
  • Use the Amazon Web Services cloud as an offsite storage solution
  • Create online, offline, and incremental system backups
  • Perform full and partial Oracle RMAN database restores
  • Correct user-induced errors with Oracle Flashback
  • Product clone and standby databases on local or remote servers
  • Use Oracle Real Application Clusters and synch and split technology

For a complete list of Oracle Press titles, visit

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     Oracle Database 10g RMAN Backup & Recovery
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
Author(s): Matthew Hart, Robert Freeman

The Most Complete Guide to Maximizing Oracle Recovery Manager

Deploy a rock-solid data backup and disaster recovery strategy with the in-depth guidance of this authoritative volume. From the exclusive publishers of Oracle Press books, Oracle Database 10g RMAN Backup & Recovery shows you, step by step, how to set up RMAN-ready databases, create reliable backup tapes and discs, and perform accurate Oracle system restores. Find out how to use RMAN from the command line and from Enterprise Manager, generate meaningful lists and reports, and automate administrative tasks using third-party media management tools. Plus, you'll learn to perform incremental backups, Flashback recoveries, and database cloning.

  • Set up, configure, and maintain Oracle Database 10g RMAN
  • Use RMAN recovery catalogs, target database packages, and control files
  • Centralize backup tape management using Oracle Secure Backup
  • Perform online, offline, and incremental system backups
  • Monitor and tune performance with Enterprise Manager Grid Control and Database Control
  • Accomplish complete and partial RMAN database restores
  • Improve functionality using VERITAS NetBackup, EMC NetWorker Module, and Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Overcome human errors using Flashback Versions Query and Transaction Query
  • Create clone and standby databases from tape and disc backups
  • Work with Real Application Cluster (RAC) databases and sync-and-split hardware technologies

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     Data Recovery Tips & Solutions: Windows, Linux, and BSD
Publisher: A-List Publishing
Author(s): Kris Kaspersky

This comprehensive manual covers three areas in which system administrators must be proficient to successfully recover data: the structure and operating principles of the most popular file systems, automatic data recovery techniques, and manual recovery techniques used in cases of total data destruction. Data recovery from hard drives and optical storage in Windows, BSD, and Linux file systems is described, as are automatic recovery utilities, manual and automatic recovery of deleted files on ext2/ext3 partitions and NTFS partitions, formatted NTFS partitions and deleted UFS/FFS files, RAID data recovery, media restoration with physical damage, and data loss prevention.

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     Que's Guide to Data Recovery
Publisher: Que Pub
Author(s): Scott Mueller

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     Clustering for Data Mining: A Data Recovery Approach (Chapman & Hall/CRC Computer Science & Data Analysis)
Publisher: Chapman and Hall/CRC
Author(s): Boris Mirkin

Often considered more as an art than a science, the field of clustering has been dominated by learning through examples and by techniques chosen almost through trial-and-error. Even the most popular clustering methods--K-Means for partitioning the data set and Ward's method for hierarchical clustering--have lacked the theoretical attention that would establish a firm relationship between the two methods and relevant interpretation aids.

Rather than the traditional set of ad hoc techniques, Clustering for Data Mining: A Data Recovery Approach presents a theory that not only closes gaps in K-Means and Ward methods, but also extends them into areas of current interest, such as clustering mixed scale data and incomplete clustering. The author suggests original methods for both cluster finding and cluster description, addresses related topics such as principal component analysis, contingency measures, and data visualization, and includes nearly 60 computational examples covering all stages of clustering, from data pre-processing to cluster validation and results interpretation.

This author's unique attention to data recovery methods, theory-based advice, pre- and post-processing issues that are beyond the scope of most texts, and clear, practical instructions for real-world data mining make this book ideally suited for virtually all purposes: for teaching, for self-study, and for professional reference.

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