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     Practical Electronics Handbook, Sixth Edition
Publisher: Newnes
Author(s): Ian Sinclair, John Dunton

Ian Sinclair's Practical Electronics Handbook combines a wealth useful day-to-day electronics information, concise explanations and practical guidance in this essential companion to anyone involved in electronics design and construction. The compact collection of key data, fundamental principles and circuit design basics provides an ideal reference for a wide range of students, enthusiasts, technicians and practitioners of electronics who have progressed beyond the basics.
The sixth edition is updated throughout with new material on microcontrollers and computer assistance, and a new chapter on digital signal processing

� Invaluable handbook and reference for hobbyists, students and technicians
� Essential day-to-day electronics information, clear explanations and practical guidance in one compact volume
� Assumes some previous electronics knowledge but coverage to interest beginners and professionals alike

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     Servicing Audio and Hi-Fi Equipment, Third Edition (Newnes)
Publisher: Newnes
Author(s): Nick Beer

Service engineers and technicians have come to regard this book as essential to their work. As a bench-side companion and guide it has no equal. Its purpose is to ease and speed up the processes of fault diagnosis, repair and testing of all classes of home audio equipment: receivers, amplifiers, recorders and playback machines. The mechanics and electronics of domestic audio are examined by Nick Beer in a down-to-earth and practical way, concentrating on what goes wrong, how to track down problems, and how to solve them.

A symptom index and comprehensive manufacturer and supplier guide allow quick access to specific advice and suggestions.

The third edition is bang up to date with the latest technology-DVD, CD Recordable,PC audio systems. There is also new material on PA equipment.

Nick Beer is a Service Manager for an independent dealer working with TV, VCR, Satellite, audio and hi-fi equipment from the major quality manufacturers. He also has extensive experience of field service and sales/installation work. His articles appear regularly in Electrotechnology, and Satellite Trader, and he lectures in Electronics and Media for numerous colleges and companies.

Essential bench companion for all service engineers.
New technology such as DVD and expanded material on MiniDisk will ensure another successful launch to this new edition

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     Robot Building for Beginners (Technology in Action)
Publisher: Apress
Author(s): David Cook

?I wrote this book because I love building robots. I want you to love building robots, too. It took me a while to learn about many of the tools and parts in amateur robotics. Perhaps by writing about my experiences, I can give you a head start.?� ?David Cook

Robot Building for Beginners, Second Edition is an update of David Cook?s best-selling Robot Building for Beginners. This book continues its aim at teenagers and adults who have an avid interest in science and dream of building household explorers. No formal engineering education is assumed.

The robot described and built in this book is battery powered and about the size of a lunchbox. It is autonomous. That is, it isn?t remote controlled.

You?ll begin with some tools of the trade, and then work your way through prototyping, robot bodybuilding, and eventually soldering your own circuit boards. By the book?s end, you will have a solid amateur base of understanding so that you can begin creating your own robots to vacuum your house or maybe even rule the world!

What you?ll learn

  • How to build a robot from scratch
  • Where to obtain parts and tools to get you started
  • How to build the brain?the intelligence?using the motherboard
  • How to create the body and become a Dr. Frankenstein
  • How to get your robot moving and ruling

Who this book is for

This book is aimed at teenagers and adults who have an avid interest in science and dream of building household explorers. No formal engineering education is assumed.

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome Robot Inventor!
  2. Where to Obtain Tools and Parts
  3. Safety
  4. Digital Multimeter
  5. Numbers and Units
  6. Robot Line-Following
  7. Nine-Volt Batteries
  8. Clips and Test Leads
  9. Resistors
  10. LEDs
  11. Power On!
  12. Solderless Prototyping
  13. Solderless Breadboard Setup
  14. Variable Resistors
  15. Comparators
  16. Transistor Switches
  17. DC Motors
  18. Adding Gearhead Motors
  19. Wheels
  20. Coupler
  21. Soldering Equipment
  22. Soldering and Connecting
  23. The Motherboard
  24. Body Building
  25. Launching the Line-Follower
  26. Encore
  27. Appendix

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     Great Sound Stereo Speaker Manual (Tab Electronics)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics
Author(s): David B. Weems, G. R. Koonce

Design and build customized, professional-quality speakers. From drivers to crossovers and custom enclosures, the possibilities for designing speakers that will provide the best possible performance are endless. Great Sound Stereo Speakers Manual, Second Edition, by David Weems and G.R. Koonce, eliminates much of the guesswork--not to mention the ripping out of parts and trying of alternative values--associated with proper design. More than a normal revision, this edition is virtually a new book, with a solution to an old problem, crossover design. This reader-friendly guide puts equipment-enhancing, computer-aided design techniques at your disposal. You get six complete projects, with lucid illustrated instructions for modifying and testing designs, along with 24 proposed projects. The CD-ROM packaged with the book gives you system design software, crossover network design applications, and files for all project drivers, allowing you to alter a project to fit a different physical arrangement of the drivers, explore driver substitution, perform driver tests, simulate box and network design, or customize the included projects.

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     Multiphase Flow Metering, Volume 54: Principles and Applications (Developments in Petroleum Science)
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Author(s): Gioia Falcone, G. F. Hewitt, C. Alimonti

Over the last two decades the development, evaluation and use of MFM systems has been a major focus for the Oil & Gas industry worldwide. Since the early 1990's, when the first commercial meters started to appear, there have been around 2,000 field applications of MFM for field allocation, production optimisation and well testing. So far, many alternative metering systems have been developed, but none of them can be referred to as generally applicable or universally accurate. Both established and novel technologies suitable to measure the flow rates of gas, oil and water in a three-phase flow are reviewed and assessed within this book. Those technologies already implemented in the various commercial meters are evaluated in terms of operational and economical advantages or shortcomings from an operator point of view. The lessons learned about the practical reliability, accuracy and use of the available technology is discussed. The book suggests where the research to develop the next generation of MFM devices will be focused in order to meet the as yet unsolved problems.
The book provides a critical and independent review of the current status and future trends of MFM, supported by the authors' strong background on multiphase flow and by practical examples. These are based on the authors' direct experience on MFM, gained over many years of research in connection with both operators and service companies.
As there are currently no books on the subject of Multiphase Flow Metering for the Oil & Gas industry, this book will fill in the gap and provide a theoretical and practical reference for professionals, academics, and students.

* Written by leading scholars and industry experts of international standing
* Includes strong coverage of the theoretical background, yet also provides practical examples and current developments
* Provides practical reference for professionals, students and academics

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     Electronic Troubleshooting
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics
Author(s): Daniel Tomal, Neal Widmer

* Features many "rules of thumb" and "tricks of the trade" for troubleshooting and repairing any type of electronic equipment

* Updated to include the latest electrical and electronic devices including mounted components and equipment

* COmplete with handy quick problem solving graphs and troubleshooting flowcharts

* Appendices cover specific troubleshooting techniques for common consumer electronics (20040201)

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     The Metrology Handbook
Publisher: Amer Society for Quality

Many of the topics listed in the Certified Calibration Technician (CCT) Body of Knowledge are presented in this comprehensive book which serves as an excellent reference to prepare for the certification exam. This book provides an overview of metrology and calibration principles and practices geared towards intermediate and advanced users with a basic understanding of the subject matter. Examples and figures are used throughout the book to aid in practically applying the material along with a helpful list of acronyms and abbreviations, a glossary of terms, and a bibliography for easy reference.

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     The New Radio Receiver Building Handbook
Author(s): Lyle Russell Williams

A shortwave radio, without use of satellites, will receive commercial free foreign government supported English language radio programs from thousands of miles away! Shortwave radios can be built at home in a time period of a few hours to a few weeks. This book contains over one hundred illustrations. Written for both the expert and the novice, it provides information for understanding how the radios work, for obtaining the necessary parts, and for constructing the radios. Shortwave radios were first developed in the 1930s and new designs can be built to resemble radios of that era.

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     Sciences of Geodesy - I: Advances and Future Directions
Publisher: Springer

This reference and handbook includes contributions from the world?s leading experts and describes the history, theory, development, research highlights, problems and future of the individual geodetic fields. The subjects include: Geodesy, Satellite Geodesy, Marine Geodesy, GPS / Galileo Systems, Navigation and Positioning, Aerogravimetry, Super-conducting Gravimetry, Adjustment and Filtering, Orbits Theory, Orbits Determination, Tectonics, Earth Rotation and Polar Motion, Earth Tide and Ocean Loading Tide, Satellite Altimetry, Remote Sensing, InSAR, etc.

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     CET Study Guide
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics
Author(s): Joseph Risse

Professional electronic technicians preparing to take a Certified Electronics Technician (CET) exam will find this book an extremely helpful resource. Designed to serve as an overall review guide, it covers a wide range of information readers must know in order to pass the Associate-level section of the Certified Electronics Technician Exam and both the Consumer and the Computer Journeyman-level tests. Subjects covered include three-terminal amplifying circuits in consumer products, VCRs and compact disc players, televisions, digital and computer systems, and text equipment and troubleshooting. Review questions with all answers are included at the end of each chapter. Three complete 75-question exams and answers are provided at the end of the book.

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     Instrumentation and Measurement in Electrical Engineering
Publisher: Brown Walker Press
Author(s): Roman Malaric

The inclusion of an electrical measurement course in the undergraduate curriculum of electrical engineering is important in forming the technical and scientific knowledge of future electrical engineers. This book explains the basic measurement techniques, instruments, and methods used in everyday practice. It covers in detail both analogue and digital instruments, measurements errors and uncertainty, instrument transformers, bridges, amplifiers, oscilloscopes, data acquisition, sensors, instrument controls and measurement systems. The reader will learn how to apply the most appropriate measurement method and instrument for a particular application, and how to assemble the measurement system from physical quantity to the digital data in a computer. The book is primarily intended to cover all necessary topics of instrumentation and measurement for students of electrical engineering, but can also serve as a reference for engineers and practitioners to expand or refresh their knowledge in this field.

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     Geodesy: Treatise on Geophysics
Publisher: Elsevier

Geodesy, which is the science of measuring the size and shape of the Earth, explores the theory, instrumentation and results from modern geodetic systems. The beginning sections of the volume cover the theory of the Earth's gravity field, the instrumentation for measuring the field, and its temporal variations. The measurements and results obtained from variations in the rotation of the Earth are covered in the sections on short and long period rotation� hanges. Space based geodetic methods, including the global positioning system (GPS) and Interferometric synthetic aperture radar (SAR), are also examined in detail.

  • Self-contained volume starts with an overview of the subject then explores each topic with in depth detail
  • Extensive reference lists and cross references with other volumes to facilitate further research
  • Full-color figures and tables support the text and aid in understanding
  • Content suited for both the expert and non-expert

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     Wiley Survey of Instrumentation and Measurement
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Author(s): Stephen A. Dyer

In-depth coverage of instrumentation and measurement from the Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Wiley Survey of Instrumentation and Measurement features 97 articles selected from the Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, the one truly indispensable reference for electrical engineers. Together, these articles provide authoritative coverage of the important topic of instrumentation and measurement. This collection also, for the first time, makes this information available to those who do not have access to the full 24-volume encyclopedia. The entire encyclopedia is available online-visit for more details.

Articles are grouped under sections devoted to the major topics in instrumentation and measurement, including:

  • Sensors and transducers
  • Signal conditioning
  • General-purpose instrumentation and measurement
  • Electrical variables
  • Electromagnetic variables
  • Mechanical variables
  • Time, frequency, and phase
  • Noise and distortion
  • Power and energy
  • Instrumentation for chemistry and physics
  • Interferometers and spectrometers
  • Microscopy
  • Data acquisition and recording
  • Testing methods

The articles collected here provide broad coverage of this important subject and make the Wiley Survey of Instrumentation and Measurement a vital resource for researchers and practitioners alike.

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     Electric Experiments for Technology Second Edition
Publisher: ZAP Studio
Author(s): Sid Antoch

Electric circuits experiments for electrical engineering technology programs. Includes basic DC and AC, circuit theorems, power factor, and three-phase. Also includes the application of spreadsheets and circuit simulation.

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     Electromagnetic Compatibility (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Publisher: CRC Press
Author(s): David Weston

This totally revised and expanded reference/text provides comprehensive, single-source coverage of the design, problem solving, and specifications of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) into electrical equipment/systems-including new information on basic theories, applications, evaluations, prediction techniques, and practical diagnostic options for preventing EMI through cost-effective solutions.

Offers the most recent guidelines, safety limits, and standards for human exposure to electromagnetic fields!

Containing updated data on EMI diagnostic verification measurements, as well as over 900 drawings, photographs, tables, and equations-500 more than the previous edition-Electromagnetic Compatibility: Principles and Applications, Second Edition:

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     MOSFET Models for SPICE Simulation: Including BSIM3v3 and BSIM4
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Author(s): William Liu

An expert guide to understanding and making optimum use of BSIM

Used by more chip designers worldwide than any other comparable model, the Berkeley Short-Channel IGFET Model (BSIM) has, over the past few years, established itself as the de facto standard MOSFET SPICE model for circuit simulation and CMOS technology development. Yet, until now, there have been no independent expert guides or tutorials to supplement the various BSIM manuals currently available. Written by a noted expert in the field, this book fills that gap in the literature by providing a comprehensive guide to understanding and making optimal use of BSIM3 and BSIM4.

Drawing upon his extensive experience designing with BSIM, William Liu provides a brief history of the model, discusses the various advantages of BSIM over other models, and explores the reasons why BSIM3 has been adopted by the majority of circuit manufacturers. He then provides engineers with the detailed practical information and guidance they need to master all of BSIM's features. He:

  • Summarizes key BSIM3 components
  • Represents the BSIM3 model with equivalent circuits for various operating conditions
  • Provides a comprehensive glossary of modeling terminology
  • Lists alphabetically BSIM3 parameters along with their meanings and relevant equations
  • Explores BSIM3's flaws and provides improvement suggestions
  • Describes all of BSIM4's improvements and new features
  • Provides useful SPICE files, which are available online at the Wiley ftp site

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     Microelectronic Test Structures for CMOS Technology
Publisher: Springer
Author(s): Manjul Bhushan, Mark B. Ketchen

Microelectronic Test Structures for CMOS Technology and Products addresses the basic concepts of the design of test structures for incorporation within test-vehicles, scribe-lines, and CMOS products. The role of test structures in the development and monitoring of CMOS technologies and products has become ever more important with the increased cost and complexity of development and manufacturing. In this timely volume, IBM scientists Manjul Bhushan and Mark Ketchen emphasize high speed characterization techniques for digital CMOS circuit applications and bridging between circuit performance and characteristics of MOSFETs and other circuit elements. �Detailed examples are presented throughout, many of which are equally applicable to other microelectronic technologies as well. The authors? overarching goal is to provide students and technology practitioners alike a practical guide to the disciplined design and use of test structures that give unambiguous information on the parametrics and performance of digital CMOS technology.

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     RF Measurements of Die and Packages (Artech House Microwave Library)
Publisher: Artech Print on Demand
Author(s): Scott A. Wartenberg

Dedicated to the issues surrounding RFIC testing. An important resource for RFIC designers and high-frequency digital IC designers, IC test engineers, and IC manufacturing test engineers.

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     Handbook of Electric Motors
Publisher: CRC Press

Presenting current issues in electric motor design, installation, application, and performance, this second edition serves as the most authoritative and reliable guide to electric motor utilization and assessment in the commercial and industrial sectors. Covering topics ranging from motor energy and efficiency to computer-aided design and equipment selection, this reference assists professionals in all aspects of electric motor maintenance, repair, and optimization. It has been expanded by more than 40 percent to explore the most influential technologies in the field including electronic controls, superconducting generators, recent analytical tools, new computing capabilities, and special purpose motors.

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     Cable Television Technology and Operations: HDTV and NTSC Systems
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Author(s): Eugene R. Bartlett

This practical guide to the design, implementation, and maintenance of cable television systems, written for technical personnel, engineers, managers, and operators, includes an overall introduction to standard National Television Standard Committee (NTSC) and High Definition Television (HDTV) systems, outlining start-up procedures and development of the industry to the present day. The impact of new (HDTV) systems is also discussed, for the first time in any cable television book. To insure proper maintenance, readers get the latest test procedures and measurement, plus guidance on standards, records and reference data.

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