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Sibilant consonant

Sibilant consonant

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Book search results for Sibilant consonant

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     Vowels and Consonants
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Author(s): Peter Ladefoged

This popular and accessible introduction to phonetics is now available in a fully updated second edition. Peter Ladefoged describes how languages use a variety of different sounds, many of them quite unlike any that occur in well-known languages.

Important topics covered in Vowels and Consonants include:

* The main forces operating on the sounds of languages

* The acoustic components of speech and speech synthesis

* Computers and Text-To-Speech systems and speech recognition systems

* Descriptions of the sounds of a wide variety of languages that are reproduced on the accompanying CD.

This revised edition includes a new chapter on how we listen to speech and the greatly expanded CD now contains data on 100 languages to reinforce learning and bring the descriptions to life.

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     Woe Is I: The Grammarphobe's Guide to Better English in Plain English, 3rd Edition
Publisher: Riverhead Hardcover
Author(s): Patricia T. O'Conner

It?s been called ?possibly the most popular book on grammar ever published.? Now the witty bestseller that took the nation by storm is back in a revised, expanded edition with new dos and don?ts from top to bottom.

In this new Woe Is I, Patricia T. O?Conner displays the same fresh, irreverent humor that has charmed hundreds of thousands of readers. There are new chapters on spelling and pronunciation, and updates throughout. But you?ll find the same down-to-earth explanations in clear, plain English?the same sensible solutions to the grammar mysteries that bug even the best of us. O?Conner manages to unscramble the most complicated problems in simple, easyto- swallow language. So you won?t encounter the kind of intimidating terminology that made you want to skip your high school English class. This funny, wise, and indispensable guide shows readers how to:

? avoid the persistent grammatical errors that tie everyone?even presidents!? in knots
? watch their tongues and learn to pronounce commonly mangled words
? correctly use dozens of much-abused words and phrases Whatever your problem?intimidated by possessives? puzzled over pronouns? clueless about how to say ?banal???the updated Woe Is I provides witty, jargon-free answers to all your questions about the basics as well as the subtleties of grammar, style, and usage. No wonder The Atlanta Journal-Constitution called O?Conner?s classic ?the best primer on English usage to come along since Strunk and White?s The Elements of Style.?

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     Clear Speech Teacher's Resource Book: Pronunciation and Listening Comprehension in American English (Clear Speech S.)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author(s): Judy B. Gilbert

Pronunciation and Listening Comprehension in North American English. The Clear Speech, Third Edition, Teacher's Resource Book provides unit overviews, teaching suggestions, audio scripts, and answer keys for each unit in the Student's Book. It also includes diagnostic tests, 15 unit quizzes on photocopiable pages, and an audio CD that contains the listening material for the unit quizzes.

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     Mantra Yoga and Primal Sound: Secret of Seed (Bija) Mantras
Publisher: Lotus Press
Author(s): David Frawley

Modern science and ancient wisdom traditions agree that the universe is a symphony of vibrational frequencies. In this beautiful, comprehensive, and unique work, Dr. Frawley elaborates the essential truths about cosmic sound, and how we can employ important mantras for healing, transformation and inner awakening.

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     Practice Makes Perfect Advanced English Grammar for ESL Learners (Practice Makes Perfect Series)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Author(s): Mark Lester

Get control over those difficult areas of English grammar

Practice Makes Perfect: Advanced English Grammar for ESL Learners is focused on those grammar topics that might pose special problems for you, especially if English is not your first language. Because it targets advanced topics, you will quickly zero in on what holds you back from fluency. And like with all of the bestselling Practice Makes Perfect books, you can practice through exercises and reinforce your knowledge.

The book includes:

  • 775 exercises
  • Expertise from Mark Lester, an ESL expert in grammar who founded the highly respected ESL department at the University of Hawaii. He authored the most popular college classroom grammar in the country

Topics include: Noun plurals, Possessive nouns and personal pronouns, Articles and quantifiers, Adjectives, Verb forms and tenses, Talking about present time, Talking about past time, Talking about future time, Causative verbs, The passive, The structure of adjective clauses, Restrictive and nonrestrictive adjective clauses, Gerunds, Infinitives, Noun clauses

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     Building A Character
Publisher: Routledge
Author(s): Constantin Stanislavski

Stanislavski's groundbreaking acting system, developed from his work in the Moscow Art Theater and acknowledged the world over, found its greatest success in America where its methods have been used for over fifty years by the Actor's Studio in New York.
Building a Character, the second volume in Stanislavski's acclaimed trilogy, continues the total immersion in technique and class scenarios begun in An Actor Prepares. The work unfolds in a drama school with a group of young actors: the argumentative Grisha; the pretty, vain Sonia; her admirer, the clowning Vanya; and Kostya, the diarist who records the daily lessons. The teacher and director Tortsov is modeled on Stanislavski.
The emphasis in the second book is to continue to challenge the imagination of the actors, encouraging them to act out the deepest expressions of human nature and find their highest potential. Here, a new range of physical exercises is practiced with the goals of plasticity of motion, restraint and control, and making the body expressive. Stanislavski also delves into stage charm and character-building by focusing on diction and singing, intonation and pauses, and tempo-rhythm.
Stanislavski's aim is to help actors fill out their roles to the proportion of whole human beings, "characters who will have the power to move the public to laughter, to tears, to unforgettable emotions."

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     The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author(s): David Crystal

Rarely has a book so packed with accurate and well researched factual information been so widely read and popularly acclaimed. This Second Edition of The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language has been fully revised for a new generation of language-lovers. The book is longer and includes extensive new material on world English and Internet English, in addition to completely updated statistics, further reading suggestions and other references. First Edition Hb (1995): 0-521-40179-8 First Edition Pb (1997): 0-521-59655-6 David Crystal is a leading authority on language, and author of many books, including most recently Shakespeare's Words (Penguin, 2002), Language and the Internet (Cambridge, 2001) and Language Death (Cambridge, 2000). An internationally renowned writer, journal editor, lecturer and broadcaster, he received an Order of the British Empire in 1995 for his services to the English language.

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     Historical Linguistics: An Introduction
Publisher: The MIT Press
Author(s): Lyle Campbell

This accessible, hands-on text not only introduces students to the important topics in historical linguistics but also shows them how to apply the methods described and how to think about the issues; abundant examples and exercises allow students to focus on how to do historical linguistics. Distinctive to this text is its integration of the standard topics with others now considered important to the field, including syntactic change, grammaticalization, sociolinguistic contributions to linguistic change, distant genetic relationships, areal linguistics, and linguistic prehistory. Examples are taken from a broad range of languages; those from the more familiar English, French, German, and Spanish make the topics more accessible, while those from non-Indo-European languages show the depth and range of the concepts they illustrate.This second edition features expanded explanations and examples as well as updates in light of recent work in linguistics, including a defense of the family tree model, a response to recent claims on lexical diffusion/frequency, and a section on why languages diversify and spread.

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     A Handbook to Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
Author(s): Page H. Kelley

This compliment to Page H. Kelleys Biblical Hebrew was made available to specifically assist two groups of people. The first group is the students who use the grammar as a text for study in a course. It allows students to check their work so they can be sure where they stand in the learning process. The second group it was prepared for is the people who are using the grammar to teach themselves biblical Hebrew. In their case, it is the only way to verify their answers to the exercises. The handbook provides answers to all of the exercises in the textbook, as well as footnotes that explain grammatical problems where they exist. Cross references help students find other related information, and sources are provided that will help those interested in further study.

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     Essentials of New Testament Greek
Publisher: B&H Academic
Author(s): Ray Summers

A fresh revision of a classic text, suited for classrooms or private study. Thousands of pastors have enhanced their understanding of the New Testament with this user-friendly book.

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     Morphology of Biblical Greek, The
Publisher: Zondervan
Author(s): William D. Mounce

The Morphology of Biblical Greek explains, in a way second-year Greek students can understand, how Greek words are formed. It shows that Greek word formation follows a limited set of rules. Once these rules are understood, it becomes clear that forms which once seemed to be irregular or an exception actually follow these morphological rules. The Morphology of Biblical Greek has five parts: 1.The rules that determine how Greek words change. 2. The rules of verb formation, from augment to personal ending. 3. Paradigms for every type of noun and adjective form, with all the words that belong in each category and any peculiarities of a given word. 4. All the verbs and principal parts, with verbs that follow the same rules grouped together. 5. An index of all words in the New Testament with their morphological category. The Morphology of Biblical Greek contains the most complete set of paradigms for nouns, verbs, adjectives, and pronouns available for New Testament Greek.

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     Mosby's Review Questions for the Speech-Language Pathology PRAXIS Examination, 1e
Publisher: Mosby
Author(s): Dennis M. Ruscello PhD, Mosby

With approximately 1,400 practice questions - more than any other exam review - this unique book/CD-ROM package provides the most complete, reliable preparation available for the PRAXIS II subject assessment examination. Review questions can be selected to match the style and question distribution of the real exam to familiarize you with the examination experience and help you build test-taking confidence.

  • Approximately 1,400 practice questions - more than 10 times the number of questions on the actual examination - offer unparalleled review of key concepts in speech-language pathology.
  • A bound-in companion CD-ROM enables you to select questions chapter-by-chapter or in a quizzing format that allows you to create an unlimited number of unique practice tests with instant feedback.
  • The timed sample test format on the companion CD-ROM simulates the real examination experience and helps you strengthen your prioritization and time-management skills.
  • A detailed rationale accompanies each question to explain correct answers and help you identify areas requiring further review.
  • Content experts lend valuable knowledge and insight across every specialty area covered on the exam to ensure the most reliable, well-rounded review.
  • Select references point you to specific sources of additional information for fast, efficient research.

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     Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures: A Guide to the Invisible Art
Publisher: Focal Press
Author(s): John Purcell

Dialogue editing is a crucial yet invisible part of filmmaking. Do it right, and no one notices. Do it wrong, and your film or video sounds messy, distracting, and unrealistic. This is a book for people who need to edit production sound for film, TV, or video but were never taught how to do it. It goes step by step through the process and covers all the workflows you are likely to encounter. Efficient working practices are emphasized throughout, so you learn to save time and avoid needless repetition.

Many dialogue editors are hobbled by a lack of understanding of the non-sound aspects of filmmaking. Unlike editors who cut effects, backgrounds or Foley, a dialogue editor's work is directly affected by what has gone on before. How a film was shot, recorded and edited will dramatically influence the dialogue editing process. Much of this book, then, deals with things which at first glance don't appear to be dialogue. You will find overviews of film picture and sound postproduction--film, tape, NTSC, PAL, 24p, and HD. There are summaries of film picture editing, OMF manipulation, and ADR management.

* A veteran sound editor shows you how to produce a flawless dialogue track
* Covers organization and time management so you can work efficiently
* Must-have information for sound editors, dialogue editors, and assistant editors
* Foreword by Dominick Tavella, who mixes films in New York (some of his films include: Chocolat, Far and Away, Vanity Fair, and Chicago)

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     Fundamentals of New Testament Greek
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
Author(s): Stanley E. Porter, Jeffrey T. Reed, Matthew Brook O'Donnell

This extremely useful volume is a comprehensive introduction to the grammar and vocabulary of the Greek of the New Testament, with extensive paradigms, examples, and explanations. / Porter, Reed, and O?Donnell?s Fundamentals of New Testament Greek makes use of pedagogically sound and linguistically informed language-instruction techniques to provide the most effective textbook possible. The book introduces the individual elements of the Greek language according to their frequency of use in the New Testament so as to reinforce in students the elements that they will most often encounter. Every grammatical element is explained in sufficient detail ? including illustrative examples ? and is accompanied by useful information to describe its composition and analysis. The authors also include complete paradigms with plenty of examples, and significant vocabulary is introduced throughout the course of the volume. / Students who complete this text can engage in serious reading, translation, and understanding of the Greek New Testament, moving directly into Greek exegesis courses and more advanced Greek-language courses. Fundamentals of New Testament Greek: First Year will prove invaluable for gaining a thorough foundational understanding of New Testament Greek. It is bound to be a standard text for years to come.

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     On the Art of Singing
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Author(s): Richard Miller

This engaging and long influential collection of essays looks at the art of singing in its totality. Written in a lively, non-technical style, On the Art of Singing is a comprehensive manual that deals with all aspects of singing, from the physiology and acoustics of the singing voice to career-building. Divided into four main sections -- vocal technique, style and interpretation, professional preparation, and vocal pedagogy - the book's structure is such that the reader may pick and choose as personal interests and needs dictate. Containing essential information for all singers, including original research on the mechanics of the voice, this book collects in one volume everything that renowned instructor and singer Richard Miller considers essential to the art of vocal performance. To anyone seeking that elusive state of vocal freedom, whether as a singer or instructor of singers, and to anyone else interested in voice, vocal technique or vocal performance, On the Art of Singing will prove an indispensible guide.

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     Language Development: Foundations, Processes, and Clinical Applications
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Author(s): Brian B. Shulman, Nina C. Capone

As the number of culturally and linguistically diverse individuals in the United States continues to increase annually, Language Development: Foundations, Processes, and Clinical Applications will help your students understand language development in terms of each individual child s communication needs. This comprehensive resource, written by experts in the field, offers an accessible overview of language development by discussing the typical course of language development within the clinical context of language assessment and intervention. Clinical practice applications will help your students prepare for the clinical challenges they will face in their professional careers. This resource focuses on our role of responsibility to children who are challenged in learning to communicate, and in doing so, bridges the biological, environmental, technological and professional aspects to advancing the development of professionals and children alike. Language Development: Foundations, Processes, and Clinical Applications features chapter objectives, dialogues, case studies, key terms, and study questions, as well as a glossary.

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     The Robert Shaw Reader
Publisher: Yale University Press

Robert Shaw is considered to be the most influential choral conductor in American history. This is the first collection of his letters and notes about music ever published�at another time, it is the book Shaw would have written himself.
The letters are an invigorating mix of music history and analysis, philosophy, inspiration, and practical advice. Shaw examines technique, but only as a means to an end�he moves beyond that, delving into the essence of what music is and what it has to say to us. The heart of the book is composed of Shaw?s previously unpublished notes on fifteen major choral works, ranging from Bach?s B Minor Mass to Stravinsky?s Symphony of Psalms.
Often inspiring and sometime hilarious, these writings reveal the full breadth of Shaw?s knowledge, intensity, and humor.

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     A Manual of Modern Greek, I: For University Students: Elementary to Intermediate (Yale Language Series) (Bk.1)
Publisher: Yale University Press
Author(s): Anne Farmakides

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     New Comparative Grammar of Greek and Latin
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Author(s): Andrew L Sihler

Like Carl Darling Buck's Comparative Grammar of Greek and Latin (1933), this book is an explanation of the similarities and differences between Greek and Latin morphology and lexicon through an account of their prehistory. It also aims to discuss the principal features of Indo-European linguistics. Greek and Latin are studied as a pair for cultural reasons only; as languages, they have little in common apart from their Indo-European heritage. Thus the only way to treat the historical bases for their development is to begin with Proto-Indo-European. The only way to make a reconstructed language like Proto-Indo-European intelligible and intellectually defensible is to present at least some of the basis for reconstructing its features and, in the process, to discuss reasoning and methodology of reconstruction (including a weighing of alternative reconstructions). The result is a compendious handbook of Indo-European phonology and morphology, and a vade mecum of Indo-European linguistics--the focus always remaining on Greek and Latin. The non-classical sources for historical discussion are mainly Vedic Sanskrit, Hittite, and Germanic, with occasional but crucial contributions from Old Irish, Avestan, Baltic, and Slavic.

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     Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization: The Linguistic Evidence, Vol. 3
Publisher: Rutgers University Press

Could Greek philosophy be rooted in Egyptian thought? Is it possible that the Pythagorean theory was conceived on the shores of the Nile and the Euphrates rather than in ancient Greece? Could it be that much of Western civilization was formed on the "Dark Continent"? For almost two centuries, Western scholars have given little credence to the possibility of such scenarios. In Black Athena, an audacious three-volume series that strikes at the heart of today's most heated culture wars, Martin Bernal challenges Eurocentric attitudes by calling into question two of the longest-established explanations for the origins of classical civilization. To use his terms, the Aryan Model, which is current today, claims that Greek culture arose as the result of the conquest from the north by Indo-European speakers, or "Aryans," of the native "pre-Hellenes." The Ancient Model, which was maintained in Classical Greece, held that the native population of Greece had initially been civilized by Egyptian and Phoenician colonists and that additional Near Eastern culture had been introduced to Greece by Greeks studying in Egypt and Southwest Asia. Moving beyond these prevailing models, Bernal proposes a Revised Ancient Model, which suggests that classical civilization in fact had deep roots in Afroasiatic cultures. This long-awaited third and final volume of the series is concerned with the linguistic evidence that contradicts the Aryan Model of ancient Greece. Bernal shows how nearly 40 percent of the Greek vocabulary has been plausibly derived from two Afroasiatic languages-Ancient Egyptian and West Semitic. He also reveals how these derivations are not limited to matters of trade, but extended to the sophisticated language of politics, religion, and philosophy. This evidence, according to Bernal, greatly strengthens the hypothesis that in Greece an Indo-European-speaking population was culturally dominated by Ancient Egyptian and West Semitic speakers. Provocative, passionate, and colossal in scope, this volume caps a thoughtful rewriting of history that has been stirring academic and political controversy since the publication of the first volume. Martin Bernal, formerly a fellow of King's College, Cambridge, and professor of Government and Near Eastern Studies at Cornell University, is now retired.

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