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MAI Basic Four

MAI Basic Four

MAI Basic Four

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     MAI Basic Four
Publisher: VSD
Author(s): Ronald Cohn Jesse Russell

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! MAI Basic Four (sometimes written as BasicFour or Basic 4) refers to a variety of Business Basic, the computers that ran it, and the company that sold them (its name given variously as MAI Basic Four Inc., MAI Basic Four Information Systems, and MAI Systems Corporation). This book was created using print-on-demand technology.

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     Business Basic - What Do You Say After It Says Ready?: Ready: How to Develop & Maintain "Plain Vanilla"-Transportable Business Basic Application Software
Publisher: Business Basic Software & Research
Author(s): Scott B. Ryan

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     Mai Basic Four
Publisher: Book on Demand Pod

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     Bartending 101: The Basics of Mixology, 4th Edition
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Author(s): Harvard Student Agencies Inc.

The Essential Bartending Crash Course

Do you know how to set up a full bar for that party you're having? How much vermouth to use when your first guest requests a "dry martini on the rocks?" How to measure out a shot of alcohol using the three-count method?

You'll find the answers to all of these questions and much more in this indispensable guide. Rather than teaching you recipes for drinks you've never heard of and will never have to make, the authors focus on the fundamentals of bartending--using the tools, learning the terminology and drink mnemonics, and setting up for a cocktail party. This book will transform the most ignorant imbiber into a sauce-slinger extraordinaire, ready to go out and bartend recreationally or professionally.

This guide includes:

-Basic bar setups, tools, and helpful techniques
-Hundreds of recipes for the most popular drinks and punches, from chocolate martinis to salty dogs
-New chapters featuring everything a bartender needs to know about beer and wine
-A new and improved guide to throwing a fabulous cocktail party
-Hints on finding a bartending job
-Diagrams, illustrations, and many useful tips throughout.

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     Computers and the Law: An Introduction to Basic Legal Principles and Their Application in Cyberspace
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author(s): Robert Dunne

Computers and the Law provides readers with an introduction to the legal issues associated with computing - particularly in the massively networked context of the Internet. Assuming no previous knowledge of the law or any special knowledge of programming or computer science, this textbook offers undergraduates of all disciplines and professionals in the computing industry an understanding of basic legal principles and an awareness of the peculiarities associated with legal issues in cyberspace. This book introduces readers to the fundamental workings of the law in physical space and suggests the opportunity to create new types of laws with nontraditional goals.

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     Outstanding in Their Field: How Women Corporate Directors Succeed
Publisher: Praeger
Author(s): Elizabeth Ghaffari

This book blazes a trail. Rather than focusing on lack of opportunity or loudly calling for the appointment of more women to boards, it simply shows women what they can do to get on boards. In its pages, businesswomen will gain refreshing insights into the many opportunities that exist for them to rise to leadership.

The result of two years' research and interviews, the book identifies specific steps a woman can take to become qualified and competent to serve at the very top?as a director on a for-profit corporate board. Arguing that women need to "learn from the leaders, " the author lets 15 female directors tell the truth about how to find a seat at the table. Each story is different; no one path or decision worked for every woman. Their advice closes each chapter, providing encouragement and perspective from over three decades of practical experience with public company boards.

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     White and Summers' Hornbook on the Uniform Commercial Code: Sales, 4th Edition (Hornbook Series)
Publisher: West Group Publishing
Author(s): James J. White, Robert S. Summers

Description will be provided soon!

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     Second Bibliographic Guide to the History of Computing, Computers, and the Information Processing Industry (Bibliographies and Indexes in Science and Technology)
Publisher: Greenwood
Author(s): James W. Cortada

Complementing the author's 1990 bibliography, A Bibliographic Guide to the History of Computing, Computers, and the Information Processing Industry, this bibliography provides 2,500 new citations, covering all significant literature published since the late 1980s. It includes all aspects of the subject?biographies, company histories, industry studies, product descriptions, sociological studies, industry directories, and traditional monographic histories?and covers all periods from the beginnings to the personal computer. New to this volume is a chapter on the management of information processing operations, useful to both historians and managers of information technology. Together with the earlier bibliography, this work provides the most comprehensive bibliographic guide to the history of computers, computing, and the information processing industry.

The organization of the book follows that of the earlier work, with the addition of the new chapter on the management of information processing. All entries are new to this volume. Titles are annotated, and each chapter begins with a short introduction. A full table of contents and author and subject indexes enhance accessibility to the material.

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     Corporations And Other Business Associations: Cases and Materials (Casebook Series)
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
Author(s): Charles R. T. O'Kelley, Robert B. Thompson

Sophisticated, comprehensive, and teachable, CORPORATIONS AND OTHER BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS: Cases and Materials, Fifth Edition, reflects major developments in the corporate law environment while remaining accessible to students.

The authors retain the features that earned the book widespread adoption:

  • a careful balance of theory, cases, and problems allows law and economic theory to enrich � but not dominate -- the casebook
  • outstanding case selection and editing results in a thoughtful blend of classic and contemporary cases
  • excellent and ample problems at the end of each chapter explore the practical applications of theory in the business world and reinforce the cases and text
  • flexible organization adapts easily to different teaching approaches
  • readable, straightforward writing keeps the book sophisticated, but not intimidating
  • the strongest treatment of LLCs/LLPs and other business associations in any corporations casebook
  • comprehensive Teacher�s Manual includes sample syllabi and a transition guide
  • coauthor Robert B. Thompson�s website supplies additional materials, illustrations, and documents hyperlinked to cases

    The Fifth Edition focuses on two major developments in the law:

  • the proliferation of new business entities and the resulting changes in partnership and LLC law
  • the aftermath of Enron, WorldCom, and Sarbanes-Oxley, including detailed coverage of changes in the landscape of corporate governance, particularly federal regulation via securities law, stock exchange listing standards, and state law cases such as Disney

    Be sure to notice these other changes:

  • additional attention to agency law and setting the stage for contrasting private ordering via contract and law in defining business relationships
  • new, more teachable cases that are especially crisp in presenting basic issues
  • discussion of the menu of governance choices in a post-Enron world
  • broader focus to include the New York Stock Exchange listing standards regarding director duties and key recent Delaware cases like Disney
  • completely updated material on LLCs, including a new subchapter
  • coverage of appraisal versus fiduciary duty for friendly acquisitions, including a new focus on practitioner choices in choosing among tender offers and mergers in a cash-out setting
  • addresses the new importance of disclosure as the leading regulatory vehicle for corporate governance as reflected in new case law on causation under Rule 10b-5
  • updated chapter on Insider Trading includes recent developments as to Regulation FD

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         The Adventurist: My Life in Dangerous Places
    Publisher: Broadway
    Author(s): Robert Young Pelton

    The Adventurist is one man's story, a story that will change the way you think about travel, survival, where you have been, and where you are going.

    Enter the world of Robert Young Pelton (if you dare), adventurer extraordinaire, author of Come Back Alive and The World's Most Dangerous Places (required reading at the CIA), and host of his TV series, Robert Young Pelton's The World's Most Dangerous Places.

    A breakneck autobiography, The Adventurist blasts across six continents and spans four decades of hard-core living with its dispatches of mayhem, adventure in exotic locales, survival against formidable odds, memories of the pivotal events, and memorable portraits of the people that have shaped Pelton's obsessive spirit.

    Be shelled with the Talibs on the front lines of Afghanistan; hang out with hit men and rebels in the Philippines; survive a plane crash in Borneo; narrowly escape a terrorist bombing in Africa; dance with headhunters in Sarawak; crew with pirates in the Sulu Sea; explore the events that led Pelton to his unusual calling (including how he honed his survival skills at "the toughest boys' school in North America"); and, perhaps most important, discover Pelton's secret mission--to understand the hearts and minds of the people he meets.

    The Adventurist is a real book about the real world, an inspirational read that takes you places you might never willingly go.

    From the Hardcover edition.

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         Principles of Sales Law The Concise Hornbook Series
    Publisher: West
    Author(s): James J. White, Robert S. Summers

    This book provides a comprehensive introduction to Articles 1 and 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). It provides a useful resource for students and practitioners dealing with sales or contract issues. Students of contracts or sales and any practitioner dealing with sales or contracts issues will profit from this book's use.

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         Securities Regulation: Cases And Materials
    Publisher: Aspen Publishers, Inc.
    Author(s): Donald C. Langevoort, James D. Cox, Robert W. Hillman

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         Modern Judicial Interpretations of U.S. Copyright Law
    Publisher: DocuMech
    Author(s): Doneil John Hoekman

    Modern Judicial Interpretations of U.S. Copyright Law is a detailed survey of the current judicial landscape of U.S. copyright law. The book contains selected extracts from judicial opinions covering hundreds of different topics of U.S. copyright law. The extracts represent recent and respected interpretations of copyright law topics. Additionally, many selections were made due to the detail, insight and clarity of the opinion itself. Each selected extract normally fits onto a single page, but some extend onto two or more pages. Most copyright topics are covered by more than one judicial opinion, with each opinion selected to address a different aspect of the topic or to provide a different judicial interpretation of the law. The book contains many important points concerning little-known or poorly understood areas of copyright law, and represents an important resource for any copyright practitioner or litigator.

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         Introduction to Sales Process Improvement: Gaining More of The Right Customers at Higher Margins and Lower Costs with Lean and Six Sigma
    Publisher: Sales Performance Consultants, Inc.
    Author(s): Michael J Webb

    Marketing and sales executives seem to be struggling harder than ever to answer such questions as:

    - How can making marketing and selling be more profitabile, and more predictable?
    - Why do things we used to do (prospecting, entertainment, tradeshows, promotions, etc. ) seem not to work any more?
    - How can we meet increased quotas when sales are flat?
    - What can be done when forecasts are wrong, or right, and we don't know why?

    Many executives simply fall back on an old standby: You know ... the one where you ask you people to "Just work a little harder!"

    Now you do not have to be in that position! Michael Webb's "Introduction to Sales Process Improvement" will show you how to improve your marketing an selling results by answering one simple question: "What value does your sales process create for your customer?"

    You'll learn how answering this question unlocks the effectiveness of your marketing and selling, while engaging the powerful analytical tools of the quality movement to fix causes for unwanted results.

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         Gilson and Black's the Law and Finance of Corporate Acquisitions, 2D (University Casebook Series)
    Publisher: Foundation Press
    Author(s): Ronald J. Gilson, Bernard S. Black

    Gilson and Black?s casebook provides detailed information on the law and finance of corporate acquisitions. The casebook provides the tools for fast, easy, on-point research. Part of the University Casebook Series�, it includes selected cases designed to illustrate the development of a body of law on a particular subject. Text and explanatory materials designed for law study accompany the cases.

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         Fundamentals of Securities Regulation, 5th Edition
    Publisher: Aspen Publishers
    Author(s): Louis Loss, Joel Seligman, Troy Paredes

    Fundamentals of Securities Regulation gives you quick access to the law of securities regulation as found in Loss, Seligman, and Paredes? 11-volume, landmark treatise Securities Regulation ?consolidated into one comprehensive volume. Distilling the essence of Loss, Seligman, and Paredes? 11-Volume master work, this 1,600-page volume reviews and analyzes the most significant aspects of securities regulation and gives you the quick answers you need...when you need them.

    Fundamentals of Securities Regulation details the rules and regulations affecting the securities market, providing comprehensive coverage and plain-English explanations in a single volume. Through annual supplementation, you?ll keep pace with the ever-increasing volume of litigation, and receive up-to-date examinations of recent regulatory developments and court cases. You will benefit from current coverage of:

    • The SEC?s amendments to the executive compensation and related-party disclosure rules
    • The SEC?s revised shelf offering process
    • The SEC?s amendments to its accelerated filer deadlines for large accelerated filers
    • The SEC?s approval of the application of the Nasdaq to become a national securities exchange
    • Comprehensive amendment of the SEC?s penny stock rules
    • The SEC?s proposed amendments to the tender offer best price Rules 13e-4 and 14d-10
    • Case developments including Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc. v. Dabit, Kircher v. Putnam Funds Trust, and Dura Pharmaceuticals v. Broudo
    • And more!

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         Using C-Kermit, Second Edition
    Publisher: Digital Press
    Author(s): Frank da Cruz, Christine Gianone

    The world's most portable communications software, C-Kermit runs on computers
    ranging from desktop PCs to colossal supercomputers as a serial and modem
    communications package as well as a TCP/IP network client and server. It offers
    automatic dialing, terminal sessions, fast and reliable file transfer, a
    powerful script programming language, and international character-set
    translation-all in a consistent, cross-platform manner.

    Using C-Kermit: Communication Software, Second Edition is the new and definitve
    reference for C-Kermit 6.0, expanded and updated to describe fully all of its
    new features with brand-new tutorials on today's high-speed modems and how to
    get the most out of them.

    Some noteworthy features of this reference are:

    - The most sophisticated discussion of modems, telephones numbers, dialing
    directories, and dialing available anywhere
    - New techniques for achieving faster and faster file transfer
    - A new chapter on external protocols such as XMODEM, YMODEM, and ZMODEM
    - Expanded coverage of TCP/IP, X.25, DECnet, NETBIOS, and other networks
    - Automatic client/server features
    - Support for many new platforms - most notably Windows 95, Windows NT, and
    Stratus VOS
    - Support for many new character sets
    - Massive improvements in the power and usability of the script language

    Like the first edition, the second edition of Using C-Kermit includes complete
    reference material: character tables, tables of escape sequences, an "acronym
    decoder," an excellent index, and an extensive bibliography.

    Frank da Cruz is manager of Communications Software Development at Columbia
    University. He was the leader of the group that invented the Kermit file
    transfer protocol and wrote the first Kermit programs. He is the author of
    Kermit, A File Transfer Protocol, published by Digital Press.

    Christine M. Gianone is manager of the Kermit Project at Columbia University.
    She was a major contributor to the design of the Kermit file transfer protocol
    and to the design of MS-DOS Kermit and C-Kermit. She is the author of Using
    MS-DOS Kermit, published by Digital Press. Frank and Christine "are" Kermit:
    they manage all of the functions of the Kermit group at Columbia, from helping
    users to putting out new products.

    Describes the most sophisticated and flexible handling of modems, telephone numbers, dialing directories, and dialing available anywhere
    Covers new techniques for achieving faster file transfers
    Explains support for many new platforms, most notably Windows 95, Windows NT and Stratus VOS

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         Executive Information Systems: A Guide for Senior Management and MIS Professionals
    Publisher: Quorum Books
    Author(s): Robert J. Thierauf

    This work highlights the coming age of management information systems for all types of executives by focusing on executive information systems, or EIS. Serving as a data-intensive system, an EIS offers a snapshot of a company's past and present operations as a way of predicting the future. In this book, Robert Thierauf provides a complete picture of executive information systems, from an introduction of what these systems are all about, to the hardware, software, and applications that form the basis of an EIS environment. The work is divided into four basic sections. The first provides an overview of executive information systems, discussing the real need for an EIS, the essential characteristics underlying it, and its relationship to prior management information systems. The types of executive decision making typically found in an EIS environment, illustrated with specific examples, are also examined. The second section focuses on the computer hardware and software that is useful within an EIS operating mode, along with on-line databases that assist executives in decision making. The development of executive information systems is covered in section three, which features current approaches for executives and their staffs as well as methods to be followed by the Management Information Systems department. Finally, section four addresses various aspects of working in an EIS environment, including strategic planning, marketing, manufacturing, finance, and personnel. A master case study is presented, and each topic is explored in relation to it. Typical EIS applications are also described for each of the topic areas. With its combination of both EIS theory and practical applications, this work will be a valuable resource for senior executives and MIS professionals as well as for students of management and information systems. Public, academic, and business libraries will also find it to be a useful addition to their collections.

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         Financial Turnarounds: Preserving Enterprise Value (Financial Times (Prentice Hall))
    Publisher: Financial Times Prentice Hall
    Author(s): Henry A. Davis, William W. Sihler

    In Financial Turnarounds: Preserving Enterprise Value, the world's leading corporate turnaround specialists teach the essential skills you need to manage a financial turnaround -- or, better yet, avoid the need for one. This book presents an in-depth, insider's look at twenty successful turnarounds representing every key industry segment. The authors provide case summaries, early warning signs, and financial findings for turnarounds in manufacturing (Maytag and Navistar) and retailing (Joseph A. Banks and Musicland), as well as high technology, real estate, and the services sector. They compare leading turnaround methods -- financial and non-financial. Finally, they offer practical guidance for recognizing the early warning signs of financial disaster -- and taking effective action to avoid it. Part of a new series of books sponsored by the Financial Executives Research Foundation, a nonprofit affiliate of Financial Executives International, the preeminent professional association for senior financial executives, representing 15,000 financial executives worldwide. The Research Foundation, established in 1944, funded the research and case studies in this book.

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         Takeovers: A Strategic Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions
    Publisher: Aspen Law & Business
    Author(s): Meredith M. Brown, Ralph C. Ferrara, Paul S. Bird, Gary W. Kubek

    Written by the experts at Debevoise & Plimpton and LeBoef, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, this book will help you swiftly master the nomenclature, tempo of deal making and techniques for closing in all types of business combinations. Takeovers: A Strategic Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions, Second Edition gives you a practical understanding of the critical procedures, issues and laws both bidder and target corporations must consider, including:

    • How tender offers are regulated in the United States
    • Tender offer tactics
    • Proxy contests
    • The Hart-Scott-Rodino Act
    • Rules relating to the financing of tender offers
    • Strategic litigation
    • Federal regulation of a target's responses to a takeover
    • State takeover legislation
    • Deal protections
    • Poison pills
    • And more!
    Also included in the Second Edition are such topics as:
    • Recent Trends in mergers and acquisitions
    • Changes in the regulation of cross-border M&A
    • The impact of the rule 14d-10 on tender offers
    • How the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has affected M&A
    • Selective Disclosure and tipping issues
    • Stockholder proposals relating to poison pills
    • Stockholder access rules to director nominations
    • Changes in judicial review of director decisions
    • Omnicare and other major developments relating to deal protection
    • Pure resources and other key going private cases
    • And changes in state takeover laws

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