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     Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to (X)HTML, StyleSheets, and Web Graphics
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Author(s): Jennifer Niederst Robbins

Everything you need to know to create professional web sites is right here. Learning Web Design starts from the beginning -- defining how the Web and web pages work -- and builds from there. By the end of the book, you'll have the skills to create multi-column CSS layouts with optimized graphic files, and you'll know how to get your pages up on the Web.

This thoroughly revised edition teaches you how to build web sites according to modern design practices and professional standards. Learning Web Design explains:

  • How to create a simple (X)HTML page, how to add links and images
  • Everything you need to know about web standards -- (X)HTML, DTDs, and more
  • Cascading Style Sheets -- formatting text, colors and backgrounds, using the box model, page layout, and more
  • All about web graphics, and how to make them lean and mean through optimization
  • The site development process, from start to finish
  • Getting your pages on the Web -- hosting, domain names, and FTP
The book includes exercises to help you to learn various techniques, and short quizzes to make sure you're up to speed with key concepts. If you're interested in web design, Learning Web Design is the place to start.

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     Creating a Website: The Missing Manual (English and English Edition)
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Author(s): Matthew MacDonald

Think you need an army of skilled programmers to build a website? Think again. With nothing more than an ordinary PC, some raw ambition, and this book, you?ll learn how to create and maintain a professional-looking, visitor-friendly site. This Missing Manual gives you all the tools, techniques, and expert advice you need.

  • Plan your site. Create web pages by learning the basics of HTML and HTML5.
  • Control page design with CSS. Format text, images, links, tables, and other elements.
  • Attract visitors. Ensure that people can find your site through popular search engines.
  • Build a community. Add forums, fresh content, and a feedback form to encourage repeat visits.
  • Get smart. Use free tools to identify your site?s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Create your own blog. Post your musings with a free blog-hosting service.
  • Bring in cash. Host Google ads, sell Amazon?s wares, or push your own products.
  • Add pizzazz. Include audio, video, interactive menus, and more.

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     How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck: Advice to Make Any Amateur Look Like a Pro
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company
Author(s): Steve Stockman

Video is everywhere. Over 90 percent of American homes have some form of video camera, we upload 24 hours of video to the Web every minute, and we watch videos two billion times a day on YouTube. Problem is, most of it is bad?but here?s how to make it not only better, but also great.

How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck is all about the language of video. It?s about how to think like a director, regardless of equipment (amateurs think about the camera, pros think about communication).� It?s about the rules developed over a century of movie-making?which work
just as well when shooting a two-year-old?s birthday party. Written by Steve Stockman, the director of Two Weeks (2007), plus TV shows, music videos, and hundreds of commercials, How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck explains in 74 short, pithy, insightful chapters how to tell a story and entertain your audience.

Here?s how to think in shots?how to move-point-shoot-stop-repeat, instead of planting yourself in one spot and pressing ?Record? for five minutes. Why never to shoot until you see the whites of your subject?s eyes. Why to ?zoom? with your feet and not the lens. How to create intrigue on camera. The book covers the basics of framing, lighting, sound (use an external mic), editing, special effects (turn them off), and gives specific advice on how to shoot a variety of specific situations: sporting events, parties and family gatherings, graduations and performances. Plus, how to make instructional and promotional videos, how to make a music video, how to capture stunts, and much more. At the end of every chapter is a suggestion of how to immediately put what you learned into practice, so the next time you?re shooting you?ll have begun to master the skill. Accompanying the book is a website with video clips to illustrate different rules, techniques, and situations.

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     Create Your Own Blog: 6 Easy Projects to Start Blogging Like a Pro (2nd Edition)
Publisher: Sams
Author(s): Tris Hussey

Create Your Own Blog

6 Easy Projects to Start Blogging Like a Pro
Second Edition

6 Easy Projects to Start Blogging Like a Pro

Personal Blogging Using ? Build a Website Around Your Blog

? Business Blogging Using Software ? Multimedia Blogging

? Portfolio Blogging for Artists ? Blogging with Tumblr

Build a great personal or business blog? absolutely no experience needed!

Want a personal or business blog of your own? It?s easy! In this simple guide, one of the world?s most experienced bloggers walks you through every step of building your own WordPress blog, from getting started to building a worldwide

audience. Tris Hussey covers it all, from low-cost blogging tools to high-powered writing tips! Get this book, and get started fast?with a professional-quality blog that meets your goals, whatever they are!

6 Easy Projects

Build great blogs like these, the easy way!

� Personal Blogs

� Business Blogs

� Audio and Video Podcasting Blogs

� Portfolio Blogs for Artists

� Blogging with Tumblr

� Creating a Website with WordPress

Learn from a pro! Discover tips, tricks, and great solutions for:

� Setting up your blog the right way?in just minutes!

� Writing blog entries people want to read

� Handling comments?even nasty ones!

� Creating a conversation and building a community

� Publicizing your blog

� Choosing the right free or low-cost blogging tools

� Avoiding beginner mistakes

� Earning cash from your blog!

You won?t believe how easy it is to create your own blog? or how much fun!

�Tris Hussey is a speaker, teacher, charter member of the Professional Bloggers Association, and social media consultant. He has been a blogger since 2004 and was one of Canada's first professional bloggers. The author of thousands of posts and articles on social media, blogging, and technology, he was named one of Vancouver's top 20 social media people. He is also a professional photographer and regularly teaches blogging, WordPress, and social media at several Vancouver-area universities.

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     Starting an Online Business For Dummies
Publisher: For Dummies
Author(s): Greg Holden

The nuts-and-bolts for building your own online business and making it succeed

Is there a fortune in your future? Start your own online business and see what happens. Whether you're adding an online component to your current bricks-and-mortar or hoping to strike it rich with your own online startup, the sixth edition of this popular and practical guide can help.

Find out how to identify a market need, handle promotion, choose Web hosting services, set up strong security, pop up prominently in search engine rankings, and more. The book explores the hottest business phenomenon today?social media marketing?with full coverage of Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and other technologies that are now firmly part of the online business landscape.

  • Dives into all aspects of starting and establishing an online business, including the very latest big trends
  • Highlights business issues that are of particular concern to online businesses
  • Reveals how to identify a market need, handle promotion, choose Web hosting services, set up strong security, pop up prominently in search engine rankings, and more
  • Covers the hottest social media marketing opportunities, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs
  • Shows you specific types and examples of successful online businesses
  • Provides the latest on B2B Web site suppliers, such as

Build a better online business from the ground up, starting with Starting an Online Business For Dummies, 6th Edition!

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     iOS 5 Programming Pushing the Limits: Developing Extraordinary Mobile Apps for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Publisher: Wiley
Author(s): Rob Napier, Mugunth Kumar

Open the door to endless new app development possibilities

Pushing the Limits with iOS 5 Programming is an expert guide for developers aiming to create unique applications for Apple's iPad 2, iPhone, and the iPod Touch, which includes the�latest version of�the Apple iPhone SDK, iOS 5. This text goes beyond the basics to keep you ahead of the technology curve and spark your innovative nature to create seamless, functional, and fun apps. With a focus on advanced techniques for app development, you will learn to differentiate your apps from all the rest.

With this must-have book, you'll explore advanced coverage of a variety of development topics, such as developing with deep Objective-C, while you learn to create amazing applications for Apple's iPad 2, iPhone, and iPod touch. Veteran mobile developers and authors guide you through maximizing your programs as they delve into topics not commonly found elsewhere.

  • Provides a solid foundation in the patterns of iOS
  • Shares tips for running on multiple platforms and best using security services
  • Discusses topics such as controlling multitasking, advanced text layout and more
  • Demonstrates how to think differently with blocks and functional programming
  • Teaches table view, performance, and money-making optimization
  • Eliminates common challenges with memory management and iOS information flow

Pushing the Limits with iOS 5 Programming allows you to take on the future with confidence in your new, stand-out app design skills.

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     The Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting a Web-Based Business
Publisher: Alpha
Author(s): Steve Slaunwhite

The web-based basics!

Aspiring web entrepreneurs will find here everything they need to know about starting and running their own small-scale online business. Whether they intend to sell goods, services, subscriptions, or advertising, this book provides them with the specific nuts and bolts of planning, designing, build�ing, hosting, marketing, and operating their online businesses.

?The Complete Idiot?s Guide� to Starting Your Own Business has over a quarter million copies sold in five editions

?1.6 million web-based businesses in the U.S., a $175 billion market in 2007

?Online businesses benefiting from increasing number of Internet users? with increased traffic for subscription, advertising, and affiliate program revenue

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     I Got My Dream Job and So Can You: 7 Steps to Creating Your Ideal Career After College
Publisher: AMACOM
Author(s): Pete Leibman

Recent graduates looking to enter the workforce face a discouraging job market and stiff competition for even the most entry-level positions. Yet with the right attitude and strategies, they can break into any organization in any industry and start climbing the ladder to success. When he was only 21 years old, Pete Leibman landed his "dream job," working in the front office of the NBA's Washington Wizards. He went on to be their #1 salesperson for three straight seasons and was promoted to management in under two years. In I Got My Dream Job and So Can You, Leibman shares his proven and simple system for career success. He shows readers how to: * Think big and identify what they want from their career * Network their way past corporate gatekeepers * Impress highly influential people in any field * Land interviews for "hidden" jobs * Sell themselves on paper, online, and in person * Get hired faster and with less effort than they thought possible Career hopefuls will also find inspiring stories of other young professionals, creative strategies for leveraging social media in the job-search process, and the 5 secrets that will skyrocket their earning potential once they are hired. In short, all the information they need to land the job of their dreams-in any economy.

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     eBay Business All-in-One For Dummies
Publisher: For Dummies
Author(s): Marsha Collier

Want to become an eBay entrepreneur? Nobody knows more about starting an eBay business than Marsha Collier, and she?s put it all in 1-2-3 order for you in eBay Business All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition.

This all-in-one guide includes nine handy minibooks that cover:

  • eBay Basics
  • Essential Tools
  • Selling Like a Pro
  • Sourcing Merchandise
  • Presenting Your Items
  • Promoting Your Goods
  • Storing and Shipping
  • Power Selling
  • Office and Legal

eBay PowerSeller Marsha Collier shows you how to:

  • Set up your business, find and manage inventory, and run your business like a pro
  • Equip yourself with the tools that count?eBay?s search engine, online sources of information, the PayPal system, and eBay?s management tools
  • Source your merchandise and learn valuable strategies for managing and maximizing sales
  • Set up the optimal eBay photo studio and develop and market your eBay Web site
  • Learn the ins and outs of online retailing and what it takes to buy and sell online safely and easily
  • Find deals on the computer equipment you need
  • Promote, market, and show off your goods, all the while keeping your business legal

Before you know it, you too can be a PowerSeller! �Get started today with eBay Business All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition.

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     Object-Oriented JavaScript: Create scalable, reusable high-quality JavaScript applications and libraries
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Author(s): Stoyan Stefanov

Create scalable and reusable high-quality JavaScript applications and libraries using the concepts of object-oriented programming. This book is for the beginning to intermediate web developer who wants to solve web development problems with smart JavaScript. It does not assume any prior knowledge of JavaScript programming; however even if you already know some JavaScript, there will be plenty for you to learn here.

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     App Savvy: Turning Ideas into iPad and iPhone Apps Customers Really Want
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Author(s): Ken Yarmosh

How can you make your iPhone or iPad app stand out in the highly competitive App Store? While many books simply explore the technical aspects of iPhone and iPad app design and development, App Savvy focuses on the business, product, and marketing elements critical to pursuing, completing, and selling your app -- the ingredients for turning a great idea into a genuinely successful product.

Whether you're a marketer, designer, developer, entrepreneur, product manager, or just someone with a unique idea, App Savvy explains every step in the process, with guidelines for planning a solid concept, engaging customers early and often, developing your app, and launching it with a bang. Author Ken Yarmosh details a proven process for developing successful apps, and presents numerous interviews with the App Store's most prominent publishers.
  • Learn about the App Store and how Apple's mobile devices function
  • Follow guidelines for vetting and researching app ideas
  • Validate your ideas with customers -- and create an app they'll be passionate about
  • Assemble your development team, understand costs, and establish a workable process
  • Build your marketing plan while you develop your application
  • Test your working app extensively before submitting it to the App Store
  • Assess your app's performance and keep potential buyers engaged and enthusiastic
Three Myths About Building iPad/iPhone Apps

1. Being Artistically or Technically Challenged Makes You Useless

Roughly 30-40% of your app is about thinking including researching, a disciplined approach to talking to potential customers about your idea, and "mocking" your app in easy to use software tools. Even if you don't know how to design or develop an app, there's much to do before formally building it.

2. It's Impossible to Find People to Build an App
Today, there are mobile-specific resources available, which will make finding those that can help build your app much easier. And knowing the right questions to ask will allow you to be clear about how much your app will cost and how long it will take to build.

3. Marketing Occurs Once the App is Available

Starting your marketing earlier will help development and vice versa. Following the right steps to start developing and marketing your app at the same time will make your app considerably more successful once it launches.

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     Android Application Development For Dummies
Publisher: For Dummies
Author(s): Donn Felker

The fun and friendly guide to creating applications on the Android platform

The popularity of the Android market is soaring with no sign of slowing down. The open nature of the Android OS offers programmers the freedom to access the platform's capabilities and this straightforward guide walks you through the steps for creating amazing Android applications. Android programming expert Donn Felker explains how to download the SDK, get Eclipse up and running, code Android applications, and submit your finished products to the Android Market. Featuring two sample programs, this introductory book explores everything from the simple basics to more advanced aspects of the Android platform.

  • Takes you soup through nuts of developing applications for the Android platform
  • Begins with downloading the SDK, then explains how to code Android applications and submit projects to the Android Market
  • Written by Android guru Donn Felker, who breaks every aspect of developing applications for the Android platform into easily digestible pieces

No matter your level of programming experience, Android Application Development For Dummies is an ideal guide for getting started with developing applications for the Android platform.

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     App Inventor for Android: Build Your Own Apps - No Experience Required!
Publisher: Wiley
Author(s): Jason Tyler

Create Android mobile apps, no programming required!

Even with limited programming experience, you can easily learn to create apps for the Android platform with this complete guide to App Inventor for Android. App Inventor for Android is a visual language that relies on simple programming blocks that users can drag and drop to create apps. This handy book gives you a series of fully worked-out apps, complete with their programming blocks, which you can customize for your own use or use as a starting point for creating the next killer app. And it's all without writing a single line of code. Don't miss the book's special section on Apps Inventor Design Patterns, which explains computer terms in simple terms and is an invaluable basic reference.

  • Teaches programmers and non-programmers alike how to use App Inventor for Android to create Android apps
  • Provides a series of fully worked-out apps that you can customize, download, and use on your Android phone or use as a starting point for building the next great app
  • Includes a valuable reference section on App Inventor Design Patterns and general computer science concepts
  • Shows you how to create apps that take advantage of the Android smartphone?s handy features, such as GPS, messaging, contacts, and more

With App Inventor for Android and this complete guide, you'll soon be creating apps that incorporate all of the Android smartphone's fun features, such as the accelerometer, GPS, messaging, and more.

From the Author: Getting Data In and Out of App Inventor Apps

In today?s mobile world, applications are expected to not only provide functionality locally but also have up to date content and external awareness.

"How do I get all this data into App Inventor?" is one of the most frequently asked questions by new developers. Initially getting rows and columns of data into App Inventor was a kind of linear equation. You used the TinyWebDB or you turned to some of the third party hacks that are available.

The TinyWebDB component is still a possibility for volatile data that needs to be pulled from the internet and placed into App Inventor. It has the added benefit of being quick and allowing write to the web database. For getting rows and columns of data into App Inventor the algorithm would follow these steps:

1. Pull data from WebService and place in temporary variable.
2. Parse data into psuedo-array
3. Write data to a local TinyDB
This is still an option for getting tabular data into App Inventor. It has the advantage of being fast and stable. It has the disadvantage of needing the TinyWebDB service installed and running on a web server. Setting up and installing the TinyWebDB service can be complex and frustrating. There is the added complexity of needing a separate application to actually pre-populate TinyWebDB with data.

The App Inventor team recently released an update to App Inventor that includes functionality to allow access to the Google Fusion Tables. Google Fusion Tables is an online database solution that allows simple SQL like commands to be sent via HTTP to stored data. There is a nice back-end management solution that allows a user to pre-build and pre-populate data into created tables. All of the data lives in Google?s "cloud" service. The back-end management system will be very familiar to users of Google Docs or other Google cloud products.

The algorithm for getting tabular data into an App Inventor app using Fusion Tables will follow these steps:

1. Create the desired Fusion Table and populate the table with data using the Web backend.
2. The app will be "initialized" by pulling the data from a Fusion Table.
3. The app will store the returned Lists in a local TinyDB
The advantage of Fusion Tables is the ability to easily pre-populate the online data by hand entering or importing a spreadsheet of values. This will allow the developer to maintain the data that all the deployed apps consume. Thereby, fresh content and data could be added to applications by changing the data in the Fusion Table.

The disadvantage of Fusion Tables is the data retrieval method. When the data is pulled from the Fusion Table the application stops while displaying a notification that it is pulling data from a Fusion Table. Which appears a little bit hokey on a professional level application. It is also linear and fairly slow. In other words you will not likely be repeatedly and frequently pulling data from a Fusion table in the same App session. Instead, an application would likely pull data once when the application starts and then only when specifically refreshed.

The options and power that are given to developers with the new Fusion Table has yet to be fully explored and I look forward to some exciting uses of Fusion Tables. (Hint: Someone should use this for a text based MMORPG ... the possibilities are endless. ) The newest version of App Inventor released by the incredible rock stars on the Google App Inventor developer team includes the long awaited Holy Grail. I am, of course, talking about the "WebComponent". Now the web component as it currently exists is a little bit limited and not easy to implement. However, it is REALLY powerful even in its current iteration. It has the power to send HTTP formatted requests to existing web services and web sites and then store and manipulate the returned data. It combines the speed of the TinyWebDB service requests and the flexibility of using existing data like with the Fusion Tables. The web component brings the ability to use HTTP POST and GET commands which are the foundation of most simple web services. The algorithm for using the WebComponent would (or at least could) follow these steps:

1. Establish (or use existing) web service that will respond to GET/POST.
2. Use the WebComponent to send a GET request to the service.
3. Use the Text parsing blocks to parse out the tabular data sent by the web service.
The advantage of using GET/POST commands is the speed with which they can be used inline with programmatic functions in an application. Another advantage is the flexibility of using existing data and or maintaining external data in a database behind your webservice. The WebComponent opens up App Inventor to REAL web service and interactive internet services development.

I am excited about the direction the App Inventor team is taking this awesome product and look forward to an even more mature Rapid Application Development framework.

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     The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Website
Publisher: Alpha
Author(s): Paul McFedries

The essential guide for getting the internet traffic every smallbusiness owner needs. CD included.

Today?s small-business websites require advanced features that visitors expect: streaming video and audio; e-commerce; custom surveys, forms, and polls; and discussion groups. This book covers all the basics of creating and publicizing a successful webpage.

?Free CD includes JavaScript and numerous templates
?Everything from design and publishing the site to automating and publicizing It
?100 million websites as of 2006?and it keeps on growing
?Simple and easy how-to for small businesses and organizations that can?t afford a professional web designer

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     Website Design and Development: 100 Questions to Ask Before Building a Website
Publisher: Wiley
Author(s): George Plumley

A helpful book-and-video package for building and maintaining a successful Web site

How do you know that you've done everything possible to create a unique, enriching, and successful Web site, particularly when you're hiring others to do it? With Website Design and Development, you'll feel confident that you?ve exhausted every facet of building a Web site. The clever question-and-answer format walks you through easily overlooked details, acting as a virtual consultant. You?ll get clear, easy-to-follow advice on everything from finding a host, design and layout, creating content, marketing, to staying secure. Each question features a rating as to how critical it is to the welfare of the site, allowing you to pick and choose where to spend your time and money, and the answers contain helpful illustrations as well as action points. In addition, your learning experience is further enhanced by the high-quality accompanying video.

  • Contains professional advice for creating?and maintaining?a successful Web site
  • Features an accompanying video that offers additional examples, commentary, and advice for each question.
  • Lists questions you should ask yourself or your web developer and then presents clear, concise answers as well as helpful checklists
  • Rates each topic as to its importance in the grand scheme of your Web site so that you can determine how to spend your time and money

Website Design and Development answers the essential questions that need to be asked before creating a Web site.

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     Make a Fortune Promoting Other People's Stuff Online: How Affiliate Marketing Can Make You Rich
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Author(s): Rosalind Gardner

?It took me years to discover many of the techniques she spells out in her book. I wish it had been available when I started.?

-Allan Gardyne,

The definitive guide to planning and managing a successful online affiliate business!

Make a Fortune Promoting Other People's Stuff Online is your hands-on guide to starting your own profitable affiliate marketing business quickly, easily, and inexpensively. Leading affiliate marketing authority Rosalind Gardner gives you a proven five-step plan for identifying a niche with a huge market, choosing products to promote, and selling the benefits effectively. You'll see how to:

  • Navigate the different affiliate programs, from commissioned-based ?click-through? programs to CPM impressions to flat-fee referral
  • Identify the products and programs that are profitable-and the ones to avoid
  • Ask the right questions before you join an affiliate program
  • Research, understand, and sell to your niche market
  • Negotiate for a higher percentage on your commission
  • Stay on top of developments in the industry

Packed with time- and money-saving techniques-including twelve ways to drive traffic to your website at no cost-this comprehensive guide is all you need to make big profits as an affiliate marketer!

Rosalind Gardner is the creator of several successful online businesses and the author of the bestselling Super Affiliate Handbook. Her website is

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     Presenting to Win: The Art of Telling Your Story, Updated and Expanded Edition
Publisher: FT Press
Author(s): Jerry Weissman

Thirty million presentations will be given today. Millions will fail. Millions more will be received with yawns. A rare few will establish the most profound connection, in which presenter and audience understand each other perfectly?discover common ground? and, together, decide to act.

In this fully updated edition, Jerry Weissman, the world?s #1 presentation consultant, shows how to connect with even the toughest, most high-level audiences...and move them to action! He teaches presenters of all kinds how to dump those PowerPoint templates once and for all and tell compelling stories that focus on what?s in it for the audience.

Weissman?s techniques have proven themselves with billions of dollars on the line. Thousands of his elite clients have already mastered them. Now it?s your turn!

?�� What you must do to tell your story

���� Focus before Flow: identifying your real goals and message

?�� The power of the WIIFY: What?s In It For You

���� Staying focused on what your audience really wants

?�� Capture your audience in 90 seconds? and never let go!

���� Opening Gambits and compelling linkages

?�� Master the art of online Web conferencing

���� Connecting with your invisible audience

?�� From brainstorming through delivery

���� Crafting the Power Presentation, one step at a time

Named by FORTUNE Magazine as a "Must-Read"

"Jerry Weissman makes the challenge of producing and delivering effective presentations delightfully simple. Read it and benefit!"

Tim Koogle,Founding CEO, Yahoo!

?A great read for all of us who have ever struggled with any aspect of our public speaking skills. Presenting to Win contains the same timeless techniques that helped me [18] years ago.?

Jeff Raikes, former President, Microsoft Business Division, Microsoft Corporation, and CEO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

?Jerry is The Man when it comes to making great pitches. If your pitch doesn?t get a whole lot better after reading this book, something is wrong with you.?

Guy Kawasaki, Managing Director and Chairman, Garage Technology Ventures, and bestselling author of The Art of the Start

?Presenting to Win is the shortest path to applause for any presenter. It will be your bible for the PowerPoint Age. It?s loaded with easy actions and real examples that really work. I?ve used them. I know.?

Scott Cook, Founder, Intuit

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     Mobile Design and Development: Practical concepts and techniques for creating mobile sites and web apps (Animal Guide)
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Author(s): Brian Fling

Mobile Design and Development by Brian Fling is a start to finish guide for designing and building mobile apps regardless of experience, device or platform. Brian took on the daunting challenge to write the mobile guide missing from bookshelves. As Brian describes it "this is a book that teaches people how to cook, not a collection of recipes." Since its release the book has been incredibly well received. It has being described as a "must have" by many experts in the mobile community. The 16 chapters, and 85,000 words within the book have helped thousands understand and dive into mobile.
The first half is a crash course in the mobile ecosystem: how to develop a strategy, address the mobile context--even how to decide which of the multiple mobile application types is best for you, and finally, how to create a user experience for it. The second half is focused on using these principles to make a mobile website or web app.
Mobile Design and Development is a comprehensive resource covering all aspects of the mobile ecosystem. The book covers a great number of topics, however each are described in practical and common sense way?making easy for anyone at any technical level to understand the inner working of the mobile medium.
  • A Brief History of Mobile
  • The Mobile Ecosystem
  • Why Mobile?
  • Designing for Context
  • Developing a Mobile Strategy
  • Types of Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Application Medium Types
  • Mobile Application Media Matrix
  • Mobile Information Architecture
  • Mobile Design
  • The Elements of Mobile Design
  • Mobile Design Tools
  • Mobile Web Apps Versus Native Applications
  • When to Make a Native Application
  • When to Make a Mobile Web Application
  • Mobile 2.0
  • Mobile Web Development
  • Mobile Markup
  • Mobile CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
  • Mobile JavaScript
  • iPhone Web Apps
  • iPhone Markup
  • iPhone CSS
  • iPhone Javascript
  • Creating a Mobile Web App
  • Web Apps as Native Apps
  • Tools and Libraries
  • Adapting to Devices
  • Device Targeting
  • Full Adaptation
  • What Domain Do I Use?
  • Making Money in Mobile
  • Working with an App Store
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Supporting Devices
  • Device Testing
  • Desktop Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • The Future of Mobile
If you're a web designer, web developer, information architect, product manager, usability professional, content publisher, or an entrepreneur new to the mobile, Mobile Design and Development provides you with the knowledge you need to work with this rapidly developing technology.

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     The "You" Effect: How to Transform Ego-Based Marketing Into Captivating Messages That Create Customers
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author(s): Tom Trush

The marketing game has changed ... But many high-level executives behind big brands and major corporations still haven't noticed. They're blinded by a desire to showcase the greatness behind their companies. That's okay, though, because this ego-based marketing approach means more opportunity for you. The reality is the Internet has transformed the buying process. Your prospects actively hunt online for solutions to their problems. So they're more educated about your product or service than ever before. Today, your role as a marketer is similar to a publisher. You must produce and deliver valuable content when and where your prospects need it. What works is focusing on your prospects' problems. What fails is force-feeding facts about what you sell. All it takes is a simple change in your perspective on prospects to position yourself as an industry authority, deliver higher returns on your marketing investments, and reach larger audiences with less effort. If you want your marketing to deliver different results, you must be willing to do something different. Are you ready?

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     How to Create Irresistible Offers: The Easiest Way on Earth to make Your Marketing Generate More Leads, Orders, and Sales
Publisher: American Writers & Artists, Inc.
Author(s): Robert W. Bly

An "offer" is simply what your prospects get when he responds to your ad or mailing -- combined with what he has to do to get it.

And whether you're an entrepreneur, marketing manager, copywriter, or direct marketer, Bob Bly "America's Top Copywriter," will show you how it's possible to improve the response rate to your promotions anywhere from 10 percent to as much as 900 percent, just by creating and testing different offers.

With three decades of experience in marketing and copywriting, Bob has packed everything he knows about offers that produce results into How to Create Irresistible Offers.

From specific techniques (like the "drop-in-the-buket" tactic) to overall strategies (like the "good, better, best" approach), you'll get a soup-to-nuts education.

Bottom line:By the time you're done with the book, you'll know exactly how to craft strong offers that make more money for you.

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