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     A Journey in Ladakh: Encounters with Buddhism
Publisher: Mariner Books
Author(s): Andrew Harvey

Now considered a classic among readers interested in Tibetan Buddhism and pilgrimages of the spirit of all kinds, A Journey in Ladakh is Andrew Harvey's spiritual travelogue of his arduous journey to one of the most remote parts of the world--the highest, least populated region in India, cut off by snow for six months each year. Buddhists have meditated in the mountains of Ladakh since three centuries before Christ, and it is there that the purest form of Tibetan Buddhism is still practiced today.

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     Ancient Futures: Lessons from Ladakh for a Globalizing World
Publisher: Sierra Club Books
Author(s): Helena Norberg-Hodge

A gripping portrait of the western Himalayan land sometimes known as �Little Tibet,? Ancient Futures opens with author Helena Norberg-Hodge?s first visit in 1975 to idyllic, preindustrial Ladakh. She then tracks the profound changes that occurred as the region was opened to foreign tourists and Western goods and technologies, and offers a firsthand account of how relentless pressure for economic growth precipitated generational and religious conflict, unemployment, inflation, and environmental damage, threatening to unravel Ladakh?s traditional way of life.

Energized by the fate of a people who had captured her heart, Norberg-Hodge helped establish the Ladakh Project (later renamed the International Society for Ecology and Culture) to seek sustainable solutions that preserve cultural integrity and environmental health while addressing the hunger for modernization. Since then, other Ladakh-based projects have proliferated, supporting renewable energy systems, local agricultural methods, and the spiritual foundations of Ladakhi culture.

The author?s new afterword brings readers up-to-date on the work of these projects and on her own career over several decades as she traveled widely, observing similar impacts on other cultures. She challenges us to rethink our concepts of �development? and �progress,? stressing above all the need to carry ancient wisdom into our future.

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     Trekking in Ladakh, 3rd: India Trekking Guides (Trailblazer)
Publisher: Trailblazer Publications
Author(s): Charlie Loram, Jim Manthorpe

Practical trekking guide to the Himalayan region of Ladakh, northwest India. Includes 75 detailed walking maps plus information on getting to Ladakh and guides to Leh, Manali, and Delhi.

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     Ladakh: Crossroads of High Asia
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Author(s): Janet Rizvi

This authoritatively written book is the first to study Ladakh, the celebrated last outpost of Tibetan civilization. Janet Rizvi shows how Buddhism and Islam met at this high-altitude crossroads to form a unique culture, and discusses the region's history, rich oral tradition, economy, literature, and artifacts.

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     Sheila's Guide to Zanskar, Ladakh
Publisher: Travels With Sheila
Author(s): Sheila Simkin

Shaggy yaks with fluffy, mountain peaks covered with snow...stunning glaciers...isolated valleys filled with shepherds... The breathtaking and extremely remote Zanskar Valley in Ladakh can only be reached by road or on foot. Cut off from the world for more than eight months a year by the Penzi La Pass at an altitude of 4,450 meters/14,600 feet, very few travelers make the effort to visit this former Tibetan Kingdom.

Let Travels With Sheila teach you how to Travel the World on a Budget, share exotic locations with you, and most importantly, ease your fears about languages, currencies, personal safety and staying healthy.

Now, Travels With Sheila tells it like it is with personalized, up-to-date information and photographs. What you need to make the most of your trip.


- How to visit Zanskar.
- The Dos and Don?ts of Trekking.
- What Trek to Take
- What to See in Zanskar.

Attend the colorful Karsha Gu-Stor Festival. See untouched monasteries dating from the 12th century. Get your copy of Sheila?s Guide to Zanskar and be one of the 4,000 Westerners who venture into exciting Zanskar each year.

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     Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India (India Travel Guides)
Publisher: Travel On The Dollar
Author(s): Travel On The Dollar

A favourite among adventure-sport enthusiasts and trekkers. The altitude of Ladakh ranges from about 9,000 feet at Kargil to 25,170 feet at Saser Kangri in the Karakoram region. It offers a surreal combination of arid, windswept mountains, enchanting valleys and beautiful lakes.

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     Lonely Planet Trekking in the Indian Himalaya (Walking)
Publisher: Lonely Planet
Author(s): Garry Weare

Lonely Planet Knows the Indian Himalaya
Our expert author, trekking the Indian Himalaya since 1970, will be your guide to some of the world's most awesome trekking. This book covers the region's top treks, through the Buddhist villages and high passes of Ladakh, the spectacular mountains and verdant valley of Himachal Pradesh, and the sacred pilgrimage sites and high-altitude meadows of Uttarakhand. Whether you are an experienced trekker or a first-timer, you're sure to find the ultimate trekking experience here.
In This Guide:
Everything you need to know to get prepared
Comprehensive listings for sleeping, eating and facilities along the way
Background on Himalayan culture and religions

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     Ladakh 1974 - 2008: A Photographic Homage
Publisher: Serindia Publications, Inc
Author(s): Jaroslav Poncar, John Keay

Ladakh 1974 2008: A Photographic Homage by Jaroslav Poncar is a rare tribute to Ladakh, the "Land of Passes," one of the most beloved landscapes of the Himalayas. Poncar is one of the first Westerners to travel to Ladakh when it was open for visitors in 1974. His countless trips and his love for Ladakh resulted in this retrospective collection of photographs that span more than three decades. This singular volume honours the timeless Ladakh for its proud locals and unforgettable beauty. Beautifully illustrated, with texts by John Keay and Jaroslav Poncar's personal reflections on Ladakh and his photographs. Jaroslav Poncar was born in Prague in 1945. He now lives in Cologne, Germany, where he was professor at the Department for Imaging Sciences at Cologne University of Applied Science from 1973 to 2010. His countless, photographically motivated travels have usually taken him to the Himalayas, Tibet, India, Burma, Yemen and Cambodia. For twenty years he was concerned with the photographic documentation of the early buddhist all painting in the Himalayas (Alchi, Tabo, Mustang) and Tibet (Tholing). Between 1996 and 2005 he was the deputy director of the German Apsara Conservation Project in Angkor Wat, Cambodia and during this period he performed the most comprehensive photographic documentation of the largest temple in the world. His most recent publications are Burma: the Land that Time Forgot, Himalayas: Where Gods and Man Meet, Angkor: A Photographic Portrait, Himalayan Kingdoms and Tibet (all published in Germany). In Europe, during the short leaves he could take from his teaching, it was France where he pursues panoramic projects. To date he has published his panoramics from the Loire Valley and from Paris.

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     Fortress Monasteries of the Himalayas: Tibet, Ladakh, Nepal and Bhutan
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Author(s): Peter Harrison

Buddhism has been influential in the mountain kingdoms of the Himalayas since the 7th century AD, most notably in the kingdom of Tibet where it permeated all aspects and levels of society until the 20th century. From the 9th-century AD onwards, the secular rulers of Tibet sought to extend their influence, and that of Buddhism, throughout the region. To this end, huge stone and mud-brick fortifications, known as dzongs, were constructed to dominate the secular landscape, while massive Buddhist monasteries dominated the religious - both following a very specific style of Tibetan architecture. It has been estimated that as many as 3,000 monasteries were built along with 200 dzongs.

Mongol invasions from the 12th century onwards provided another influence, while internecine fighting in the 17th century led to increased fortification of the monasteries and the rise of the Dalai Lama as the head of a theocracy in Tibet, centred on the Potala Palace in Lhasa - a true fusion between secular dzong and religious monastery.
Elsewhere in the Tibetan-influenced Himlayas the Buddhist Indian Kashmiri kingdom of Ladakh withstood assaults by both Muslims and Sikhs and developed a style of fortress monastery located on rocky peaks for defence, these often became combined with the fortified palaces of the rulers of Ladakh. With the foundation of Bhutan in the 17th century, further fortified monasteries were created in an effort to protect the new state's independence form the Dalai Lama.

These fortifications have survived largely intact through today, as Chinese control over the Tibetan Autonomous Region has led to the destruction of the vast majority of the fortified monasteries and dzongs of that particular area.

This title recreates the dramatic and colorful fortifications created in these mountain kingdoms, and recounts their operational history through the foreign incursions, religious conflicts and civil wars that litter their history, right through to the Tibetan uprising and flight of the Dalai Lama form the Potala Palace in 1959

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     Lonely Planet Kashmir Ladakh and Zanskar (Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit)
Publisher: Lonely Planet
Author(s): Margaret Schettler, Rolf Schettler

This guide includes information on getting to and around Kashmir, Ladakh and Zanskar.

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     Ladakh: The Essential Guide (Milestone Himalayan Series)
Publisher: Milestone Books
Author(s): Partha S Banerjee

Comprehensive, illustrated guidebook to the magical land of Ladakh in the far north of India, beyond the Himalayas. Up to date information on hotels and transport and practical advice on planning and budgeting your trip. Detailed explanatory descriptions of the regions' famous Buddhist monasteries and other sights besides the stupendous road journeys to Ladakh from Manali and Kashmir, with entire sections on these two regions. "Valuable...brings together a lot of material which you won't otherwise find in one place," recommends Outlook Traveller, India's leading travel magazine. There are extensive sections on Zanskar, Nubra, and the Pangong-Tsomoriri lakes, besides a chapter on the treks in Ladakh. Also included is a detailed introduction to Tibetan Buddhism and a section on the people and history of Ladakh. Apart from a foldout map of the Ladakh-Kashmir region at the back, there are some 25 other maps in the books, and about 270 colour photographs.

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     Virgin Conquests: First ascents in Ladakh (Footsteps on the Mountain travel diaries)
Author(s): Mark Horrell

Fighting fit and fully acclimatised after a successful ascent of Muztag Ata in western China, Mark Horrell made a return to Ladakh in Northern India, where he had climbed a trekking peak called Stok Kangri two years earlier.

After a few days' rest in the relaxing town of Leh, near the banks of the Indus and surrounded by mountains, with a new group of companions he set off across the Khardung La, reputedly the highest motorable road in the world, and spent two weeks trekking in a remote valley near the Pakistani border.

His objective was to explore the valley, where dozens of 5000 and 6000 metre mountains remain unclimbed, and maybe get to the top of some of them. Ladakh is a dry desert region on the edge of the Tibetan plateau, where there's hardly ever any precipitation; so, of course, it snowed for days, and then snowed some more. But would it snow enough to stop him mounting a few virgin peaks?

Virgin Conquests is Mark Horrell's travel diary from his trip, and will appeal to any fan of exploratory treks and expeditions, and anyone with a love of this high desert region in Northern India or mountains in general. The book is illustrated with many of the author's photographs.

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     Beyond Lines of Control: Performance and Politics on the Disputed Borders of Ladakh, India
Publisher: Duke University Press Books
Author(s): Ravina Aggarwal

The Kashmir conflict, the ongoing border dispute between India and Pakistan, has sparked four wars and cost thousands of lives. In this innovative ethnography, Ravina Aggarwal moves beyond conventional understandings of the conflict?which tend to emphasize geopolitical security concerns and religious essentialisms?to consider how it is experienced by those living in the border zones along the Line of Control, the 435-mile boundary separating India from Pakistan. She focuses on Ladakh, the largest region in northern India?s State of Jammu and Kashmir. Located high in the Himalayan and Korakoram ranges, Ladakh borders Pakistan to the west and Tibet to the east. Revealing how the shadow of war affects the lives of Buddhist and Muslim communities in Ladakh, Beyond Lines of Control is an impassioned call for the inclusion of the region?s cultural history and politics in discussions about the status of Kashmir.

Aggarwal brings the insights of performance studies and the growing field of the anthropology of international borders to bear on her extensive fieldwork in Ladakh. She examines how social and religious boundaries are created on the Ladakhi frontier, how they are influenced by directives of the nation-state, and how they are shaped into political struggles for regional control that are legitimized through discourses of religious purity, patriotism, and development. She demonstrates in lively detail the ways that these struggles are enacted in particular cultural performances such as national holidays, festivals, rites of passage ceremonies, films, and archery games. By placing cultural performances and political movements in Ladakh center stage, Aggarwal rewrites the standard plot of nation and border along the Line of Control.

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     Trans-Himalayan Caravans: Merchant Princes and Peasant Traders in Ladakh (Oxford India Paperbacks)
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Author(s): Janet Rizvi

This book documents the extraordinarily complex pattern of trade upon which the pre-Independence economy of Ladakh largely depended. Although the trans-Himalayan traffic in subsistence commodities in other parts of the Himalaya has been researched, that in Ladakh has until now remained almost entirely undocumented. The book is based mainly on oral evidence; this is related to documentary sources ranging from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. This intriguing account of Ladakhi trade is spiced with enough personal details of the traders at all levels, to demonstrate that trade' is something more than a matter of routes and commodities, prices and rates of profit; it is an activity carried out by real human beings, profoundly colouring their entire way of life.

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Publisher: Roli Books Pvt Ltd
Author(s): Manali Zanskar

Ladakh wears many faces: high, gaunt mountains creep up to flat-roofed, white-washed houses; ice-covered chortens lie in the path of red-robed lamas and monasteries cling to hilly footholds. But behind the face lies a society that has painlessly fused Islam and Buddhism, and an economy that has turned inhospitable terrain into an agricultural asset. Complimenting the Ladakhi for these achievements, Ladakh takes contemporary travellers through the 'Land Beyond the Passes'. Accompanied with striking visuals, it charts a comprehensive account of the region, outlining its history, culture and lifestyle and livening up the whole with a judicious mix of the local flavours of polo matches and archery contests.

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     Three Kingdoms on the Roof of the World: Bhutan, Nepal, and Ladakh
Publisher: Parallax Pr
Author(s): Robert Z. Apte

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     The Yogins of Ladakh (Buddhist Tradition S.)
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass,
Author(s): John H. Crook, James Low, Cook

It investigates the social anthropology of the area through studies of village life. Further it enquires the social organisations, history, meditational practices and philosophy of the yogins who still lived and practised in the remote parts of the area. This study is a record of author's findings about Ladakhi Yogins.

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     Heavenly Himalayas: The Murals of Mangyu and Other Discoveries in Ladakh
Publisher: Prestel USA
Author(s): Peter Van Ham

This volume presents for the first time in book form important and largely unknown treasures of Indo-Kashmiri Buddhism. From the first century BCE to the thirteenth century, Kashmir was a thriving center of Buddhist culture and art. The rise of Islamic peoples led to the destruction of all temples constructed there during the Buddhist era. Yet in the remote Himalayas of Ladakh and other neighboring locations, a few of these archaeological and artistic treasures are exquisitely preserved and are reproduced here for the first time. This volume takes readers on a journey through these remote sites, focusing especially on the amazing temple complex of Mangyu. The chapels, shrines, and dazzling murals presented here not only reveal much about late Mahayana Buddhism in India-its art, culture, and history-but also help fill a gap in our knowledge of the development of early Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism.

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     The People and Culture of Jammu-Kashmir-Ladakh
Publisher: Manas Publications
Author(s): Parvez Dewan

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     Ladakh: Culture at the Crossroads
Publisher: Marg Foundation

This is the first book to combine essays on the history and ongoing production of art in Ladakh and to recognize both Buddhist and Islamic contributions to the cultural environment. Drawing on recent research in the region, Ladakh: Cultu re at the Crossroads covers subjects ranging from the analysis of key sites and prominent

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