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Encyclopedia results for Weebly Websites

Weebly Websites

Encyclopedia results for Weebly Websites

  1. Weebly

    for those looking to create websites for non English speaking audience ref Weebly Forums, http ... allows people to sign in onto an unofficial release of Weebly and edit their websites there . http ...infobox software name Weebly logo Image Weebly logo new.png 250px screenshot File Weebly Home.png 250px caption Weebly s Home page founders David Rusenko, Dan Veltri, Chris Fanini latest release version ... br http Weebly for Education br http Weebly Designer Platform br http Beta site Weebly is an online, free GUI widget widget ... 2008 06 10 weebly adds adsense support for drag and drop cash Weebly Adds AdSense Support For Drag ... as number four of the fifty best websites of 2007. ref http time specials 2007 article 0,28804,1633488 1633608 1633636,00.html 50 Best Websites 2007 . Time magazine Time . Retrieved on October 29, 2007. ref In June 2008, Weebly added the Weebly pro accounts feature, allowing ... support services. ref Adewumi, David June 10, 2008 . http 2008 06 10 weebly a simple web page creator adds a simple way for users to make money Weebly, a simple web page creator, launches ..., Weebly editing became compatible with Safari and Google Chrome editing compatibility was introduced earlier for Internet Explorer and Firefox. ref Weebly Staff October 13, 2008 . http ..., Nabble forums, and more . Weebly. Retrieved on October 29, 2008. ref Weebly was the most popular ... Features Weebly s WYSIWYG editing interface allows users to easily and quickly drag and drop content into the currently open Web page, which Weebly considers its flagship feature. Consistent with this design ... audio or video content, up to 100MB uploads, up to 10 sites, favicon, removal of the Weebly footer ... editors to edit on a website, with the exception that Weebly has separated how you can invite ... features.php ref . Also, a rather recent announcement on the Weebly blog stated that they were ...   more details

  1. Lists of websites

    This is a list of website lists . List of biological websites List of biological wikis List of blogs List of environmental websites List of news websites in Sudan List of numismatic websites List of online comics List of online databases Comparison of online dating websites List of photo sharing websites List of question and answer websites List of search engines List of social networking websites List of defunct social networking websites List of Sri Lankan news sites List of video sharing websites List of weather websites in the Philippines List of web directories List of web resources for visualizing molecular dynamics List of websites blocked in the People s Republic of China List of websites founded before 1995 List of wikis By popularity Wikipedia does not have a list of web sites sorted by traffic, but independent publishers of such information include Alexa Internet http topsites comScore http subscription only Netcraft http stats topsites Nielsen NetRatings http www.nielsen subscription only See also Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection ASACP Computer game tracking websites Doctor Who tie in websites Marriage websites Members owned websites North Korean websites banned in South Korea External links http en frames.alphabetic.index.en.htm Alphabetic Index of Websites of the United Nations System of Organizations Category Websites Category Lists of lists Websites ms Senarai laman web ...   more details

  1. Matrimonial websites

    essay date September 2009 globalize India date November 2010 Marriage websites , or online matrimonial sites , are a variation of the standard dating websites , with a focus on those wanting marriage rather than simply dating . ref Das, Sreashi. Shifts in Perceived Control in Indian Matrimonial Websites Paper presented at the annual meeting of the NCA 94th Annual Convention, TBA, San Diego, CA ref Matrimonial sites are specially popular in India and among Indians settled overseas. ref Chatterjee, Joyee. The Internet as Matchmaker A Study of Why Young Indians are Seeking Marriage Alliances Online Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association, TBA, San Francisco, CA, May 24, 2007 ref Young men and women in India generally do not feel any compulsion to date since dating has not been a part of the culture historically. In the west, love is generally considered a prerequisite for marriage. ref Without love in the mix, mates can t truly match http 203 story 898038.html?storylink omni popular ref In India, however love is often taken to be the total mutual dedication that comes after marriage. Matrimonial sites register users, after which they are able to upload their profile onto a searchable database maintained by the website. Those users looking to find suitors can search the database with customised searches that typically include nationality, age, gender, availability of photograph and often religion , geographic location and caste mainly for websites based in India . Introduction to Online Matrimony Online Matrimony is an organized web based Matrimonial Marriage service facilitating wishful young men and women ... websites that cater to specific communities. Some communities, such as Jains run some non ... publisher MSN title Tying the knot, online author India Syndicate DEFAULTSORT Matrimonial Websites Category Websites Category Marriage ...   more details

  1. List of news websites in Sudan

    Below is a list of news websites relating to Sudan Arabic language News websites Al http 1 Radio Dabanga http ar 2 http 3 http 4 http 5 Arabic English English language News websites Radio Dabanga http English Arabic http 5 English Arabic http 5 English http 6 http 6 English Sudan Tribune http 8 SUNA http 9 English Arabic French South Sudan News Agency http 10 http 11 See also List of newspapers in Sudan Expand list date August 2008 Category Sudanese news websites Category Sudan related lists News websites about Sudan, List of bbc sudan ...   more details

  1. Social investment websites

    Multiple issues orphan February 2009 disputed February 2009 one source February 2009 Social investment websites are websites in which novice investor s are taught to invest using a virtual Portfolio finance portfolio or websites in which investors can learn from each other and act together to gain a greater advantage and better insights into the stock market and other investments. These range from forms of prediction markets and other forms of predictive websites and investment knowledge sharing sites to advanced wikis with deep content. History Social investment websites study the personal investment strategies of members to come up with an algorithm that can help hedge funds and other users develop comprehensive strategies. External links http 2008 02 11 a survey of social investing sites 11 contenders http social investing sites.php http Category Web 2.0 investment stub ...   more details

  1. List of microcredit lending websites

    Orphan date May 2011 This is an incomplete list of microcredit lending social websites Kiva organization United Prosperity organisation Wokai Energy in Common World Vision Vittana MicroPlace Category Financial institutions incomplete list date September 2011 ...   more details

  1. Members-owned websites

    unreferenced date January 2012 Members owned websites allow users, on becoming a member of the site, to become a shareholder in the website or a company related to the website. , a success story from the dot com era , offered members 1,000 free shares on joining, and more when they purchased through online partners. Other websites have offered members shares in the website. These would be automatically cashed in if the website were ever sold. This offered members an additional incentive to help the website become successful enough to find a potential buyer. However, no website has ever been known to have been sold in this way after offering such a scheme. Category Reward websites ...   more details

  1. List of social bookmarking websites

    Social bookmarking websites ref http List of Social Bookmarking Sites ref allow Internet users to organize and store Internet bookmark bookmarks to online resources. The sites provide folksonomy based tagging, sharing features, web feed s, and bookmarklet s to easily add entries. ref name showdown cite journal last Gilbertson first Scott title Social Bookmarking Showdown magazine Wired magazine Wired date November 6, 2006 url http techbiz it news 2006 11 72070 ref Users can access their bookmarks from any computer. ref name showdown class wikitable Name Description Web address Balatarin Iranian people Iranian community website. Named second most popular Persian website by Internet magazine 7 Sang in 2008. ref http 86.htm Bot generated title ref http Balatarin BibSonomy http BookmarkSync http CiteULike http Connotea Free reference management for clinicians and scientists http Delicious website Delicious The site was bought by Avos Systems on April 27, 2011 ref cite news url http technology 2011 04 bookmark this youtubes chad hurley and steve chen buy delicious from yahoo.html title Bookmark this YouTube s Chad Hurley and Steve Chen buy Delicious from Yahoo last Guynn first Jessica date 27 April 2011 work Los Angeles Times accessdate 27 April 2011 ref though was operated by Yahoo until July 2011. http ... Knowledge Plaza Enterprise bookmarking tool for all information formats not only websites like Delicious ... bookmarking platforms List of social software List of social networking websites Comparison of reference ... websites Category Social bookmarking Category Social software Social bookmarking websites Category Internet related lists Social bookmarking websites ...   more details

  1. List of Official NASA Websites

    This is an attempt to create a list of specific, official NASA websites which are currently available on the world wide web. class wikitable sortable style font size 85 text align center width auto Theme URL Managing Authority K 12 & Educators General Public Scientific Community NASA Internal Use Comments Agency Homepage http yes yes yes Center Homepage http centers glenn yes yes yes Exploration http Glenn Research Center GRC yes Mission Science http tbd tbd tbd tbd tbd Others to be categorized http http centers glenn http http http http http http www http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http http ... NASA lists Websites ...   more details

  1. List of biology websites

    Main Biology This is an annotated list of biological websites , including only notable websites dealing with biology generally and those with a more specific focus. Actionbioscience sponsored by the American Institute of Biological Sciences AIBS providing articles by scientists, science educators, and science students on issues related to seven bioscience challenges environment, biodiversity, genomics, biotechnology, evolution, new frontiers in science, and bioscience education Animal Diversity Web created by the staff at the Museum of Zoology at the University of Michigan collecting the natural history, classification, species characteristics, conservation biology, and distribution information of thousands of species of animals Animal Genome Size Database created by Dr. T. Ryan Gregory of the University of Guelph in Canada publishing genome size estimates for vertebrate and invertebrate animals Animal Science Image Gallery a work of the United States Federal Government containing images, animations, and video for classroom and outreach learning Bioinformatic Harvester a bioinformatic meta search engine at KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology working for human, mouse, rat, zebrafish, drosophila and arabidopsis thaliana information Catalogue of Life compiled with sectors provided by 52 taxonomic databases from around the world planned to become a comprehensive catalogue of all known species of organisms on Earth Earth Human STR Allele Frequencies Database EHSTRAFD the natural step in managing populational data reported for Short Tandem Repeat STR loci from all over the world... Encyclopedia of Life EOL with senior officers from Harvard University and other organizations a free, online collaborative encyclopedia intended to document all of the 1.8 million species of living organisms known to science Encyclopedia of Life Sciences ELS owned by John Wiley & Sons having both ... databases List of biological wikis Lists of websites Category Biology websites Category Biology ...   more details

  1. List of educational video websites

    This page contains a representative list of academic websites that provide access to educational videos . PLEASE ADD ITEMS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER IF YOU WANT TO ADD AN ITEM TO THIS LIST, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS A WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE FOR THAT ITEM ALREADY TO HELP PREVENT REDLINKS class wikitable sortable style font size 90 width 100 Name Discipline s Description Access Cost Provider s 60second Recap Literature Educational videos Free DimSum Media, Inc. ref http 60second Recap ref Academic Earth Multidisciplinary Lectures from universities. Free Academic Earth ref http about Academic Earth ref Multidisciplinary Kids Educational videos Free ref http ref Multidisciplinary Academic videos Free Subscription ref http aboutfora About Us ref ITunes Store iTunes U iTunesU Multidisciplinary Lectures from universities. Free requires iTunes software Apple Inc. ref http education mobile learning iTunesU ref Khan Academy Math, Economics, Science Video lessons. Free Khan Academy ref http Khan Academy ref Multidisciplinary Video lectures, video courses, science animations, lecture notes, online tests, lecture presentations, etc. Free N A MIT World Multidisciplinary Videos Free MIT ref http MIT World ref Multidisciplinary Videos Free ref http NalandaU ref GUCAS Multidisciplinary Videos from Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Free GUCAS ref http GUCAS Video ref ResearchChannel Multidisciplinary Videos Free University of Washington ref http ResearchChannel ref Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures ... of California ref http ref See also List of video hosting websites List of academic databases ... 3 DEFAULTSORT List Of Educational Video Websites Category Educational video websites ...   more details

  1. Computer game tracking websites

    Computer game tracking websites are website s that maintain performance statistics for players of certain video game s, allowing players to evaluate their competitive performance and ranking and allowing players to seek out others of comparable ability. Examples GamerDNA The GamerDNA service allows gamers to track their game history across multiple platforms by aggregating history from Xbox Live, Xfire, Steam and other networks. Battlefield Series main Battlefield video game series All games in the Battlefield Series have no official statistics and rankings colated by EA DICE however, there are third party websites which have similar functionality, such as BF Tracks and BF2S BF Tracks provides nearly real time and historical gameplay statistics for all public Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam servers including servers running modifications . All such servers are continuously monitored and statistics from games played on each server are recorded in a database. Each player seen playing online is individually recognized within the database and players are ranked according to their skill based on a formula that incorporates various parameters of the player s performance during gameplay. The BF Tracks website provides a searchable interface to the database where players can view their statistics and see how they compare to every other player in the database. This is all performed automatically without the player needing to register themselves with the service. Battlefield 2 has several sites that offers a similar service to BF Tracks such as BF2S, but statistics are collected from the game itself which collect data from specific servers known as ranked servers, and most sites do not independently rank players based on their portfolio. However, these sites can, and most do, display and track more variables and statistics than BF Tracks could. GameTrack Another major tracking ... Category Video game websites ...   more details

  1. List of environmental websites

    Only websites that have a Wikipedia article should be included on this page. See the talk page and deletion discussions. TOCright This is a list of environmental websites which are websites dealing with environmental issue s. General BlueLink Information Network based in Bulgaria offering services in Bulgarian and English related to the environment Earth Times run by a UK Limited Company providing world news and information to its readers, with specific attention given to environmental issues Environmental Data Interactive Exchange based in the UK publishing news, job listings, events and tenders concerning the environment Ekopedia Ekopedia is a free Free Art License , collaborative wiki , and multilingual encyclopedia project dedicated in providing answers and dispersing practical knowledge related to environmental sustainability. Encyclopedia of Earth EoE a component of the Digital Universe project about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems EOLSS sponsored by UNESCO an interdisciplinary encyclopedia, inspired by the sustainable development movement Environment and Energy Publishing based in Washington, D.C. covering environmental and energy policy and markets Environmental Research Letters ERL based in California publishing peer reviewed research across the whole of environmental science Geo wiki founded in 2009 by the project partners the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt and University of Freiburg to help improve the quality ... information for resources including books, articles, films, CD ROMs , and websites pertaining ... reports Lists of environmental publications Lists of websites External links http uc item 92k8v462 eScholarship Environmental Information Sources Websites and Books Category Environmental websites ...   more details

  1. List of question-and-answer websites

    The following is a list of websites that have a question and answer form. class wikitable sortable Website URL Founded Description Focus Languages available Copyrighting of user contributions Volunteer? Alexa Internet Alexa ranking Registration needed? Allexperts http 1998 Yes http siteinfo 1,957 No AOL Answers http 2006 Yes http search?q site screener&p bigtop 6,634 Yes Answerbag http 2003 Yes http siteinfo 1,128 http 2005 Yes http siteinfo 127 No http 2008 Short and accurate answers for everyday questions Multiple Categories English Yes http siteinfo 1,883,724 No Askpedia http http siteinfo 123,765 Askgetanswer http 2007 http siteinfo 580,324 Ask Me Help Desk http 2003 Yes http siteinfo 6,686 Yes MetaFilter Ask MetaFilter http Many topics English Askville http dts December 8, 2006 Many topics English Yes Yes Baidu Baidu Know http Many topics Chinese Forum Ask & Answer http forum 2011 Yes http siteinfo 2,133 No Blurtit http 2006 Yes http siteinfo 1,716 ChaCha search engine ChaCha http 2006 Many Topics English contributions owned by ChaCha ref cite web url http footer terms of use title Terms of use of the Chacha service language En icon publisher ... and Answer websites, Many topics English CC BY SA 2.5 Yes http siteinfo ... List Of Question Answer Websites Category Community websites ...   more details

  1. Doctor Who tie-in websites

    Fitness Cybus Fitness , these websites have disclaimer s indicating their fictional nature. In Doctor Who Magazine 367, James Goss producer James Goss , producer of s cult television websites ... article he revealed that the content for the websites would be written by Joseph Lidster , produced ... By whom date October 2011 if any of these sites will be reactivated, or if other websites will be created in support of a future episodes of Doctor Who. Websites Series One Who is Doctor Who ... Gallifrey , as to what the phrase might mean. The site differed from the other websites, however ... tie in websites over the course of Series 2. The name of the site may be a reference to the Doctor ... the test, the player must use information from previous Doctor Who tie in websites. The http ... Vale websites. The background music for the site is a bells only, jingle like version of Flavia s Theme ... s alternate reality game , websites such as http http , http ... by the BBC, the canon fiction canonicity of the material on these websites is unclear. While ... has registered the following domain names, but none of them have active websites at this time ... Who DEFAULTSORT Doctor Who Tie In Websites Category Doctor Who fandom Category Viral marketing ...   more details

  1. Comparison of real estate websites

    Multiple issues notability January 2010 primarysources January 2010 Comparison of real estate web sites br class wikitable sortable style font size 85 border gray solid 1px border collapse collapse text align center width auto style background ececec Comparison of real estate websites EListit ref name Elistit http Elistit is a real estate search engine that has a national coverage in the United States and Canada ref Zillow Trulia ref name Trulia http Trulia is a real estate search engine that has a national coverage in the United States . ref Redfin Movoto ref name Movoto http Movoto Real Estate is a real estate search engine that covers Arizona , Colorado , Georgia U.S. state Georgia , North Carolina , Tennessee , Washington U.S. state Washington , California , Illinois , Oregon , Texas , Washington, D.C. , Florida , Maryland , New York , Virginia . ref Estately ref name Estately http Estately is a real estate search engine that covers major cities in Washington U.S. state Washington including Seattle , Everett, Washington Everett , Sammamish, Washington Sammamish , Issaquah, Washington Issaquah , Tacoma, Washington Tacoma , Longview, Washington Longview , Anacortes, Washington Anacortes , Renton, Washington Renton , Redmond, Washington Redmond , Edmonds, Washington Edmonds , Bellevue, Washington Bellevue , Camano, Washington Camano , Kirkland, Washington Kirkland . ref ZipRealty ref name http is a real estate agent lead generation website serving the United States. ref Funded 2005 2005 2005 2004 2005 2006 1999 2003 Investors N A Benchmark Capital br Technology Crossover Ventures br PAR Capital Management br Legg Mason Legg Mason, Inc. Sarofim Fayez and Co. br Kevin Hartz br Accel Partners br Thorner Ventures br Sequoia Capital Madrona Venture Group br BEV Capital, br Vulcan Capital, br The Hillman Company br ...   more details

  1. List of photo sharing websites

    This is a list of major Photo sharing photo sharing websites . Please note the list is non exhaustive, but is limited to notable, well known sites . Please read the section below. If edits do not meet the criteria listed below, they may be reverted. The criteria for inclusion is an global Alexa ranking 100000 or notability established via an existing page on Wikipedia. Sites that are not photo sharing sites will be removed. If you have questions, use the talk page. Please try to keep entries in alphabetical order. Adding unnecessary links or text anywhere else will also be removed. Thanks. Please see WP WEB for information on notability for websites on Wikipedia. Editors are encouraged to WP WTAF . All values need to be cited and recent. Citations should be from published secondary sources. Please use nts and no commas for the user counts so they do not mess up sorting. For example nts 1234567 Use ntsh with non numeric user counts, for example ntsh 0 Unknown ntsh 1000 Thousands Please only add a sortable table if it puts e.g. all millions above all thousands . Refer to talk page for consensus on this Also, please make sure the numbers shown on the table are registered users not visitors class wikitable sortable style width 100 Name Description Focus Registration requirements Registered user s Storage Space Allowed Per User standard Global Alexa Internet Alexa ref cite web url http site ds top sites?ts mode global&lang none title Alexa Top 500 Sites publisher date 2009 06 30 accessdate 2012 03 31 ref page ranking Bayimg free image hosting, no registration required, uncensored ntsh 0 Unknown unlimited storage for 547x410 pix reduced images nts 11799 ref cite web url http data details traffic details title Site Info publisher date accessdate 2012 03 31 ref Bilddagboken Free image hosting, registration required ... date accessdate 2012 03 31 ref Comparison of photo sharing websites Legend File formats ...   more details

  1. Programming languages used in most popular websites

    web url http title Most Popular Websites on the Internet publisher ... Web development Category Websites ...   more details

  1. List of defunct social networking websites

    This is a list of defunct Social network service social networking websites . class wikitable sortable style font size 90 width 100 Name Description Focus Registered user s Registration Avatars United Online games nts 22686225 ref http siteinfo Alexa Traffic Details for 27 July 2011 ref Open Bahu General, was popular in France, Belgium and elsewhere in Europe nts 1000000 ref cite web url http 2008 08 07 lete en fete pour bahucom des blogs un lecteur video et un million dutilisateurs title Bahu s video player and one million users publisher accessdate 2008 07 20 last first ref Open to people aged 13 25 Bolt website Bolt Teen community website Open Capazoo nts 230000 Open eConozco Bought by Xing Open FitFinder Anonymous UK Student Microblogging Website. nts 322113 ref http siteinfo Alexa Traffic Details for 23 May 2010 ref Open Mugshot website Mugshot Social network aggregator from Red Hat , with compatible desktop software and an official Firefox plugin ntsh 0 Open PlanetAll Social network, calendar and address site founded in 1996 purchased by in 1998 but closed down in 2000 nts 1,500,000 Open Pownce Microblogging application similar to Twitter ntsh 0 Open nts 230000 Open to previous members. Windows Live Spaces Blogging formerly MSN Spaces nts 120000000 ref http presspass newsroom msn factsheet WindowsLiveSpacesFS.mspx Windows Live Spaces Fact Sheet August 2006 Retrieved 3 May 2008 ref Open Yahoo 360 Linked to Yahoo IDs, closed everywhere except at Yahoo Vietnam. ref http 2007 10 23 yang decides to shut down yahoo 360 E2 80 94nobody notices Yang Decides To Shut Down Yahoo360 Worldwide uniques were 10.5 million in october, 2007, but that was down 22 percent from the year ... websites, defunct Category Defunct websites Category Social networking services Category Internet ...   more details

  1. Comparison of free credit report websites

    The following chart compares free credit report websites, including what s free and what kind of credit reports are included. According to the Federal Trade Commission , is the ONLY authorized source for the free annual credit report. ref http bcp edu microsites freereports index.shtml The Federal Trade Commission s Information on Free Annual Credit Reports . ref class wikitable Comparison of free credit report websites Name Website Cost of credit report Cost of credit score Credit card required? Social Security Number required? Report type Score type Free one from each agency every 12 months ref name http ref FICO score Equifax 7.95 Experian score 7.95 TransUnion score 7.95 ref name yes ref name yes ref name ref name Equifax, Experian & Transunion ref name ref name FICO from Equifax , Experian & Transunion ref name Credit Karma Free proprietary credit report card ref name Credit Karma http Credit Karma ref Free once daily ref name Credit Karma No ref name Credit Karma Yes ref name Credit Karma Transunion bare ref name Credit Karma Transunion ref name Credit Karma Credit Sesame Free experian credit report card ref name Credit Sesame http Credit Sesame ref Free once monthly ref name Credit Sesame No ref name Credit Sesame Yes ref name Credit Sesame Experian bare ref name Credit Sesame Experian s National Equivalency Score ref name Credit Sesame Equifax Free with free 30 day credit monitoring trial 14.95 mo. after trial ref name Equifax http Equifax ref ref name http products credit reports type free ref Free one time ref name Equifax ref name yes ref name Equifax yes ref name Equifax ...   more details

  1. List of Romanian websites by number of unique visitors

    This is a list of largest Romania n websites listed by number of unique visitors registered over the span of a month. Only websites with over 1,000,000 unique visitors in July 2009 are listed. ref name sati cite web url http index.php?page rezultate site&o clients&sort DESC&siteid nespecificat&letter toate&filter type period 1&filter category 0 nespecificat title Toate publisher language Romanian accessdate 2009 09 03 ref The governing body that realises the statistics is the Internet audience and traffic study lang ro Studiul de audien i trafic internet SATI . SATI only realises statistics for affiliated sites so there aren t relevant statistics for other popular websites in Romania like Google , Yahoo or Hi5 website Hi5 . ref name zf cite web url http business hi tech top 10 cele mai vizitate site uri din romania 4797901 title Top 10 cele mai vizitate site uri din Romania date 2009 08 25 work Ziarul Financiar language Romanian accessdate 2009 09 02 ref The website with the most unique visitors in July 2009 was code code , the biggest user generated content UGC website in Romania owned by the Trilulilu company, that had around 2.4 million visitors. ref name trilulilu The second most popular website was the software encyclopedia code code which had around 2.3 million unique visitors. ref name softpedia An interesting fact is that code code was the most popular Romanian website for the last 10 months, since August 2008, being overthrown in July 2009 by the second most popular site in the same period code code . ref name zf Websites by number of unique visitors class wikitable sortable Rank class unsortable Website class unsortable Category class unsortable Company Unique clients class unsortable Notes align center span style display none 01.0 span 1 align center code code align center web service align center Trilulilu align center 2,361,080 align ...   more details

  1. Use of social network websites in investigations

    websites References reflist 2 Facebook navbox Online social networking Category Student culture Category ...   more details

  1. Comparison of educational websites that are directed to persons 17 or under

    class wikitable sortable style font size smaller width auto text align center Name Topic Cost Target age Advertising Ask A Biologist Biology Free 5 None Archimedes Mathematics Free 10 Yes limited Awesome Library All Free All Yes large Bitesize by the BBC Art & Design, Business Studies, Design & Technology, DiDA, Drama, English, English Literature, French, Geography, German, History, ICT, Irish, Maths, Music, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Science, Spanish Free 5 16 None BrainPOP Science, Social studies, English, Maths, Art & Music, Health, Technology from US 75 year 4 17 None Cut the Knot Maths Free 8 Yes extensive Fact Monster World & News, U.S., People, English, Science, Math & Money, Sports Free 4 14 K 8 Yes Geometry from the Land of the Incas Geometry Free 12 Yes extensive HyperPhysics Physics Free 15 None Le Patron French Free 12 Yes Everything mainly aimed at teachers Free 5 18 No Reading Free 2 9 None Math Games, Reading, Art, Word Scramble, Spanish, Puzzles, Kids Sudoku and more Free 2 9 None WatchKnowLearn All Free 2 17 None Category Educational websites Category Children s websites ...   more details

  1. Websites and phone numbers in the Year Zero alternate reality game

    to real modern day websites, featuring animations of the effect of rising sea levels on http ... websites. Image 1 216 333 1810.jpg thumb 200px right Spectrogram analysis of 2432.mp3. 1 216 ... entertainment music magazine 16 01 ff args title Secret Websites, Coded Messages The New World ... Inch Nails Category Year Zero game pt Websites e n meros de telefone no alternate reality game de ...   more details

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