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     ?????????????? 151 (??????????)
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     151 Ways to Ruin a Baseball Game
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Author(s): Carl Childress

Carl childress had two best-selling books about baseball umpire blunders: 51 Ways to Ruin a Baseball Game and 50 More Ways ..... Now, he's combined those books and added 50 more blunders. Here's Blunder #12: Misapply a rarely encountered rule: illegal bat. -------------------------------------------- y records show that during my career spanning seven decades, I found no illegal bats in the ?50s, ?60s, or ?70s. In 1982, I removed a bat from the game because it was a wooden bat with a grip made of slippery electrical tape. The defining year for ?illegal bats? in FED play was 1993 though the FED announced the change in ?92. Now, a metal bat could not weigh ?more than five ounces less? than its length. The message boards went nuts: ?It?s a meaningless phrase? was the general conclusion. FED had anticipated the outcry and offered a simple example: A 35-inch bat could not weigh less than 30 ounces. If you were umpiring in those days, you became familiar with -5 metal bats. Illegal bats were all the rage, and umpires were applying 1-3-5 Note and 7-4a with due diligence: A batter entering the box or hitting with an illegal bat is out. The problem was the Note: ?Bats that are broken, cracked, altered, dented, that deface the ball, or that do not meet the rule specifications are illegal.? Result? Illegal bats create outs. It took the FED nine years (until 2001) to fix it: ?Bats that are broken, cracked, or dented shall be removed without penalty.? That was also the year when the ?more-than-less-than? rule changed from -5 to -3. The FED, joined by the NCAA, was now seriously intending to bring the action of a metal bat closer to that of the traditional wood model. In 2002, we first heard about BESR (bat exit speed ratio). Bat manufacturers were given one year to demonstrate their compliance. OK. They could do that. The problem was: The rule created a stir in school athletic budgets. Since baseball is a non-revenue sport, some poor schools simply provided only one or two bats, which led to a student?s parents putting up the money for their son?s personal bat. BESR it was ? until this year, 2012, when BBCOR (batted ball coefficient of restitution) arrived. We didn?t know what it meant ? exactly ? but we knew what it did. Doubles in the gap became short singles, and nearly all home runs were reduced to the occasional, wind-blown fly. Amateur players were simply not strong enough or skilled enough to use a wooden bat, which is what the new metal models closely resembled. In my area, game-scores changed from 8-5 to 3-1. We also lost about 20 minutes on average game-times: Fewer hits mean fewer runners. The point of this history is that amateur umpires don?t often (never?) run into altered bats. All our illegal bats deal with numbers and science. In FED and NCAA, umpires no longer inspect bats. In FED, the coach must certify his equipment is legal. If he does and it ain?t, dire things happen. Check out FED 4-1-3b and Penalty. Here is a sample play: Play 14: FED only. Mercedes visits Roma. R1, R2, 1 out. B1 from Roma homers, 3 runs score. The next batter, B2, steps into the box, holding the same bat B1 used. The defense appeals the bat is illegal. The umpire agrees: It?s not defective (bat removed, action legal). It?s illegal: no BBCOR sticker, for example. PL?s life will never be the same again. B1 is out: He used an illegal bat. The runners would return to the bases occupied at the time of the pitch because B1 was appealed before the next pitch. Except .... Except, now B2 is also called out: He attempted to use an illegal bat. Result: 3 outs ? and no runs score. There?s an ominous kicker. At the pregame meeting the head coach verified that all his equipment was legal. It wasn?t, so the umpire restricts him to the dugout for the rest of the game. Let?s hope PL has a cell phone because he?s going to need help getting out of Roma after that game is over.

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     151 Uncommon and Amazing Art Studio Secrets: To Boost Your Creative Output
Publisher: Jr Imagination
Author(s): Marjorie Sarnat

Winner: Best Art Book, Non-Fiction, Global eBook Awards, August 2011

Winner: Best Book Cover, Non-Fiction, Global eBook Awards, August 2011

As artists we each discover and employ ways of working that become part of our personal expression and our signature style.

In her own artistic journey, author and artist Marjorie Sarnat has discovered, improvised, learned and gathered a wide array of hands-on tips, techniques, and inspirations for making art. Now she has collected them in this book and offers them for serious artists of any level. There are over 60 ideas for doing artwork with creative kids, as well.

This body of knowledge is presented as quick and simple passages organized into 12 sections. You will learn:

? How to create visual illusions that will keep your audience wondering how they were done
? Fabulous new ways to work with acrylics, metallics, egg tempera, mixed media, and even kitchen ingredients
? Ideas for incorporating never-before-tried natural and man-made materials in your artwork
? Cost-saving ways to obtain and manage your art tools and materials
? The power of color and composition and how to make deliberate choices to harness their emotional appeal

Every ?secret? in this book is offered in practical terms with an eye toward boosting your creative output as an artist. This collection will help you create better artwork, apply new and unusual methods and materials, and will ignite your artistic expression.

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     Zarbul Masalha: 151 Afghan Dari Proverbs
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Author(s): Edward Zellem

Afghans universally prize wit and cleverness in speech. They use Proverbs (Zarbul Masalha) in their daily conversations much more often than Westerners do, and with far greater effect. An appropriate Proverb inserted at the right time can carry the weight of an entire explanation or discussion. A Proverb used well, especially by a foreigner, usually leads Afghans to either laugh in genuine surprise and delight, or to nod thoughtfully while considering its full meaning and nuance. As the Proverb says, "Az gap, gap mey-khezad" (From talk comes talk), which in one Afghan context means that "Good conversations lead to more good conversations."

Zarbul Masalha is a one-of-a-kind book featuring 151 commonly used Dari Proverbs collected and translated in Afghanistan by U.S. Navy Captain Edward Zellem. The book is written in English and Dari, and is handsomely illustrated with original art by Afghan high school students in Kabul.

Designed to fit comfortably in a cargo pocket, backpack, utility pouch, briefcase or bookshelf, Zarbul Masalha is highly useful for English-speaking students of Dari... Dari speakers wishing to learn English... military, diplomats, and international aid workers... Afghan emigres and their families... people doing business in Afghanistan... travelers and expatriates... reference libraries... academics, linguists, and writers... and virtually anyone interested in a fresh, intimate, personal understanding of Afghans and another culture and language.

Net proceeds from Zarbul Masalha will benefit the Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University (ACKU) and Marefat High School in Kabul. Both institutions are leaders in promoting literacy and education for a new generation of free Afghans.

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     Leonard Maltin's 151 Best Movies You've Never Seen
Publisher: It Books
Author(s): Leonard Maltin

What 151 movies have you never seen?but should?

What French film could teach Hollywood how to make a smart, sexy romantic comedy? (page 233)

Where will you find a female-centric Western with a gender-bending protagonist? (page 10)

What film won a Special Jury Prize at Sundance and then fell off the radar? (page 261)

What farcical comedy includes such real-life characters as Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger? (page 50)

In what unsung comedy will you find Michael Douglas giving his all-time best performance? (page 130)

What debut film from the director of The Dark Knight creates palpable chills?despite a shoestring budget and a no-name cast? (page 79)

What John Wayne movie was out of circulation for thirty years?and still qualifies as a sleeper? (page 121)

What terrific Heath Ledger movie was released the same month as Brokeback Mountain?and flopped? (page 26)

What clever modern-day film noir was made for just half a million dollars? (page 18)

What captivating film stars one of the seminal artists of the twentieth century? (page 203)

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     151 Rafts: Giovanni's Unexpected Adventure Around The World (book 1)
Publisher: Giovanni Franceschini
Author(s): Alberto Giuseppe

You probably already know that adults can be a little stupid sometimes. That's why when Giovanni asks why the ocean seems higher, his Pa answers, "It's normal. The sea comes and goes."
But days go by and the water doesn't go down. Every afternoon they check the sea level and every afternoon it's a little higher. Soon they and everyone else on the island will have to find a way to escape the flood.

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     151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your Staff
Publisher: Career Press
Author(s): Jerry R. Wilson

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     151 Quick Ideas to Manage Your Time
Publisher: Career Press
Author(s): Robert E. Dittmer

Too many of us live our lives trying to shoehorn our many activities and responsibilities into too few time slots available. Increasingly for business people, fathers and mothers, even kids?(ineffectively) managing the myriad of activities has become an all-consuming chore. And we're so stressed that our relationships and job performance suffer.

Why? Because we organize our time and our lives poorly: We spend five years of our lives waiting in lines, three years in meetings, and two years playing telephone tag! We get interrupted 73 times per day, interfering with our productivity, and take an hour of work home every night, interfering with our family time.

But we can solve these problems. This book presents 151 quick and easy ways to meet these challenges in our daily lives. Each idea comes from the real world experiences of people like you?people who are experimenting with, examining, and discovering unique solutions to the time problems all of us face every day.

These tried and tested ideas work! And now they are available to you. Select those that fit your particular circumstance and try them out! Here are a few:

? Start Your Day the Night Before ? Undercommit and Overdeliver ? Organize Your Workspace ? Block Contingency Time Every Day ? Use Voice Mail as a Call Screener ? Fight SPAM with an E-mail Blocker

Do more in less time, take control of your schedule, and create a new balance between your work and your family life. You?ll be surprised at how easy it is to take charge of your time and increase your quality of life?day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

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     151 Quick Ideas to Improve Your People Skills
Publisher: Career Pr Inc
Author(s): Bob Dittmer, Stephanie Mcfarland

We all work in organizations comprised of people: fellow employees, bosses, customers, and vendors. These are people with whom we must have strong, positive relationships in order to ensure our own success as well as the organization's.Do we get any training or education on this key skill at our companies? Rarely.

151 Quick Ideas to Improve Your People Skills is constructed to help everyone do a better, more effective job of working with others.

These ideas are culled from the study of human behavior, relationships, and communication. Everything here will help you be more effective, efficient and in control of your relationships with people. In this book you will:
* Learn the difference between social intelligence and technical knowledge
* Create friends, allies, and supporters
* Learn how to analyze tough personal situations and solve them
* Understand when and how to negotiate

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     151 Quick Ideas to Recognize and Reward Employees
Publisher: Career Press
Author(s): Ken Lloyd

Most managers understand the importance of giving their employees recognition and rewards, but when it comes to actually doing so, they often come up empty or use outdated, ineffective strategies. 151 Quick Ideas to Recognize and Reward Employees will help managers stock up.

Recognition and rewards are consistently found to be among the most powerful of all motivators for employees at any job level. In fact, when employees are asked to describe their most satisfying experiences at work, they frequently mention situations in which they received recognition and rewards for their performance. And, importantly, when managers are skilled in providing this type of feedback, their employees typically reward them with increased productivity, commitment, and overall performance.

However, just like customers who always order the same old entr�e at a restaurant, managers tend to choose the same old kinds of recognition and rewards. Some traditional rewards still work well, of course, but there is always room for new ideas.

151 Quick Ideas to Recognize and Reward Employees offers you the full menu of recognition and reward strategies. It comes with detailed descriptions of the most popular ideas in business, plus others that are destined to become classics. Ideas such as:
* Enriching jobs by giving employees more autonomy and decision-making responsibilities.
* Purchasing personally signed books suited to the potential you see in each employee.
* Allowing employees opportunities to attend seminars, classes, or even pursue a degree.
* Hiring a masseuse to rub out stiff necks and backs.
* Making your employees more invested by offering profit-sharing.
* Plus giving out many free or low-cost rewards.

Included with each of the 151 strategies is an "assignment" that you can use as a roadmap to bring the idea to life.

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     151 Quick Ideas for Start-Up Entrepreneurs
Publisher: Career Press
Author(s): James L. Silvester

Whether you start a business to promote a good idea, to complement retirement, or just to do it, keeping it afloat can be difficult--statistics say that 80 percent of all small businesses fail within five years.

But your business can succeed, and 151 Quick Ideas for Start-Up Entrepreneurs will help. This invaluable resource is designed to give prospective entrepreneurs the tools they need, as well as provide existing entrepreneurs with focused tips to increase profit.

The book breaks down the complex issues of starting and running a business into a simple language anyone can understand. Every idea is market-tested and proven to work. The ideas cover all aspects of small business operations, including:
* Employees
* Vendors
* Managing the Business
* Insurance
* Creativity
* Borrowing Money
* Marketing
* Technology
* Financial Management
* Motivation
* Communication
* Personal Time Management

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     Bootstrapper's Success Secrets: 151 Tactics for Building Your Business on a Shoestring Budget
Publisher: Career Pr Inc
Author(s): Kimberly Stansell

If you start a business with little money and make it successful, you are considered a bootstrapper. BOOTSTRAPPER'S SUCCESS SECRETS is a blueprint for doing exactly that--starting and building a business with very little capital. Author Kimberly Stansell incorporates her own entrepreneurial triumph, including tips, secrets, and advice for overcoming financial barriers.

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     The 151st Pennsylvania Volunteers at Gettysburg: Like Ripe Apples in a Storm
Publisher: McFarland
Author(s): Michael A. Dreese

While the Battle of Gettysburg is often remembered for Chamberlain's dramatic defense of Little Round Top, Pickett and Pettigrew's tragic charge, and the stand of the "Iron Brigade," less-remembered units like the 151st Pennsylvania were also crucial in the Civil War's most famous battle. Relatively untried, and near the end of its nine-month term of service, the 151st nonetheless suffered greatly and served bravely in important actions against Pettigrew's North Carolinians on July 1, and was involved in repulsing the famous Confederate charge two days later. During the course of the battle, the 151st lost over 72 percent of its men to death, wounds, or capture, the second-highest-percentage loss of all Federal units at the battle. This is the account of that courageous and often overlooked unit and its role in this decisive moment in American history. The foreword is by noted Gettysburg scholar Timothy H. Smith. Also included are an index, bibliography, and photographs and other illustrations, including maps.

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     View From 151st Street, A
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.
Author(s): Robert Glaudini

5m, 3f / Crime Thriller / Unit Set A View From 151st Street incorporates elements of spoken word poetry, takes a look at life and death on the titular street in uptown Manhattan. An undercover cop is undergoing rehabilitation after a shot to the head. As he re-learns words and recovers his memories, a coke-dealer turned wannabe rapper spins into a downward spiral. Cops, rappers, dealers, teachers, hustlers, husbands and wives dwell in the rhythms of rap, raw humor, aphasic staccato and live jazz.

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     M151 MUTT in Action (12051)
Publisher: Squadron/Signal Pubns
Author(s): David Doyle

The M151 was intended to be a lightweight, high-mobility replacement for the M38A1, itself a successor to the famed World War II jeep. Dubbed the Military Utility Tactical Truck or MUTT by the military - GIs almost universally referred to the vehicle as a jeep. The series' service life spanned more than 40 years and four manufacturers, and the vehicles saw service everywhere the US GI was deployed. This volume chronicles the development and field use of the M151 series in Europe, the Middle East and, of course, there is extensive coverage of the vehicles' service in Vietnam. The photos, many previously unpublished, are augmented by seven line drawings. Illustrated with 220 photographs; 80 pages.

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     Pirate Alley: Commanding Task Force 151 Off Somalia
Publisher: Naval Institute Press
Author(s): Terry Mcknight, Michael Hirsh, Foreword by Jim Miklaszewski

With piracy on the rise and fast becoming a serious global security issue, Admiral Terry McKnight took command of a new multi-national task force in 2009 to combat piracy in the Gulf of Aden. As task force commander, he directed operations that disrupted several hijackings and resulted in the capture of sixteen Somali pirates. After running head-on into a U.S. policy of catch-and-release, he realized that there was more to fighting piracy than just catching youngsters armed with AK-47s and RPGs.

McKnight retired from the Navy and began researching the problem. This book, co-written with journalist Michael Hirsh, is a very readable yet authoritative introduction to the subject. The authors explore every aspect of Somali piracy, from how the pirates operate to how their actions have impacted the world economy. They examine various attempts to solve the problem, including placing armed guards aboard merchant ships, and highlight the best ways to outfit ships for travel through high risk areas. But they warn that a consequence of successfully protecting such targets as container ships and crude oil carriers may be that pirates turn to crime on land, such as the kidnapping of foreigners.

In addressing the worldwide economic impact of piracy, they note that piracy costs as much as $13 billion a year, and in 2011 took 1000 seafarers into captivity. One shipping company argues, however, that over-reaching shipping regulations have a greater negative effect on the economy. The book concludes that in the interest of justice and to protect the free flow of commerce throughout the world, the United States government needs to take additional measures to stop the flow of U.S. dollars for ransoms payments that serves as the only reason for piracy in the region. With a foreword by Jim Miklaszewski.

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     151 Quick Ideas to Get New Customers
Publisher: Career Press
Author(s): Jerry R. Wilson

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     151 Quick Ideas for Delegating and Decision Making
Publisher: The Career Press Inc
Author(s): Robert E. Dittmer, Stephanie McFarland

Research and experience demonstrate two areas with which many new managers are completely unfamiliar: delegating tasks and work, and making decisions. Some struggle with this for years. But it doesn't have to be hard. 151 Quick Ideas for Delegating and Decision Making combines 50 years' experience of two managers, and the experiences of other managers who have been interviewed and observed. Each real world idea has been tried and tested. The best ones are here, in an easy to understand form for you to use. Select those that fit your particular circumstance, for example: * Start with the End in Mind * Know which decisions to make when * Avoid group think * Show them, don't tell them * Put confidence in competence * Give credit and reward success And even if you are already in a supervisory position, this book can help you do a more effective and efficient job at managing people and tasks.

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     The Root of Thought: Unlocking Glia? the Brain Cell That Will Help Us Sharpen Our Wits, Heal Injury, and Treat Brain Disease
Publisher: FT Press
Author(s): Andrew Koob

Until recently, neuroscientists thought glial cells did little more than hold your brain together. But in the past few years, they've discovered that glial cells are extraordinarily important. In fact, they may hold the key to understanding intelligence, treating psychiatric disorders and brain injuries and perhaps even curing fatal conditions like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Lou Gehrig's Disease. In The Root of Thought, leading neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Koob reveals what we've learned about these remarkable cells, from their unexpected role in information storage to their function as adult stem cells that can keep your brain growing and adapting longer than scientists ever imagined possible. Ranging from fruit flies to Einstein, Koob reveals the surprising correlation between intelligence and the brain's percentage of glia cells - and why these cells' unique wavelike communications may be especially conducive to the fluid information processing human beings depend upon. You'll learn how crucial glia cells grow and develop... why almost all brain tumors are comprised of glia cells' and the potential implications for treatment... even the apparent role of glia cells in your every thought and dream!

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     151 Quick Ideas to Deal with Difficult People
Publisher: Career Press
Author(s): Carrie Mason-Draffen

If you have ever wished you had the equivalent of a "Nanny 911" to defuse tensions in the office, your wish has come true. 151 Quick Ideas to Deal With Difficult People is the ultimate guide on how to face challenging employees and coworkers.

The extensive topics in this book deal with how to handle characters ranging from Bunglers to Backstabbers to Bullies. Few books on difficult employees, if any, offer such an extensive assortment of the characters you're likely to encounter at work and how best to deal with them.

When faced with difficult employees, too often managers and coworkers lack the skills for handling the stressful encounters, so they throw up their hands in complete exasperation. Well, all that ends with this book. You'll learn how to:
* Keep problem employees from setting the tone in the office.
* Take steps to turn troublemakers into team players.
* Keep them from demoralizing or scaring away other employees.
* Know when to cut your losses.
* Avoid hiring troublemakers in the first place.
* Confront bullies, harassers, and ageists.
* Keep a backstabber from sabotaging your career.
* Keep an aggressive colleague from commandeering your meeting.
* Deal with colleagues who infringe on your time.

Because the information in this book is so concise and practical, you'll refer to it again and again. Whether you are a manager or a coworker of difficult employees, the advice will give you the tools to better supervise problem workers or the confidence to stand up to them. You will no longer live in fear of an aggressive employee ruining your day.

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