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     Essential Andhra Cookbook with Hyderabadi and....
Publisher: Penguin
Author(s): Bilkees I. Latif

Incluses more than 200 recipes. Lucidly written.

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     Royal Hyderabadi Cooking
Publisher: Popular Prakashan
Author(s): Sanjeev Kapoor, Harpal Singh Sokhi

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     Dastarkan-e-Moghlai: 101 Easy-to-Cook Hyderabadi Recipes
Publisher: Rupa
Author(s): Geeta Devi

Color illustrated cookbook, excellent guide to Hyderabadi cuisine.

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     Princely Legacy Hyderabadi Cuisine
Publisher: HarperCollins
Author(s): Pratibha Karan, Pratibha Karan

Hyderabadi cuisine the most exotic in the Deccan has over the centuries evolved into a rare and harmonious blend with strong Muslim influences from Afghanistan Turkey, Persia and local variations from Marathwada, Karnataka. While keeping within the Mughlai style and flavour, the book showcases a collage of tradition and change in the Hyderabadi cuisine....

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     Locating Home: India's Hyderabadis Abroad
Publisher: Stanford University Press
Author(s): Karen Leonard

This book is a comparative study of Hyderabadi emigrants settling in Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Canada, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates at the end of the twentieth century. Based on ten years of fieldwork and extensive interviews, it traces Hyderabadi culture and institutions in these places of settlement, looking at the different versions of Hyderabadi history transmitted and the personal networks and collective bodies formed abroad. Hyderabad, Islamic, and Urdu associations, in addition to other groups are surveyed, as are the marriages of the migrants and the subsequent generations.

The author shows how memories of old Hyderabad are retained, redefined, or discarded depending on generation, gender, class, and connections to the Nizam's former state of Hyderabad and the national narratives of the new sites of settlement. Throughout the book, she emphasizes the role of the state in identity formation, the importance of language and religion for retention and reformulation of identities, and the instability of diasporic communities both within and across national boundaries.

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     Hyderabadi Biryani
Author(s): Anil CS Rao

badi Biriyani is about time that the people of Hyderabad....

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     Hyderabadi Khaana
Publisher: SNAB
Author(s): Nita Mehta

Hyderabadi Khaana
by Nita Mehta

Hyderabadi food has been popular worldwide and the exotic biryanis have found a place in almost every city of India. But now food-lovers need not look for an eatery for Hyderabadi food. This book provides the original recipes of the cuisine. From snacks to dessert, the best methods have been given, taking care of both the vegetarians and meat-lovers.

The spices and other ingredients are easily available and all the recipes are simple to follow. Each recipe is detailed and there are tips which make cooking fun.

Surprise your loved ones with the colours, aroma and flavours of Hyderabad.

List of Receipes

01. Snacks
02. Non - Vegetarian Main Dishes
03. Vegetarian Main Dishes
04. Rice Dishes
05. Breads
06. Achaar & Chutney
07. Dessert

About the Author :-

Nita Mehta is a home science graduate from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University and a Gold Medalist in M.Sc. (Food & Nutrition). She has authored more than 300 books on various topics including more than 250 best selling cookery books. Her book "Flavours of INDIAN COOKING" won the Best Asian Cookbook Award at the Versailles (Paris) World Cookbook Fair. Three of her other books have also won international awards

* Zero Oil Cookbook, awarded as Best Health and Nutrition Cookbook
* Chocolate Cookbook, awarded as Best Chocolate Cookbook
* Cooking for Growing Children, awarded as Best Cookbook for Children & Family

In a span of a few years, over 3.5 million Nita Mehta cookbooks have been sold. The secret of her success is her thorough & meticulous approach towards her books.

Nita Mehta has done cooking programmes for various TV channels and has conducted cooking classes in USA, UK, Canada and several other countries.

She also has several cooking institutes under the name of "Nita Mehta Culinary Academy" in New Delhi (India), where she has trained several thousand aspiring individuals into expert cooks. In addition, she creates recipes for food-related companies around the world.

Nita Mehta, the celebrity cookbook author, has another ace up her sleeve. She has published unique children books under her company - Nita Mehta Publications. Nita Mehta Publication is specialized publishing house producing exquisite children books. Learning is never easy for children. But now you can make learning fun by using these simply written and beautifully illustrated children books by Nita Mehta Publications. These books not only entertain children but also inculcate wisdom and good values in them to help them face day to day challenges of life.

Recently 'Tales of Arabia' published by Nita Mehta Publications was honoured the Excellence in Book Production Award by Federation of Indian Publishers.

?My call has always been to make it easy for a mother, whether it is cooking or teaching her child. This laid the foundation for Nita Mehta Publications,? says Nita Mehta.

International Award Winner

Cooking her way through!

The book ?Flavours of Indian Cooking? published by SNAB Publishers won the best book on Asian Cooking Award at the Versailles (Paris) World Cookbook Fair.

The book also won the award for excellence in book publishing by FIP (Federation of Indian Publishers).

She has conducted several cookery demonstrations in various parts of the country and abroad. In addition she provides interactive platform to her students and/or cookery enthusiasts through her website or mail to us &

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     1,000 Indian Recipes (1,000 Recipes)
Publisher: Wiley
Author(s): Neelam Batra

Delve into the fascinating flavors and variety of Indian cuisine with this unrivaled recipe collection

You'll discover delicious choices for dishes that make Indian food unforgettable: crispy fritters; tangy pickles; chaat snacks and salads; refreshing yogurt raitas; richly flavored curries; comforting legume (dal) dishes; creative vegetable and meat main courses and side dishes; decadent desserts; and exotic drinks.

To guide your cooking, Neelam Batra provides time-and labor-saving methods, ingredient substitutions, and menu suggestions, and addresses modern health concerns without sacrificing flavor. This is a book Indian food lovers?and health-conscious eaters and vegetarians, too?can turn to for everyday meals and special occasions for years to come!

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     Dawat - E - Hyderabadi
Publisher: India Book House
Author(s): Ayesha Begum

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Publisher: India Book House Pvt. Ltd.

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     The Essential Andhra Cookbook (with Hyderabadi and Telengana Specialities)
Publisher: Penguin Books
Author(s): Bilkees I. Latif

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     Urban Life: Readings in the Anthropology of the City
Publisher: Waveland Pr Inc
Author(s): George Gmelch, Robert V. Kemper, Walter P. Zenner

What does urban mean? How do places and spaces change when they become urban? Why are people drawn to cities? How do anthropologists and others study urban places and the people who occupy them? These are some of the questions explored in this compelling and extensively revised fifth edition. As before, Urban Life is topically and geographically wide ranging, with well-crafted contributions offering expert coverage of urban fieldwork experiences, theoretical concepts, and new research from an anthropological perspective. The book is organized into five parts: fieldwork, communities, structures and institutions, migration and adaptation, and globalization and transnationalism. Each part includes an introduction that provides background for its chapters. Each chapter begins with a headnote that highlights its significance. The richly ethnographic content of each chapter appeals to students and encourages them to reconsider their preconceptions about the social life and character of cities and city dwellers.

Title of related interest from Waveland Press: Lyon-Driskell, The Community in Urban Society, Second Edition (ISBN 9781577667414).

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     The Prince of Photographers Raja Deen Dayal
Author(s): Narendra Luther

The author has widely researched and made extensive use of oral history and references. This book offers rare pictures, and archival documents never seen before.

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     White Mughals: Love and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century India
Publisher: Viking Adult
Author(s): William Dalrymple

From the early sixteenth century, it was common for British colonizers in India to embarrass the Crown by "turning Turk" or "going native." Few caused greater scandal than James Kirkpatrick, a British resident in the Court of Hyderabad, who converted to Islam and spied on the East India Company in the midst of an affair with Khair un-Nissa, the great-niece of the region's prime minister.

White Moguls is rich with many eccentric characters, from "Hindoo Stuart," who traveled with his own team of Brahmins, to Alexander Gardner, an American whose self-invented costume was showcased by a tartan turban with egret plumes. A remarkable love story set in an exotic and previously unexplored world, White Moguls is full of secrets, intrigue, espionage, and religious disputes and conjures all the resonance of a great nineteenth-century novel.

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     Locating Home: India's Hyderabadis Abroad 1st edition by Leonard, Karen published by Stanford University Press Hardcover
Publisher: Stanford University Press
Author(s): --N/A--

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     The Spice Box: A Vegetarian Indian Cookbook (Vegetarian Cooking)
Publisher: Crossing Press
Author(s): Manju S. Singh

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     Mirch Masala-100 Indian Recipes
Publisher: Orient Blackswan Private Limited
Author(s): Surayya Tyabji

This book is a selection of Surayya Tyabji?s classic recipes that was first published in 1975 and has been a best selling title since then. Here are a hundred classics in Indian cooking?Moghlai, many from Hyderabad, and a pick of favourites from all over?with the choice of menus that hunt up well-loved native combinations. Not just mirch and masala, but a composite range of recipes that not only tempt your kitchen wit but also help you turn out things that taste as good as they sound.

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     Gender, Sainthood, and Everyday Practice in South Asian Shi'ism (Islamic Civilization & Muslim Networks)
Publisher: The University of North Carolina Press
Author(s): Karen G. Ruffle

In this study of devotional hagiographical texts and contemporary ritual performances of the Shi'a of Hyderabad, India, Karen Ruffle demonstrates how traditions of sainthood and localized cultural values shape gender roles. Ruffle focuses on the annual mourning assemblies held on 7 Muharram to commemorate the battlefield wedding of Fatimah Kubra and her warrior-bridegroom Qasem, who was martyred at the battle of Karbala, Iraq, in 680 C.E. before their wedding was consummated.
Ruffle argues that hagiography, an important textual tradition in Islam, plays a dynamic role in constructing the memory, piety, and social sensibilities of a Shi'i community. Through the Hyderabadi rituals that idealize and venerate Qasem, Fatimah Kubra, and the other heroes of Karbala, a distinct form of sainthood is produced. These saints, Ruffle explains, serve as socioethical role models and religious paragons whom Shi'i Muslims aim to imitate in their everyday lives, improving their personal religious practice and social selves. On a broader community level, Ruffle observes, such practices help generate and reinforce group identity, shared ethics, and gendered sensibilities. By putting gender and everyday practice at the center of her study, Ruffle challenges Shi'i patriarchal narratives that present only men as saints and brings to light typically overlooked women's religious practices.

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     Holy Quraan and Imaam Mahdi A.S.
Publisher: Imam Husain A.S. Association
Author(s): As-Sayyid Farhat Husain Al-Moosawi Al-Hyderabadi

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     The Global World of Indian Merchants, 1750-1947: Traders of Sind from Bukhara to Panama (Cambridge Studies in Indian History and Society)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author(s): Claude Markovits

Claude Markovits' book charts the development of two merchant communities in the province of Sind from the precolonial period, through colonial conquest and up to indepedence. Based on previously neglected archival sources, it describes how the communities came to control trading networks throughout the world, throwing light on the nature of these diasporas from South Asia in their interaction with the global economy. This is a sophisticated and accessible book that will appeal to students of South Asia, as well as to colonial historians and economic historians.

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