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Douglas C-124 Globemaster II
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Book search results for Douglas C-124 Globemaster II

Douglas C-124 Globemaster II

Douglas C-124 Globemaster II

Douglas C-124 Globemaster II

Book search results for Douglas C-124 Globemaster II

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     Douglas C-124 Globemaster II (Air force legends)
Publisher: Ginter Books
Author(s): Earl Berlin

The answer to a need for larger and faster commercial and military airlifters was provided by, among others, the Douglas aircraft company with its military C-74 and C-124 cargo planes.

The C-124 evolved from an earlier Douglas design, the C-74 Globemaster. Officially, it was the Globemaster II, but the name had no appear to the "drivers and fixers", so it came to be called "Old Shaky" or just plain "Shaky", and as time passed, the name was more often than not uttered with a kind of reverence.

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     Douglas Jumbo's The Globemaster
Publisher: Branden Books
Author(s): Anthony J. Tambini

The history of military air transport to date has been incomplete. Lacking is the document legacy of two relatively unknown Douglas transports, the reciprocating engined Globemaster I and II. These propeller driven aircraft set the benchmark for the heavy lift transport's that are currently in operation in both civilian and military service. Lost in history is the fact that Globemaster I was the first truly heavy lift transport to enter military service. Its offspring, the Globemaster II, for over twenty years performed yeoman's work in supporting for US and its allies; it has also made possible humanitarian relief to the world at large.

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     Trash Haulers: The Story of the C-130 Hercules Troop Carrier/Tactical Airlift Mission
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author(s): Sam Mcgowan

On August 23, 1954 the most successful airplane in aviation history took to the skies on its maiden flight. A little over two years later the first operational airplanes were delivered to the 463rd Troop Carrier Wing at Ardmore A.F.B., Oklahoma. Over the next 21 years Tactical Air Command, United States Air Forces Europe and Pacific Air Forces troop carrier/tactical airlift crew amassed a heroic and impressive record from Africa to Vietnam. Trash Haulers is a revision of a 1988 T.A.B./Aero publication by Sam McGowan, who was part of that mission.

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     Airlift: Military Air Transport - The Illustrated History
Publisher: Osprey Publishing (UK)
Author(s): Richard Townshend Bickers, Mike Spick

This olorful history details the thankless jobs that military transport and cargo planes and their crews have endured day in and day out from World War I to the present. Some of the aircraft featured include the C-47, the Constellation, the French Deux Pont, the U.S. Navy Super Dakota, and the Grumman Trader. A variety of even more remarkable aircraft featured includes gliders and the gigantic Russian Antonov 124. Nearly 300 rare photographs make this book irresistible to military and aircraft enthusiasts.

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     Remembering the Dragon Lady: Memoirs of the Men Who Experienced the Legend of the U-2 Spy Plane
Publisher: Helion and Company
Author(s): Gerald McIlmoyle, Linda Rios Bromley

With heightened tensions mounting in the Cold War, President Dwight Eisenhower's request for more accurate intelligence information on the Soviet Union was the spark that ignited the U-2 project. Modified USAF bombers began overflights of the Soviet Union in 1951, but existing lower flying aircraft in the US inventory were vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire and a number of cross-border flights were shot down.

To meet the challenge and improve the survivability, the Lockheed Corporation received approval for their revolutionary design of a new recon aircraft on December 9, 1954. The company began work under a heavy veil of secrecy with only 81 people, including 25 engineers. A test pilot flew the first flight on August 1, 1955, after only eight months of production, a record-breaking result for rollout of a new project, especially one this complex and innovative. A dedicated and inventive group of contractors came together to support the project with partial pressure suits for pilots, high-resolution cameras, and an engine that could carry the aircraft to altitudes of 70,000 feet and higher.

Nicknamed the Dragon Lady, the U-2 has flown over Cuba, Alaska, North and South poles, Vietnam, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, and Afghanistan. The U-2 is as relevant today as it was 50 years ago. More recently it flew over the hurricane ravaged US Gulf Coast to collect imagery of the destruction over a 90,000 square mile area.

First-person memoirs of many of the men who supported the early US spy plane project are included in this book. They include pilots, maintenance specialists, a flight surgeon, photographic specialists and some family members. The US also trained U-2 pilots from Taiwan and the UK and some of their photos and memoirs are in this collection.

An example of the entries in the book include one pilot's experience on a flight over the North Pole when he discovered his instrumentation was inaccurate due to the magnetic fields and realized almost too late that he was flying directly toward the Soviet Union. Maintenance technicians recalled working long hours to prepare aircraft for historic flights over Cuba. Photographic specialists remembered the difficult conditions in Vietnam, and the care required to download the exposed film of North Vietnamese targets from the cameras in the aircraft. All of these experiences were achieved under Top Secret security conditions and on a "need to know" basis.

'Remembering the Dragon Lady' presents the reader with an impressive collection of U-2 first-person recollections.


"...remarkable book...For years, these tales we listed as "Top Secret" on a "need to know" basis....Well at last this book fills in many of the missing gaps from Cold War U-2 operations and reports on those elusive RAF pilots that flew this remarkable spy plane.Airfix Model World, 02/12"Remembering the Dragon Lady is a superb book on the dramatic history of this marvelous airplane. A product of Kelly Johnson's Skunk Works, the U-2 was acclaimed by him as one of the very high points of his engineering career. As a pilot of the U-2 for over nine years, I can attest to its challenges and rewards. I entered the program when it first came into the USAF inventory and drew immense pleasure and pride from mastering this difficult but rewarding plane and accomplishing the mission for which it was created. Readers will find this book an exciting and educational volume." Patrick J. Halloran, Maj. Gen. (Ret.), USAF

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     Lockheed's Constellation (Enthusiast Color Series)
Publisher: Zenith Press
Author(s): Steve Pace

Elegant and graceful, the curvaceous Lockheed Constellation remains one of the most sought after aircraft on todays airshow circuit. Designed by Lockheeds legendary Kelly Johnson, the Connies triple tails are reminders of the glory days of the big propliners. Piston-powered and propeller-driven, the Constellation, Super Constellation and Starliner series of aircraft are profiled here in both civilian and military dress, and in domestic and foreign markings.

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     C 54 PLM Revisited, A 1945 Photo Scrapbook of the 1346th AAF Base Unit in the China-Burma-India Theater During World War II
Publisher: Sunstone Press
Author(s): Ralph L. Stevenson, Editor

The first C-54 PLM was a limited produced photo scrapbook from the 1346th AAF Base Unit at Kurmitola, India in 1945 during the China-Burma-India (CBI) military theater. Sixty-five years later, containing the same unpublished forty-five photos and text, C-54 PLM Revisited is now available so other generations can view the amazing efforts and ingenuity of American military personal. PLM or Production Line Maintenance was the process installed by the Army Air Corps' leadership that kept the maximum number of air cargo planes flying. PLM guidelines allowed timely deliveries of essential fuel and supplies to distant and isolated air fields and ultimate victory.

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     Douglas C-124 Globemaster II: Air Force Legends Number 206
Author(s): Earl Berlin

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     Flight in America: From the Wrights to the Astronauts
Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Author(s): Roger E. Bilstein

Roger E. Bilstein's Flight in America has won acclaim as the foremost history of one of the twentieth century's landmark achievements?human flight. In this revised and expanded third edition, Bilstein chronicles changes in military, commercial, and space aviation in the 1990s. He offers a glimpse of the developments one might expect in the new millennium.

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     Cyclops in the Jungle: A One-Eyed LRP in Vietnam (Stackpole Military History Series)
Publisher: Stackpole Books
Author(s): David Walker

Written in a no-holds-barred, from-the-gut style, this one-of-a-kind story of resilience and determination during the Vietnam War focuses on action with a long-range patrol (LRP) team.

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     Giant Cargo Planes (Enthusiast Color)
Publisher: Motorbooks International
Author(s): Nicholas A. Veronico, Jim Dunn

Measuring up to five stories in height and equaling a football field in length, these incredible aircraft are nonetheless capable of short-field landings on unpaved airstrips, unloading enormous payloads in minutes, and blasting off in steep climbs. This full-color review of the largest aircraft in the skies includes action photos and brief histories. The authors also explain how militaries utilize the remarkable size and capabilities of these planes.

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     Korean War Order of Battle: United States, United Nations, and Communist Ground, Naval, and Air Forces, 1950-1953
Publisher: Praeger
Author(s): Gordon Rottman

Using historical files kept by each of the armed services and nations involved in the Korean War, Rottman provides information on unit backgrounds, organization, manning, periods of service, insignia, weapons, casualties, and major commands including the Western, North Korean, Communist Chinese, and USSR forces.

The United Nation's first military action and America's first major Cold War action, the Korean War, frequently called the forgotten war, is well documented in studies and reports of specific actions and phases of the war. These sources, however, provide little order of battle information on most of the belligerents, particularly the non-U.S./UN and South Korean forces. Using the historical files kept by each armed service and each nation, Gordon Rottman provides information on combat units and major commands, including both Western forces and North Korean, Communist Chinese, and USSR forces. He has done an invaluable service for scholars and military buffs.

Filling a void that would not likely have been filled otherwise, the book provides information on unit backgrounds, organization, manning, periods of service, insignia, weapons, and casualties. The book will be a primary source for anyone, scholar or layman, interested in researching the Korean War.

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     Korean Air War (Motorbooks Classics)
Publisher: Zenith Press
Author(s): Robert F. Dorr

A stunning pictorial record from the personal photo archives of Korean War veterans. A detailed account of Allied air operations features dramatic, real-life combat stories that took place during the 1950 to 1953 war.

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     Berlin Airlift, The: The Salvation of a City
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
Author(s): Diane Canwell, Jon Sutherland

In June 1948, Joseph Stalin stopped all road and rail traffic coming into and out of the Allied sector of Berlin. He simultaneously cut off all electricity to the city, leaving only a 20-mile-wide sector of air corridors and one wayto get supplies to desperate, starving people. The United States, using the only method it could, led Allies in mobilizing an unprecedented airlift of thousands of tons of supplies each day. By September 1948, the airlift was transporting food, coal, medical supplies, and other necessities into West Berlin as aid for the residents. At the same time, the Russian military threatened to strike down any aircraft caught flying outside of the corridor. Finally, by April of 1949, Russia announced their intent to end the blockade, and in August of the same year, the United States airlift operation was terminated.

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     The Last Valley: Dien Bien Phu and the French Defeat in Vietnam
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Author(s): Martin Windrow

In December 1953 French paratroopers, who had been searching for the elusive Vietnamese army, were quickly isolated by them and forced to retreat into their out-gunned and desolate jungle base-a small place called Dien Bien Phu. The Vietnamese besieged the French base for five long and desperate months. Eventually, the demoralized and weakened French were utterly depleted and withdrew in defeat. The siege at Dien Bien Phu was a landmark battle of the last century-the first defeat of modern western forces by an Asian guerilla army.The Last Valley is the first new account of the battle since the 1970s. The author has incorporated much new material from French and Vietnamese sources, including veteran interviews, making this the most complete account to-date. And Martin Windrow has received widespread praise from top historians such as John Keegan and Max Hastings (below), as well as reviewers on both sides of the Atlantic.

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     To Reach the High Frontier: A History of U.S. Launch Vehicles
Publisher: The University Press of Kentucky

" Access -- no single word better describes the primary concern of the exploration and development of space. Every participant in space activities -- civil, military, scientific, or commercial -- needs affordable, reliable, frequent, and flexible access to space. To Reach the High Frontier details the histories of the various space access vehicles developed in the United States since the birth of the space age in 1957. Each case study has been written by a specialist knowledgeable about the vehicle described and places each system in the larger context of the history of spaceflight. The technical challenge of reaching space with chemical rockets, the high costs associated with space launch, the long lead times necessary for scheduling flights, and the poor reliability of the rockets themselves show launch vehicles to be the space program's most difficult challenge.

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     STOL Progenitors (Case Study)
Publisher: AIAA
Author(s): B. Norton

This case study presents the history and technical achievements in developing the Boeing C-17, the largest STOL transport aircraft. It examines STOL technology and predecessor aircraft, but focuses on the United States Air Force's Advanced Medium STOL Transport (AMST) program and its YC-14 and YC-15 demonstrators. The book describes every step of the process including the needs requirements, technological approaches, design and operation implications, proposals and winning designs, alterations, innovations, cost constraints, construction, and flight testing. STOL aircraft that flew before and after the C-17 are also discussed to illustrate the continuing evolution of the technology.

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     Beyond the Wild Blue: A History of the U.S. Air Force, 1947-1997
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Author(s): Walter J. Boyne

From the most important leaders and the most courageous victories to the earliest machines of flight and the most advanced Stealth technology, this book presents a fascinating look at 50 turbulent years of Air Force history.

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     Winged Shield, Winged Sword: A History of the United States Air Force: Volume II: 1950-1997 (Volume 2)
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author(s): Bernard C Nalty

This is the second volume of a two-volume set of the history of the United States Air Force. It includes sections and chapters covering Air Force history from 1950 to 1997. United States Air Force, Air Force History and Museums Program.

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     Missing in Action: The 50 Year Search for Ireland's Missing Soldier
Publisher: Mercier Press
Author(s): John O'Mahony, Ralph Riegel

The dramatic true story of a brave young soldier who laid down his life to save a comrade, and the struggle to identify his burial place and repatriate his remains. On 15 September 1961, eighteen year old Trooper Patrick Mullins was posted missing after a bloody ambush of an Irish UN convoy in the Congo. During the fierce gun-fight, Mullins was killed and his body taken as spoils of war by the rebel militia. When Ireland finally ended its UN mission in the Congo Tpr. Mullins' body remained buried in an unknown grave. With the 50th anniversary of his death fast approaching, the Mullins family remains caught in the terrible nightmare of maintaining an empty grave at the foothills of the Galtee Mountains. This fascinating book describes Mullins' story, the struggle to find his body, and the difficulties in bringing it home.

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