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Encyclopedia results for Workhouse


Encyclopedia results for Workhouse

  1. Workhouse

    good article File Workhouse Nantwich.jpg thumb right 280 px Former workhouse in Nantwich , dating from 1780 In England and Wales a workhouse , colloquially known as a spike , was a place where those unable ... intro publisher accessdate 9  April 2010 ref The origins of the workhouse can be traced ... who refused to enter a workhouse. Some Poor Law authorities hoped to run workhouses at a profit by utilising ... fertilizer, or picking oakum using a large metal nail known as a spike, perhaps the origin of the workhouse s nickname. Life in a workhouse was intended to be harsh, to deter the able bodied poor and to ensure ... workhouses until the early 20th century, workhouse inmates were advantaged over the general population ... poor, and in 1929 legislation was passed to allow local authorities to take over workhouse infirmaries ... work in a house of correction the precursor of the workhouse , where the persistent idler was to be punished ... era File Workroom at St James Workhouse.jpg right 300px thumb The workroom at St James s workhouse , from The Microcosm of London 1808 The workhouse system evolved in the 17th  century as a way ... in the number of workhouses was prompted by the Workhouse Test Act of 1723 by obliging anyone seeking poor relief to enter a workhouse and undertake a set amount of work, usually for no pay a system .... In one such case in 1814 the wife and child of Henry Cook, who were living in Effingham workhouse ... one workhouse, ref Harvnb Fowler 2007 p 18 ref but many were badly managed. In his 1797 work, The State of the Poor , Sir Sir Frederick Eden, 2nd Baronet Frederick Eden , wrote quote The workhouse ... In lieu of a workhouse some sparsely populated parishes placed homeless paupers into rented accommodation, and provided others with relief in their own homes. Those entering a workhouse might have joined ... s workhouse accommodated 900 1200  indigent men, women and children. The larger workhouses ... by at the same time testing the reality of their destitution. The workhouse was in truth at that time ...   more details

  1. Workhouse test

    refimprove date September 2011 The workhouse test was a condition of the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 . It stated that anyone who wanted to get poor relief must enter a workhouse . The condition was never implemented and outdoor relief continued to be given. The workhouse test should not be confused with the Workhouse Test Act . Poor Law Category Poverty Category Poor Law England hist stub England law stub ...   more details

  1. Derry Workhouse

    Coord 54.995 7.306 display title region GB scale 10000 Unreferenced date September 2008 Derry Workhouse was a Workhouse in Derry , Northern Ireland . In the mid 1990s, numerous human remains were found at the Waterside Workhouse. These remains, believed to be of people who died in the mid nineteenth century, were later interred in the local Ballyoan cemetery. References reflist External links http article.aspx?art id 452 The Workhouse Museum Category Buildings and structures in Derry Category Poor Law Londonderry geo stub ...   more details

  1. Newington Workhouse

    Orphan date February 2009 coord 51 29 8 N 0 5 3 W type landmark display title Newington Workhouse was a workhouse &mdash a British institution for indoor relief of the poor&mdash at 182 Westmoreland Road now Beaconsfield Road , Southwark , London . History The workhouse was built in 1850 in the hamlet of Walworth, London Walworth to replace an older workhouse belonging to the parish of St Mary Newington, London Newington . ref http peter workhouse Newington Newington.shtml Newington St Mary, Surrey, London , The Workhouse website ref The site was taken over in 1868 by the St Saviour Poor Law Union and became an infirmary. The Local Government Act 1929 abolished the workhouse system, and in 1930 ref http index.html?glossary glossary.shtml Public Assistance Institution , Glossary , ref Newington Workhouse became the Newington Lodge Public Assistance Institution , until the Poor Laws were repealed in 1948. ref http thesaurus.english thesaurus term.asp?thes no 1&term no 142960 Public Assistance Institution , Thesaurus , English Heritage ref It then continued to be used as social housing by London County Council Welfare Department. In 1961 it held 266 women and children from 72 fragmented families . ref Front Door Famine , TIME magazine, Friday, Dec. 01, 1961 http time magazine article 0,9171,938807,00.html?iid chix sphere ref The building was demolished in 1969 ref http walworth history.htm Welcome to Walworth history , South London Guide ref and replaced by a housing estate. The records of the institution are now held in the http archon searches locresult details.asp?LR 74 London Metropolitan Archives . Cultural significance The comic actor Charlie Chaplin spent a short time in Newington Workhouse in 1896. ref Eric L. Flom, Chaplin in the Sound Era An Analysis of the Seven Talkies , McFarland, 1997, ISBN 078640325X ref The 1966 television ...   more details

  1. Whittlesey Workhouse

    notability date December 2011 Infobox Historic Site name Whittlesey Workhouse native name image Whittlesey Workhouse cellar.jpg caption The workhouse cellar, unearthed during renovation work at Sir Harry Smith school in 2011. locmapin os grid reference TL 27678 97337 location Whittlesey , Cambridgeshire area built 1874 demolished 1938 39 rebuilt restored restored by architect Frederick Peck governing body designation1 designation1 offname designation1 date designation1 number designation2 designation2 offname designation2 date designation2 number designation3 designation3 offname designation3 date designation3 number designation4 designation4 offname designation4 date designation4 number designation5 designation5 offname designation5 date designation5 number Whittlesey Workhouse was a workhouse in the Cambridgeshire town of Whittlesey . Constructed following the introduction of the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834, the building was situated on land then known as Bassenhally Field. Its use as a workhouse ceased in 1930, and it was demolished several years later. ref Millennium Memories of Whittlesey a series of books on Whittlesey history. Published on behalf of the Whittlesey Museum ref History There is evidence of a workhouse in Whittlesey dating back to at least 1804, when it was located on Old Tavern Street known today as Broad Street . This building could accommodate thirty people, the majority of whom were the elderly. Following increased unemployment in the Whittlesey area, a new larger workhouse was built in 1874 designed by Frederick Peck, it had a capacity of 200 and cost 8000. Known locally as The Spike because of its distinctive clock tower, the workhouse was a much ... of people who entered the workhouse remained there until they died, and most of them with the exception .... It was at this time that the workhouse closed, and subsequently fell into dereliction. Nearby ... was prepared to approve plans to use the Workhouse as a school until a new one was built, but for unknown ...   more details

  1. The Workhouse, Southwell

    Image Workhouse268.jpg 350px thumb right The Workhouse , also known as Greet House , in the town of Southwell, Nottinghamshire Southwell , Nottinghamshire , England, is a museum operated by the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty National Trust . Built in 1824, it was the prototype of the 19th century workhouse , and was cited by the Royal Commission on the poor law as the best example among the existing workhouses, before the resulting New Poor Law of 1834 led to the construction of workhouses across the country. It is described by the National Trust as the best preserved workhouse in England. The building remained in use until the early 1990s, when it was used to provide temporary accommodation for mothers and children. ref name FowlerP223 Harvnb Fowler 2007 p 223 ref Its acquisition by the National Trust reflects that organisation s wish to broaden its interests and to ensure the continued existence of a Grade II listed building that was potentially to be turned into residential flats. Restoration work began with roof repairs in 2000 and is ongoing. Many rooms have been redecorated as they would have looked in the 19th century and buildings, walls and outhouse privies , which had been demolished in the 20th century, have been reinstated. References Notes reflist Bibliography refbegin citation last Fowler first Simon title Workhouse The People The Places The Life Behind Closed Doors publisher The National Archives year 2007 isbn 978 1 905615 28 5 refend External links http main w vh w visits w findaplace w theworkhouse.htm The Workhouse, Southwell information at the National Trust IoE 242828 http radio4 arts pip 1tu8d BBC Radio 4 Fearnought poems for Southwell Workhouse coord 53.0810 0.9393 type landmark region GB display title Commons category The Workhouse, Southwell Category Grade II listed buildings in Nottinghamshire Category National Trust properties in Nottinghamshire Category English Poor Laws ...   more details

  1. Luton Workhouse

    Infobox building name Luton Workhouse former names alternate names image image alt caption map type map alt map caption altitude building type Workhouse architectural style structural system cost ren cost client owner current tenants landlord location Luton , Bedfordshire address location town location country England iso region coordinates display latitude 51.881 longitude 0.423 latd latm lats latNS longd longm longs longEW coordinates start date completion date inauguration date 1722 renovation date demolition date destruction date height diameter antenna spire roof top floor other dimensions floor count floor area seating type seating capacity elevator count main contractor architect architecture firm structural engineer services engineer civil engineer other designers quantity surveyor awards ren architect ren firm ren str engineer ren serv engineer ren civ engineer ren oth designers ren qty surveyor ren awards url references Luton Workhouse was a workhouse situated on Dunstable Road ... england beds luton workhouse.htm Luton Workhouse ref and the remaining buildings are now listed ref ... and South Bedfordshire area. Luton itself had a workhouse from 1722 which was the subject of a report ... index.html?Luton Luton.shtml History of Luton Workhouse ref Over the next 50 years the Luton workhouse ... maintained in the workhouse by the time of it closed in 1836, the Dunstable workhouse held 42 inmates. A workhouse also operated at nearby Caddington from 1725. A parliamentary report of 1777 recorded ... inmates. A report on the Sundon workhouse in 1718 revealed it to be in a filthy condition. New Workhouse Image Lutonmap1888.jpg thumb right The Union workhouse can be seen on the left hand side of this map ... a new workhouse at the west side of Dunstable Road. The Poor Law Commissioners appointed John ... had an unusual layout incorporating elements of two other popular Workhouse layouts, Sampson Kempthorne .... Males were accommodated at the north side of the workhouse, and females at the south. References ...   more details

  1. Nantwich Workhouse

    File Workhouse Nantwich.jpg thumb right 300px Nantwich Workhouse, The Barony Nantwich Workhouse , also known as Nantwich Union Workhouse , Nantwich Union House and Nantwich Institution , is a former workhouse ... as a workhouse until 1930. For much of the remainder of the 20th century, the former workhouse became ... workhouse is listed at Listed building grade II . ref name IoE citation publisher English Heritage ... left thumb 120px George Wilbraham, a workhouse shareholder A building at the end of Beam Street, formerly the town house of the Mainwaring family, was used as the town s first workhouse and House of Correction ... 33, 41 ref The residential workhouse was replaced by 1748 by a set of three cottages on Queen Street ... ref name workhouse website The correction aspect of the Beam Street workhouse had earlier been assumed ... both in the workhouse and in their homes the rate was collected between zero and five times ... Salusbury Cotton and George Wilbraham of Delamere. ref name Hall p227 The new workhouse opened in June ... Howard , an early visitor Shortly after its foundation, the new workhouse is recorded as having a farm ... immediately to the north of the workhouse, and might have provided food for the inhabitants. ref name .... Children at the workhouse appear to have received some education at this time, as the purchase of copy ... The prison reformer John Howard prison reformer John Howard visited the workhouse on 1 August 1788 ... February 1837, took over the existing workhouse. It then served 86 parishes and townships, with an elected governing board of 88 guardians. ref name workhouse website The workhouse building was expanded ... had expanded to 93 guardians and, in addition to the governor, workhouse staff at that date included ..., there were 222 inhabitants. ref name Hall p227 By 1892, the original workhouse building had been enlarged .... ref name Kellys 1914 Kelly s Directory 1914 ref File Nantwich Workhouse childrens home.jpg left ... buildings were constructed adjacent to the workhouse. A children s home and school was built in 1879 ...   more details

  1. Workhouse Hill

    infobox UK place country England latitude 51.925637 longitude 0.892639 official name Workhouse Hill population shire district Colchester borough Colchester shire county Essex region East of England constituency westminster Harwich and North Essex UK Parliament constituency Harwich and North Essex post town Colchester postcode district CO4 postcode area CO dial code 01206 os grid reference TM110215 Workhouse Hill is a Hamlet place hamlet in the Colchester borough Colchester district , in the English county of Essex . References reflist Sources refbegin Essex A Z . p. 159. refend Category Colchester Category Hamlets in Essex Essex geo stub ...   more details

  1. Oracle (workhouse)

    had been making cloth for over 50 years. It was thought to be an ideal place to set up a workhouse to help ... after alterations were carried out to make it suitable for the workhouse with 100,000 bricks .... ref cite web title The Oracle Workhouse Site url http website StandardPage.aspx ... 30  m down along the Holy Brook . William Kendrick named the workhouse Oracle after his brother ...   more details

  1. Huddersfield workhouse scandal

    The Huddersfield workhouse scandal concerned the conditions in the workhouse at Huddersfield, England in 1848. On investigation the conditions were considered to be worse than those Andover workhouse scandal in Andover which had hit the headlines in Britain two years earlier. External links http history poorlaw hudders.html The Huddersfield workhouse scandal http peel poorlaw huddscand.htm Another article on the scandal http peter workhouse index.html The history of the Huddersfield workhouse, maps, an 1881 Census, and the scandal Poor Law Category Poor Law Category 1848 in England Category Huddersfield Category History of West Yorkshire history stub ...   more details

  1. Workhouse Arts Center

    Coord 38 41 53.1 N 77 15 17.2 W display title notability date May 2010 primarysources date May 2010 Image workhouse1.jpg thumb right 280px The Workhouse Arts Center The Workhouse Arts Center , a program of the Lorton Arts Foundation , provides visual and performing arts studio and exhibition space as well as arts education programs. The Workhouse is located in Lorton, Virginia , situated on convert 55 acre m2 of land in the Occoquan Workhouse portion of the historic D.C. Department of Corrections Lorton Reformatory . The Workhouse houses over 100 professional and emerging artists as well as cooperative studios, performance and theatre venues,a main gallery building, as well as gallery space in each studio and event facilities. ref About Workhouse http about.php ref References reflist External links http Workhouse Arts Center official site Category Arts centers in Virginia Category Buildings and structures in Fairfax County, Virginia Category Visitor attractions in Fairfax County, Virginia ...   more details

  1. In the Workhouse ? Christmas Day

    In the Workhouse Christmas Day , better known by its Incipit first line , It is Christmas Day in the workhouse is a drama tic monologue written as a traditional rhyming poem and published in 1879 by George Robert Sims . ref http index.html?lit xmasday.shtml ref It is a criticism of the harsh conditions in workhouse s under the 1834 Poor Law . References references Poor Law Category Monologues Category Poor Law Category 1879 poems Category 1879 in England Category English poems Category Christmas fiction England stub poetry stub ...   more details

  1. Smash Up the Workhouse!

    Smash Up the Workhouse was a pamphlet published in 1911 by Labour Party politician George Lansbury . It argued for the abolition of the workhouse system. ref http books?id Nhs AAAAIAAJ&pg PA79&lpg PA79&dq 22smash up the workhouse 22&source bl&ots Ynq4O5gQuw&sig huzxcFaJEhiopY8eIdwKwMyz9tI&hl en&ei W0Z8StzKDNirjAefkZmIBw&sa X&oi book result&ct result&resnum 1 v onepage&q 22smash 20up 20the 20workhouse 22&f false ref References references Poor Law Category Poor Law Category Pamphlets ...   more details

  1. Workhouse Visiting Society

    The Workhouse Visiting Society was an organisation set up in 1858 ref dates poor.htm ref which existed to to improve moral and spiritual improvement of workhouse inmates in England and Wales. ref Margaret Anne Crowther, The workhouse system, 1834 1929 the history of an English social institution ref The group was set up by Louisa Twining of the Twining s Tea family. ref http workh.html ref It began as a sub committee of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science . It was disbanded in 1865. ref cite book first Peter last Gordon first2 David last2 Doughan title Dictionary of British Women s Organisations, 1825 1960 date 2001 publisher Woburn Press location London & Portland, Or. ISBN 0 7130 0223 9 contribution Workhouse Visiting Society pages 188 ref References references Poor Law Category English Poor Laws Category Organizations established in 1858 Category 1865 disestablishments Category 1858 establishments in England England hist stub England org stub ...   more details

  1. Workhouse Test Act

    refimprove date November 2008 The Workhouse Test Act also known as the General Act or Knatchbull s Act ref http poor law unions the poor law1.htm Knatchbull s 20Act 201722 The Poor Law Bot generated title ref was English Poor Laws poor relief legislation passed by the British government by Sir Edward Knatchbull, 4th Baronet Sir Edward Knatchbull in 1723. The workhouse test was that a person who wanted to receive poor relief had to enter a workhouse and undertake a set amount of work. The test was intended to prevent irresponsible claims on a parish s poor rate . Knatchbulls legislation For Amending the Laws relating to Settlement, Employment and Relief of the Poor marked the first emergence of the workhouse test although this principle was adopted more fully after the passing of the Poor Law Amendment Act. Under the act parishes could provide relief as an individual parish, combine with other parishes or poor relief could be sub contracted out to those that would feed, clothe and house the poor in return for a weekly rate from the parish. Between 1723 and 1750 600 parish workhouses were built in England and Wales as a direct result of Knatchull s Act. The costs of this indoor relief was high especially when workhouses were wasteful this led to the passing of Gilbert s Act in 1782. Note The Workhouse Test Act Should not be confused with the workhouse test established under the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 which states those who wanted to claim relief must enter a workhouse . References reflist Poor Law UK legislation UK law stub Category Poor Law Category Great Britain Acts of Parliament 1723 ...   more details

  1. Workhouse Theatre Company

    Orphan date February 2009 morefootnotes date February 2008 Image WTCLogo.png thumb 200px Workhouse Theatre Company WTC is the only independent theatre company residing and producing in north Minneapolis . ref name Workhouse Theatre Company Substantiated Claim http site aboutus.php Workhouse Theatre Company ref Based in the Camden, Minneapolis Camden neighborhoods of Minneapolis, WTC was established by Artistic Director Jeff Redman in 2004, under the name Camden Civic Theatre. The name was changed to Workhouse Theatre Company in 2006, although the theatre s dedication to Camden remains the same and WTC still maintains the title of the first and only independent theatre company based in the Camden community. ref name Workhouse Theatre Company Workhouse Theatre Company is a teaching theatre whose mission is to provide the residents of the Camden neighborhoods with an opportunity to attend and to participate in quality presentations of theatrical works. In addition to offering an assortment of inexpensive classes in acting and improvisation , WTC offers a full theatrical season and regularly participates in community events such as Mississippi River Mississippi Heritage Day and Holiday on 44th. ref Substantiated Claim. Hylton, Dan. http pdf neighnews 433708627 319705182 383568743.pdf Workhouse Theatre Company pdf Shingle Creek Neighborhood Association Newsletter, September, 2006. ref Since 2006, most WTC productions have been staged at http The Warren An Artist Habitat on 44th and Osseo Road North. Company history October 2003 The idea for a permanent independent theatre company in the Camden community was developed and then presented at a monthly Victory, Minneapolis Victory Neighborhood Association ... of Minnesota . August 2006 The company changes its name from the Camden Civic Theatre to the Workhouse ... links http Workhouse Theatre Company http The Warren ...   more details

  1. Cleveland Street Workhouse

    The Cleveland Street Workhouse is a Georgian architecture Georgian property in Cleveland Street, London , originally built between 1775 78 for the care of the London sick and poor under the Old Poor Law ... system in England after functioning as a workhouse , the building became a workhouse infirmary ... National Heritage List List Entry number 1242917 ref History The Cleveland Street Workhouse was built ...?compid 46090 Survey of London. Volume 36 , pp. 61 ref In 1829 the workhouse became independently managed ... as St Paul Covent Garden Workhouse or simply Covent Garden Workhouse Strand Union Workhouse ref, http index.html?Strand Strand.shtml Strand Union Workhouse ref Central ... over more than two centuries the vast majority of the paupers admitted while it was a workhouse were infirm ref Joseph Rogers, M.D http details josephrogersmdre00roge Reminiscences of a workhouse medical officer , London, Unwin, 1889 ref less than 8 were able bodied . When the workhouse ... came under the management of the NHS in 1948. Even during the workhouse era the core function was to tend .... The building represents a unique example of a purpose built Georgian workhouse which has remained ... The Strand Workhouse in the year 1856 was a square four storied building fronting the street, with two ... Joseph Rogers, M.D. http details josephrogersmdre00roge Reminiscences of a workhouse ... reduction in the quality of residential amenity. Retrieved 2011 07 26 ref The Cleveland Street Workhouse ... workhouse was probably the inspiration for Oliver Twist ref Lorna Bradbury 20 January 2011 http culture books bookreviews 8271265 Oliver Twists Workhouse Discovered.html Oliver Twist s Workhouse Discovered , The Telegraph ref . References reflist 35em External links http Cleveland Street Workhouse http save the workhouse Historian Felix Driver takes a dissenting view on saving the workhouse Coord 51.5204 0.1383 ...   more details

  1. Leigh Union workhouse

    Leigh Union workhouse , also known as the Leigh workhouse and after 1930, Atherleigh Hospital , was a workhouse built in 1850 by the Leigh Poor Law Union on Leigh Road, Atherton, Greater Manchester Atherton in the historic county of Lancashire . Background The Elizabethan Poor Law made the townships the unit of administration of the poor laws, and each appointed unpaid Overseers of the Poor to collect poor rates. Paupers were given cash or kind as outdoor relief . Workhouse s were more common from the end of the 17th century and provided indoor relief . Pauper children, especially orphans, were often apprenticed to local craftsmen to learn a trade and ease the burden on the poor rates. ref name records Citation url http big eng LAN Wigan poorlaw.html title Wigan and Leigh Poor Law records publisher GenUKI accessdate 2010 12 16 ref Workhouses before 1837 There were several small ..., Greater Manchester Pennington township had a workhouse in King Street, now Leigh, Greater ... was compulsory. In 1777 the churchwardens leased the workhouse to two speculators , who ran it for a salary ..., which encouraged exploitation and harsh conditions. Usually the workhouse had few inmates .... Atherton s workhouse was in Hag Fold and lasted until the Leigh Union was created. ref Harvnb Lunn 1971 p 162 ref Tyldesley had a workhouse after 1798 when the town started to grow rapidly. The governor ... The population of the townships was about 26,000. ref citation title Leigh Workhouse url http Leigh publisher The Workhouse accessdate 19 December 2010 ref The Poor Law Union was run ... used existing workhouses in Lowton and Culcheth. After 1840, numbers of inmates in the workhouse ... weaving and nailing. The new union workhouse at Atherleigh on Leigh Road in Atherton was completed in 1855. The land was bought from Lord Lilford and cost 640. The red brick workhouse, later described ... 12 16 ref In 1840 the workhouse diet was adequate, consisting of Breakfast milk porridge 1 quart ...   more details

  1. Holywell Workhouse Chapel

    File Holywell Chapela.jpg thumb 200px The former chapel to Holywell Workhouse Holywell Workhouse Chapel was built in association with Holywell Workhouse in Old Chester Road, Holywell , Flintshire , Wales gbmapping SJ189750 . It was built, together with some Vagrancy people vagrants wards for the workhouse , in 1883 84 to a design by the Chester architect John Douglas architect John Douglas . ref cite book last Hubbard first Edward authorlink Edward Hubbard title The Work of John Douglas edition publisher The Victorian Society date 1991 location London page 253 isbn 0 901657 16 6 ref The chapel is built in stone with a slate roof and has a Roof shingle shingled fl che . The workhouse later became North East Wales NHS Trust Lluesty Hospital Lluesty Hospital . ref cite book last Hubbard first Edward authorlink Edward Hubbard coauthors title The Buildings of Wales Clwyd edition publisher Penguin date 1986 location London pages 374&ndash 375 url doi id isbn 0 14 071052 3 ref The chapel is a listed building . ref Cite news last Butler first Carl author link publication date date 15  March 2008 year title Holywell hospital opens today periodical Daily Post North Wales series publication place place publisher Trinity Mirror North West & North Wales volume issue pages url http news north wales news 2008 03 15 holywell hospital opens today 55578 20626939 archiveurl archivedate issn pmid pmc doi oclc accessdate 11  June 2009 postscript . ref See also List of new churches by John Douglas References Reflist UK church stub Wales struct stub coord 53.2663 3.2168 display title Category Buildings and structures in Flintshire Category Chapels in Wales Category John Douglas buildings Category Religious buildings completed in 1884 Category 19th century church buildings Category Gothic Revival architecture in Wales ...   more details

  1. Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse

    Refimprove date June 2010 Infobox Historic Site name Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse native name image salt museum northwich.jpg image size 260 caption Weaver Hall Museum locmapin Cheshire map width 220 map caption Location in Cheshire latitude 53.2540 longitude 2.5136 coordinates coord parameters scale 2000 coord display title coord format location 162 London Road, Northwich , Cheshire , England gbgridref SJ 658 731 area elevation formed founded built 1839 built for demolished rebuilt restored ... designation2 free3value The Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse , Northwich , Cheshire , records the social ... workhouse. ref citeweb url http news and events press releases ... is located in the old Northwich Union workhouse , dating from 1839 and situated on the A533 road . It has ... Current Museum File WeaverHallSchlrm.JPG upright thumb left Display in former Workhouse Schoolroom ... history of Cheshire from prehistory to the present. Permanent displays include a Victorian workhouse ... in 1839 ref name ROCHESTER Rochester, Mary, The Northwich Poor Law Union & Workhouse , Salt Museum ... on the theory that pauperism among able bodied workers was a moral failing. Entry to the workhouse ... Workhouse was commissioned in 1837, after 65 local parishes and townships comprising nearly the whole ... Law Unions and their Guardians were abolished in April 1930, when Northwich Workhouse transferred to Cheshire ... Hall Old People s Home . Most of the workhouse buildings were demolished in the 1960s, though an original ... 1981 the former workhouse building was re opened as The Salt Museum , and continued until its renaming in 2010 as the Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse. References Reflist See also Portal Cheshire ... category inline Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse http Museum website http ... website Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse formerly the Salt Museum http Friends of Weaver Hall Museum http cheshire northwich weaver hall museum and workhouse ...   more details

  1. Andover workhouse scandal

    Westminster system select committee to investigate the workhouse in March 1846, and as a result of its ... Workhouse first Ian last Anstruther location London publisher Geoffrey Bles year 1973 isbn 0713805900 ... Andover workhouse is now a Listed building Grade II listed building and has been converted into luxury ... overarching principles less eligibility &ndash that the pauper should have to enter a workhouse with conditions worse than those of the poorest free labourer outside of the workhouse. ref name historyhome4 ... date 2009 01 19 accessdate 2009 05 17 ref the workhouse test &ndash that relief should only be available in the workhouse. ref name publicpolicy1 cite web url http ... being called the Hungry Forties. Andover workhouse On 11 July 1835 at the first meeting of the Board ... workhouse calculated to contain 400 persons. Andover s new workhouse was designed by architect Sampson ... lay down the west side with exercise yards beyond. Along the north side of the workhouse were ... the workhouse system, keeping it in the news every day sometimes with only a single item often with a thunderous ... anstruther The scandal incomplete date November 2010 See also The Huddersfield workhouse scandal 1848 ... article on the Andover workhouse scandal http index.html?Andover Andover.shtml showing images of the workhouse http peel poorlaw andover.htm Historyhome s article on the Andover workhouse scandal Poor Law DEFAULTSORT Andover Workhouse Scandal ...   more details

  1. Occoquan

    Occoquan may refer to Occoquan, Virginia Occoquan River Lorton and Occoquan Railroad Occoquan Workhouse prison Silent Sentinels 1917 imprisonment of suffragettes at the Occoquan workhouse Disambig ...   more details

  1. Consolidated General Order

    The Consolidated General Order was a book of workhouse regulations which governed how workhouse s should be run in England and Wales. ref http index.html?gco gco1847intro.shtml ref References references Poor Law Category Poor Law England law stub ...   more details

  1. Tindal Centre

    Image Aylesbury WH.gif right thumb The Bierton Hill Workhouse, in which building the Tindal Centre is now housed The Tindal Centre formerly Tindal Hospital is a centre for the treatment of mental illness es in Aylesbury , Buckinghamshire , England . It includes a residential hospital for people with profound mental health difficulties and also counselling therapy outpatient services. It is located to the north east of the town in an area colloquially known as Bierton Hill, opposite Aylesbury HM Prison Aylesbury Prison . The building in which the centre and hospital is located was originally the town s workhouse , built in 1844 . External links http findus bucks aylesbury tindalcentre.aspx Address and contact information http peter workhouse Aylesbury Aylesbury.shtml A history of Aylesbury Workhouse Buckinghamshire struct stub UK hospital stub coord 51.8232 0.8038 type landmark region GB BKM display title Category Aylesbury Category Psychiatric hospitals in England Category Hospitals in Buckinghamshire es Tindal Centre ...   more details

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