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Polish (chicken)

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Book search results for Polish (chicken)

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     Charlie the Chicken (Polish Edition)
Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books
Author(s): Nick Denchfield

A combination of predictable, rhythmic text with hilarious full-color illustrations captures Charlie's gargantuan body parts, in a zany pop-up book for toddlers.

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     The Best of Polish Cooking
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
Author(s): Karen West

Now updated with a new chapter on Lighter Polish Fare! First published in 1983, this classic resource for Polish cuisine has been a favorite with home chefs for many years. This new edition includes a chapter on Light Polish Fare with ingenious tips for reducing fat, calories and cholesterol, without compromising the flavor of fine Polish cuisine. Fragrant herbal rubs and vinegars add panache without calories. Alternatives and conversion tables for butter, sour cream and milk will help readers lighten other recipes as well.

In an easy-to-use menu format, the author arranges complementary and harmonious foods together--all organized in seasonal cycles. Spring menus include "Braised Spring Lamb with Cabbage," "Baby Carrots Polonaise," and "Wild Strawberries with Sour Cream." Cool and light summer menus make the most of fresh fruits and vegetables: "Frosty Artichoke Salad," "Fresh Peas with Dill Butter," and "Chilled Blueberry Soup." Autumn recipes include "Polish Sausage simmered in Wine," "Apple Raisin Cake," and "Hunter's Stew." The winter chapter highlights plentiful offerings such as "Roast Duck Served with Red Cabbage," "Smoked Salmon Omelets" and "Christmas Eve Bread."

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     Polish Heritage Cookery
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
Author(s): Robert Strybel, Maria Strybel

A perennial best-seller, this is the most extensive and varied Polish cookbook ever published. More than 2200 recipes use easily available American ingredients and measurements. Modern Polish cuisine is a blend of hearty peasant dishes and more elegant gourmet fare, incorporating a broad cross-section of cultural influences. The book includes numerous cultural notes, historical accounts of Polish culinary traditions, and descriptive line drawings. Its expanded edition includes information on Polish products available in the United States, such as plum butter (powid la), honey mushrooms (opie nka), and kielbasa, and their culinary uses.

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     How To Raise Chickens: Everything You Need To Know
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Author(s): Christine Heinrichs

Whichever comes first for you, the chicken or the egg, this book shows you what to do next. In this hands-on, easy-to-use guidebook, longtime chicken breeder and poultry expert Christine Heinrichs tells you everything you need to know to raise chickens in your backyard?from laying out the yard and designing a coop to choosing breeds, caring for chicks, egging, sexing, and butchering. Whether you?re interested in rare breeds or the garden variety; whether you want to show your chickens or serve them, this brightly illustrated, clearly written guide will prove an indispensable resource.

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     4-H Guide to Raising Chickens
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Author(s): Tara Kindschi

Raising chickens teaches more than animal husbandry.� It?s a hands-on chance to learn the character- and community-building principles and practices that 4-H is all about.� And, of course, it?s fun.� This easy-to-follow, illustrated guide introduces beginners to the basics of how to raise chickens.� Whether you?re a 4-H?r, a first-time poultry owner, or a future egg farmer, The 4-H Guide to Raising Chickens provides step-by-step instructions for your project.� From selecting a breed to caring for chicks, from housing and fencing to feeding and preventing or treating illness, the guide presents simple, straightforward information about chickens of all kinds, raised for pets, eggs, or meat.� It also includes a glossary and list of resources.

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     Your Chickens
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC
Author(s): Gail Damerow

Our friendly and encouraging children's animal reference series features information on selection, housing, behavior, feeding, health, and showing in mature yet easy-to-understand language, for ages 9 and up.

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     Polish Cookery : Poland's Bestselling Cookbook Adapted for American Kitchens
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
Author(s): Marja Ochorowicz-Monatowa

Poland, like France, is a country where people really know food. One can stop at a wayside inn in the country or at a modest restaurant in a working-class city neighborhood and be served a meal worth remembering. Good food is a tradition.

Polish Cookery is an American adaptation of Uniwersalna Ksiazka Kucharska (The Universal Cookbook), long the most famous standard cookbook in Poland. All weights and measures have been converted to American usage, and suitable substitutions are provided for hard-to-get ingredients. The recipes range from the familiar to the exotic and include soups like Polish Mushroom and Barley Soup, Fresh Cabbage Soup, many variations of Barszcz, the famous Polish beet soup, and Sorrel Soup with Sour Cream.

The Poles are very fond of pates, dumplings, and meat pastries. In Polish Cookery, you'll find recipes for Meat Patties, Potato Croquettes, Venison Pastry, Partridge Pie, Game Pate, many variations on the celebrated Pierogi, or dough pockets, and Buckwheat Cakes.

Authentic entrees include Loin of Venison, Roast Wild Goose, Smothered Pike, Turkey in Madeira Sauce. Chicken Casserole with Currants, Smothered Duck in Caper Sauce, Hussar Pot Roast, Tenderloin Smothered in Sour Cream, and perhaps Poland's most famous dish, Bigos, or Hunter's Stew.

To round out the Polish meal, there are recipes for Mashed Turnips and Potatoes, Split Pea Fritters, Stuffed Kohlrabi, Fried Carrots, Mushroom Ramekins, and Pearl Barley with Dried Mushrooms.

Finally Polish Cookery offers such dessert treats as Almond Torte, Cracow Torte, Spice Cake, and Almond Babka.

Polish cuisine evolved over centuries, a combination of East and West, aristocratic hauteur and peasant fare. It is a rich culinary heritage that is faithfully represented here in Polish Cookery.

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     Art of Polish Cooking, The
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
Author(s): Alina Zeranska

"A valued standard on Polish traditions and cuisine for thousands of readers in the United States and abroad." -Washington Post Polish gourmet traditions are as old as Polish culture, which has written history over a thousand years. And here is the definitive Polish cookbook, The Art of Polish Cooking, containing 500 authentic recipes which reflect the proud traditions of this ancient country. This cookbook is complete with recipes for hors d'oeuvres, soups, entrees, vegetables, pastries, desserts, and beverages. Special holiday menus are also presented, along with charming descriptions of traditional Polish feasts and celebrations. Polish cooking is characterized by herbs like dill, caraway seed, and green parsley. Sour cream is another essential ingredient. Author Alina Zeranska provides easy-to-follow recipes for favorites like Cabbage Rolls, Chicken in Dill Sauce, Meat Pierogis, and Fruit Mazurka. Mrs. Zeranska has translated these Polish recipes perfectly using exact American measurements. This is truly an authentic book of Polish cuisine for family use and elegant entertaining in the old world tradition.

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     Storey's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC
Author(s): Carol Ekarius

Farmers and fanciers keep an astonishing variety of poultry breeds in North America. These birds provide meat and eggs to nourish us and feathers to keep us warm. Their quirky personalities and charming good looks make them barnyard favorites. They inspire passionate devotion from show breeders and provide a living for farmers.

Presented here, breed by breed, are more than 120 barnyard fowl ? from chickens and turkeys to emus and pheasants. For each animal, readers will find stunning color photography, a brief history, and a detailed description. The identifying characteristics included for each breed are: class (standard and bantam); size (for cocks and hens); appearance of comb, wattles, and earlobes; color (everything from black-breasted red to silver laced); place of origin; conservation status; and special qualities (including longevity, size and quantity of eggs, quality of meat, and other relevant uses). Author Carol Ekarius provides enough information to satisfy both the dedicated browser and the serious farmer weighing the pros and cons of multiple breeds.

In 2005, Storey's Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breeds of North America celebrated horses in a coffee-table reference that captivated enthusiasts of all ages. Now farmers, breeders, backyard chicken keepers, and unabashed poultry fanatics will have a definitive guide of their own. If it's poultry ? fair or fowl ? it's in this book.

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     New Polish Cuisine
Publisher: Lbcm Publishing
Author(s): Michael J. Baruch

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     Barnyard in Your Backyard: A Beginner's Guide to Raising Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Rabbits, Goats, Sheep, and Cattle
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC
Author(s): Gail Damerow

When is the right time to shear a sheep? Is there a market for manure? What time of day is best to collect eggs? What is the correct way to milk a goat? What does a duck eat? Can a cow and a sheep share the same pasture? Which types of rabbits are easiest to raise?

The perfect book for anyone who has ever dreamed of having that little place in the country, Barnyard in Your Backyard offers tried-and-true, expert advice on raising healthy, happy, productive farm animals: chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, goats, sheep, and dairy cows.

Each chapter focuses on a different animal, discussing the pros and cons of raising the animal, housing and land requirements, feeding guidelines, health concerns, and a schedule for routine care. Species that are easy to raise, hardy, and companionable are profiled. First-time farmers will discover simple, clear instructions for caring for animals throughout the year, as well as guidelines for processing barnyard products such as milk, wool, and eggs. Combining practical advice from real experts, easy-to-use checklists and charts, a seasonal care calendar, and detailed black-and-white illustrations, Barnyard in Your Backyard offers a comprehensive review of the ins and outs - the tribulations and triumphs - of living with and caring for a small barnyard.

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     Polish Cooking, Revised
Publisher: HP Trade
Author(s): Marianna Olszewska Heberle

For more than 20 years, Polish Cooking has given readers a taste of genuine Polish cuisine. Now, updated and revised with new information and twenty new recipes, including such favorites as Apple Pancakes, Mushroom Croquettes, and Lazy Noodles, it continues to provide a sampling of Polish dishes that have survived over the last ten centuries.

Polish-born Marianna Olszewska Heberle reveals a rich variety of over 200 authentic recipes in this outstanding cookbook rivaling the best European cuisines. Easy-to-follow instructions make it simple to prepare such traditional Polish favorites as Poppy Seed Pierogies, Stuffed Cabbage, Hunter's Stew, Warsaw Herring, and many more.

Plus readers will learn about holiday traditions and the proud culinary heritage of this fascinating country with Polish Cooking.

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     Chicken (Reaktion Books - Animal)
Publisher: Reaktion Books
Author(s): Annie Potts

No creature has been subject to such extremes of reverence and exploitation as the chicken. Hens have been venerated as cosmic creators and roosters as solar divinities. Many cultures have found the mysteries of birth, healing, death and resurrection encapsulated in the hen?s egg. Yet today, most of us have nothing to do with chickens as living beings, although billions are consumed around the world every year.
In Chicken Annie Potts introduces us to the vivid and astonishing world of Gallus gallus. The book traces the evolution of jungle fowl and the domestication of chickens by humans. It describes the ways in which chickens experience the world, form families and friendships, communicate with each other, play, bond, and grieve. Chicken explores cultural practices like egg-rolling, the cockfight, alectromancy, wishbone-pulling and the chicken-swinging ritual of Kapparot; discovers depictions of chickenhood in ancient and modern art, literature and film; and also showcases bizarre supernatural chickens from around the world including the Basilisk, Kikimora and Pollio Maligno. Chicken concludes with a detailed analysis of the place of chickens in the world today, and a tribute to those who educate and advocate on behalf of these birds.
Numerous beautiful illustrations show the many faces (and feathers and combs and tails) of Gallus, from wild roosters in the jungles of Southeast Asia to quirky Naked-Necks and majestic Malays. There are chickens painted by Chagall and Magritte, chickens made of hair-rollers, and chickens shaped like mountains. The reader of Chicken will encounter a multitude of intriguing facts and ideas, including why the largest predator ever to walk the earth is considered the ancestor of the modern chicken, how mother hens communicate with their chicks while they're still in the egg, why Charlie Chaplin?s masterpiece required him to play a chicken, whether it?s safe to take eggs on a sea-voyage, and how ?chicken therapy? can rejuvenate us all. This book will fascinate those already familiar with and devoted to the Gallus species, and it will open up a whole new gallinaceous world for future admirers of the intelligent and passionate chicken.

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     Pocketful of Poultry
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC
Author(s): Carol Ekarius

Poultry in a pocket-size book? Why not, when the birds in question are neatly corralled into an appealing little volume, just right for gift giving, easy browsing, or tucking into a bag or pocket for quick reference at a poultry show or auction.

More than 100 poultry pals show their amazing colors in full-page images that capture their good looks and lively personalities. Intricate feather patterns, imposing crests and wattles, and grinning beaks are just a few of their appealing features. From laying hens to heritage turkeys to adorable ducks, here are all the common barnyard favorites, plus rare breeds from around the world.

Facing each poultry portrait is an informational page offering facts about the breed and a handy at-a-glance reference bar identifying the type of poultry (chicken, turkey, duck, goose), its primary use (laying, meat, game, or ornamental bird), and its conservation status. Breeders, enthusiasts, and anyone who has ever paused to admire a handsome chicken will be delighted by the photographs and enlightened by the breed profiles in Pocketful of Poultry.

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     2010 My Chicken Diaries Story Wall Calendar
Publisher: SLK Unlimited, Inc.
Author(s): Chickadoo Suz

Looking for a calendar that invites conversation, that is like nothing else on the market? Look no further. You have found it! My Chicken Diaries is clearly a one-of-a kind calendar. It is a conversation piece, making it an excellent, unique gift. Twelve 2010 calendar centerfold photos feature farm-fresh celebrities & charming story vignettes about each. Save your calendar when the year is over. My Chicken Diaries calendar makes a fun story book for kids of all ages. Every day has an event: National & Civic Holidays Holidays of many different world religions Special festivals & fun dates of interest Interesting inventions & historical events Birthdays of US Presidents & notable people Moon phases, eclipses & seasons and good ole fun, off-the-wall, rarely heard of calendar trivia When is Be an Angel Day? or Dance Like a Chicken Day? Check your calendar & have great trivia every day. The fun youll have with your friends is just an added bonus! 28 pages incl 2009, 2010, 2011 at-a-glance calendars. You be the judge. Take a peek at Sept with photo, story, grid and events. You'll like what you see! What customers say: Loved the photo calendars. Many thanks. The photography is first rate, and though I'm not a 100% fowlophile, I found them engaging and cheerful. And they now sit in my office, so when I look up from typing, there they are, smiling and clucking at me. What a delight! David i LOVE your calendar! I'm addicted to seeing them everyday. happy celebration of life day! namaste mariah I about peed my pants laughing at the entries in every single day of this calendar. Did you know there's a real National Nothing Day? A lot of work went into creating this calendar, including the photos which feel more like fun family snapshots instead of posed pictures. Cundy 1st thing each morning, my wife runs to check the calendar to see what day it is. Hilarious! Houston Football Official

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     Old Warsaw Cookbook
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
Author(s): Rysia

Throughout the book, piquant anecdotes and charming line drawings by renowned artist Irena Lorentowicz relate Poland's cuisine to its bounteous tradition of hospitality, warming body and soul together!

Drawing on her Polish childhood, Rysia presents over 850 mouthwatering recipes, which can conveniently be prepared in a modern American kitchen. Dishes are arranged by category, with a special section on holiday food and customs.

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     A Mississippi Morning on Bluebird Hill: Chickens, Chickens, and More Chickens
Publisher: Word Association
Author(s): Billie Remson

It is, of course, a huge deal when a hen lays an egg. The celebration involves all of the residents, and it is noisy and joyful. This is Billie Remson's fifth feel-good book for the whole family, featuring Mama B, Papa Doc, Shetland Sheepdog Bo, and life on their Mississippi farm, just for the fun of it. A Mississippi Morning on Bluebird Hill: Chickens, Chickens and More Chickens is a collection of delightful true stories, focusing mainly on, what else but Mama B's passion for chickens. The non-stop action in the hen house, including the romances, the fights, the clucking, cooing and cock-a-doodle-dooing, keeps our heroine on her toes. And still Mama B has found the time to photograph everything on Bluebird Hill from the hen house to the farmhouse and right down Rabbit Run Road. Fans of the Bluebird Hill Series will enjoy seeing the actual photograph that inspired Billie Remson's popular books as well as her latest shots of her beloved farm. There are magnificently adorned roosters, irresistible little biddies, and the lush, green landscape of Bluebird Hill, more than fifty photographs in all and every one taken with love by Billie Remson herself.

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     Incredible Goulash Recipes: Collection Includes Easy, Hungarian, Beef, Hamburger, Pork, Chicken, Vegetarian, Lamb, Slow Cooker, Vegetable, Veal, Sausage, German, Mexican, Polish, and Many More
Publisher: Coyotee Publishing
Author(s): Brittany Shaw

There are hundreds of varieties of Goulash which is a combination of meat and vegetables seasoned with paprika and your favorite spices. While goulash originated in Hungary, it is enjoyed all over the World in many different variations.

I have gathered the very best of these traditional and non-traditional goulash recipes and put them in this collection. Goulash is perfect for a main meal or goulash soup makes a nice beginning course. Goulash can be served in a bowl and eaten as a stew or you can serve it over cooked noodles, mashed potatoes or even rice.

You will discover many wonderful recipes here and each one has been taste tested for feedback. I compiled 40 of the very best goulash recipes that people loved the most.

Here are just some of the incredible goulash recipes in this collection:

Traditional Hungarian Goulash
Hamburger Goulash
Easy Goulash Bake
Grandmas Beef Goulash
Amazing Pork Goulash
Herb Chicken Goulash
Ground Beef Goulash Casserole
German Slow Cooker Goulash
Vegetarian Goulash
Lamb Goulash
Beef Goulash and Dumplings
Incredible Veal Goulash
Easy Andouille Sausage Goulash
Mexican Goulash Bake
Polish Goulash
German Goulash Soup
Old Country Beef Goulash
Italian Goulash Bake
Slow Cooker Hungarian Beef Goulash
Quick and Easy Cabbage Goulash

While some believe that slow cooking is the true secret to a spectacular goulash, the quicker recipes work best as quick and easy meals for families on the go. So I added both types of goulash recipes to satisfy any time frame that works best for you.

The cook time and the serving size for each recipe is at the top of each recipe for your convenience so you instantly know how long it takes to cook and how many servings it makes.

This recipe collection has a clickable table of contents that makes it convenient for you to immediately go to any recipe in the collection.

If you are looking for the very best goulash recipes that will have your guests asking for your recipe and your family asking for seconds, you'll be happy with this incredible goulash recipe collection.

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     Bean By Bean: A Cookbook: More than 200 Recipes for Fresh Beans, Dried Beans, Cool Beans, Hot Beans, Savory Beans...Even Sweet Beans!
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company
Author(s): Crescent Dragonwagon

Has there ever been a more generous ingredient than the bean? Down-home, yet haute, soul-satisfyingly hearty, valued, versatile deeply delectable, healthful, and inexpensive to boot, there?s nothing a bean can?t do?and nothing that Crescent Dragonwagon can?t do with beans. From old friends like chickpeas and pintos to rediscovered heirloom beans like rattlesnake beans and teparies, from green beans and fresh shell beans to peanuts, lentils, and peas, Bean by Bean is the definitive cookbook on beans. It?s a 175-plus recipe cornucopia overflowing with information, kitchen wisdom, lore, anecdotes, and a zest for good food and good times.

Consider the lentil, to take one example. Discover it first in a delicious slather, Lentil Tapenade. Then in half a dozen soups, including Sahadi?s Lebanese Lentil Soup with Spinach, Kerala-Style Dahl, and Crescent?s Very, Very Best Lentil, Mushroom & Barley Soup. It then turns up in Marinated Lentils De Puy with Greens, Baked Beets, Oranges & Walnuts. Plus there?s Jamaica Jerk-Style Lentil-Vegetable Patties, Ethiopian Lentil Stew, and Lentil-Celeriac Skillet Sauce. Do the same for black beans?from Tex-Mex Frijoles Dip to Feijoada Vegetariana to Maya?s Magic Black Beans with Eggplant & Royal Rice. Or shell beans?Newly Minted Puree of Fresh Favas, Baked Limas with Rosy Sour Cream, Edamame in a Pod. And on and on?from starters and soups to dozens of entrees. Even desserts: Peanut Butter Cup Brownies and Red Bean Ice Cream.

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     Biggest Book of Slow Cooker Recipes (Better Homes & Gardens)
Publisher: Wiley
Author(s): Better Homes & Gardens

Great value-hundreds of tested and perfected recipes, informative tips, plus two bonus chapters-all-in-one economical resource for time-crunched cooks from the brand they know and trust. Recipes for appetizers, beverages, soups, stews, main dishes, and desserts. 416 pages-about one recipe per page-makes this the largest book of its kind. Bonus chapters offer 5-ingredient recipes and one-dish meals. Plenty of timesaving tips and advice for smoother meal prep.

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