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Encyclopedia results for bombard


Encyclopedia results for bombard

  1. Moyecques

    Moyecques is a small hamlet within the Communes of France commune of Landrethun le Nord in the Pas de Calais Departments of France department in the Nord Pas de Calais region of France . It took its name from a local landowner, Guffridus Geoffrey de Moykes, at the start of the 13th century. It originally consisted of three settlements with Flemish language Flemish names, Oist Moieques East Moieques, today s village of Moyecques , Midel Moieques now the tiny hamlet of Mimoyecques just to the west of Moyecques and West Moieques . By the 17th century the lordship of Moyecques had been unified with that of Landrethun, moving from Fiennes, Pas de Calais Fiennes . ref cite book title M moires de la Soci t acad mique de l arrondissement de Boulogne sur Mer, Volume 11 publisher Soci t acad mique de l arrondissement de Boulogne sur Mer year 1881 pages 232, 242 ref Today Moyecques is best known as the site of the Fortress of Mimoyecques , the modern name for an underground base built by Nazi Germany during the Second World War to house the V 3 cannon that was intended to bombard London . References reflist PasdeCalais geo stub coord missing France Category Hameaux in Pas de Calais ...   more details

  1. Vrooman's Point

    coord 43.177517 N 79.056888 W display title unreferenced date October 2006 Vrooman s Point is a geographical feature in Ontario , Canada , near the border with the United States . The point projects out into the course of the Niagara River , and is located about a mile north of the town of Queenston, Ontario . The point is also near the city of Lewiston, New York across the river. It was named after Captain Adam Vrooman, who owned the property. During the Battle of Queenston Heights in the War of 1812 , Vrooman s Point was the home of a vital United Kingdom British twenty four pounder artillery piece. Despite being near the limits of its range trying to bombard the battle, the piece harassed American troops on the American shore trying to embark their boats for Canada and the battle, as well as providing support for the British recapture of the heights. The cannon was commanded by Captain Samuel Hatt of the Upper Canada Upper Canadian militia and Lieutenant John Ball. Today, the point is home to a monument commemorating its role in the battle. Together with the other monuments to the battle in the area, the point is a popular tourist site. Category Geography of Niagara Region, Ontario Category Visitor attractions in Niagara Region, Ontario GoldenHorseshoe geo stub ...   more details

  1. Chester Golf Club

    Chester is one of the oldest established Country club golf clubs in the county of Cheshire . The club has a full calendar of competitions and inter club matches, as well as opportunities for friendly golf. The clubhouse offers all the usual amenities eg licensed bar. Visitors are welcome. Image ChesterGolfClub.JPG thumb 300px The main entrance of Chester Golf Club. Situated in Curzon Park , Chester Golf Club was founded on 24 May 1901. Formerly known as Brueres Halgh during the early Middle Ages , the land was used for agricultural purposes for many years. During the English Civil War a Parliamentary gun emplacement besieging Chester was used to bombard the northern defences of the city from a location close to where the maintenance sheds now stand. Set on two levels, the 18 hole meadowland course is contained within a loop of the River Dee, Wales River Dee . There are attractive views of the Wales Welsh hills to the west, and of the Roodee and the ancient city of Chester across the river to the east. External links http Chester Golf Club official website Google Earth Co ordinates coord 53 11 12 N 2 54 34 W type landmark scale 10000 region GB display title Category Chester Category Sport in Cheshire ...   more details

  1. Camp Down, Portsdown Hill

    Camp Down is a location at Portsdown Hill , Hampshire , which was used as an Admiralty semaphore station and later as a redoubt on the line of Palmerston Forts, Portsmouth . ref http pastscape.english hob.aspx?hob id 238457 English Heritage Site of Camp Down Admiralty Telegraph Station ref The Admiralty Telegraph Station was built at Camp Down in 1821 and it operated on the semaphore line from London to Portsmouth from 1822 to 1847. Farlington Redoubt was built on the site as a result of the Royal Commission on the Defence of the United Kingdom 1859 Royal Commission , as part of a series of Palmerston Forts, Portsmouth fortifications built to defend Portsmouth and its HMNB Portsmouth dockyard which is convert 5 mi km away from a possible attack from inland , as the development of rifled gun barrels made it possible for an invading army to land elsewhere, circle around to the top of the hill and bombard the city from there, rendering the existing Hilsea Lines at the bottom of the ridge useless. The redoubt formed the eastern limit of a series of 6  forts which were planned along the convert 7 mi km of the ridge. The site is now quarried away. References Reflist Geochain box Geochain Admiralty Semaphore line 1822 type station upwards Compton Down, Compton downwards Lumps Fort thisis Camp Down coord 50.8530 1.0268 type landmark region GB display title Category Forts in Hampshire ...   more details

  1. List of medieval weapons

    unsourced date May 2010 Medieval weapons varied from simple tools, like arrows, to complex engines of emerging medieval warfare technology, like cannons. Dagger s and Knife Knives Baselard Cinquedea Ear dagger Gro es Messer Katara sword Katara Machete Misericorde weapon Mercygiver Poniard Rondel dagger Rondel Scramasax Sgian dubh Sgian Stiletto Swords Swords can be single or double bladed edges. The blade can be straight or curved. Arming sword Broadsword Claymore Falchion Flamberge Longsword Rapier Sabre Scimitar Spatha Shortsword Zweihander Blunt or Cleaving Weapons Battle axe Club weapon Club Flail weapon Flail Mace club Mace Flanged mace Pole weapon Maul Maul Morning star weapon Morning star Quarterstaff War hammer Bec de Corbin Horseman s pick Bludgeon weapon Bludgeon Pick weapons Horseman s pick Spear and other Pole weapon Polearm and Pollaxe Polearm Poleaxe Weapons Bardiche Bill weapon Bill Glaive Guisarme Halberd Lance Lochaber Axe Lucerne hammer Man catcher Military fork , the weaponized Pitchfork Partisan weapon Partisan Pike weapon Pike Plan on a picot Ranseur Spara Spetum Swordstaff Voulge War scythe War hammer Ranged Bombard weapon Bombard Bow weapon Bow Longbow English longbow Recurve bow Crossbow Arbalest Ballista Repeating crossbow Repeating crossbow Lian Nu , a multishot crossbow Gun Arquebus Culverin Musket Sling weapon Sling Throwing axe Francisca Nzappa zap Tomahawk axe Tomahawk Spear Throwing Spear Javelin weapon Javelin Shuriken Animals in war Camel cavalry Camels in warfare Dogs in warfare History Dogs in warfare Horses in warfare Destrier Courser horse Courser Rouncey charger War elephant Siege engine Battering ram Ballista Catapult Mangonel Onager siege weapon Onager Petrary Trebuchet Cannon Siege Tower Warships Caravel Carrack Cog ship Cog Fire ship Hellburners Galleon Galley Junk ship Junk Longship Lou chuan castle ship Qiao chuan bridge ship Fortification Medieval fortification s also developed in connection with the weapons that opposed ...   more details

  1. Pommer

    Pommer or bombard French language French hautbois Italian language Italian bombardo , bombar done describes the alto , tenor , bass sound bass , and contrabass members of the shawm or Schalmey family, which are similar in function to the modern cor anglais , bass oboe , bassoon , and contrabassoon , although the bassoon family s direct ancestor was the dulcian curtal family. Overview The name Pommer arose in Germany, named after artillery, and was large and powerful in tone. The shawm family was the prototypical consort instrument, built in seven sizes from high soprano to great bass, and an ensemble of double reed shawms was capable of producing a grand, full, and balanced sound. These instruments remained popular outdoor instruments and ceremonial instruments up until the development of the more refined and eloquent oboe family by the Philidors and Hotteterres in France during the middle of the 17th century. The cromorne family, not to be confused with the crumhorn , was a sort of transitional instrument that remained in use after the oboe, tenor oboe, and bassoon had been developed. The basse de cromorne functioned as the spiritual descendant of the old bass pommer, and its powerful, reedy, organlike tone has only recently been rediscovered and can be heard on a couple of recordings of French Baroque music, played by Jeremie Papasergio. The main difference to the casual observer between the medieval instruments and those of our orchestra which were evolved from them would be one of size. In the Pommers no attempt had been made to bend the tube, and its length, equal to that of an open organ pipe of the same pitch, was outstretched in all its unwieldiness in an oblique position in front of the performer. The great contrabass pommer was convert 9 ft m abbr on . long without the crook and reed, which, however, were bent downwards. It had five open fingerholes and five ... to the cor anglais. See also Bombard music Oboe Bassoon References reflist Cite EB1911 W1EC ...   more details

  1. Abus gun

    of artillery, from large siege Great Turkish Bombard Bombard to the mobile Abus guns in question ...   more details

  1. H�ritage des Celtes

    Infobox Album Name H ritage des Celtes Type Album Artist Dan Ar Braz Cover Released 1994 Recorded April June 1994 Genre Folk Rock Length Label Columbia France Producer D nal Lunny Reviews Last album This album Next album H ritage des Celtes is a folk rock album by Dan Ar Braz , released in 1994 by Columbia France, catalogue number COL 477763 2. The album was produced by ex Bothy Band and Moving Hearts leader D nal Lunny . It was recorded at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin by Brian Masterson and Alastair McMillan, and mixed by Brian Masterson and Rob Kirwan. A live version of this material as played by Ar Braz and a large ensemble recorded in Rennes the following year appears on the album Et les 50 musiciens de l H ritage des Celtes . Track listing Borders of Salt Traditional arranged by Ar Braz Spike Island Lasses Traditional arranged by Casey and D nal Lunny Language of the Gaels Murdo Macfarlane Green Lands Ar Braz Maro Eo Ma Mestrez Traditional arranged by Ar Braz April The 3rd D nal Lunny Eliziza Traditional arranged by Ar Braz King of Laois Traditional arranged by Ar Braz The Island Paul Brady Scottish Suite Ar Braz Me Zo Ganet E Kreiz Ar Mor Yann Ber Calloc h, Jef Le Penven Call to The Dance Ar Braz Personnel Dan Ar Braz D nal Lunny bouzouki, vocals, bodhran Noel Bridgeman percussion Ronan Browne uilleann pipes , flute, low whistle, tin whistle Nollaig Casey violin Ray Fean drums Jean Louis Henaff bombard Olivier Lecuyer bombard Patrig Molard bagpipes Eoghan O Neill bass Jacques Pellen acoustic guitar Erwan Ropars bagpipes Donald Shaw musician Donald Shaw keyboards, vocals Jean Michel Veillon flute Karen Matheson vocals Elaine Morgan singer Elaine Morgan vocals Yann Fanch Kemener vocals Gilles Servat vocals with Bagad Kemper pipe band Shotts Pipe Band DEFAULTSORT Heritage des Celtes album Category 1994 albums Category Dan Ar Braz albums fr H ritage des Celtes ...   more details

  1. 1982 SEC Baseball Tournament

    P Teddy Carson Tennessee P Rich Bombard Florida MVP Rich Bombard Florida See also College World Series ...   more details

  1. Mons Meg

    Time. T. Egerton and G. Kearsley London, UK Hewitt, J 1853 Mons Meg the ancient bombard, preserved ...   more details

  1. Siege of Rhodes (1480)

    Bombard MortarOfTheKnightsOfSaintJohnOfJerusalemRhodes1480 1500.jpg thumb left Bombard Mortar of the Knights ... , the bombard was used for close defense of the walls 100 200 meters . It fired 260 kg granite balls. The bombard weighs 3,325 kg. Mus e de l Arm e . Image Rhodos1493.png thumb right A view of Rhodes ...   more details

  1. Gunpowder artillery in the Song Dynasty

    , dating to 1128, that portrays a figure carrying a vase shaped bombard weapon bombard , firing flames ... Hopkins University Press title The Oldest Representation of a Bombard doi 10.2307 3105275 jstor 3105275 ...   more details

  1. Mons (disambiguation)

    Wiktionary mons TOCright Mons Latin for mountain may refer to Places Mons , city in Belgium Battle of Mons , fought in 1914 France Mons, Charente , commune in the Charente d partement Mons, Charente Maritime , commune in the Charente Maritime d partement Mons, Gard , commune in the Gard d partement Mons, Haute Garonne , commune in the Haute Garonne d partement Mons, H rault , commune in the H rault d partement Mons, Puy de D me , commune in the Puy de D me d partement Mons, Var , commune in the Var d partement Mons Boubert , commune in the Somme d partement Mons en Bar ul , commune in the Nord d partement Mons en Laonnois , commune in the Aisne d partement Mons en Montois , commune in the Seine et Marne d partement Mons en P v le , commune in the Nord d partement Other places Mons Meg , enormous Bombard belonging to the Kings of Scots Mons Officer Cadet School 1947 1972 , British Army training establishment Mons, Graub nden , a village in Switzerland Miscellaneous Mons astrogeology Mons plural montes is a term used in astrogeology to name extraterrestrial e.g. Lunar mountain s For a full list, see Category Extraterrestrial mountains Mons pubis , fatty tissue present in women above the pubic bone Mons Affair , episode from the 18th century Russian history Mon people , people who dwell in Southeast Asia Mons disassembler Mons , disassembler for ZX Spectrum by HiSoft disambig af Mons dubbelsinnigheid br Mons ceb Mons de Mons Begriffskl rung es Mons desambiguaci n fr Mons homonymie it Mons nl Mons no Mons andre betydninger pms Mons pl Mons ujednoznacznienie pt Mons desambigua o ru sv Mons uk ...   more details

  1. Uranophane

    Infobox mineral name Uranophane boxwidth boxbgcolor image Uranophane.jpg imagesize alt caption Uranophane category Uranyl neso and polysilicates formula Ca UO sub 2 sub sub 2 sub HSiO sub 4 sub sub 2 sub · 5H sub 2 sub O strunz 09.AK.15 dana symmetry unit cell molweight 586.36 color yellow colour habit system twinning cleavage 100 Perfect fracture uneven tenacity mohs 2.5 luster vitreous streak yellowish white diaphaneity Translucent to subtranslucent gravity 3.9 density polish opticalprop refractive birefringence pleochroism 2V dispersion extinction length fast slow fluorescence absorption melt fusibility diagnostic solubility impurities alteration other prop1 prop1text references var1 var1text var2 var2text var3 var3text var4 var4text var5 var5text var6 var6text Uranophane calcium Ca uranium U oxygen O sub 2 sub sub 2 sub silicon Si O sub 3 sub O hydrogen H sub 2 sub · 5 water H sub 2 sub O is a rare calcium uranium silicate hydrate mineral that forms from the oxidation of uranium bearing minerals. Uranophane is also known as uranotile . It has a yellow color and is radioactive . Care should be taken when handling it as it flakes easily and could become embedded in the skin. Since the material is radioactive, these flakes would constantly bombard the body with ionizing radiation . See also List of minerals References Reflist Refbegin http data Uranophane.shtml Webmineral data http min 4107.html Refend Commons category Category Calcium minerals Category Uranium minerals Category Nesosilicates Category Monoclinic minerals silicate mineral stub de Uranophan es Uranofano it Uranofane nl Uranofaan pl Uranofan sl Uranofan fi Uranofaani ...   more details

  1. Jean Bureau

    Unreferenced date December 2009 File Blason JeanBureau.svg 100px thumb Bureau s coat of arms. Jean Bureau died 5 July 1463 was the Master Gunner of the Artillery of France in the Middle Ages French artillery under Charles VII of France Charles VII during the final years of the Hundred Year s War . Bureau was born in Champagne province Champagne , but later moved to Paris , where he worked for the English government during the occupation. In 1439 Charles VII made Bureau master of artillery in his army. He served in Normandy , at the sieges of Pontoise and Harfleur and the capture of Bayeux . In 1453 he led the French army in what is considered the last battle of the Hundred Years War, the Battle of Castillon at which he defeated and killed the Earl of Shrewsbury , John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury Sir John Talbot . In his work as master of artillery for the king of France, Jean Bureau was assisted by his brother Gaspard Bureau 1393 1469 . Later Jean was made Lord of Montglat , and afterwards Mayor of Bordeaux . He was knighted in 1461. He died in Paris on 5 July 1463. He is featured in the Age of Empires II Joan of Arc Campaign as a Bombard Cannon hero. Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Bureau, Jean ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 5 July 1463 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Bureau, Jean Category 1463 deaths Category French generals Category People of the Hundred Years War ca Jean Bureau de Jean Bureau es Jean Bureau fr Jean Bureau ...   more details

  1. Spectrofluorometer

    Multiple issues unreferenced December 2009 cleanup July 2008 The spectrofluorometer is an instrument which takes advantage of fluorescent properties of some compounds in order to provide information regarding their concentration and chemical environment in a sample. A certain excitation wavelength is selected, and the emission is observed either at a single wavelength or a scan is performed to record the intensity versus wavelength also called an emission spectra. See Fluorescence spectroscopy Generally spectrofluorometers use high intensity light sources to bombard a sample with as many photons as possible. This allows for the maximum number of molecules to be in the excited state at any one point in time. The light is either passed through a filter, selecting a fixed wavelength, or monochromator , which allows you to select a wavelength of interest to use as the exciting light. The emission is collected at 90 degrees to the exciting light. The emission too is either passed through a filter or a monochromator before being detected by a PMT , photodiode , or Charge coupled device CCD detector. The signal can either be processed as a digital or analog output. Systems vary greatly and a few things must be considered when choosing. First is signal to noise, there are many ways to look at the signal to noise of a given system but the accepted standard is by using water Raman. Sensitivity or detection limit is another spec to look at, that is how little light they can measure. The standard for this would be fluorescein in NaOH, typical values for a high end instrument are in the femtomolar range. Stray light is another big issue in these instruments. Stray light is basically how monochromatic the light is. This matters when you have a highly scattering sample, however one can always use an excitation wavelength further away from the emission band to negate this issue or use a laser or interference filter . These systems come with many options including Polarizers Peltier ...   more details

  1. Evereska

    In the fiction al fantasy setting of the Forgotten Realms , Evereska is an elven stronghold in northern Faer n . Evereska is known as the Lasthaven of the elves, as it is the only elven stronghold left in Faer n. The Common tongue translation of Evereska is Fortress Home. It is a sanctuary to all Tel Quess Elvish, literally meaning The People , besides Drow Dungeons & Dragons drow , who would hold a home for their race in Faer n against the relentless tide of human expansion. The city contains a mythal a mantle of living magic that protects the city. This particular mythal bars magical transportation and allows the city s residents to climb walls and ceilings with the ease of insects. It is also known to bombard the city s attackers with golden meteors. Very recently, in 1371 DR, the city was under siege by the phaerimm an ancient and evil race who were inadvertently freed from their underground prison beneath Anauroch by the elf Galaeron Nihmedu and the Shadovar archwizard Melegaunt Tanthul . Through a long series of events, the phaerimm were eventually defeated, and the Evereskans began to rebuild their damaged city. Official Material http dnd article.asp?x fr fx20021009rt,0 More Evereska http default.asp?x dnd ex 20040305a&page 3&pf true Kaliesh erai http ?2005 07 26 1696 map of evereska Map of Evereska Personalities http default.asp?x dnd rp 20010725a&pf true Irilivar Celevessin Specific prestige classes Evereskan Tomb Guardian http dnd images pgtf gallery 78844.jpg image Regional feats Specific templates Novels and Modules External links http uploads 34368 EvereskaMap MR.jpg Fan created map of Evereska dead link date November 2011 Very high resolution ForgottenRealms stub Category Forgotten Realms cities ...   more details

  1. Lucas cell

    Unreferenced date January 2010 A Lucas cell is a type of scintillation particle detector . It is used to grab a gas sample, filter out the radioactive particulates through a special filter and then count the radioactive decay. It is frequently used to measure radon gas concentrations. The inside of the gas chamber is coated with silver activated zinc sulfide or ZnS Ag that scintillates or shines when struck by alpha particles . A photomultiplier tube at the top of the chamber counts the photons and sends the count to the data logger or counter. Radon itself is an inert gas . Its danger lies in the fact that it is radioactive and its radioactive daughters accumulate in the dust of enclosed areas. The radon Radioactive decay daughters may lodge in the lungs and bombard them with alpha radiation alpha and beta radiation . Image LucasCell.jpg thumb Homemade Lucas cell See also Alpha particles Scintillation counter Geiger counter Radon gas Photomultiplier References Reflist A complete article by Henry Lucas can be found in Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 28, 9 pp 680 683 1957 External links http www.albert lucas lucascell.htm http GM articles radon thoron.html http hazards hazardssite radon radonmeasure.html http science? ob ArticleURL& udi B6TJ0 4CBDB5C 1& user 10& coverDate 12 2F31 2F2004& rdoc 1& fmt high& orig search& origin search& sort d& docanchor &view c& acct C000050221& version 1& urlVersion 0& userid 10&md5 1ba2f4b547066de782ebb7c774375b78&searchtype a http radon instruments.php Category Radioactivity Category Particle detectors Category Spectroscopy Category Ionising radiation detectors chemistry stub nuclear stub measurement stub ...   more details

  1. Fluorine-18

    Infobox isotope background eee image Fluorine 18 decay.svg image caption Decay over 24 hours text color isotope name Fluorine 18 isotope filename alternate names Fluorine 18 mass number 18 symbol F num neutrons 9 num protons 9 abundance Radioisotope halflife 109.771 20 minute min decay mode1 Positron emission decay energy1 0.6335 decay mode2 Beta emission decay energy2 1.6555 decay product Oxygen 18 decay symbol O decay mass 18 mass 18.0009380 6 spin 1 sup sup excess energy 873.431 error1 0.593 binding energy 137369.199 error2 0.593 Fluorine 18 is a fluorine radioisotope which is an important source of positron s. It has a mass of 18.0009380 6 u and its half life is 109.771 20 minutes. Fluorine 18 is an important isotope in the Radiopharmacology radiopharmaceutical industry, and is primarily synthesized into fluorodeoxyglucose FDG for use in positron emission tomography PET scans . It is substituted for hydroxyl and used as a tracer in the scan. Its significance is due to both its short half life and the emission of positrons when decaying. In the radiopharmaceutical industry, it is made using either a cyclotron or linear particle accelerator to bombard a target, usually of pure or enriched oxygen 18 water ref Fowler J. S. and Wolf A. P. 1982 The synthesis of carbon 11, fluorine 18 and nitrogen 13 labeled radiotracers for biomedical applications. Nucl. Sci. Ser. Natl Acad. Sci. Natl Res. Council Monogr. 1982. ref with high energy protons typically 18 MeV . Fluorine 18 is often substituted for hydroxyl due to similar steric and electrostatic properties. This may however be problematic in certain applications due to possible changes in molecule Chemical polarity polarity . References Reflist Isotope stub Isotope element Fluorine lighter Fluorine 17 heavier Fluorine 19 before Neon 18 Category Isotopes of fluorine Category Radiopharmaceuticals fr Fluor 18 nl Fluor 18 ...   more details

  1. R?dininkai training ground

    Orphan date February 2009 coord 54 23 18 N 025 5 42 E display title region LT type airport R dininkai or R dninkai airbase is a former Soviet airbase in Lithuania located convert 36 km mi abbr on southwest of Vilnius and only convert 16 km mi 0 abbr on from the border with Belarus . It is surrounded by R dininkai Forest , the fifth largest list of forests in Lithuania forest in Lithuania . It was part of a larger training complex encompassing about convert 100 km2 mi2 1 abbr on . ref name sek lt icon cite web url http content.php?p read&tid 16001 title Soviet paliktos bombos nusine a lietuvi gyvybes publisher author ELTA accessdate 2008 05 24 ref Bomber pilots from various Soviet republics were trained to accurately bombard rows of obsolete military equipment, cars, tanks, even airplanes. ref lt icon cite web url http straipsnis 98563 title Apie bombas, i minuotojus ir sm lio j r date 2006 12 01 first Andrius last Vaitkevi ius publisher accessdate 2008 05 24 ref Various explosives, usually air dropped bombs weighing convert 50 100 kg lb abbr on , are still found in the abandoned facility. ref lt icon cite web url http index.php lt 116774 date 2006 11 17 title R dnink poligone kariuomen s i minuotojai naikina aviacines bombas publisher Ministry of National Defence accessdate 2008 05 24 ref The largest bomb, detonated in 2007, weighed convert 3000 kg lb abbr on . ref lt icon cite web url http straipsnis 142441 title I minuotojai R dninkuose nukenksmino pavojing bomb date 2007 07 03 first Andrius last Vaitkevi ius publisher accessdate 2008 05 24 ref R dininkai airbase is the largest territory of 222 areas in Lithuania, covering the total of convert 250 km2 mi2 abbr on , that are still contaminated by old explosives. ref name sek References reflist Lithuania stub euro airport stub DEFAULTSORT Rudininkai airbase Category Lithuanian airbases ...   more details

  1. Pebbles, Volume 16

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Pebbles, Volume 16 Type compilation Longtype Artist Cover Released 1985 Recorded Mid 1960s Genre Garage rock , Psychedelic rock Length Label AIP Records Producer Reviews Last album Pebbles, Volume 15 This album Pebbles, Volume 16 Next album Pebbles, Volume 17 Pebbles, Volume 16 is a compilation album among the LP s in the Pebbles series . Release data This album was released by AIP Records as AIP 10023 in 1985 and was kept in print for many years. Notes on the tracks The Mood is no relation to the early 1980 s British band of the same name. The album includes one of literally hundreds of cover song cover s of the eternal Louie Louie . Track listing Side 1 The Acoustics My Rights Allen White Bobby Brelyn Hanna Bobby Konecnik The Graveyard 5 Marble Orchard The Graveyard 5 The Graveyard 5 Untitled The Graveyard 5 Just Luv Valley of Hate Just Luv Jimmy Curtiss Psychedelic Situation Jimmy Curtiss Ron Wray Light Show Speed Headstone R. Gersbacher D. Bombard Side 2 The Streys She Cools My Mind The Streys The Sands of Time garage rock band The Sands of Time Red Light The Sands of Time The Mood garage rock band The Mood Amber Fields The Mood Steve Peele Five Frankie s Got It Steve Peele Those Boys No Good Girl Those Boys Scurvy Knaves It s Not Like That Scurvy Knaves Duplex garage rock band Duplex Louie, Louie Richard Berry Category Pebbles series albums Category 1985 compilation albums ...   more details

  1. Chemins De Terre

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Chemins de Terre Type studio Artist Alan Stivell Cover CheminsDeTerre.jpg Released 1973 Recorded Genre Folk rock , Celtic folk Length Label Fontana Records Fontana br Vertigo Records Vertigo Producer Franck Giboni Reviews Last album This album Next album Chemins de Terre was a folk rock album by Alan Stivell , originally released in 1973. It was produced by Franck Giboni. It was retitled From Celtic Roots... in England and Celtic Rock in Germany. ref http Alan Stivell Chemins De Terre master 5705 ref Track listing Susy MacGuire Traditional arr. Alan Stivell 03 35 Ian Morrison Reel Peter McLeod, arr. Alan Stivell 04 09 She Moved Through The Fair Traditional arr. Alan Stivell 04 13 Can Y Melinydd Traditional arr. Alan Stivell 01 59 Oidhche Mhaith Traditional arr. Alan Stivell 01 53 An Dro Nevez Traditional arr. Alan Stivell 03 45 Maro Ma Mestrez Traditional arr. Alan Stivell 03 08 Brezhoneg Raok Alan Stivell 03 08 An Hani A Garan Traditional arr. Alan Stivell 04 11 Metig Traditional arr. Alan Stivell 04 07 Kimiad Traditional arr. Alan Stivell 03 34 Personnel Alan Stivell Celtic harp, vocals, Scottish bagpipes, whistle, mellotron , timbales, harmonium Gabriel Yacoub acoustic guitar, banjo, Appalachian dulcimer dulcimer , psaltery , vocal Ren Werneer fiddle, vocals Pascal Stive organ, piano Jean Luc Hallereau bass, vocal Dan Ar Braz Dan Ar Bras electric and acoustic guitars, vocal Michel Santangelli drums Marie Yacoub spoon s, vocals Elyane Werneer, Mireille Werneer vocals Michel Delaporte tabla s with Breton pipe band Bagad Bleimor bagpipes, Bombard music bombardes , Scottish drums References Reflist Category 1973 albums Category Alan Stivell albums Category Fontana Records albums Category Vertigo Records albums ...   more details

  1. Lampaden

    Infobox German location Art Ortsgemeinde Wappen Wappen lampaden.gif Wappengr e 120 lat deg 49 lat min 38 lat sec 55 lon deg 6 lon min 42 lon sec 7 Lageplan Lampaden in TR.svg Bundesland Rheinland Pfalz Landkreis Trier Saarburg Verbandsgemeinde Kell am See H he 420 Fl che 8.16 Einwohner 534 Stand 2006 12 31 PLZ 54316 Vorwahl 06588 Kfz TR Gemeindeschl ssel 07 2 35 072 Adresse Verband Rathausstra e 1 br 54427 Kell am See Website http B rgermeister Ewald Hermesdorf Partei CDU Lampaden is a municipality in the Trier Saarburg district, in Rhineland Palatinate , Germany . The village itself is over a thousand years old and acquired grazing rights in the year 1036 . The area was already populated in Celts Celtic and Ancient Rome Roman times. During World War II, the only two operational V3 cannon s used to bombard Luxembourg stood in a wooded ravine of the Ruwer River at Lampaden about convert 13 km mi southeast of Trier . The village was heavily damaged in early March 1945 during a German counterattack. Cities and towns in Trier Saarburg district References Reflist Category Municipalities in Rhineland Palatinate TrierSaarburg geo stub de Lampaden eo Lampaden fr Lampaden it Lampaden nl Lampaden Rijnland Palts pl Lampaden pt Lampaden ro Lampaden ru sr vi Lampaden vo Lampaden war Lampaden ...   more details

  1. Flagstaff Hill Fort

    File Flagstaff Hill Fort..jpg thumb upright 3 SBML 68 pounder guns at Flagstaff Hill Fort Flagstaff Hill Fort , was a fort at Flagstaff Point, Wollongong, New South Wales , Australia . History Constructed between 1890 1891, the fort was built with a disappearing gun emplacement. The fort was dug out of the hill using face brick walls and then earth was placed over the tunnels. The fort was intended to supersede a battery of 68 pounder s to provide a deterrent to a possible Russian attack upon Wollongong Harbour . In 1879 the steamship Havilah landed these 4.6 tonne, 68 pounder cannon as part of Wollongong Harbour defences against the threat of possible Russian attack. The cannon were designed to fire a shell weighing almost 30 kg 68 pounds up to 1.60 km. They lay unused by the harbour for 18 months without mountings and ammunition. They were finally placed near this site by the local volunteer artillery group. Endeavour Drive now covers the original position. The gun was commissioned and first fired in 1892. The gun emplacement was provided with two range finder positions. However by the mid 1880 s it became obvious that enemy cruisers could bombard the port out of range of these obsolete guns. In 1890 a larger gun was positioned in a concrete pit near the summit of Flagstaff Hill. Underground rooms protected the ammunition and the gunners. By 1893 further fortifications were completed on Smiths Hill Fort Smith s Hill west of Harbour. The Wollongong Head Lighthouse was constructed near the fort in 1938. Armaments 5.3 ton 6 150mm gun File Flagstaff Hill Fort.jpg thumb center 600px Main entrance See also Map coordinates coord 34 25 19.28 S 150 54 34.83 E region AU type landmark display inline, title Commonscat inline Flagstaff Hill Fort, Wollongong References http 07 subnav 01 2.cfm?itemid 2700124 NSW Heritage Listing Barracks Batteries Bunkers and Forts in Sydney Category Wollongong Category Forts in Australia Category Bunkers ...   more details

  1. 2008 Charlotte Knights season

    MiLB yearly infobox name Charlotte Knights season 2008 misc class Triple A y1 1993 league International League y2 1993 division South Division y3 2004 MLB Chicago White Sox y4 1999 ballpark Knights Stadium y5 1990 city Fort Mill, South Carolina y6 1989 owners gm managers Marc Bombard television radio baseballcube http statistics 2008 10136.shtml minorsbbref http teams.cgi?yid 2008&lid INT&tid CHL The Charlotte Knights by 2008 season was the franchise s 21st year of play and 10th as the AAA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox . The team finished the regular season with 63 wins and 78 losses. See also 2008 Chicago White Sox season References Statistics http statistics 2008 10136.shtml 2008 Charlotte Knights Statistics. http 5gwsht4AX Archived 2009 05 21 The Baseball Cube . March 22, 2009. Standings http leagues 2008 IL.shtml 2008 International League Review. The Baseball Cube . March 22, 2009. Roster http rosters 2008 10136.shtml 2008 Charlotte Knights roster. The Baseball Cube . March 22, 2009. Specific reflist baseball season stub start box succession box before 2007 Charlotte Knights season title Franchise timeline years 2008 Charlotte Knights season br 21st season in franchise history after 2009 Charlotte Knights season end box 2008 International League season by team Category Charlotte Knights seasons Category 2008 International League season Charlotte Knights ...   more details

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