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Web services protocol stack
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Encyclopedia results for Web services protocol stack

Web services protocol stack

Encyclopedia results for Web services protocol stack

  1. Web Services Endpoint Language

    Multiple issues unreferenced December 2009 orphan February 2009 context October 2009 Web Services Endpoint Language WSEL was an XML format proposed by IBM for the description of non operational characteristics of service endpoints, such as quality of service, cost, or security properties. It never gained wide acceptance. Category Web service specifications Category World Wide Web Consortium standards Category XML based standards Category Web services Compu lang stub ...   more details

  1. Web Services Discovery

    . IBM modularized this federated Web services discovery engine in 2001. The released technology from IBM is http tech be4ws Business Explorer for Web Services BE4WS . See also ebXML External links Research Paper http papers fp389.html Investigating Web Services on the World Wide Web , 2008 IBM Article http www developerworks webservices library ws be4ws Aggregate UDDI searches with Business Explorer for Web services , 01 Mar 2002 Research Paper http lib download MWSDI ICWS04 final.pdf Discovery of Web Services in a Federated ... Web Service Discovery Mechanisms Looking for a Needle in a Haystack? , 2004 Category Web services ...   more details

  1. Web data services

    Orphan date September 2010 Web data services ref InfoWorld June 22, 2009 , http d developer world kapow focuses web data services 600 Kapow Focuses on Web Data Services. ref refers to service oriented architecture SOA applied to data sourced from the World Wide Web and the Internet as a whole. Web data services enable maximal mashup, reuse, and sharing of structured data such as relational tables , semi structured information such as Extensible Markup Language XML documents , and unstructured information such as RSS feeds, content from web applications , commercial data from online business sources . In a Web data services environment, applications may subscribe to and consume information, provide and publish information for others to consume, or both. Applications that can serve as a consumer subscriber and or provider publisher of Web data services include mobile computing , web portals , enterprise portals , online business software , social media , and social networks ... How Data Driven Enterprise Applications Are Built ref Web data services may support business ... are including web data services in their SOA implementations, as they integrate mashup style user driven ... June 23, 2009 http danagardner.sys node 1012701 Web Data Gains Some Due Respect. ref To speed development of web data services, enterprises can deploy technologies that ease discovery, extraction ... http index.php products kapow web data server Web Data Server. ref ref Microsoft Developer Network http en us data bb931106.aspx ADO.NET Data Services. ref Web data services ... used for SOA, Web 2.0, Web Oriented Architecture, and Representational State Transfer. In addition to operating over the public Internet, Web data services may run solely within corporate intranets ... which will then appear here automatically references Web stub Category Web services ... Oriented Architecture SOA ref See also Information as a Service Data Services Data Integration ...   more details

  1. Web Services Conversation Language

    The Web Service Conversation Language WSCL proposal defines the overall input and output message sequences for one web service using a finite state automaton FSA over the alphabet of message types. External links http TR wscl10 Web Service Conversation Language WSCL proposal Web software stub Category Web service specifications Category World Wide Web Consortium standards Category XML based standards Category Web services ...   more details

  1. Programming Web Services with Perl

    Orphan date November 2006 Programming Web Services with Perl is a non fiction technical book related to the creation of web services using the Perl programming language. Topics that are also covered in the book are HTTP and XML basics, XML RPC and the toolkits, SOAP and toolkits, SOAP Lite, using SOAP with SMTP and other protocols, advertising and discovering with UDDI and WSDL, the REST methodology, and the future of web services. ref cite web url http catalog 9780596002060 top title Programming Web Services with Perl work O Reilly Media coauthors Ray, Randy J. , Pavel Kulchenko accessdate 2009 07 03 ref Bibliographic information Image ProgrammingWebServicesWithPerl Cover.jpg left thumb 120px Book Cover border 1 Title Programming Web Services with Perl Author Randy J. Ray & Pavel Kulchenko Publisher O Reilly & Associates, Inc. Sebastopal, CA, USA. Copyright 2003, O Reilly & Associates, Inc. ISBN 0 596 00206 8 ISBN UPC 9780596002060 Purchase UPC 636920002062 Suggested retail price 39.95 US, 61.95 CAN References Reflist Category Web services Category Books about Perl science book stub ...   more details

  1. Web Services Modeling Language

    Group Web Site Category Web services Category Semantic Web ...for the Greensboro News Talk radio station WSML WSJS WSML or Web Service Modeling Language is a formal language that provides a syntax and semantics for the WSMO Web Service Modeling Ontology WSMO . In other words, the WSML provides means to formally describe the WSMO elements as Ontologies , Semantic Web Services Semantic Web services , Goal management Goals , and Mediator pattern Mediators ref J. de Bruijn, H. Lausen, A. Polleres, D. Fensel WSML a Language Framework for Semantic Web Service. W3C Workshop on Rule Languages for Interoperability, Washington USA, 27 28 April 2005. http WSML aLanguageFrameworkforSemanticWebServices.htm ref . The WSML is based on the logical formalisms as Description Logics Description Logic , First order logic First order Logic and Logic Programming ref J. de Bruijn, H. Lausen, A. Polleres, D. Fensel The WSML rule languages for the Semantic Web. W3C Workshop on Rule Languages for Interoperability, Washington USA, 27 28 April 2005. http TheWSMLrulelanguagesfortheSemanticWeb.htm ref . Language variants of WSML WSML Core , defined as an intersection of the Description Logics Description Logic and Horn logic Horn Logic . Supports modeling classes, attributes, binary relations and instances. WSML DL , extension of the WSML Core, fully captures the Description Logic math mathcal SHIQ mathcal D math . WSML Flight , extension of the WSML Core, provides features as meta modeling, constraints and nonmonotonic negation. WSML Rule , extension of the WSML Flight, provides Logic Programming capabilities. WSML Full , a unification of the WSML DL and WSML Rule. See also Ontology computer science Semantic Web Semantic Web Services Web Ontology Language OWL , OWL S , Web Services Description Language WSDL WSMO References reflist External links http wsml WSML Home Web Site http wsml wsml syntax ...   more details

  1. Web Services Resource Framework

    self published date September 2011 Web Services Resource Framework WSRF is a family of OASIS organization OASIS published specifications for web service s. Major contributors include the Globus Alliance and IBM . A web service by itself is nominally Stateless server stateless , i.e., it retains no data between invocations. This limits the things that can be done with web services, although workarounds exist such as having the web service read from a database , for example, or using session state by way of cookies or WS Session. WSRF provides a set of operations that web services may implement to become stateful web service clients communicate with resource services which allow data to be stored and retrieved. When clients talk to the web service they include the identifier of the specific resource ... of them. This is the basis for Web Services Distributed Management WSDM . Issues with WSRF WSRF ... Services Infrastructure . Its limited compatibility with the mainstream Web Services Interoperability ... . WSRF protocols were also used by Web Services Distributed Management WSDM as the means to interacts ... standard for Web services management with Microsoft, Sun and others choosing to pursue WS Management ..., in spring 2006, an announcement was made of a planned future convergence between Web Services Distributed ... which says how to push information to other web services about what is going on. Implementations Implementing ... 2.0 project which is a Java based implementation of the WSRF, WS Notification , and Web Services ... Standards Category Internet standards Category Web services Category Grid computing es Web Service Resource Framework hu Web Services Resource Framework ... of an explicit resource reference comes a standardized set of web service operations to get set resource ... and availability, deferring to the composable nature of web service specifications to deal ... Newhouse, Savas Parastatidis, Anne Trefethen, Paul Watson, and Jim Webber title Web Service Grids ...   more details

  1. Web Services Test Forum

    The Web Services Test Forum WSTF provides a framework in which members of the Web Service community can develop interoperability scenarios and test implementations of those scenarios against other implementations. The WSTF does not charge dues and has no central governing authority i.e. board . The WSTF was patterned by its initial creators BEA , Fujitsu , IBM , and Oracle Corporation Oracle after the SoapBuilders mailing list community. While its main focus is to test the various Web Service specifications, it also serves as a forum where the entire Web Service community can share ideas and concerns in an open fashion. Principles The WSTF is founded on the following basic principles Low barriers to participation the WSTF seeks to be as inclusive as possible. Consequently it does not charge dues or any other form of membership fee. All that is required to join is have the individual or organization sign a http docs PA.pdf Participation Agreement . No centralized control past experience has shown that, if a subset of members is allowed to control what is and isn t tested, they tend to try and direct testing efforts towards technologies and standards that they favor and discourage testing on technologies that, for whatever reason, they do not like. In the WSTF any member is free to propose a scenario, contribute to an existing scenario, or implement a scenario as they choose. Interoperability by consensus many interoperability issues arise either because the relevant specifications simply do not cover a particular area or there are conflicting, but equally valid interpretations of a specification. The WSTF seeks to resolve such cases using a common sense, consensus approach. Independent testing any test that requires two or more people from separate organizations ... case using web services technologies. External links http WSTF Home Page Category Web services ... to be solved and the constraints on that solution. An architecture that describes the services ...   more details

  1. Comparison of web map services

    Channel TMC Virtual globe Online virtual globes Online virtual globes , with more web map services Category Street view services Sources references http maps Bing Maps http ..., the UK, and the United States Unknown Australia and United States Officially Supported Web Browsers ... 10 25 nokia maps for web update ref Walking Directions Yes beta No Yes bgcolor orange Yes via http ... Integration Yes , via Android Maps app, upcoming feature for full web mode No Yes Yes GPS Integration ... Live current traffic situation http 2011 10 25 nokia maps for web update DEFAULTSORT Comparison Of Web Map Services Category Online services comparisons Web mapping Category Web mapping Category Transport ...   more details

  1. Web Single Sign-On Metadata Exchange Protocol

    Web Single Sign On Metadata Exchange Protocol is a Web Services and Federated identity specification, published by Microsoft and Sun Microsystems that defines mechanisms for a service to query an identity provider for metadata concerning the protocol suites it supports. The goal of this operation is to increase the ability of a given service to interoperate with a given identity provider. ref http ni2005 05 16 a.html Cover Pages Microsoft and Sun Publish Web Single Sign On SSO Identity Specifications Bot generated title ref External links http WebSSO200505.pdf Web Single Sign On Metadata Exchange Protocol See also List of Web service specifications Web Single Sign On Interoperability Profile Security Assertion Markup Language SAML XACML OpenID WS Federation References references Category World Wide Web Category Web service specifications Security compu network stub ...   more details

  1. Web Services Security Kerberos Binding

    Web Services Security Kerberos Binding is a Web Services specification, authored by IBM and Microsoft , which details how to integrate the Kerberos protocol Kerberos authentication mechanism with the Web Services Security model. The most recent draft of the specification was released in 2003 and is identified as being for review and evaluation only. ref http ws security.html Cover Pages Web Services Security Specification WS Security, WS Security 2004 Bot generated title ref External links http library en us dnglobspec html ws security kerberos.asp Web Services Security Kerberos Binding specification See also List of Web service specifications WS Federation References references Category Web service specifications Security compu network stub ...   more details

  1. Java Web Services Development Pack

    The Java Web Services Development Pack JWSDP is a free software development kit SDK for developing Web Services , Web application s and Java programming language Java applications with the newest technologies for Java. Oracle replaced JWSDP with GlassFish . ref cite web accessdate 2011 05 17 location http publisher ORACLE title Web Services Downloads Web Services Previous Releases quote Project GlassFish replaces our previous release vehicle for providing new web services and XML developer tools between releases of the Sun Java System Application Server, the Java Web Services Developer Pack. url http technetwork java index jsp 136025.html ref All components of JWSDP are part of GlassFish and Web Services Interoperability Technology WSIT and several are in Java SE 6 Mustang . The source is available under the Open Source Initiative approved CDDL license. Java APIs These are the components and API s available in the JWSDP 1.6 Java API for XML Processing JAXP , v 1.3 Java API for XML Registries JAXR Java Architecture for XML Binding JAXB , v 1.0 and 2.0 JAX RPC v 1.1 JAX WS v 2.0 SAAJ SOAP with Attachments API for Java Web Services Registry Starting with JWSDP 1.6, the JAX RPC and JAX WS implementations support the Fast Infoset standard for the binary encoding of the XML infoset. Earlier versions of JWSDP also included Java Servlet JavaServer Pages JavaServer Faces Related technologies There are many other Java implementations of Web Services or XML processors. Some of them support the Java standards, some support other standards or non standard features. Related technologies include Apache Axis web services framework XINS RPC web services framework xmlenc XML output library JBossWS web services stack from JBoss References Reflist 2 External links ... platform Web Services Development Pack Category Web services Interwikies de Java Web Services Development Pack es Java Web Services Development Pack ja Java Web Services Development Pack ...   more details

  1. Comparison of free web hosting services

    hosting Category Free web hosting services Category Online services comparisons Free Web Hosting Services, Comparison of Category HTML editors Category Web development software website stub ...This is a comparison of notable free web hosting service s. IF YOU DON T PAY ATTENTION TO THIS MESSAGE, YOUR EDIT WILL BE ROLLED BACK WITHOUT WARNING. Only place entries here that are links to actual Wikipedia articles about notable free web hosting services. External links, redlinks, or non notable sites. If you have questions, use the talk page. Please try to keep entries in alphabetical order. class wikitable style font size 85 text align center width auto style width 10em Company Founding Since Network storage Storage Bandwidth computing Bandwidth File size File size limit File Transfer Protocol FTP upload Secure Shell SSH WYSIWYG Page builder Website templates Templates Adware Ad free Blog hosting service Blog Domain name registrar Domain registration Archive site Custom HTML Custom CSS Custom Javascript Custom File hosting API Languages Free AdSense Angelfire Lycos 1996 20 MiByte 1 GiByte mo ? Paid Only ? ? yes ? yes yes ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Edicy Edicy 2008 100 MiByte Unlimited 50 MiByte no ? yes yes yes yes yes yes ? ? ? ? no ? ? Google Sites Google 2008 100 MiByte ? limited No ? Yes yes yes Yes no ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Jimdo Jimdo 2007 500 MiByte Unlimited 10 MiByte no ? yes yes no yes yes ? yes yes yes ? ? ? ? Lifeyo Scape Networks 2010 500 MiByte ? 10 MiByte no ? yes yes yes yes yes ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Lycos 1995 20 MiByte 1 GiByte ? no ? yes yes no yes Yes ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? uCoz uCoz Media 2005 400MiByte Unlimited 15MiByte yes ? yes yes no yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ? ? Webnode Webnode 2008 100 MiByte 1 GiByte 100 MiByte no ? yes yes yes yes yes no ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Webs web hosting Webs FreeWebs 2001 40 MiByte 100 MiByte ? Paid Only ? yes yes No yes yes Yes ? ? ? ? yes ? ? Weebly Weebly 2006 unlimited unlimited 5 MiByte 100 MiByte with the Weebly pro service no ? yes ...   more details

  1. Radio resource location services protocol

    Radio resource location services LCS protocol RRLP applies to GSM and UMTS Cellular Networks. It is used to exchange messages between a handset and an SMLC in order to provide geolocation information ref http glossary RRLP.php INACON Glossary ref e.g., in the case of emergency calls. The protocol was developed in order to fulfil the E911 Wireless enhanced 911 Wireless Enhanced 911 requirements in the United States. However, since the protocol does not use require any authentication, and it can be used outside a voice call or SMS transfer, its use is not restricted to emergency calls and can be used by law enforcement to pinpoint the exact geolocation of the targets mobile phone. RRLP was first specified in 3GPP TS 04.31 Location Services LCS Mobile Station MS Serving Mobile Location Centre SMLC Radio Resource LCS Protocol RRLP . ref http ftp Specs html info 0431.htm 3GPP specification TS 04.31 ref Harald Welte proved at Hacking at Random HAR2009 ref http weblog 2009 10 13 20091013 har2009 report Harald Welte on OpenBSC and HAR2009 ref that many high end smart phones submit their GPS location to the mobile operator when requested. This happened without any sort of authentication. RRLP parameters Positioning methods RRLP supports two positioning methods E OTD The E OTD Enhanced Observed Time Difference E OTD is based on measurements inside the mobile phone, where the phone measures the observed time difference of arrival of bursts sent by nearby pairs of base transceiver station s. GPS This method uses the GPS Global Positioning System for achieving geolocation. To support this, the phone needs to have a built in GPS receiver. Method type The method type indicates whether MS based or assisted location is to be performed. MS assisted The MS mobile phone performs E OTD or GPS measurements, and passes the raw measurement data to the network. The computation of the geolocation is then performed inside the carrier network, not on the phone ...   more details

  1. Stack

    wiktionary Stack may refer to A pile or mound of something TOC right Mathematics Stack descent theory , general category theoretical concept to formalise pull back operations in geometry and algebra Algebraic stack , a generalisation of scheme and algebraic space in algebraic geometry a specific type of the above An old term for a sheaf mathematics . Computers Stack data structure , abstract data type and data structure based on the principle of Last In First Out LIFO Stacks software , a folder view on the Dock of Mac OS X Stack based memory allocation Call stack Protocol stack , a particular software implementation of a computer networking protocol suite Solution stack , a group of software systems, increasing in abstraction from bottom to top. People Brian Stack Stevens , a Cornish rugby player 2010 Austin plane crash Joseph Stack , an American who flew an aircraft into an Austin, Texas building to attack the IRS Stacks rapper , the stage name of the rapper Yannique Barker born 1985 Robert Stack 1919 2003 American actor Technology Flue gas stacks , the industrial terminology for an industrial plant chimney Guitar amplifier stack, as used in guitar terminology Smoke stack, a chimney Stack interchange , a free flowing grade separated junction between two roads The Stack , the interchange of I 10 and I 17 in Phoenix, Arizona Stacking chemistry , also called pi stacking, refers to attractive, noncovalent interactions between aromatic rings Other Stack geology , a large vertical column of rock in the sea Stack magazine , a bimonthly publication about high school sports See also lookfrom intitle Haystack disambiguation Stacker disambiguation Stacking disambiguation Stak disambiguation disambiguation bg cs Z sobn k de Stack et Magasin es Stack fr Stack ko hu Verem egy rtelm s t lap nl Stack ja ru sk Z sobn k sl Sklad sr sv Stack ...   more details

  1. Java API for XML Web Services

    The Java API for XML Web Services JAX WS is a Java programming language Java programming language Application programming interface API for creating web service s. It is part of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition Java EE platform from Sun Microsystems . Like the other Java EE APIs, JAX WS uses Java annotation annotation s, introduced in Java Platform, Standard Edition Java SE 5 , to simplify the development and deployment of web service clients and endpoints. It is part of the Java Web Services Development Pack . The Reference implementation computing Reference Implementation of JAX WS is developed as an open source project and is part of project GlassFish , an open source Java EE application server. It is called JAX WS RI For Reference Implementation and is said to be production quality implementation contrary to the former Reference Implementation being a proof of concept . This Reference Implementation is now part of the GlassFish Metro Metro distribution http blog kohsuke archive 2007 06 introducing met.html . JAX WS also is one of the foundations of Web Services Interoperability Technology WSIT . Name change JAX WS 2.0 replaced the JAX RPC API in Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5. The name change reflected the move away from Remote procedure call RPC style and toward document style web services. External links project pages http jax JAX WS project page http GlassFish project page Documentation http javaee 5 docs tutorial doc ?wp405739&JAXWS.html wp72279 JAX WS in the Java EE 5 Tutorial http jax jax ws 20 fcs jax ws20fcsJavadoc.html JAX WS 2.0 Javadoc http jax 2.1 fcs javadoc.html JAX WS 2.1 Javadoc http en jsr detail?id 224 JAX ... Sun s JAX WS info http webservices Java Technology and Web Services http webservices jaxws index.jsp Sun s JAX WS page Category Java API for XML de Java API for XML Web Services ...   more details

  1. Java API for RESTful Web Services

    JAX RS Java API for RESTful Web Services is a Java programming language Java programming language Application programming interface API that provides support in creating web service s according to the Representational State Transfer REST architectural style. ref Hadley, p. 1. ref JAX RS uses Java annotation annotation s, introduced in Java Platform, Standard Edition Java SE 5 , to simplify the development and deployment of web service clients and endpoints. From version 1.1 on, JAX RS is an official part of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition Java EE 6. A notable feature of being an official part of Java EE is that no configuration is necessary to start using JAX RS. For non Java EE 6 environments a small entry in the web.xml deployment descriptor is required. Specification JAX RS provides some annotations to aid in mapping a resource class a POJO as a web resource. The annotations include tt Path tt specifies the relative path for a resource class or method. tt GET tt , tt PUT tt , tt POST tt , tt DELETE tt and tt HEAD tt specify the HTTP request type of a resource. tt Produces tt specifies the response MIME media types. tt Consumes tt specifies the accepted request media types. In addition, it provides further annotations to method parameters to pull information out of the request. All the tt Param tt annotations take a key of some form which is used to look up the value required ... 311 JAX RS The Java API for RESTful Web Services. Jersey implements support for the annotations defined in JSR 311, making it easy for developers to build RESTful web services with Java and the Java ... 6 docs tutorial doc giepu.html Building RESTful Web Services with JAX RS and Jersey ref Notes Reflist ... Java Sun Java API for RESTful Web Services DEFAULTSORT Jax Rs Category Java API for XML de Java API for RESTful Web Services fr Java API for RESTful Web Services hu JAX RS zh JAX RS ... ref Apache CXF , an open source Web service framework. http Jersey , the reference ...   more details

  1. The Stack

    About the freeway interchange in Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix Los Angeles, California Los Angeles stack Bill Keene Memorial Interchange Infobox road junction country USA name The Stack image I 10 and I 17 stack, PHX.jpg image caption The Stack , intersection of Interstate 10 and I 17. Looking north up I 17, downtown Phoenix. maint ADOT location Phoenix, Arizona coord Coord 33 27 43 N 112 6 30 W display inline, title scale 10000 roads jct state AZ I 10 br jct state AZ I 17 br jct state AZ US 60 type const opened start date 1990 height other names map Map of the stack.svg The Stack is a colloquialism used to describe the symmetrical, four level stack interchange in Downtown Phoenix in the U.S. state of Arizona that facilitates movements between Interstate 17 U.S. Route 60 in Arizona U.S. Route 60 and Interstate 10 in Arizona Interstate 10 . ref cite web url http news traffic terms title The Stack Interchange publisher KJZZ accessdate 2008 03 18 ref Description In 2006, the Stack interchange saw an average of 235,000 cars pass through it daily on Interstate 10 in Arizona Interstate 10 eastbound and westbound and an average of 120,000 cars on northbound and southbound Interstate 17 . ref cite web url http data documents SHSAADT0707.xls title Arizona AADT publisher ADOT accessdate 2008 03 18 Dead link date October 2010 bot H3llBot ref The interchange constitutes exit ... this interchange. History The stack was the Phoenix Metropolitan Area and Arizona s first four level stack interchange upon its completion in 1990 and one of the last portions of I 10 in Arizona to be completed. ref cite web url http i 010 az.html title Construction Timeline publisher AARoads accessdate 2008 03 18 ref Congestion In a 2007 study by Forbes , the Stack .... This is much better than the Mini Stack , which logged 22 million hours of delays, the fourth worst ... SuperRedTan Interchange Mini Stack Phoenix area freeways DEFAULTSORT Stack, The Category Buildings ...   more details

  1. Bluetooth stack

    Refimprove date May 2008 A Bluetooth stack is a computer software software that refers to an implementation of the Bluetooth protocol stack . Bluetooth stacks can be roughly divided into two General purpose ... is the portable higher layer Bluetooth protocol stack from Stollmann E V GmbH. BlueCode 4.0 is qualified ... the upper layers of the Bluetooth protocol stack above HCI, or optionally RFCOMM plus a large library ... protocol stack which powers Apple s iPhone and Qualcomm powered devices such as the Motorola RAZR ... was the first fully certified all protocols and profiles Bluetooth protocol stack at the 1.1 level ... accessdate 2011 11 16 ref EtherMind stack EtherMind is a Bluetooth protocol stack from MindTree ... ip led services bluetooth ip solutions ethermind stack and profile ethermind EtherMind Bluetooth ... interface API documentation. Jungo s BTware Jungo s Bluetooth Protocol Stack allows device ..., FTP. lwBT lwBT is an open source lightweight Bluetooth protocol stack for embedded system s. It acts as a network interface for the lwIP protocol stack. It supports some Bluetooth protocols and layers ... Windows Widcomm Widcomm was the first Bluetooth stack for the Microsoft Windows Windows operating system. The stack was initially developed by a company named Widcomm Inc., which was acquired by Broadcom ... 03 02 ref Broadcom continues to license the stack for inclusion with many Bluetooth powered end user devices. An API is available for interacting with the stack from a custom application. For developers there is also a utility named BTServer Spy Lite bundled with the stack some vendor tied versions excluded which monitors Bluetooth activity on the stack at a very low level although the category and level of trace is configurable. This stack also allows use of RFCOMM without creating a virtual serial port in the operating system. Microsoft Windows stack The Microsoft Windows Bluetooth stack only .... ref name MSBTFAQ Generally, only a single stack can be used at any time switching usually requires ...   more details

  1. Protocol

    Wiktionary Protocol may refer to TOCright Society Protocol, etiquette Protocol diplomacy , the etiquette of diplomacy and affairs of state Protocol politics , a formal agreement between nation states The Protocols of the Elders of Zion , an antisemitic tract Kyoto Protocol , a protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Protocol I , an amendment to the Geneva Conventions Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees , a United Nations convention on the status of refugees The arts Protocol band , British band Protocol film , a 1984 comedy film Protocol album , the d but album EP from Simon Phillips Science Protocol natural sciences , a predefined written procedural method of conducting experiments Clinical trial protocol , a document that plans a clinical trial Medical protocol disambiguation , various meanings, most prominently including guidelines for medical treatment Communications Communications protocol , a set of rules & regulations that determine how data is transmitted in telecommunications and computer networking Cryptographic protocol , a protocol for encrypting messages Proprietary protocol , a telecommunications protocol that is patented Quantum cryptography protocol , a protocol for encrypting messages Simple Mail Transfer Protocol , a set of rules for the design of an electronic mail system Computer related AAA protocol , a computer security protocol Protocol Buffers , a serialization format of computer software Protocol object oriented programming , a common means for unrelated objects to communicate with each other Routing protocol , a set of rules that determines how routers shall route communications URI scheme , often referred to as protocol See also Proto List of network protocols disambiguation ar bg ca Protocol cs Protokol da Protokol de Protokoll Begriffskl rung es Protocolo eo Protokolo fr Protocole gl Protocolo ja ko io Protokolo it Protocollo he lt Protokolas reik m s ...   more details

  1. Stack Overflow

    , ref name soFAQ cite web url http faq reputation work Stack Overflow title ... 01 , Stack Overflow has about 967,000 registered users, ref name soUSERS cite web url http ... , PHP , JavaScript , jQuery , and Android operating system Android . ref name tags cite web work Stack ... stack overflow funding ref Technology Stack Overflow is written in ASP.NET 3.5 ref cite web url http ... the ASP.NET MVC Model View Controller framework. ref name soStack cite web title What Was Stack Overflow .... ref name MetaAnnounce cite web url http 2009 06 cmon get meta work Stack ...Other uses2 Stack overflow Infobox Website name Stack Overflow logo File Stack Overflow website logo.png screenshot File StackOverflow.png 280px caption Screenshot of Stack Overflow as of December 2011 url http alexa 112 ref cite web title Statistics from Alexa url ... language English registration Optional Uses OpenID owner Stack Exchange, Inc. author Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood launch date August 2008 current status Online revenue slogan Stack Overflow is a website , part of the Stack Exchange Network , ref name Legal cite web title Stack Exchange Network Legal Links url http legal accessdate 2012 01 02 work Stack Exchange ref ref name stackapps legal cite web title Stack Exchange API url http legal terms of service author Stack Overflow Internet Services, Inc. date 2010 06 08 accessdate 2010 06 08 work Stack Apps ref created in 2008 by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky ref name introducing cite web title Introducing ... 16 accessdate 2009 03 11 author Jeff Atwood ref ref cite web title None of Us is as Dumb as All of Us ... , Atwood s popular programming blog. ref name help name cite web title Help Name Our Website url http ... programming . ref name secrets cite web title Secrets of social site success url http ... 04 16 author Alan Zeichick ref ref name slashdot cite web title Spolsky s Software Q and A Site url ...   more details

  1. Solution stack

    web server Seaside web framework Seaside web framework Smalltalk programming language Windows based solution stacks Another common stack WINS is the Microsoft Windows Windows alternative to LAMP software bundle LAMP Windows Server operating system Internet Information Services web server ASP.NET ...refimprove date July 2009 In computing , a solution stack is a set of software subsystems or components ... a web application, the designer needs to use an operating system, web server, database, and programming language. Another version of a solution stack is operating system, middleware , database, and applications ... EDgC&pg PA104 v onepage&q &f false ref Linux the operating system Apache HTTP Server Apache the web ... scripting language s In the Erlang programming language Erlang world, there is also the LYME stack of Linux operating system Yaws web server Yaws web server Mnesia database Erlang programming language ... stack where Mnesia is supplemented with CouchDB has been proposed as a realistic alternative, of course using CouchDB doesn t preclude the use of Mnesia. For Smalltalk , a stack called GLASS exists Gemstone ... on shared web hosting service shared web servers , which either do not support Microsoft SQL Server or make it expensive for the hobbyist or small business. WIMP software bundle WIMP is the same stack .... The cloud stack of LEAP for Linux Eucalyptus computing Eucalyptus open source EC2 AppScale open source Google App Engine Python programming language Python Another example is the OpenACS stack which comprises Linux or Microsoft Windows Windows operating system AOLserver web server PostgreSQL or Oracle RDBMS Oracle database Tcl scripting language A common full stack web application framework is Ruby on Rails . Solution stack providers Expand section date January 2011 EasyPHP Bitnami See also AMP solution stack List of AMP packages Web application framework Content management framework Content management system References reflist Category Web application frameworks es Conjunto de soluciones ...   more details

  1. Stack overflow

    errors. ref name devx cite web last Danny first Kalev title Understanding Stack Overflow url ... of a specific sort tail recursion to occur without stack overflow. This works because tail recursion calls do not take up additional stack space. ref name tailRecur cite web title An Introduction to Scheme ... discouraged from using recursive algorithms or large stack buffers. ref name apple1 cite web ...Other uses In software, a stack overflow occurs when too much computer memory memory is used on the call stack . The call stack contains a limited amount of memory, often determined at the start of the program. The size of the call stack depends on many factors, including the programming language, machine ... more space than is available on the call stack that is, when it attempts to access memory beyond the call stack s bounds, which is essentially a buffer overflow , the stack is said to overflow , typically resulting in a program crash. ref name fortran1 cite web last Burley first James Craig title Using ... common cause of stack overflows is excessively deep or infinite recursion. Languages like Scheme ... on the stack each time, until the stack overflows resulting in a segmentation fault . ref http questions 2685413 what is the difference between a segmentation fault and a stack overflow 2685434 2685434 What is the difference between a segmentation fault and a stack overflow? at StackOverflow ref Very large stack variables The other major cause of a stack overflow results from an attempt to allocate more memory on the stack than will fit, for example by creating local array ... should be allocated dynamically instead of as a local variable. ref name onlamp cite web last ... 2005 11 23 memory management 2.html date 2005 11 23 ref An example of a very large stack variable in C ... 8 megabytes of data assuming each double is 8 bytes if this is more memory than is available on the stack, a stack overflow will occur. Elucidate date August 2011 Stack overflows are made worse by anything ...   more details

  1. Technology stack

    Image technology stack sample.jpg thumb A technology stack comprises the layers of components or services that are used to provide a software solution or application. Traditional examples include the OSI model OSI seven layer model , the TCP IP model , and the http Consortium techstack desc.html W3C technology stack . Technology stacks are often articulated as a list of technologies, such as J2EE with Java Server Faces running against a SQL Server database or as a diagram. See also Enterprise Architecture Enterprise Architecture framework References http eai trenches archives architectural methodologies part v technology stack 7258 Architectural Methodologies Part V The Technology Stack compu network stub Category Network architecture Category Enterprise architecture ...   more details

  1. Web

    websites and other services for small businesses and consumers Webs web hosting , a website which allows users to create free websites WEB , a computer programming system created by Donald Knuth to implement literate programming Publications Web comics The Web comics , a comic book character Web novel Web novel by John Wyndham, posthumously published novel set on an island populated by spiders World English Bible WEB , a public domain translation of the Bible The Web series , a series of science fiction stories The Web , a publication by Marillion . Television, radio and film WEBS AM , a radio station at 1030 kHz, licensed to Calhoun, Georgia, United States The Web film The Web film , a film noir The Web TV series The Web TV series , a mystery suspense anthology series Web Law & Order Special Victims Unit Web Law & Order Special Victims Unit , an episode of Law & Order Special Victims Unit Webs film Webs film , a 2003 sci fi movie The Web, a dangerous region of space in the ReBoot universe West End Broadcast WeB FM , a radio station in Newcastle, England, that was a forerunner of NE1fm List of Blake s 7 episodes The Web , an episode from the first season of the British science ...wiktionarypar web TOCright Web may refer to Biology Spider web , a mesh built by a spider, composed of spider ... of semiaquatic mammals Computing World Wide Web or the Web , a hypertext system that operates over the Internet Web 2.0 , a perceived transition of the Web from a collection of Web sites to a full fledged computing platform serving Web applications World Wide Web Conference WWW , a yearly international academic conference on the topic of the future direction of the World Wide Web World Wide Web Consortium , also known as W3C and, the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web WorldWideWeb , the first web browser and editor Web web browser , the web browser included ... Offset printing web, a roll of paper is used, rather than individual pages Steel I beam s or truss es ...   more details

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