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     Anti-Arab Racism in the USA: Where it Comes From and What it Means for Politics
Publisher: Pluto Press
Author(s): Steven Salaita

Today is a difficult time to be both Arab and American. Since 9/11 there has been a lot of criticism of America's involvement in the middle east. Yet there has been little analysis of how America treats citizens of Arab or middle eastern origin within its own borders. Steven Salaita explores the reality of Anti-Arab racism in America. He blends personal narrative, theory and polemics to show how this deep-rooted racism affects everything from legislation to cultural life, shining a light on the consequences of Anti-Arab racism both at home and abroad.Uniquely, the book shows how ingrained racist attitudes can be found within the progressive movements on the political left, as well as the right. Salaita argues that, under the guise of patriotism, Anti-Arab racism fuels support for policies such as the Patriot Act. Salaita breaks down the facade of Anti-Arab racism with an insightful analysis, arguing for the urgency of a commitment to openness and inclusion in today's political climate.

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     Becoming the Anti-racist Church: Journeying Toward Wholeness (Prisms)
Publisher: Fortress Press
Author(s): Joseph Barndt

Martin Luther King's observation that 11 a.m. on Sunday is the most segregated hour of the week remains all too true.

Christians addressing racism in American society must begin with a frank assessment of how race figures in the churches themselves, leading activist Joseph Barndt argues. This practical and important volume extends the insights of Barndt's earlier, more general work to address the race situation in the churches and to equip people there to be agents for change in and beyond their church communities.
A hallmark of Barndt's analysis is his keen grasp of the deep yet checkered legacy that American church and church bodies inherit on this question. Yet Barndt also lifts up the ways in which their prophetic work has proved a catalyst for progress in American race relations, and he clearly shows why and how churches can inculcate an anti-racist commitment into their collective lives.

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     White Awareness: Handbook for Anti-Racism Training
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
Author(s): Judith H. Katz

Originally designed for facilitators as a training handbook complete with exercises and tools to assist white people address racism, this book guides white people through the process of understanding, challenging, and confronting issues of racism. This training program provides a meaningful way to help create change in the white community.

Responding to the challenge of creating a learning environment in which to address racism, White Awareness provides a detailed step-by-step guide through six stages of learning � from awareness to action. The exercises within each of the stages focus on key themes including: defining racism and its inconsistencies, confronting the reality of racism, exploring aspects and implications of white culture and identity, understanding cultural differences and examining cultural racism, analyzing individual racism, and developing action strategies to combat racism.

This newly revised edition published on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first edition, includes over forty activities with instructions and suggestions for conducting each session as well as recommended readings and sources for use in the activities. Proving worthwhile in educational, business, community, and military settings, the program is detailed yet flexible. The volume has been updated to include new source information, insights on President Bill Clinton?s 1998 �Initiative on Race,? and groundbreaking research on racism as a mental disorder.

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     Teaching / Learning Anti-Racism: A Developmental Approach
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Author(s): Louise Derman-Sparks, Carol Brunson Phillips

This exciting new book is an indispensable guide for teachers, trainers, and anyone interested in fighting racism. Asa G. Hilliard, III, writes in the foreword: "I do not know if the virus of racism/white supremacy can be eliminated. I believe that if I can, it will be in large measure because of the type of work presented here.: Pub: 9/97.

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     Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice
Publisher: New Society Publishers
Author(s): Paul Kivel

Continuously at the top of New Society Publishers? best-seller list for five years, Uprooting Racism has sold over 25,000 copies since its first printing. Substantially revised and expanded, the new edition has more tools to help white people understand and stand-up to racism.

Uprooting Racism explores the manifestations of racism in politics, work, community, and family life. It moves beyond the definition and unlearning of racism to address the many areas of privilege for white people and suggests ways for individuals and groups to challenge the structures of racism. Uprooting Racism?s welcoming style helps readers look at how we learn racism, what effects it has on our lives, its costs and benefits to white people, and what we can do about it.

In addition to updating existing chapters, the new edition of Uprooting Racism explores how entrenched racism has been revealed in the new economy, the 2000 electoral debacle, rising anti-Arab prejudice, and health care policy. Special features include exercises, questions, and suggestions to engage, challenge assumptions, and motivate the reader towards social action. The new edition includes an index and an updated bibliography.

Marketing Plans:
? Print review campaign to progressive and social action magazines
? Web publicity campaign to progressive and activist sites
? Course adoption campaign
? Advertising in Education magazines
? Promotional mailing to libraries

Paul Kivel is the author of Boys Will Be Men (ISBN: 0-86571-395-2, New Society Publishers, 1999) and Men's Work (ISBN: 0-34537-939-X, Ballantine, 1998). He is the founder of the nationally recognized Oakland's Men's Project and has conducted hundreds of workshops on racism and anti-violence for teens and men all over the country. He lives in Oakland, California.

Also Available by Paul Kivel
Boys Will Be Men: Raising Our Sons for Courage, Caring, and Community
TP $16.95, 0-86571-395-2 ? USA

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     Debating Cultural Hybridity: Multi-Cultural Identities and the Politics of Anti-Racism (Postcolonial Encounters)
Publisher: Zed Books

Cultural hybridity has become one of the key buzz words of late twentieth-century critical theory, cited and celebrated as a space of resistance and protest, on the one hand, and tolerance, cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism, on the other. But what are the limits of cultural hybridity? Why is it such a difficult - at times almost impossible - challenge to negotiate differences across cultures? In what ways does racism strike at the foundations of multiculturalism to create pathological cultural hybrids and ambivalences? This pathbreaking new book by leading European sociologists and anthropologists deconstructs established approaches and discloses why anti-racism and multiculturalism can be hard roads to travel.

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     Anti-Racism in U.S. History: The First Two Hundred Years (Contributions in American History)
Publisher: Praeger
Author(s): Herbert Aptheker

Many books, both popular and scholarly, have examined racism in the United States, but this unique volume is the first to examine the existence of anti-racism in the first two hundred years of U.S. history. Herbert Aptheker challenges the view that racism was universally accepted by whites. His book thoroughly debunks the myth that white people never cared about the plight of African-Americans until just before the outbreak of the Civil War.

Covering the period from the 1600s through the 1860s, Aptheker begins with a short introduction and a questioning of racism's pervasiveness, taking examples of anti-racism from the literature. He then devotes sections to sexual relations, racism and anti-racism, to joint struggles to reject racism, and to a discussion of Gregoire, Banneker, and Jeffersonianism. Next he considers inferiority as viewed by poets, preachers, and teachers and by entrepreneuers, seamen, and cowboys. After a consideration of the Quakers, he turns his attention to the American and French revolutions and racism and to the Republic's early years and racism. Aptheker then devotes several sections to Abolitionism and concludes the work with the the Crisis Decade, the Civil War, Emancipation, and anti-racism. This book by a well-known scholar in the field will be of interest to all concerned with U.S. history and African American history.

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     What If All the Kids Are White? (Early Childhood Education Series)
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Author(s): Louise Olsen Derman-Sparks, Patricia G. Ramsey, Julie Olsen Edwards

Bringing this bestselling guide completely up-to-date, the authors address the current state of racism and anti-racism in the United States (including the election of the first African-American president); review recent child development research; discuss state standards and NCLB pressures on early childhood teaching; and more. The text includes teaching strategies, activities for families and staff, reflection questions, and updated organizational and website resources.

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     Understanding and Dismantling Racism: The Twenty-First Century Challenge to White America (Facets)
Publisher: Fortress Press
Author(s): Joseph Barndt

More than 15 years have passed since Joe Barndt wrote his influential and widely acclaimed Dismantling Racism (1991, Augsburg Books). He has now written a replacement volume - powerful, personal, and practical - that reframes the whole issue for the new context of the twenty-first century. With great clarity Barndt traces the history of racism, especially in white America, revealing its various personal, institutional, and cultural forms. Without demonizing anyone or any race, he offers specific, positive ways in which people in all walks, including churches, can work to bring racism to an end. He includes the newest data on continuing conditions of People of Color, including their progress relative to the minimal standards of equality in housing, income and wealth, education, and health. He discusses current dimensions of race as they appear in controversies over 9/11, New Orleans, and undocumented workers. Includes analytical charts, definitions, bibliography, and exercises for readers.

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     The Anti-Racist Cookbook
Publisher: Crandall, Dostie & Douglas Books, Inc
Author(s): Robin Parker, Pamela, Smith Chambers

Many Americans are distressed by race but few know how to talk about it. This book tells how. Dialogue, the authors posit, begins the path to racial reconciliation. The Anti-Racist Cookbook gives straight-forward advice on forming dialogue groups. From whom to invite and how to arrange the room to how to facilitate and what questions to discuss, everything is here. Recommended for community groups, students, activists, educators, trainers, faith-based organizations, diversity councils, and anyone else interested in answering the question "What can we do and how can we do it?"

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     Speaking Treason Fluently: Anti-Racist Reflections From an Angry White Male
Publisher: Soft Skull Press
Author(s): Tim Wise

In this highly anticipated follow-up to White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son, activist Tim Wise examines the way in which institutional racism continues to shape the contours of daily life in the United States, and the ways in which white Americans reap enormous privileges from it. The essays included in this collection span the last ten years of Wise?s writing and cover all the hottest racial topics of the past decade: affirmative action, Hurricane Katrina, racial tension in the wake of the Duke lacrosse scandal, white school shootings, racial profiling, phony racial unity in the wake of 9/11, and the political rise of Barack Obama. Wise?s commentaries make forceful yet accessible arguments that serve to counter both white denial and complacency�two of the main obstacles to creating a more racially equitable and just society. Speaking Treason Fluently is a superbly crafted collection of Wise?s best work, which reveals the ongoing salience of race in America today and demonstrates that racial privilege is not only a real and persistent problem, but one that ultimately threatens the health and well-being of the entire society.

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     Readings for Diversity and Social Justice: An Anthology on Racism, Antisemitism, Sexism, Heterosexism, Ableism, and Classism
Publisher: Routledge

The first reader to cover the scope of oppressions in America, Readings for Diversity and Social Justice covers six thematic issues: racism, sexism, Anti-Semitism, heterosexism, classism, and ableism. The reader contains a mix of short personal and theoretical essays as well as entries designed to challenge students to take action to end oppressive behavior and to affirm diversity and racial justice.

(For the original version of chapter 48, please refer to: Herek, Gregory, "Heterosexism and Homophobia," in Textbook of Homosexuality and Mental Health, ed. Robert Cavaj and Terry S. Stein, 1996, American Psychiatric Press, pp. pp. 101-113.)

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     Separation and Its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author(s): Kevin MacDonald

This book builds upon my previous work, A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism asa Group Evolutionary Strategy (MacDonald 1994/2002; hereafter PTSDA). While PTSDA focused on developing a theory of Judaism within anevolutionary framework, the present volume focuses on the phenomenon ofanti-Semitism. Judaism and anti-Semitism fairly cry out for an evolutionaryinterpretation. Anti-Semitism has been a very robust tendency over a very longperiod of human history and in a wide range of societies with different formsof government, different economic systems, and different dominant religiousideologies. Many anti-Semitic episodes, such as the Iberian inquisitions andthe Nazi holocaust, have been characterized by extraordinary intra-societal violence.Moreover, anti-Semitism has sometimes been characterized by a very overt,self-conscious racialism...a phenomenon that immediately suggests the relevanceof evolutionary theory. The basic thesis of this book can be summarized bythe proposition that Judaism must be conceptualized as a group strategycharacterized by cultural and genetic segregation from gentile societiescombined with resource competition and conflicts of interest with segments ofgentile societies. This cultural and genetic separatism combined with resourcecompetition and other conflicts of interest tend to result in division andhatred within the society.Nevertheless, as Leslie White (1966, 3) wrote manyyears ago in his discussion of the Boasian school of anthropology as apolitically inspired cult, "One who follows procedures such as these incurs therisk of being accused of indulging in non-scholarly, personal attacks upon whomhe discusses. Such a charge is, in fact, expectable and completely in keepingwith the thesis of this essay. We wish to state that no personal attacks areintended." No personal or ethnic attacks are intended here,either. Nevertheless, the charge that this is an anti-Semitic book is, to useWhite's phrase, expectable and completely in keeping wit

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     Bad Faith and Antiblack Racism
Publisher: Humanity Books
Author(s): Lewis R. Gordon

Lewis Gordon presents the first detailed existential phenomenological investigation of anti-black racism as a form of Sartrean bad faith. Bad faith, the attitude in which human beings attempt to evade freedom and responsibility, is treated as a constant possibility of human existence. Anti-black racism, the attitude and practice that involve the construction of black people as fundamentally inferior and subhuman, is examined as an effort to evade the responsibilities of a human and humane world. Gordon argues that the concept of bad faith militates against any human science that is built upon a theory of human nature and as such offers an analysis of anti-black racism that stands as a challenge to our ordinary assumptions of what it means to be human.

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     Antisemitism: A Very Short Introduction
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author(s): Steven Beller

Anti-Semitism has been a chillingly persistent presence throughout the last millennium, culminating in modern times in the horror of the Final Solution. This Very Short Introduction examines and untangles the various strands of anti-Semitism seen throughout history, revealing why hatred of the Jews appears to be so persistent through time. Steven Beller illuminates the history of the phenomenon: from medieval religious conflict, to the growth of anti-Semitism as a political and ideological movement in the 19th century, to the "new" anti-Semitism of the 21st century, as reflected in Holocaust denial and Islamic anti-Zionism. The author also discusses the role and attitudes of key figures such as Wagner, Nietzsche, and Marx, as well as key texts such as the forged "Protocols of the Elders of Zion." In short, this compact book offers an insightful account that underscores how anti-Semitism reached it its dark apogee in the worst genocide in modern history--the Holocaust--and how it still persists around the world today.

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     Fear: Anti-Semitism in Poland After Auschwitz
Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks
Author(s): Jan Gross

Poland suffered an exceedingly brutal Nazi occupation during the Second World War. Close to five million Polish citizens lost their lives as a result. More than half the casualties were Polish Jews. Thus, the second largest Jewish community in the world?only American Jewry numbered more than the three and a half million Polish Jews at the time?was wiped out. Over 90 percent of its members were killed in the Holocaust. And yet, despite this unprecedented calamity that affected both Jews and non-Jews, Jewish Holocaust survivors returning to their hometowns in Poland after the war experienced widespread hostility, including murder, at the hands of their neighbors. The bloodiest peacetime pogrom in twentieth-century Europe took place in the Polish town of Kielce one year after the war ended, on July 4, 1946.

Jan Gross?s Fear attempts to answer a perplexing question: How was anti-Semitism possible in Poland after the war? At the center of his investigation is a detailed reconstruction of the Kielce pogrom and the reactions it evoked in various milieus of Polish society. How did the Polish Catholic Church, Communist party workers, and intellectuals respond to the spectacle of Jews being murdered by their fellow citizens in a country that had just been liberated from a five-year Nazi occupation?

Gross argues that the anti-Semitism displayed in Poland in the war?s aftermath cannot be understood simply as a continuation of prewar attitudes. Rather, it developed in the context of the Holocaust and the Communist takeover: Anti-Semitism eventually became a common currency between the Communist regime and a society in which many had joined in the Nazi campaign of plunder and murder?and for whom the Jewish survivors were a standing reproach.

Jews did not bring communism to Poland as some believe; in fact, they were finally driven out of Poland under the Communist regime as a matter of political expediency. In the words of the Nobel Prize?winning poet Czeslaw Milosz, Poland?s Communist rulers fulfilled the dream of Polish nationalists by bringing into existence an ethnically pure state.

For more than half a century, what happened to the Jewish Holocaust survivors in Poland has been cloaked in guilt and shame. Writing with passion, brilliance, and fierce clarity, Jan T. Gross at last brings the truth to light.

Praise for Fear

?You read [Fear] breathlessly, all human reason telling you it can?t be so?and the book culminates in so keen a shock that even a student of the Jewish tragedy during World War II cannot fail to feel it.??Elie Wiesel, The Washington Post Book World

?Bone-chilling . . . [Fear] is illuminating and searing, a moral indictment delivered with cool, lawyerly efficiency that pounds away at the conscience with the sledgehammer of a verdict. . . . Fear takes on an entire nation, forever depriving Poland of any false claims to the smug, easy virtue of an innocent bystander to Nazi atrocities. . . . Gross? Fear should inspire a national reflection on why there are scarcely any Jews left in Poland. It?s never too late to mourn. The soul of the country depends on it.??Thane Rosenbaum, Los Angeles Times Book Review

?Provocative . . . powerful and necessary . . . One can only hope that this important book will make a difference.??Susan Rubin Suleiman, Boston Globe

?Imaginative, urgent, and unorthodox . . . The ?fear? of Mr. Gross?s title . . . is not just the fear suffered by Jews in a Poland that wished they had never come back alive. It is also the fear of the Poles themselves, who saw in those survivors a reminder of their own wartime crimes. Even beyond Mr. Gross?s exemplary historical research and analysis, it is this lesson that makes Fear such an important book.??The New York Sun

?After all the millions dead, after the Nazi terror, a good many Poles still found it acceptable to hate the Jews among them. . . . The sorrows of history multiply: a necessary book.?
?Kirkus (starred review)

?Gross illustrates with eloquence and shocking detail that the bloodletting did not cease when the war ended. . . . This is a masterful work that sheds necessary light on a tragic and often-ignored aspect of postwar history.??Booklist (starred review)

?[Fear] tells a wartime horror story that should forces Poles to confront an untold?and profoundly terrifying?aspect of their history.??Publishers Weekly (starred review)

From the Hardcover edition.

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     The Changing Face of Anti-Semitism: From Ancient Times to the Present Day
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Author(s): Walter Laqueur

For thirty years the director of the Wiener Library in London--the leading institute for the study of anti-Semitism--Walter Laqueur here offers both a comprehensive history of anti-Semitism as well as an illuminating look at the newest wave of this phenomenon.
Laqueur begins with an invaluable historical account of this pernicious problem, tracing the evolution from a predominantly religious anti-Semitism--stretching back to the middle ages--to a racial anti-Semitism that developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The author then uses this historical account as backdrop to a brilliant analysis of the newest species of anti-Semitism, explaining its origins and rationale, how it manifests itself, in what ways and why it is different from anti-Semitism in past ages, and what forms it may take in the future. The book reveals that what was historically a preoccupation of Christian and right-wing movements has become in our time even more frequent among Muslims and left-wing groups. Moreover, Laqueur argues that we can't simply equate this new anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism and write it off as merely anti-Israel sentiments. If Israel alone is singled out for heated condemnation, is the root of this reaction simply anti-Zionism or is it anti-Semitism?
Here is both a summing up of the entire trajectory of anti-Semitism--the first comprehensive history of its kind--and an exploration of the new wave of anti-Semitism.

"Walter Laqueur provides us with powerful new insights into an age-old problem. Distinguished scholarship and an authoritative moral voice are the hallmarks of this important book. Anyone wanting to understand the history and persistence of anti-Jewish hatred should read it."
--Abraham H. Foxman, National Director, Anti-Defamation League

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     Everyday Antiracism: Getting Real About Race in School
Publisher: New Press, The

Leading experts offer concrete and realistic strategies for dealing with race in schools in a groundbreaking book that should become required reading for every teacher in the country.

Which acts by educators are "racist" and which are "antiracist"? How can an educator constructively discuss complex issues of race with students and colleagues? In Everyday Antiracism leading educators deal with the most challenging questions about race in school, offering invaluable and effective advice.

Contributors including Beverly Daniel Tatum, Sonia Nieto, and Pedro Noguera describe concrete ways to analyze classroom interactions that may or may not be "racial," deal with racial inequality and "diversity," and teach to high standards across racial lines. Topics range from using racial incidents as teachable moments and responding to the "n-word" to valuing students' home worlds, dealing daily with achievement gaps, and helping parents fight ethnic and racial misconceptions about their children. Questions following each essay prompt readers to examine and discuss everyday issues of race and opportunity in their own classrooms and schools.

For educators and parents determined to move beyond frustrations about race, Everyday Antiracism is an essential tool.

? Contributors include:
? Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
? Prudence Carter
? Thea Abu El-Haj
? Ron Ferguson
? Patricia Gandara
? Ian Haney L�pez
? Vivian Louie
? Maria Ong
? Paul Ongtooguk
? Christine Sleeter
? Angela Valenzuela

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     "Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?": A Psychologist Explains the Development of Racial Identity
Publisher: Basic Books
Author(s): Beverly Daniel Tatum

Walk into any racially mixed high school and you will see black youth seated together in the cafeteria. Of course, it's not just the black kids sitting together-the white, Latino, Asian Pacific, and, in some regions, American Indian youth are clustered in their own groups, too. The same phenomenon can be observed in college dining halls, faculty lounges, and corporate cafeterias. What is going on here? Is this self-segregation a problem we should try to fix, or a coping strategy we should support? How can we get past our reluctance to talk about racial issues to even discuss it? And what about all the other questions we and our children have about race? Beverly Daniel Tatum, a renowned authority on the psychology of racism, asserts that we do not know how to talk about our racial differences: Whites are afraid of using the wrong words and being perceived as "racist" while parents of color are afraid of exposing their children to painful racial realities too soon. Using real-life examples and the latest research, Tatum presents strong evidence that straight talk about our racial identities-whatever they may be-is essential if we are serious about facilitating communication across racial and ethnic divides. We have waited far too long to begin our conversations about race. This remarkable book, infused with great wisdom and humanity, has already helped hundreds of thousands of readers figure out where to start.

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     Power, Knowledge and Anti-Racism Education: A Critical Reader
Publisher: Fernwood Publishing Co., Ltd.

This book addresses questions of antiracism and its connections with difference in a variety of educational settings and schooling practices by focusing on systems, structures, relations of domination, and the racist, classist, and sexist constructions of reality that serve as dominant paradigms for viewing and interpreting lives and historical realities.

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