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Water cure (torture)
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Encyclopedia results for Water cure (torture)

Water cure (torture)

Encyclopedia results for Water cure (torture)

  1. Water cure (torture)

    dablink This is an article about a form of torture. For the therapy see Water cure therapy . Image Water cure.jpg right thumb The Water Torture Facsimile of a woodcut in J. Damhoud re s Praxis Rerum Criminalium , Antwerp, 1556. Water cure as a term for a form of torture refers to a method in which the victim ... Indeed, while the torture sense of the term water cure was by 1900 1902 established in the American ... War . Spain Water cure was among the forms of torture used by the Spanish Inquisition . The Inquisition ... Those pious Yankees can t throw stones at us anymore. Water cure was among the forms of torture used ... Roosevelt privately assured a friend that the water cure was an old Filipino method of mild torture ... Japan During World War II , water cure was among the forms of torture used by Empire of Japan Japanese ... types of torture... I was given what they call the water cure. and it felt more or less like I was drowning ... military expropriation of water cure to denote a form of torture . DEFAULTSORT Water Cure Torture ... and is sometimes beaten until the victim vomit s and the torture begins again. While this use of water ... use of the term Water cure in this sense is indirectly dated to around 1898, by U.S. soldiers in the Spanish ... of Brinvilliers being tortured. Water torture was used extensively and legally by the courts of France ... of a Poisoner . More recently, water cure was used by the French military on Algerian prisoners during the Algerian war of independence . Germany A form of water cure known as the Schwedentrunk Swedish ... G. Lassiter classified the water cure as orchestrated physical abuse , and described the police technique as a modern day variation of the method of water torture that was popular during the Middle Ages ... prisoners to a suffocating water torture ordeal in order to coerce confessions. This generally ... was suspended from command for one month and fined 50 for using the water cure. The Army judge advocate ... npr Philippine American War wikiquote Philippine American War Water torture this topic Image Life 05 ...   more details

  1. Water cure

    Water cure may refer to Water cure therapy , a course of medical treatment by hydrotherapy Water cure cultivation , an alternative method for the very last step curing in cannabis cultivation by submersion in water vs. hanging in air. Water curing Water cure torture , a form of torture in which a person is forced to drink large quantities of water. The Water Cure , a 1916 film starring Oliver Hardy disambig es Cura de agua ...   more details

  1. The Water Cure

    Infobox Film name The Water Cure image image size caption director Will Louis producer Louis Burstein writer narrator starring Oliver Hardy music cinematography editing distributor released May 11 1916 runtime country Film US language Silent film br English intertitles budget preceded by followed by The Water Cure is a 1916 in film 1916 silent film silent comedy film featuring Oliver Hardy . Cast Oliver Hardy Plump as Babe Hardy Billy Ruge Runt Elsie MacLeod Florence McLaughlin Edna Reynolds Bert Tracy Joe Cohen See also List of American films of 1916 Oliver Hardy filmography External links imdb title id 0007540 title The Water Cure DEFAULTSORT Water Cure, The Category 1916 films Category American films Category 1910s short films Category American silent short films Category Black and white films Category 1910s comedy films short silent comedy film stub ...   more details

  1. Chinese water torture

    , a form of accidental water torture. See also Water torture Water cure torture Water cure Chinese Water Torture Cell Notes reflist External links http Houdinez hou17.html Houdini s Chinese Water Torture Cell http columns 010112.html http ...nocitations date March 2010 File SingSing torture 1860.png thumb Chinese water torture at Sing Sing Prison ... of a Chinese water torture apparatus at Berlin Hohensch nhausen Memorial Chinese water torture is a process in which water is slowly dripped onto a person s forehead, allegedly driving the restrained victim insane . This form of torture was first described under a different name by Hippolytus de Marsiliis in Italy in the 15th or 16th century. Origin The term Chinese water torture may have arisen from Harry Houdini s Chinese Water Torture Cell a feat of escapology introduced in Berlin at Circus ... is credited with the invention of a form of water torture. Having observed how drops of water falling ... suggestions say that the term Chinese Water Torture was invented merely to grant the method a sense of ominous mystery. The term Spanish water torture is also used in Europe and UK, although this term .... In popular culture The Discovery Channel series MythBusters investigated Chinese water torture in the season 2 episode MythBusters season 3 Chinese Water Torture Brown Note, Water Torture , and found ... DeSean references Chinese water torture in his song Torture about lost love, which later became an animated ... , Henchman 21 puts Hank and Dean Venture through the Chinese water torture, only to find that it doesn ... Water Torture as something his parents may do to him after he cusses in front of his father while ... water torture by a French security officer. When released, she learns that it was actually a recruitment ... in a locked glass and steel cabinet full to overflowing with water, from which he escaped , together ... down so that they could not move, and cold or warm water was then dripped slowly on to a small ...   more details

  1. Water cure (therapy)

    About a form of therapy used in the 18th and 19th century the form of torture water cure torture A water ... intoxication Notes div class references small a. Note label a a none The term water cure has also been used to refer to a form of torture. However, while the sense of water as a form of torture is documented back to at least the 15th century, ref name npr the first use of the term water cure as a torture ... describing the U.S. military expropriation of water cure to denote a form of torture, with acknowledgement ... Overview In the mid 19th century there was a popular revival of the water cure ... water cure was used synonymously with hydropathy , the term by which hydrotherapy was known in the 19th ... was never known or marketed as water cure in the sense that became synonymous with hydropathy, now hydrotherapy ... Verhagen1997 ref name Verhagen2004 Water cure practitioners ranged from qualified doctors to self taught enthusiasts. For example, a famous water cure in Malvern, Worcestershire was begun in 1842 by Dr ..., was said to have been a self taught water cure specialist. After emigrating to America from Switzerland, he is reported to have worked as a water cure practitioner throughout New England. Water cure ... water cure was by 1900 1902 established in the American army, ref name Kramer2008 ref name lens ... s 1913 dictionary cited only the therapeutic sense, water cure being then synonymous with hydropathy ... cure to denote the polar opposite of therapy is in keeping with some of the reactions to water cure ... title Taking the Water Cure The Hydropathic Movement in Scotland, 1840 1940 journal Business and Economic ... 274 8 ref ref name Gully1869 cite book title A guide to domestic hydro therapeia the water cure in acute ... of the Water Cure Establishment at That Place chapter A Prospectus of the Water Cure Establishment ... and Humourist editor Thomas Hood chapter Review of Hydropathy, or The Cold Water Cure publisher ... ref name Hydropathy8thed cite book title Hydropathy or The Cold Water Cure, as practiced by Vincent ...   more details

  1. Cure

    other uses A cure is the end of a medical condition the substance or procedure that ends the medical .... The proportion of people with a disease that are cured by a given treatment, called the cure fraction or cure rate , is determined by comparing disease free survival of treated people against a matched ... 1983 pages isbn 0 89838 555 5 oclc doi accessdate ref Inherent in the idea of a cure is the permanent end to the specific instance of the disease. ref cite news title Nearing a Cancer Cure? publisher ... care curable.html What s the Difference Between a Treatment and a Cure? ref When a person has the common ... groups. This logically rigorous approach essentially equates indefinite remission with cure. ref name pmid18083680 cite journal author Barnes E title Between remission and cure patients, practitioners ... 2003 pages 348 349 isbn 0 471 41137 X oclc doi accessdate ref The simplest cure rate model was published ... curve that represents the survival of the non cured people. Cure rate curves can be determined .... Several cure rate models exist, such as the expectation maximization algorithm and Markov chain Monte Carlo model. ref name isbn0 471 41137 X It is possible to use cure rate models to compare the efficacy ..., but also to require treatment so infrequently as to be not materially different from a cure. Other diseases may prove to have a multiple plateaus, so that what was once hailed as a cure results ... of psychological cure , or the moment at which the patient decides that the treatment was sufficiently likely to be a cure as to be called a cure. ref name pmid18083680 For example, a patient may declare himself to be cured , and to determine to live his life as if the cure were definitely confirmed ... already have polio. A treatment or cure is applied after a medical problem has already started. Therapy treats a problem, and may or may not lead to its cure. In incurable conditions, a treatment ameliorates ... while after treatment is ended. For example, there is no cure for AIDS, but treatments are available ...   more details

  1. No Cure

    Unreferenced date December 2009 No Cure was a Bracknell and Newbury, Berkshire Newbury , United Kingdom UK based fanzine . Originally started by Richard Haworth, from issue 2 it was part edited and produced by Richard Griffin and Richard H with regular contributions from Jah P. The fanzine had a large interest in the Berkshire and Oxfordshire punk rock punk and post punk scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s and covered Punk rock punk , Oi post punk and Reggae . Many of the interviews were conducted by mailing a compact audio cassette cassette and list of questions which resulted in some very interesting discussion s between band members without the problem of an interviewer butting in see also cassette culture . Bands interviewed ranged from The Jam and Stiff Little Fingers to The Raincoats, VIPs, Patrick Fitzgerald, LKJ and The Instant Automatons. The photographer Pennie Smith was also interviewed. A thousand copies of No Cure were sold each issue through record shops in Reading, Berkshire Reading Quicksliver , Windsor, Berkshire Windsor Revolution and London including Rough Trade and mail order. At one point it was the largest selling UK zine in New York . Like most fanzines production techniques were rudimentary. Text was produced using a portable typewriter, pens most issues had a crossword and images cut from magazines and elsewhere, along with some original photography by Richard H. Text was glued on to boards and sent to the printers. In total seven issues were produced. Richard G later teamed up with Chris Green producing two issues of Bits fanzine and X Cassettes which released music from local bands like Quality Drivel, as well as groups from further afield. They were also involved in the promotion and distribution of a Reading area compilation LP Beyond the River released by Open Door records and featuring local bands such as Dig Dig Dig , El Seven , The Ballistics ... the short lived UK Fanzine Collective. Chris G went on to form Criminal Damage Records. No Cure ...   more details

  1. The Torture Papers

    There are multiple uses of the term The Torture Papers The Torture Papers book is a book about the use of controversial techniques in the interrogation and detention of captives of the USA. The Torture Papers album is the 2006 debut album from Hip Hop collective Army of the Pharaohs. Disambig ...   more details

  1. Torture (journal)

    Italic title Infobox journal title Torture cover File Torture20 1 2010 cover.jpg editor Henrik Marcussen discipline Physical medicine and rehabilitation Rehabilitation medicine abbreviation Torture publisher International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims country frequency Triannually history 1991 present openaccess Yes license impact impact year website http library torture journal.aspx link1 http library torture journal latest issue.aspx link1 name Online access link2 http library torture journal back issues.aspx link2 name Online archive JSTOR OCLC 29707439 LCCN CODEN ISSN 1018 8185 eISSN 1997 3322 Torture is a Peer review peer reviewed medical journal on rehabilitation of torture victims and prevention of torture, published by the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims , indexed in MEDLINE . The focus of the journal is biomedicine, psychology, and rehabilitation, but also on epidemiology, social sciences, and other disciplines related to torture. The journal has been published since 1991 as Torture Quarterly Journal on Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and Prevention of Torture , and was relaunched as Torture in 2004. Notable articles Important contributions include Jos Quiroga Quiroga, J , Jaranson, J 2005 . http Admin Public DWSDownload.aspx?File Files Filer TortureJournal 15 1 2005 Torture15 2 3 2005.pdf Politically motivated torture and its survivors a desk study review of the literature . External links Official http library torture journal.aspx Category Torture Category Medical journals Category Triannual journals Category Publications established in 1991 Category English language journals med journal stub ...   more details

  1. Torture in Turkey

    The widespread and systematic use of torture in torture in Turkey was first observed by Amnesty International AI after the 1971 Turkish coup d tat . ref name AI1987 The File on Torture that was included ... Reports of Amnesty International File on Torture File on Torture in Pictures ref The government under Recep Tayyip Erdo an declared zero tolerance against torture in 2004, ref See http www.dw ... of torture seem to be on the rise since 2005. ref name unhcr http refworld docid 4a6452771e.html ... in Turkey when the victim is suspended by the arms tied on the back History The history of torture ... and Torture in our Political Culture , leti im Yay nlar 172, April 1992, ISBN 975 470 249 ... as a special torture place. ref name taner ref Similar information page 317 of the book can be found ... 1 Torture 1 with History and Stories of Victims Collected by Ali Osman K se , no printing date Turkish ... R za Nur was tortured here in 1910. He raised torture allegations in parliament. The demand to establish a commission to investigate the torture allegations was turned down by 96 against 73 votes ... Prison became the symbols for torture. Having been built in Sirkeci in 1895 Sansaryan Han became ... Anlat mlar yla kence 1 Torture 1 with History and Stories of Victims Collected by Ali Osman ... ref Torture after March 12 After the 1971 Turkish coup d tat torture was applied in police centres ... name osman The torture methods included electric shocks applied by field telephones ref name ayhan various ... of the suspect. ref name osman The military applied torture to political prisoners as a matter ... prosecutors and judicial advisors gave order to torture political prisoners, sometime supervising ... in Kokkina exclave stanbul Erenk y . It was used as a torture centre especially during the 12 March ... Serdar elik Turkey s Killing Machine The Contra Guerrilla Force Torture after September, 12 Over a quarter ... of one million victims of torture in Turkey. ref http biamag toplum 106521 tihv iskence ...   more details

  1. Pharmacological torture

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Orphan date November 2006 Pharmacological torture uses psychotropic and or other chemical s to induce pain and cause compliance with a torturer s goals. Another form is when the victim is forcibly injected with addictive drugs to have them become dependent, and then denied the drug and forced to go through withdrawal unless they provide what the torturer wants. DEFAULTSORT Pharmacological Torture Category Torture Torture stub Pharmacology stub es Tortura farmacol gica ...   more details

  1. Bamboo torture

    Bamboo torture supposedly is a form of torture where a bamboo shoot is grown through the body of a victim. Bamboo torture was allegedly used in East Asia East and South Asia . Accounts accuse Japanese soldiers of practicing the torture technique during World War II . ref Woon Ping Chin, Hakka soul memories, migrations, and meals, NUS Press, 2008. p. 23. ref ref Rod Aldwinckle. Japanese Torture Techniques. WW2 People s War. 08 August 2005. http ww2peopleswar stories 37 a4865637.shtml. ref The MythBusters investigated bamboo torture in a MythBusters 2008 season Episode SP12 Viewer Special Threequel 2008 episode . They found that a bamboo shoot can penetrate through several inches of ballistic gelatin ballistics gel in three days. References reflist Category Asian instruments of torture Category Physical torture techniques de Bambusfolter no Bambustortur nn Bambustortur ...   more details

  1. Brodequin (torture)

    orphan date June 2010 The brodequin was a torture device used during the Medieval period of the Middle Ages . Function and method The brodequin was one of the more brutal methods of torture from the Middle Ages. The victim would be placed on a bench in a sitting position, with strong, narrow boards of wood fixed tightly to the inside and outside of either of the victim s legs, bound together tightly with strong rope, causing a sandwich effect on either leg. Wedges of wood were then driven into the gaps with a mallet where the victim s legs laid. This would often cause such impact and trauma that the victim s bones would literally burst, and bone marrow would leak out. ref http www.middle brodequins.htm Website focused on the Middle Ages with information on numerous torture devices ref References reflist torture stub DEFAULTSORT Brodequin Torture Category Instruments of torture ...   more details

  1. Dental torture

    Orphan date February 2009 Unreferenced date December 2007 Dental torture is a form of torture involving the infliction of pain or damage to the mouth . Dental Torture techniques typically include disembodying or damaging of any part of the mouth i.e. gums, tongue, teeth, etc. without anesthesia , and may involve the misuse of dental equipment. This could include using needles or other sharp and or otherwise painful apparatus to intentionally damage the victim. Dental torture tends to be greatly feared due to the intense pain it is capable of inflicting, as well as the non regenerative nature of mature teeth. Damage resulting from dental torture can also make eating and drinking excruciatingly painful or difficult. Dental torture techniques can be numerous, depending on the creativity of the torturer. Inclusion of non dental materials, such as nails, is sometimes used to increase the pain inflicted. Dental torture is usually considered a crime, punishable by most if not all law enforcement agencies. Penalties for dental torture may range from fines, to jail time, or even execution depending on location and the severity of the torture. Dental torture in media Actor Steve Martin plays sadistic dentist Orin Scrivello in the 1986 film Little Shop of Horrors 1986 film Little Shop of Horrors . In the film Oldboy , the protagonist tortures someone by removing his teeth with a claw hammer . In the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex episode List of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex episodes Not Equal , the Motoko Kusanagi Major threatens a terrorist with dental torture by combat knife . The horror film The Dentist involved a dentist inflicting dental torture on his patients ..., an ex Nazi, uses dental torture on Dustin Hoffman s character Babe while attempting to discover if Babe ... deposit box. The movie s dental torture scene made Szell s repeated phrase, Is it safe? a quotable movie ... torture techniques ...   more details

  1. Whirligig (torture)

    A whirligig is a punitive or torture contraption comprising a suspended cage like device. ref http cgi bin whirligig Websters Dictionary 1913 edition ref The victim would be placed in the cage, which was spun violently in order to cause severe nausea . This was used as a military punishment, as by the British Army . For example, in Tangiers , the whirligig was reportedly used on women, by whom it was more feared than the pillory , stocks and wooden horse . ref http military history kirkes discipline.html Justice and Discipline in Tangier and throughout the British Army ref References http web 20070323005501 http punishments curious chapter 10.html Getchwood Curious punishments Notes references torture stub Category Medieval instruments of torture Category Modern instruments of torture Category European instruments of torture sv Whirligig ...   more details

  1. Coffin (torture)

    orphan date February 2009 The Coffin was a type of Torture Device torture developed in the Middle Ages . In it, the victim was placed inside a metal human shaped frame. This frame was often made too small to increase discomfort. ref cite web url http coffin torture.html title Medievality ref The time spent inside of the coffin was determined by the crime for which the person had been convicted. For example, if the person was a Blasphemy blasphemer , he or she would die in the coffin. Sometimes, depending on the crime, the offender would be displayed in public view inside the coffin. This could sometimes result in death due to the crowd of people that often gathered by the coffin. References reflist External links http coffin torture.html Medievality Category Medieval instruments of torture Category European instruments of torture torture stub ...   more details

  1. Psychological torture

    expert subject Psychology date August 2009 Psychological torture is a type of torture that relies primarily ... psychological torture involves the use of physical violence, there is a continuum between psychological torture and physical torture. The two are often used in conjunction with one another, and often overlap in practice, with the fear and pain induced by physical torture often resulting in long term psychological effects, and many forms of psychological torture involving some form of pain or coercion. Many forms of psychological torture methods attempt to destroy the subject s normal self image ... threats operate on the same fear inducing principle. Another method is indirect torture, in which a victim is forced to witness the torture of another person, often a loved one. This preys on the victim ... but spared physical harm that might affect his or her ability to comply. While psychological torture ... psychological rather than physical torture it can result in similar levels of permanent mental damage to its victims. ref cite web url http article dn11313 psychological torture as bad as physical torture.html title Psychological torture as bad as physical torture author Roxanne ... torture methods may have been devised by, or in conjunction with, doctors and psychologists. ref cite web url http blog 2008 02 psychological tortur.html title Psychological torture ... extensive use of psychological torture techniques at Guantanamo Bay and other sites subsequent ... title The US psychological torture system is finally on trial author Naomi Klein publisher ... 11 mccoy title The CIA s secret history of psychological torture publisher author Alfred W. McCoy date June 11, 2009 ref Many other countries have been accused of using psychological torture ... Kingdom government guilty of using psychological torture on Irish Republican Army IRA political detainees in Northern Ireland . ref? date November 2011 See also White torture Psychology of torture KUBARK ...   more details

  1. Psychology of torture

    Expert subject Psychology date April 2009 Torture , whether physical or psychological or both, depends on complicated interpersonal relationships between those who torture, those tortured, bystanders and others. Torture also involves deeply personal processes in those tortured, in those who torture and in others. These interacting psychological relationships, processes and dynamics form the basis for the psychology of torture. The torture process to the torturer Motivation to torture Research over the past 50 years, starting with the Milgram experiment , suggests that under the right circumstances and with the appropriate encouragement and setting, most people can be encouraged to actively torture ... & 124 People still willing to torture format work BBC News date 2008 12 19 accessdate 2010 03 24 location London ref John Conroy Quote When torture takes place, people believe they are on the high ... dyn articles A15861 2004May10.html title The Psychology of Torture work The Washington Post author Shankar Vedantam date May 11, 2004 ref Confidence in the efficacy of torture is based upon the behaviorist ... of torture mentality include Reluctant or peripheral participation Official encouragement As the Stanford ... to accept torture as necessary, acceptable or deserved, or to comply from a wish to not reject ..., like many other procedures, once torture becomes established as part of internally acceptable ... to justify wider use. One of the apparent ringleaders of the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse Abu Ghraib prison torture incident, Charles Graner Jr., exemplified some of these when he was reported ... Bot generated title ref See also Psychological torture References Refimprove article date June 2007 reflist Further reading McCoy, Alfred, A Question of Torture CIA Interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror Hardcover Conroy, John, Unspeakable Acts, Ordinary People The Dynamics of Torture ... 2008 DEFAULTSORT Psychology Of Torture Category Psychological abuse Category Torture ...   more details

  1. Torture Tactics

    Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Torture Tactics Type EP Artist Vio Lence Cover Vio lence Torture Tactics Front.jpg Released 1991 Recorded 1989 1991 Genre Thrash metal Length 18 18 Label Megaforce Records Megaforce Producer Last album Oppressing the Masses br 1990 This album Torture Tactics br 1991 Next album Nothing to Gain br 1993 Album ratings rev1 Allmusic rev1score Rating 1.5 5 ref cite web url Allmusic class album id r21279 pure url yes title Torture Tactics Vio Lence publisher Allmusic ref Torture Tactics is the EP recorded by the San Francisco Bay Area thrash band Vio lence in 1991. It was released originally on Megaforce Records and the studio tracks are old songs from the demo times of Vio lence. Vio lence released the EP Torture Tactics on a different label, in response to the deletion of the title track from their first two albums. Officer Nice live was a fake live track. The live intro is taken from Vio lence s Hallendale, FL, show from August 1988. Torture Tactics and Gutterslut were the two outtakes from the 1989 Oppressing The Masses sessions Track listing Torture Tactics 5 21 Officer Nice Live 5 49 Gutterslut 3 24 Dicks of Death 3 39 Credits Sean Killian Vocals Phil Demmel Guitar Robb Flynn Guitar Dean Dell Bass Perry Strickland Drums References reflist Category 1991 EPs Category Vio lence albums Category Megaforce Records albums it Torture Tactics ...   more details

  1. Effectiveness of torture

    merge to Ethical arguments regarding torture date January 2012 Torture has been used throughout history. This article examines the effectiveness of such a practise. Some arguments say that it is an effective way of making someone divulge vital information whilst others say it is violent, horrific and useless. On the subject, Ali Soufan, a former FBI agent and an expert on al Qaeda operation says the following Time and time again, people with actual experience with interrogating terror suspects and actual experience and knowledge about the effectiveness of torture techniques have come out to explain that they are ineffective and that their use threatens national security more than it helps . ref cite web author Thursday, September 10, 2009 url http an fbi interrogator on the effectiveness of torture title An FBI Interrogator on the Effectiveness of Torture publisher date 2009 09 10 accessdate 2012 02 10 ref Whilst Prof. Dershowitz, a person morally opposed to torture, says that he believes law enforcement officials will employ torture in ticking bomb cases, an article by Dr. Marvin Zalman says that the problem is that the ticking bomb scenario ... Torture and Interrogation in a Time of Terror publisher date 2010 06 19 accessdate 2012 02 10 ref Annette Sisco argues that the torture techniques... are specifically designed ... 2009 04 how effective is torture not v.html title How effective is torture? Not very & 124 .... McDilda, who knew nothing, confessed under torture that the U.S. had 100 atomic bombs and that Tokyo ... of torture researchers would have to ignore the consent of the research subjects . ref cite ... 20of 20torture&f false http news 496167 cheney proves effectiveness of torture http the american 2009 04 23 torture effectiveness consequentialism http 2004 10 torture as an interrogation te.html Category Torture Torture stub ...   more details

  1. Torture Central

    Orphan date May 2008 Torture Central E mails From Abu Ghraib is the title of the memoir of Michael Keller, a soldier stationed in Abu Ghraib , Iraq during 2005 2006. It was published on October 29, 2007, and chronicles many events previously unreported in the news media, including torture that continued at Abu Ghraib over a year after the abuse photos were published. External links http Official Book Website http 2008 01 11 Hillsborough Tales of pain at Abu .shtml Tales of pain at Abu Ghraib , book review by Thomas Lake, St. Petersburg Times , 11 January 2008. Category 2007 books Category American non fiction books Category Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse Category Memoirs of imprisonment Category Military autobiographies Bio book stub ...   more details

  1. Torture Squad

    Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name Torture Squad image missing image Torture 20Squad Lineup 2011.jpg caption image size background group or band alias origin S o Paulo , S o Paulo state S o Paulo , Brazil genre Death metal , thrash metal years active 1990 present label Wacken Records associated acts Eternal Malediction br Infector band Infector br In Hell band In Hell br Krisiun br Zoltar website http current members Vitor Rodrigues br Castor br Andr Evaristo br Am lcar Christ faro past members Marcelo Dirceu br Cristiano Fusco br Marcelo Fusco br F lvio Pelli br Mauricio Nogueira br Augusto Lopes br Torture Squad is a Brazil ... Goya , was used as front cover of Torture Squad s second album Asylum of Shadows ref cite web url http krepuskulum intorturesquad6.htm title Torture Squad Interview publisher Krepuskulum ... video clip for Pandemonium and Horror and Torture. Again, the band played all over Brazil. Then, in 2006 Torture Squad embarked on a European tour, headlining in 16 towns in Germany and 4 in Austria ... web url http materias news 899 060506 torturesquad.html title Torture Squad escolhido para ir ao Wacken language portuguese trans title Torture Squad chosen to go to Wacken date 2007 05 ... as the new guitarist. In 2008, Torture Squad embarked on a 60 date European tour, which will include a show at Wacken Open Air. The year of 2009 started pretty well for Torture Squad. After the release ... Evaristo replaced him. Discography Studio albums Shivering Torture Squad album Shivering 1995 Asylum of Shadows 1999 The Unholy Spell 2001 Pandemonium Torture Squad album Pandemonium 2003 Hellbound Torture Squad album Hellbound 2008 quilibrium album quilibrium 2010 Live albums Death, Chaos and Torture Alive 2004 EPs Chaos Corporation EP 2007 Videography Death, Chaos and Torture Alive 2004 Band ... in 1990 Category Musical quartets de Torture Squad it Torture Squad pt Torture Squad sco Torture ...   more details

  1. Torture the Artist

    Infobox Book See Wikipedia WikiProject Novels or Wikipedia WikiProject Books name Torture the Artist title orig translator image Image torturecover.jpg 200px prefer 1st edition image caption author Joey Goebel cover artist country United States language English language English series genre Novel publisher MacCage Adams Publishing release date 2004 media type Print Hardcover Hardback and Paperback pages 250 pp isbn 978 1931561778 dewey 813 .6 22 congress PS3607.O33 T67 2004 oclc 55948181 preceded by The Anomalies followed by Commonwealth novel Torture the Artist , published as Vincent outside of the US, is a novel by Joey Goebel published in 2004. See also Joey Goebel The Anomalies External links http bookem massmarketmartyr.html Mass Market Martyr John Hood s Bully Magazine review of Torture the Artist http torturet.htm Curled Up Review http view story.php?ARTid 2778 Tastes Like Chicken Review http dp 193156177X Torture the Artist on Amazon Buy the Book online DEFAULTSORT Torture The Artist Category 2003 novels Category 21st century American novels 2000s novel stub de Vincent Roman ...   more details

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