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alert file

Encyclopedia results for alert file

  1. Alert

    To be alert is to be in a state of alertness . wiktionary Alert or ALERT may also refer to As a word Places Alert, Indiana , a community in the United States Alert, Nunavut , Canada, the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world Alert Bay, British Columbia , Canada, an island community on the west coast of British Columbia Ships Alert , a sailing ship built by Hitchins and Joyce which sailed from 1902 to 1923 HMS Alert HMS Alert , any of several ships of the British Royal Navy SS Alert SS Alert , a steamship that sank off Victoria, Australia in 1893 USS Alert USS Alert , any of several ships of the United States Navy Other Alert, a wikt warning warning , such as a wikt red alert red alert Alert application Alert , a mobile application for Facebook news, media and networking Bridge convention Regulations alert , in the card game of contract bridge Alert dialog box , a type of dialog box used in graphical user interfaces Alert messaging , machine to person communications such as reminders and notifications Alert state , an indication of the state of readiness of the armed forces or a state Alert Records , a record label As an initialism ALERT may stand for Air Land Emergency Resource Team ALERT medical facility, Ethiopia , a training center for leprosy and tuberculosis Arizona League to End Regional Trafficking disambig de Alert fr Alerte nl Alert ja sv Alert ...   more details

  1. Alert (application)

    Infobox software name title Alert logo File Alert application logo.png 150px screenshot File caption The Alert logo as it appears in Apple Inc. Apple s App Store iOS App Store . author Strategy Network Incorporated released June 25, 2011 latest release version 1.0.0 IOS Apple iOS Start date and age 2011 06 25 Please place the iOS release date here to keep the same layout frequently updated yes programming language operating system iOS Apple iOS and Android operating system Android platform size 4.1 Megabyte MB language English language English status Active genre Social Networking license Free website http Alert website br http us app alert for iphone id442981988 Alert is a free mobile Application software application developed on MicroStrategy Gateway technology that allows users to follow their favorite Facebook Pages in one integrated place on their mobile device . ref name PR1 cite news publisher CNBC url http id 43722341 MicroStrategy Launches Alert App Allowing Facebook Fans to Follow Their Favorite Celebrities and Brands Combines the Power of Twitter with the Content of Facebook title MicroStrategy Launches Alert App Allowing Facebook Fans to Follow Their Favorite Celebrities and Brands date July 12, 2011 ref The app includes the ability to view and respond to upcoming events, look at photos, post comments and like updates, watch videos and listen to music online. Alert was released on July 12, 2011, ref name PR1 and is currently available for iPhone , with plans announced to make the application available on other mobile platforms as well as Facebook Web. ref cite web url http title Alert website ... Some of the features of the Alert application are Categorization of followed Facebook Pages ... External links http Alert website http us app alert for iphone id442981988 Alert at the Apple App Store Category IOS software Category Social software ...   more details

  1. Clin-Alert

    Infobox journal title Clin Alert cover File Clin Alert 300ppiCMYK 3in.tif editor Joyce Generali discipline Pharmacology former names abbreviation publisher SAGE Publications country frequency Twice monthly history 1995 present openaccess license impact impact year website http journals Journal201646?siteId sage uk&prodTypes any&q Journal of Evidence Based Complementary 26 Alternative Medicine&fs 1 link1 http content current link1 name Online access link2 http content by year link2 name Online archive ISSN 2156 5872 eISSN OCLC 649083104 LCCN 2010203263 Clin Alert is a Peer review peer reviewed academic journal that publishes papers twice a month in the field of Pharmacology . The journal s Editor in Chief editor is Joyce Generali. It has been in publication since 1963 and is currently published by SAGE Publications . Scope Clin Alert publishes articles covering areas such as drug drug interactions, food drug interactions, medication errors and dietary supplements. The journal aims to provide physicians, and other health care professionals with comprehensive summaries of adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, and market withdrawals. Abstracting and Indexing Clin Alert is abstracted and indexed in the following databases Academic Onefile General Onefile InfoTrac Scopus Zetoc External links Official website 1 http Category SAGE academic journals Category English language journals Category Pharmacology journals ...   more details

  1. Red Alert

    wiktionary red alert TOCright Red Alert may refer to Warning systems Notable warning systems that use red alerts are The Homeland Security Advisory System USA The BIKINI state UK An emergency broadcast SWAT bullentinoes used by the Emergency Management of Ontario, in Ontario, Canada Music Red Alert band , British Oi band combinations formed in 1979 Red Alert song Red Alert song , by Basement Jaxx from the 1999 album Remedy Red Alert , a song by Miami bass artist DJ Laz Red Alert , a song by Quiet Riot from Condition Critical Red Alert , a song by Damage Case from A Battalion of Bombers in a Chorus of Fire Red Alert , an album by reggae and dance hall artist Sizzla Red Alert , a song and album by Warp 11 DJ Red Alert , hip hop DJ from the group Boogie Down Productions Other Red Alert , 1977 film starring William Devane and Ralph Waite and based on the novel by Harold King author Harold R. Hal King Command & Conquer Red Alert series Command & Conquer Red Alert series , a video game series Command & Conquer Red Alert , the first game of the series Command & Conquer Red Alert iOS Command & Conquer Red Alert iOS , an iPhone game Red Alert arcade Red Alert arcade , 1980s arcade game Red Alert game show Red Alert game show , a game show in the United Kingdom, which is also in conjunction with the National Lottery Red Alert novel Red Alert novel , 1958 novel by Peter George Red Alert Transformers , two characters in the Transformers toyline Red Alert Syndicate, fictional organization in Mega Man X7 Red alert Star Trek , the highest state of alert for Starfleet in Star Trek fiction See also intitle Red alert disambig da Red Alert de Red Alert Begriffskl rung fr Red Alert ru Red Alert fi Red Alert vi Red Alert nh h ng zh ...   more details

  1. Blue Alert

    Blue alert may refer to Blue Alert Star Trek , a phrase used in Star Trek Blue Alert album , a 2006 album by singer Anjani disambig ...   more details

  1. Silver Alert

    A Silver Alert is a public notification system in the United States to broadcast information about missing ... Alerts also use variable message signs on roadways to alert motorists to be on the lookout for missing ... surrounding the missing person s last known location. Supporters of Silver Alert point ... Silver Alert to include all children and adults with mental or developmental disabilities. In general, the decision to Issue a Silver Alert is made by the law enforcement agency investigating the report of a missing person. Public information in a Silver Alert usually consists of the name and description ... to introduce an AMBER Alert for seniors, which he dubbed Silver Alert. ref cite news last Holleyman first Summer title OK Representative plans Silver Alert system for finding missing seniors publisher ... for a Silver Alert system to find missing seniors. ref cite news last Coppernoll first Carrie title ... resolution, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety added Silver Alert notifications to the statewide ... permanently establishing the Silver Alert program. ref cite news title Gov. Henry Signs Silver Alert Law, Program to Aid Missing Seniors Modeled after Amber Alert publisher Office of Governor Brad Henry ... Alert pilot program that later grew into a statewide initiative. ref cite news title Florida s Silver Alert spurs a national plan publisher St. Petersburg Times date 2009 02 24 url http news aging lifetimes floridas silver alert spurs national plan 978391 ref National growth 29 states and New York City ref cite news title New Silver Alert Law Enhances Public Notification System to Aid ... html dfta downloads pdf silver alert.pdf ref have Silver Alert or similar programs targeting missing seniors. More than 195 million people live in jurisdictions served by Silver Alert or a similar ... Alert Arkansas ref cite news title Governor Beebe Announces New Silver Alert Program, date 2009 04 06 ... cite web title Connecticut Silver Alert System publisher United Way of Connecticut url http ...   more details

  1. AMBER Alert

    s automobile vehicle , if available. Activation criteria File Amber Alert Lamar Billboard.jpg right thumb 225px An example of a July 2010 Amber Alert from Milwaukee, Wisconsin , where electronic LED billboards ... growth File Amber Alert SMS.jpg thumb left 225px An example of the information within an Amber Alert ...File Laura Bush & Rae Leigh Bradbury, 2007Apr04.jpg thumb 215px right Laura Bush and Rae Leigh Bradbury ... Alert when she was 8 weeks old in November 1998. An AMBER Alert or a Child Abduction Emergency Specific Area Message Encoding SAME code CAE is a child abduction alert system child abduction alert bulletin in several countries throughout the world, issued upon the suspected Kidnapping abduction ... ed in Arlington, Texas in 1996. Also an AMBER alert corresponds to the color of highway warning ... color. Alternate alert names are used in Georgia U.S. state Georgia , where it is called Levi ... GBI ref named after Levi Frady Hawaii U.S. state Hawaii , where it is called a Maile Amber Alert ref cite web title MAILE AMBER Alert url http ag mcch main maile amber publisher Hawaii Department ... Nick Amber Alert ref cite web title Morgan Nick Amber Alert year 2006 accessdate url http ... station s, and cable TV by the Emergency Alert System and NOAA Weather Radio ref http ... terminals are also used. The decision to declare an AMBER Alert is made by each police organization .... Public information in an AMBER Alert usually consists of the name and description of the abductee, a description ... to relay details of the incident to the public. The alerts are broadcast using the Emergency Alert ... cry , the criteria for issuing an alert are rather strict. Each state s or province s AMBER alert plan sets its own criteria for activation, meaning that there are differences between alerting ... information of child, captor, or captor s vehicle to issue an alert. The child must be 17 ... parental abductions triggering an Amber Alert, where the child is not known or assumed to be at risk ...   more details

  1. Consumer Alert

    Affairs DCRA of Washington, DC, for the registration of Consumer Alert, Inc., file number 770925 ...Infobox Organization name Consumer Alert image image border size caption map msize mcaption abbreviation motto formation 1977 extinction 2006? type 501 c 501.28c.29.283.29 501 C 3 Corporation status purpose headquarters location 3050 K Street NW br Washington, DC region served United States membership language leader title Chairman leader name William C. MacLeod main organ parent organization affiliations num staff num volunteers budget website http remarks Consumer Alert was an United States American non profit List of consumer organizations organization which advocated on business and consumer issues. It was primarily funded by corporations. ref name victoria Citation first Morton last Mintz authorlink Morton Mintz title Consumer Transition Chief ... House Chief of Staff during the George H. W. Bush administration . The philosophy of Consumer Alert ...?id KP4qAAAAIBAJ&sjid uNoFAAAAIBAJ&pg 1269,3221365 ref Consumer Alert considered itself a Conservatism ... organizations Consumer Alert President Barbara A. Keating Edh said ref name lj Citation first Virginia last Payette authorlink Virginia Payette title Consumer Alert battling regulations newspaper ... ref Consumer Alert was originally based in Darien, Connecticut . ref name hour Citation first Kitty ... PR Newswire date 1989 10 25 title MacLeod to succeed Sununu as chairman of Consumer Alert url http ... Alert s web site was operational at least until February 2006. ref cite web title Consumer Alert publisher SourceWatch url http index.php?title Consumer Alert accessdate 2010 ... of charter or authority. Financial Information Consumer Alert IRS form 990 table References references ... index.php?title Consumer Alert Consumer Alert entry at SourceWatch http a discover sigs 0001 0001 0 sigs 0001 0001 0 00059.html Consumer Alert entry at, archived by WebCite ...   more details

  1. Rave Alert

    Infobox single Name Rave Alert Cover Praga RA.jpeg Artist Praga Khan Album A Spoonful of Miracle and Conquers Your Love Released 1992 Format CD, 12 Recorded 1992 Genre Acid House Length 24 23 small Label Beat Box International Last single Injected with a Poison br 1992 This single Rave Alert br 1992 Next single Phantasia Forever br 1993 Rave Alert is a song written and recorded by Belgian acid house musician Praga Khan . ref http Praga Khan Rave Alert master 164912 ref It was featured on A Spoonful of Miracle and Conquers Your Love . Track listing Rave Alert Full Alert Radio Version 3 46 Rave Alert Full Alert Mix 5 12 Rave Alert Over the Mountain Mix 5 11 Rave Alert Into the Valley Mix 5 09 Rave Alert Full Vocal Alert 5 05 References Reflist Category 1992 singles ...   more details

  1. Full Alert

    For the 1997 Hong Kong film, see Full Alert film Full Alert film For the episode of Stargate SG 1 season 8 Stargate SG 1 , see Stargate SG 1 season 8 disambig ...   more details

  1. HMS Alert

    Sixteen ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Alert or the variants Alerte and Alaart , while another was planned HMS Alert 1753 6 , a 8 gun cutter ship cutter in service from 1753 to 1754. HMS Alert 1777 6 , a 10 gun cutter launched at Dover in 1777, converted to a sloop in the same year, and captured in the Channel by the French frigate Junon 1778 Junon in 1778 ref Hepper 1994 , p.52. ref foundered December 1779 off the coast of America. ref Roche 2005 ref HMS Alert 1778 6 , a 10 gun ... 1782 ref HMS Alert 1779 6 , a 14 gun brig sloop launched at Dover in 1779 and sold 1792. HMS Alert 1790 ... and sold in 1802. HMS Alert 1793 6 , a 16 gun sloop launched at Rotherhithe in 1793 and captured ... after action with HMS Flora 1780 6 and HMS Arethusa 1781 6 . HMS Alert 1795 6 , a 8 gun brig sloop launched at Bombay in 1795. HMS Alert 1804 6 , previously the collier Oxford , purchased in 1804 ... , p.130. ref She was to be named Cassandra . HMS Alert 1813 6 , a Cruizer class brig sloop Cruizer class brig sloop, launched in 1813 and sold in 1832. HMS Alert 1835 6 , a 8 gun packet brig launched in 1835 at Rotherhithe and broken up in 1835. HMS Alert 1848 6 , a 8 gun brig, previously a slave ship slaver , captured in 1848 and sold 1850. HMS Alert 1856 6 , a wooden Cruizer class sloop Cruizer ... and the Canadian Government. She was laid up in 1884 and sold. HMS Alert 1894 6 , an Alert class sloop Alert class sloop launched in 1894 at Sheerness. She was lent to the civil authority at Basra in 1906, and sold to them in 1926 for use as a pilot vessel. She was broken up in 1949. Alert was an Algerine ... Acute in 1941 before being launched in 1942. HMS Alert K647 6 , a Bay class frigate Bay class frigate ... Navy used several hired armed vessels with the name Alert , including several cutter boat cutters Hired armed cutter Alert Alert and a lugger Hired armed lugger Alert Alert . References Citations ... Alert, HMS Category Royal Navy ship names de HMS Alert fi HMS Alert ...   more details

  1. USS Alert

    Five ships of the United States Navy have borne the name Alert . During World War I , three ships held the name simultaneously. The USS Alert 1803 , was an 18 gun sloop of war captured from the United Kingdom in the War of 1812. The USS Alert 1861 , was a screw tug used during the Civil War. The USS Alert AS 4 , was a screw steamer in use during the late 19th century and World War I. The USS Alert 1896 , was a steam launch acquired from the Coast Guard during World War I. The USS Alert SP 511 , was used as a patrol boat during World War I. Seven cutters of the United States Coast Guard have borne the name Alert . The USRC Alert 1818 A schooner homeported at Eastport, Maine. 75 ton displacement. ref name Canney11 Canney, p 11 ref The USRC Alert 1829 A schooner built to replace built to replace Alert 1818 . 120 ton displacement. ref name Canney13 Canney, p 13 ref The USRC Alert 1877 A centerboard sloop used for life saving duty at Tom s River, New Jersey. 10 ton displacement. ref name Canney45 Canney, p 45 ref The USRC Alert 1901 A steam launch originally homeported at Mobile, Alabama. 19 ton displacement. ref name Canney59 Canney, p 59 ref The USRC Alert 1907 A steam harbor tug replacing Alert 1901 at Mobile, Alabama. 35 ton displacement. ref name Canney62 Canney, p 62 ref The USCGC Alert WSC 127 An Active class cutter homeported at various stations in California. ref name Canney98 Canney, p 98 ref ref name Scheina57 Scheina, p 57 ref The USCGC Alert WMEC 630 , a Reliance class cutter. ref name Scheina40 Scheina, p 40 ref References reflist 2 Bibliography cite book last Canney first Donald L. year 1995 title U.S. Coast Guard and Revenue Cutters, 1970 1935 publisher Naval Institute Press, Annapolis isbn 978 1 55750 101 1 cite book last Scheina first Robert L. year 1990 title ... 87021 719 7 DANFS http danfs a6 list.htm Shipindex DEFAULTSORT Alert Category United States Navy ship names Category Ships of the United States Coast Guard pl USS Alert sl USS Alert ...   more details

  1. Alert Airport

    Infobox airport name Alert Airport IATA YLT ICAO CYLT WMO 71355 type Military owner operator Department of National Defence Canada DND 1CdnAirDiv Alert AMO Ottawa city served location Alert, Nunavut elevation f 100 elevation m 31 latd 82 latm 31 lats 04 latNS N longd 062 longm 16 longs 50 longEW W coordinates type airport coordinates region CA NU pushpin map Canada pushpin label CYLT pushpin map caption Location in Nunavut website r1 number 05 23 r1 length f 5,500 r1 length m 1,676 r1 surface Gravel footnotes Source Canada Flight Supplement ref name CFS CFS ref br Environment Canada ref http prods servs metstat1 e.html Synoptic Metstat Station Information ref Alert Airport Airport codes YLT CYLT is the world s northernmost permanent airport, located at Alert, Nunavut Alert , Nunavut , Canada , approximately convert 830 km abbr on south of the true North Pole . It is operated by the Canadian Department of National Defence Canada Department of National Defence and is part of CFS Alert Canadian Forces Station Alert . CFS Alert is supplied by military aircraft only the airfield is required for transport of personnel and provisions 12 months of the year. The facility is also used as an emergency source of fuel for allied military aircraft low on fuel flying in the region. There have been 2 crashes involving fatalities at the airfield since it was established. References reflist External links Portal Nunavut Aviation Can arpt wx CYLT Alert Airport List of airports in Canada Category Airports in Qikiqtaaluk Region Category Ellesmere Island de Flugplatz Alert fr A roport d Alert id Bandar Udara Alert fi Alertin lentoasema ...   more details

  1. Smug Alert!

    plot date May 2011 Infobox Television episode Title Smug Alert Series South Park Image File 1002itsahybrid.jpg 250px Caption Gerald Broflovski Gerald , being smug about his new hybrid car Season 10 Episode 2 Airdate March 29, 2006 Production 1002 Director Trey Parker Writer Trey Parker Guests Episode list South Park season 10 South Park season 10 br List of South Park episodes List of South Park episodes Prev The Return of Chef Next Cartoon Wars Smug Alert is the second episode of the South Park season 10 tenth season of the American animated television series South Park , and the 141st episode overall. It first aired on Comedy Central in the United States on March 29, 2006. In the episode, Gerald Broflovski Gerald buys a hybrid electric vehicle hybrid car and buys into the whole progressive movement, moving his family to San Francisco and disturbing a delicate equilibrium and indirectly causing an environmental disaster along the way. The episode was written by series co creator Trey Parker and is rated TV MA in the United States, but a recent rerun on Comedy Central rated it TV 14 . The episode acts as a play on the attitude of owners of hybrid cars, as well as the similarity between the words smog and wikt smug smug . Plot Kyle s father Gerald buys a new Toyonda Pious hybrid car based on the Toyota Prius and drives it all over town to show it off and gain attention. He soon decides that his commitment is not enough and starts an unwelcome campaign to convert the other townspeople ... 2006 03 30 south park smug alert title South Park Smug Alert work author Adam ... South Park Smug Alert Review work author Eric Goldman date 2006 03 23 accessdate 2009 12 ... Park Smug Alert.21 .5B10.2.5D Smug Alert http full episodes s10e02 smug alert Smug Alert Full episode at South Park Studios http guide episodes s10e02 smug alert Smug Alert Episode guide at South Park Studios South Park episodes 10 Category South Park ...   more details

  1. Global alert

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Global alert is used as the global radio Telecommunication communications telecommunications network network during times of international crises or threats to international security. Global Alerts are also issued by agencies such as the World Health Organization WHO , when there is a perceived threat of international pandemic , global epidemic , such as the threat of a SARS , Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome , pandemic during March 2003, due to its high contagion level which was rapidly spread by travelers sharing international flights. The global alert released by the World Health Organization regarding the SARS outbreak and its rapid contagion saved many lives The alert about the disease, precautionary measures, and preventive measures to be taken by individuals, including specific hygiene information needed to arrest the spread of SARS was communicated instantly throughout the world. DEFAULTSORT Global Alert Category Alert measurement systems Disaster stub ...   more details

  1. Alert Records

    unreferenced description date June 2010 Infobox record label See Wikipedia WikiProject Music name Alert Music image name logo, such as LABEL LOGO.jpg image size size image bg background color for logo, should remain empty white unless required parent Alert Music Inc founded 1984 year of foundation, such as 1950 unlinked , example Startdate 1950 founder W.Tom Berry name of founders, separate with commas or br status leave blank unless Inactive or Defunct distributor distributors, separate with commas or br genre Indie rock Indie country Flag Canada location Toronto , Ontario url http Alert Records is a Canadian independent record label based in Toronto , Ontario , Canada . Current recording artists Holly Cole Michael Kaeshammer Kim Mitchell Past recording artists The Box band The Box Roxanne Potvin Gino Vanelli See also List of record labels External links http Official site http Page.asp?PageID 1115&EntityID 146&SiteNodeID 56 CIRPA Alert Records http label Alert Music Alert Music Category Record labels established in 1900 year label was founded? Category Canadian independent record labels Category Indie music record labels Category Companies based in Toronto Category Record labels established in 1984 Canada record label stub ...   more details


    Multiple issues orphan February 2012 advert October 2011 no footnotes October 2011 ALERT FM is an emergency notification system that delivers messages from state, local, and or private sector officials to citizens, schools, businesses, and first responders using the Radio Data System data sub carrier of local FM radio stations.Messages are transported from a secure web based portal to the data sub carrier via GSSNet, a satellite data delivery system. These alerts and messages are then received on ALERT FM receivers mobile, wall mounted, or USB or on cell phones equipped with active FM chips and properly installed software. ALERT FM receivers can be programmed to receive local NOAA weather warnings ..., and systems integrator of ALERT FM and GSSNet satellite data delivery system . GSS has offices in Jackson, Mississippi, Lafayette, Louisiana, and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The Network ALERT FM messages ... Security awarded GSS a statewide contract to deploy the first phase of ALERT FM which included ... operations centers. This made the State of Mississippi the first state the country to use ALERT FM. Since that time, ALERT FM has been expanded across the State of Mississippi and the United States ... governments have purchased and began using the system on a local level. ALERT FM has been implemented ... Jersey. Integrated Public Alert and Warning System IPAWS In 2010, ALERT FM successfully participated ... notification for inclusion in the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System program. The study was conducted by Northrup Grumman and included RDS technology from ALERT FM, AlertUs Technology and Metis ... System Integrated Public Alert and Warning System Common Alerting Protocol Emergency management Emergency ... content alert fm implementation complete 9 west central alabama counties http ... ALERT 20FM 20CASE 20STUDY Memphis 20Shelby 20Co. 20UASI.pdf http currents news fema study effectiveness alert fm 1012 External links http http ...   more details

  1. International Alert

    International Alert is a London based charity and international non governmental organisation working ... Alert is active in over 20 countries and territories across the world including ... of South America , Sri Lanka , Nepal and the Philippines . International Alert s Work The vision ... profile of the peacebuilding sector Regional Programmes Great Lakes Alert has conducted peacebuilding ... 7Q28T5?OpenDocument ReliefWeb Trading for Peace ref Asia Peacebuilding in Sri Lanka is one of Alert ... the peace process in the Philippines. Caucasus and Central Asia Alert s activities in the Caucasus ... as part of a wider regional peacebuilding initiative. Latin America Between 1994 and 2004 Alert conducted ... the Andean region to promote conflict sensitive business practices. West Africa International Alert ... of civil society organisations, among others. Thematic Programmes Aid effectiveness Alert promotes cost ... 322 A Climate of Conflict , a 2007 Alert publication has brought much needed attention to the issue of the links between climate change and armed conflict. Alert continues to offer leading insights on this topic ... Climate Change Conference, Alert launched a second influential report entitled http international ... Alert has been advocating for the relevance of gender issues in peacebuilding since 1999, when ... For more than 10 years, Alert has been promoting the importance of recognizing the links between peacebuilding and an equitable socio economic foundation. Alert currently works with multinationals and local ... peacebuilding efforts. Security Alert is also currently engaged in Security Sector Reform SSR Disarmament ... SALW programs. Training International Alert provides training for individual practitioners and organisations engaged in peacebuilding activities. Alert s training staff is made up of experts with diverse backgrounds and works with Alert s various field programs to refine the methodologies and peacebuilding ... training index.php?t 1 upcoming course offerings . History International Alert was established ...   more details

  1. Alert Channel

    Orphan date November 2010 Alert Channel coord 54 10 S 36 42 W display inline,title is a small channel between Whaler Channel and Bar Rocks , and leading to the head of Husvik Harbor in Stromness Bay , South Georgia . It was charted by Discovery Investigations DI personnel in 1928 and named after Alert , the motorboat used by the DI survey party. References usgs gazetteer id 225 Category Channels of the Southern Ocean SouthGeorgia geo stub ...   more details

  1. Alert Cove

    Orphan date November 2010 Alert Cove coord 54 11 S 36 42 W display inline,title is a small cove lying south of Kanin Point in Husvik Harbor , Stromness Bay , on the north coast of South Georgia . It was charted by Discovery Investigations DI personnel in 1928 and is named after Alert , the motorboat used by the DI survey party. References usgs gazetteer id 226 Category Coves of South Georgia SouthGeorgia geo stub ...   more details

  1. Alert Point

    Alert Point coord 54 5 S 37 9 W display inline,title is a peninsula point lying at the north side of the mouth of Purvis Glacier , Possession Bay , on the north coast of South Georgia . It was charted by Discovery Investigations DI in 1928 29 and named after the DI survey motorboat Alert . References usgs gazetteer id 227 Category Headlands of South Georgia SouthGeorgia geo stub ...   more details

  1. SS Alert

    Image SS Alert 1882.jpg thumb 250px The SS Alert The SS Alert was a steamship that sank off Cape Schanck, Victoria Cape Schanck , Victoria Australia Victoria , Australia on 28 December 1893. ref name Age20070612 Cite news title Deep thrill for Alert adventurers url http news in depth deep thrill for alert adventurers 2007 06 12 1181414296935.html?page fullpage contentSwap1 publisher The Age date 2007 06 12 first Ben last Doherty ref ref name VHD Cite VHD shipwreck 17 Alert accessdate 2012 02 05 ref The ship was built for the gentle waters of Scotland Scottish loch s and was almost Convert 51 m ft 0 abbr on long and weighed 247 tonnes. After the Alert sank the ship laid for 113 years on the ocean floor until being rediscovered in June 2007 by a team from Southern Ocean Exploration. History The Alert was built at Glasgow in 1877 and later sailed to Australia as a three masted schooner with her funnel and propeller stowed in the hold. ref name vicshipwrecks Cite web url http vic wrecks.html title Shipwrecks of Victoria ref After a few years on the Melbourne Geelong, Victoria Geelong route she temporarily replaced the SS Despatch on the Gippsland Melbourne run in 1893 whilst the Despatch was being refitted. During a gale , the ship set out from Lakes Entrance, Victoria Lakes Entrance bound for Melbourne via Port Albert, Victoria Port Albert ref name VHD and later encountered hurricane force southerly winds and mountainous seas. ref cite web title Jubilee Point, Vic Shipwreck in Gale work EMA Disasters Database url http ... Video of the discovery of the Alert http miscpics 0 0 6 doc mp006475.shtml State Library of Victoria The Foundering of the S.S. Alert Vic. illustration http alert.php Southern Ocean Exploration SS Alert Cite news url http articles ... coord 38 31 34.23 S 144 52 29.35 E type landmark region AU display title DEFAULTSORT Alert Category ...   more details

  1. Alert messaging

    Alert is a colloquial term used to define a machine to person communication that is important and or time sensitive. An alert contains user requested content such as a reminder important , a notification urgent , and ultimately an alert important and urgent . Alert messaging or alert notification is the delivery of alerts to recipients. Alert messaging emerged from the study of Personal Information Management PIM , Fact date April 2009 the science of discovering how people perform certain tasks to acquire, organize, maintain, retrieve and use information relevant to them. Alert notification is a natural evolution of the concept of RSS Fact date April 2009 which makes it possible for people to keep up with web sites in an automated manner. Alerting makes it possible for people to keep up with the information that matters most to them. Alerts are typically delivered through a notification system and the most common application of the service is machine to person communication. Very basic services provide notification services via email or SMS . More advanced systems for example AOL provides users with the choice of selecting a preferred delivery channel such as e mail, Short Message Service SMS , instant messaging IM , via voice through voice portals and more. Novel approaches provide users with the ability to schedule their own alerts for example Google Calendar . The most sophisticated service providers embrace all capabilities, aggregating a multitude of reminder, notifications and alert, catering the delivery system to the specific context of the content being delivered thus .... The advent of technologies such as RSS and now alert notification are an effort directed to creating ... in the United States, used from 1963 to 1997, when it was replaced by the Emergency Alert System . On April 9, 2008, the FCC approved an emergency alert text messaging system so that cellular telephone ... rss tech title FCC approves emergency alert text messaging system publisher date 10 April 2008 ...   more details

  1. NY-Alert

    citation style date September 2009 The New York New York State All Hazards Alert and Notification World Wide Web web based portal. It is part of New York State s ongoing commitment to provide New Yorkers with information so that they will understand the risks and threats that they may face and know how to respond accordingly. The website contains critical emergency related information including instructions and recommended protective actions developed in real time by emergency service personnel. Concurrent with the posting to this website, that same information will be disseminated through various communications systems e.g. email, Mobile phone cell phones , media outlets to those who sign up. The information posted here will include severe weather warnings, significant highway closures, hazardous material s spills, and many other emergency conditions. Additionally you will find information regarding response actions being taken by local and state agencies and protective actions that you should take to protect you, your family and your property. Version 1.0 was placed online June 2007. Version 2.0 was placed online October 2009. Version 2.5 is scheduled for release February 2010. Version 3.0 is scheduled for release June 2011. NY Alert links cite web url http title NY Alert Home Page publisher NY Alert cite web url https title NY Alert User Portal publisher NY Alert Awards cite web url http awards nominations 2009 2009NY2 SEMO 202009 ... SEMO NY ALERT award.pdf title Special Award of Excellence publisher SEMO NY Alert Web2.0 links cite web url http user nyalertv2 title NY Alert Version 2.0 on You Tube publisher You Tube cite web url http nyalert title NY Alert Version 2.0 on Twitter publisher Twitter cite web url http CAP Indices ALLNYCAP.xml title NY Alert Public CAP Feed publisher NYS DEFAULTSORT Ny Alert Category Government of New York Category Emergency management Category Disaster ...   more details

  1. Alert Rock

    Alert Rock coord 54 15 S 36 22 W source GNIS display inline,title is a submerged rock marked by breakers, lying convert 1.5 nmi km 0 east southeast of Barff Point , which marks the east side of the entrance to Cumberland Bay , South Georgia . It was charted in 1929 by Discovery Investigations personnel, who named it after the Alert , a small motor launch used during the survey. ref name gnis References Reflist refs ref name gnis cite gnis type antarid id 228 name Alert Rock accessdate 2011 05 07 ref usgs gazetteer id 228 Category Rock formations in South Georgia SouthGeorgia geo stub ...   more details

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