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     The Lesene Name in History

This book is part of the Our Name in History series, a collection of fascinating facts and statistics, alongside short historical commentary, created to tell the story of previous generations who have shared this name. The information in this book is a compendium of research and data pulled from census records, military records, ships' logs, immigrant and port records, as well as other reputable sources. Topics include:
  • Name Meaning and Origin
  • Immigration Patterns and Census Detail
  • Family Lifestyles
  • Military Service History
  • Comprehensive Source Guide, for future research
Plus, the "Discover Your Family" section provides tools and guidance on how you can get started learning more about your own family history.

About the Series
Nearly 300,000 titles are currently available in the Our Name in History series, compiled from Billions of records by the world's largest online resource of family history,

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     Naked Reading: Uncovering What Tweens Need to Become Lifelong Readers
Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers
Author(s): Teri Lesesne

Naked Reading was inspired by the author's ten-year-old granddaughter, whose frequent practice of spending time after a shower air-drying in the privacy of the bathroom, so she can continue reading an engrossing book, made Teri Lesesne curious about what makes some tweens avid readers while others elect not to read or become dormant readers.

Not yet fully young adults, but�as they are quick to tell you�no longer �little kids,? these nine-to-fourteen-year-olds are at a stage where every day brings new emotions and physical growth, when habits become ingrained, and when tastes are established.

For teachers, the tween years can be the best and worst of times. While some fourth-to-ninth-graders come to see books as a lifeline for understanding a changing world, too many experience �the fourth-grade slump?�a marked decline in interest and achievement in reading. Without help, many become middle and high school students who have stopped reading for pleasure, and only slog through what is assigned.

Teri draws on her extensive experience as a teacher and consultant to examine ways that educators can help interest kids in books and keep them reading during this crucial period. She looks at:

  • developmental attributes of tweens;
  • emerging interests for tweens;
  • themes and plots tweens find most engaging;
  • annotations for scores of children's and YA literature most appropriate for tweens;
  • practical classroom activities for sparking tween engagement in reading.

As in her previous book, Making the Match, Naked Reading is loaded with specific titles to help you connect kids with books that will interest them the most.

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     The Monuments of Italy: A Regional Survey of Art, Architecture and Archeology from Classical to Modern Times
Publisher: I. B. Tauris
Author(s): Michael Oppenheimer

Italy has the world?s richest concentration of archaeological and architectural sites which, with its museums, makes the country the most extraordinary repository of works of art. From the enigmas of the pre-classical sites and artifacts, the beauty and serene power of Greek and Roman work, the massive yet beautiful Romanesque basilicas shading into Gothic, the glories of the Renaissance and its exaggerated modifications in Mannerism, the restrained extravagance of the Baroque to the cold elegance of the Neoclassical, Italy holds an incomparable storehouse of wonders--all of which are covered in detail in this major new work. Based on the author?s 40 years of first-hand research, travel, and study in Italy, this magisterial six-volume illustrated work lists and describes, region by region, with authoritative texts and often accompanied by photographs, Italy?s vast array of classical monuments, churches, museums, monasteries, cathedrals, palaces, villas, and fortresses, describing their architectural features, artistic contents and historical significance. The first five volumes cover more than 3,500 sites spanning 96 provinces. The sixth volume functions as a cultural encyclopedia of Italian architecture and art, providing biographical sketches of architects, artists and patrons, major themes and frequently discussed subjects, artistic styles, technical, architectural and artistic terms, techniques and materials, as well as relevant Italian words and expressions.

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     Romanesque: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting
Publisher: h. f. ullmann

These substantial volumes on art periods vividly portray the most important achievements from the areas of European architecture, sculpture, and painting. The impressive photographs of works from all visual arts movements are at the center of these richly illustrated volumes. The books successfully provide an overview of the artistic diversity of the individual periods, and they couldn't have been written and illustrated any more clearly. The informative and interesting texts have been written by renowned authors from the fields of history, architecture and art history, providing a multifaceted view of each period. These books are a real pleasure for anyone with an interest in art.

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     More Songs to Sing, Stories to Tell: Growing Up Gullah 2
Publisher: Low Tide Press
Author(s): Eva Segar

Eva Segar's first book--Songs to Sing, Stories to Tell: Growing Up Gullah--was an autobiography filled with stories of growing up on a farm in the Dale community of Beaufort County, South Carolina. This second book takes us into her adult life and, since family is all-important to Mrs. Segar, her family members are also featured: their history, their triumphs, their heartbreaks. For instance, a cousin tells of being falsely accused of raping a woman and imprisoned for more than a decade. Another recalls how hard it was for a black child to get an education. But the book's dominant theme is the joy of a close family and a simple life.

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